Yaser Birjas – You Need To Seek Istighfaar More Often

Yaser Birjas
AI: Summary © The importance of forgiveness is discussed in the aftermath of the operation Islam, including the need for forgiveness to avoid causing harm and the need for forgiveness to avoid regret. The speaker emphasizes the importance of forgiveness to avoid causing harm and the need for forgiveness to avoid regret. The speaker also discusses the history and impact of the operation, including the need for forgiveness to avoid causing harm and the need for forgiveness to avoid regret. The " hesitation" meaning to stop actions or do something completely, while " hesitation" means to commit a sin and regret anything. The segment also touches on specific actions and conditions that should be taken in order to attain the desired results.
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hamdulillah Malala means that Allah salon Baraka, Vienna Muhammad, Allah Allah Azza wa sallam the statement Kathira mama like we said earlier that will come in right now almost to the end of the journey with the other son at hand as we are now starting reading from the last chapter or the last book from rattle Salah Hain has been mashallah over seven plus years since we started the Hutton and now we come to the end, the last 28 Hadith. Mama Nora mo allowed to Allah He concludes the book with a very special chapter. That's the book of Allah still far. seeking forgiveness, obviously after every single good deed that you do, it is always recommend that we ended with what Mr. Farr so you

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can forgiveness. That's why when you finish your Salah, the first few says What a start for Allah stop for Allah for Allah and the Hajj, Allah Subhana Allah also ordered the hijab, when they finished from Arafah and the customers deliver what are they asking Allah subhanaw to do Carson thing, suffer? seek forgiveness from Allah subhanho wa taala. Same thing after long fasts from the month of Ramadan, the same day we seek as far as well towards the end. So it's the virus extremely important. Let's see what Allah subhanaw taala says about this first and then the Hadith. call him Mr. Rahman, Mohammed Allah, Allah, Babel amabilis, the value of Allah. There's a chapter on the

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secret forgiveness, the order the order of seeking forgiveness, and the virtue of seeking forgiveness. God Allah azza wa jal was so fully them because what Medina will not minute, Allah's father says to the prophets of Allah Selim, and ask forgiveness for your sins, and for this for the sins of the believing men and women. Allah subhana wa said to the Prophet God was takfiri Allah in Allah kind of a form of Rahima and see the forgiveness of Allah. Certain Allah is Ever oft forgiving, Most Merciful Wakata Allah for Serbia, Hamed, Europe because Darfur in Canada Farah, he said to the Prophet salaallah Salam. So glorify the praise of your Lord and ask us forgiveness.

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Verily, He is the one who accepts the repentance and who forgives. What we learn from this is so far as virgin man. Allah subhana wa Tada he orders the prophets Allah Allah sent a secretiveness like it's a command. There's no command is not an option. You need to seek forgiveness from Allah subhana wa taala.

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Now you might say why the prophet the Prophet says in his sins were forgiven, why he's, he's commanding him to seek forgiveness. Because that tells us you're not seeking forgiveness because if you're committed sin or otherwise, you're seeking forgiveness from Allah subhanho wa Taala because you might be you are not even doing enough to show appreciation and to show your praise to Allah subhana wa Taala the word that he deserves and that in itself requires that you seek forgiveness from Allah Azza ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada Khan Lilla Dena taco Andara, BM Jana to integrity, and data and hard electronic data. Well, Mr. Fabulous Ha, when he spoke of the believers, what did he say?

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Called well, most available as hard and these are those who seek forgiveness from Allah subhanho wa taala. At the time of Sahara, the Sahara time is the our pre the pre Dawn hour. Right before Fajr when everyone is sleeping, it's quiet. And hello, you're among the few people who are awake and seeking forgiveness from Allah subhanho wa taala, Lacan, Wilma, Yama, Su and weirdly enough so some myself realize Allah for Rahima he said Subhana wa Taala and whoever yeah Malsu commits a sin, or weirdly enough so transgress against themselves by acquaint transgression with committing sins and diligence, through my stock for Allah and this person seeks forgiveness from Allah is the law

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however for Rahima they shall find ALLAH SubhanA wa Taala forgiving, Most Merciful Locata to Allah, womankind, Allah Who do I live on one to feed him when I can Allah who I didn't want Mr. foon ALLAH SubhanA wa says over here, Allah will never punish them, as long as you are amongst them from a cannula who had them on yourself rune and Allah will not punish them as long as you seek forgiveness from him. Subhana wa Donna, like he said in the Prophet Salah about the people of Makkah and the Sahaba as well. During the lifetime of the Prophet salaallah Salah Allah prevented a mass calamity to take over in Mecca, like cohmad and loot and hood. They were all destroyed in an instant, but

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Allah protected the Ummah, protect the people of Makkah and Croatia at that time, by the presence of the Prophet salallahu among them, so he said, I'm not going to punish them as long as you're among them alive. But then after he's gone, that protection can continue, he says, But condition one, that they seek forgiveness from Allah subhanho wa taala. As long as as we seek forgiveness from Allah azza wa jal as a community, Allah shall protect this ummah and this community from a mass destruction to it. Well gara to Allah wa

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The United alfalfa hay shed and OData what unfolds from that Corolla, for stock folded and obey Him what am I have to do Nova Illallah God Allah azza wa jal and this ayah and those when they commit a sin fascia, I was ALLAH will unfold, they indulge and they transgress against themselves, the Corolla, they remember Allah subhanho wa Taala

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faster start for the moment they remember, they seek forgiveness from Allah subhanaw taala. The moment they get this awareness, they have the awareness moment of what they've done. The sin they've committed the transgression, they cause themselves against themselves and Allah subhanaw taala is rules. They seek Allah's forgiveness runaway, caught a stock photo, the Rubin and this says forgiveness from Allah subhanaw taala for the sins, what are your own Allah?

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Like, why are they why are they seeking forgiveness anyway? Because they know no one will forgive the sins except Allah subhanho wa Taala god what have you so Lila my follow up and they want to remain insistent on doing the Senate committee that sin will homie Allah mode, of course, while they are doing that deliberately. I mean, sometimes we repeat the sin over and over again, not because we want to do that, rather because we just get weak. We could week and we'll commit the sin again. But if someone doing the sin, and they keep doing it again and again again and seeking pleasure, deliberately, intentionally premeditated, that doesn't work for them. That forgiveness, the seeking

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doesn't work for them because now they're insisting on the sin not because of regret from because of what they have committed and what they have done. So there are some of the ideas that Mr. Manoj Rahim Allah began the chapter with and then he started with the Hadith. The first two Hadith are similar to each other almost you could say. That's beginning with the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam i The hadith number 1869 and 1870 call

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111 al Madani Radi Allahu Anhu Allah Anna Rasulullah sallallahu wasallam Akaal in the hula one Allah Calbee we're in the last step for Allah filial Mata Mara Rohan Muslim, the messenger of allah sallallahu wasallam. He says, Sometimes I perceive a veil over my heart. Like I feel that my heart is clouded.

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Just like there is heaviness over my heart. So Allah sent me sin by an eye supplicate ALLAH SubhanA wa Tala for forgiveness 100 times in a day. Like he says, even though I'm seeking forgiveness from Allah subhanaw taala 100 times in a day, I can still feel that heaviness on my heart. Or it could be the other way around. Because I feel that heaviness in my heart. So I tried to repel that and remove it by seeking forgiveness of Allah subhanho wa Taala over 100 time.

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Now when the prophets Allah Sam says Lohana Allah call me like I have that heaviness that cloud over my heart. Does that mean it's going to cloud his judgment? So what Allah said I'm gonna The answer is no. He is guided by his Lord Subhana wa taala. But he's a human being after all. He sometimes gets sad, sometimes, you know, sad feel that kind of like the burden of the rejection he gets from his people. So he feels that in his heart so Allah Allah, as Allah says about him, Carl

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Kannada Anna Yasunaga, Olivia Kowloon that we know that what they're telling you, it saddens you

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and Allah Allah subhana wa Tada Fernanda you get the guna they're not denying you.

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They're not denying you, but they're just being ungrateful. That's all. Well, I cannot eliminate load. The denying Allah's Allah's verses. So here the Prophet says, I'm says with that I seek forgiveness 100 time. Now when the Prophet says me at Amara, does that mean 100 A number exact number was 100 times. So majority of them had the thing they say, when the professor says 100 Another 100 says 70 Because it doesn't mean the number 100 Or number 70 That's an expression the Arabic language for what? For a lot.

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Like sometimes we do that as well today. This is why you know, I spoke I call them 100 time.

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Doesn't mean you did you did that? 100 time exactly. No, you just saying a lot. So when the Prophet says 100 time, don't worry about counting 100

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Just keep seeking forgiveness. I was fine with that. And the other hadn't had it everywhere. Are they allowed to call us emulator Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam

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Wallahi in de la Starfield, Allah wa today Phil Yomi Ackerman, Sabina Mara said I swear that I seek forgiveness from Allah subhanho wa Taala turned to him in repentance more than 70 times a day. Again 70 is actually means more than that. Now question for you. What is the difference between a stop for Allah a to LA? What's the difference between Step Four and Toba?

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So seeking forgiveness, and repentance, but are they under the same when you seek us too far?

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You're repenting.

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And when you do Tober, you're actually sick and so far

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as part of it, one is part of the other one. So let's talk about this quickly. And so far in the Arabic language comes from ah, Farah, you have Pharaoh. And Allahu Allah refer in the Arabic language means to conceal,

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usually, or fraud or Manfra means concealment. So you're asking ALLAH SubhanA, WA Bucha to conceal your sins, so they're not going to be exposed, and also consider them from you as well to on the Day of Judgment. So you're asking ALLAH SubhanA wa taala, not to pursue any judgment against you because of this sense, not to pursue punishment because of that. That's why in the Arabic language, the helmet, the war, is the war in the battle, the battle is called metaphor. And metaphor, the one that's concedes the head. That's what's called metaphor. So a man Farah is means that you're asking a lot to consider so doesn't pursue punishment, because of what you've committed.

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hamdulillah if Allah Subhana Allah does not going to pursue me because of what I've done. That's great, isn't it? Is there anything better than that? Yeah. And

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allow for is to completely cancel this and erase it. So you don't be reminded with it in the future? Is there anything better than that? Absolutely a soft

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to treat you as if you've never done anything wrong.

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So we ask Allah to have soft upon us panna cotta, not just mouthfeel. So that's the mantra at Tober is the actual action that you go to ALLAH SubhanA Wattana. When you go to Allah azza wa jal wholeheartedly, not just with your tongue, rather with your actions. So they say so far is by the tongue a Toba by the actions of the heart and the body including the tongue as well too. And some they say actually, so far, is the beginning and the initiation of October. Just like the end of the year so far, should should we conclude by what? By October? Because Allah Subhan says in the Quran can call to stop Europe but comes from Matobo Allah, Allah says, I

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am telling you to seek forgiveness from your Lord, then return back to him and repentance.

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So you seek us too far first, and then you start making that Tober October is very known to all of us requires three major conditions. Number one, that you quit what you're committed. Number two, you

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you regret what you've done. And number three, that you make commitment, you would never go back again to it. If you have these three conditions, and a lot of damage and you're doing that sincerely from the heart. Hopefully Allah subhanho wa Taala will accept from you just remember, if the Prophet sallallahu Sallam he was seeking more than 70 100 times so given some Allah azza wa jal how often should we do this?

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If the Prophet SAW 76 Toba every single day, more than 70 times how much Toba you're doing every single day? So keep that in mind and shallow down. Does anyone have any questions

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any specific grand for that? Let's come again shallow down in the chapter when the NAZA

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Is the toggle has to be something specific like do they have to do some specific actions specific event? Or can it be in general, obviously the Toba that is most important thing at the top of the heart means that the repentance of the heart in regard to the commit the sin that was committed, but definitely that should translate into the action as well too. Is there any specific action that you need to do? Well, there is no specific you can do it instantly after committing that sin. But it's better to do like what Earth moto Delta norba did, in which he said in the Hadith that when he made a thorough will do and then he's a cada I saw the prophets are making although like this, and then

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he said Mantova Donahoe, he had whoever makes total will do like this one, for masala Rakata and then pray to raka with Allahumma taka devilment them be his previous sins will be forgiven, and those terracotta columns

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so not to Toba. So if someone commits a sin, and they're so regretful remorseful, then I'm just gonna go to pray this to raka ask Allah for forgiveness sincerely from the heart. Hopefully Allah subhanaw will accept that Allah azza wa jal

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on it alone behind a lot of stuff.

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