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Mufti Menk
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the importance of fulfilling human rights during the day of Judgment, as a bankruptcy means losing everything. The speaker also mentions a history of bankruptcy and a bankruptcy by a banker. The importance of fulfilling rights is emphasized, and the speaker emphasizes the need to be humble.
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If you look at the Hadith there is a hadith the prophet SAW Selim says on the day of PM, they will come a person who is bankrupt. In fact, he asked the question at a nominal Mosley's, do you know who is a bankrupt person? So the Sahaba of the Allahu anhu said, Well, according to us is a person who doesn't have good human Deena that's a bankrupt person who doesn't have gold and silver in our terms, perhaps dollars in pounds. We can't say the rent anymore because you know,

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and thereafter,

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but it's a fact. So someone who doesn't have all that,

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that's who's bankrupt. So Rasulullah saw Selim says, No, it is a person who comes on the Day of Judgment with a lot of Salah with a lot of Zakah with a lot of acts of worship. You know, if I heard that I would think I'm hearing wrong.

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A bankrupt person is one who comes on the piano, the day of judgment with a lot of prayer, a lot of worship, a lot of acts of charity a lot.

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How can that person be bankrupt. So he continues, he says, and then

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when they are standing in front of Allah with all these deeds of this, they have back bitten this one gossiped about that one, they have slammed this one, eaten the wealth of the other deceived another, and they have harmed another and so on. So Allah takes away one by one these good deeds as a payment, because on that day, the currency will be deeds, I need to pay back. So the deeds are going so the Salah in the first stuff gone.

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The Zakah gone, the Hajj, gone, the fasting, gone, all the good deeds gone. What happened thereafter, there are still so many people waiting for their rights. The Prophet peace be upon him says they will come a time when that man has nothing remaining. And the people in France still want their right. And Allah says, Okay, take your sins and put it on his shoulder.

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So the sins come, they are taken out, and they put on the shoulder of this individual, but he was the one who used to read Salah in the first stuff. He was the charitable one. He was the only pious one according to the whole world, but because he you saved the rights of fellow human beings, and he disregarded them completely. Here he is paying. When he came he came with a lot. And as he is progressing on that day, in fact, there's no progress being made. He's going back because he's lost everything. And on top of that he's got sins committed by other people.

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May Allah subhanho wa Taala forgive us. So this is a clean Hadith that explains the importance of fulfilling the rights of fellow human beings. Absolutely. We need to make sure we are humble. And remember, it doesn't mean

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