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Todays Jumu’ah from Pietermaritzburg KZN – Friday 25/10/13


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The importance of planning for one's future is highlighted, including fulfilling one's dreams and achieving their goals. The power of Islam to keep people alive is discussed, along with the importance of finding success and finding one's own success. The speakers emphasize the need for individuals to have a healthy mindset and avoid negative consequences, as well as avoiding giving up on one's own success and not giving up on their own success. They stress the importance of planning ahead for rewards and achieving good things in life, considering one's emotions and assumptions, and being a true believer.

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Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.

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smilla rahmanir rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa Salatu was Salam

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ala nabina Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi wa jabeen, a woman who have a son in Elijah Medina.

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We always praise Allah Subhana Allah to Allah, no matter how much we praise Him, it will never be enough. No matter how much we remain in his worship directly through sujood, it will still not be enough. The Almighty has rarely been very, very merciful upon us all if we were to ponder for a moment, we would realize that we are not even be fitting the we are not even be fitting the mercy of Allah Subhana Allah to Allah because of the deeds that we do. Rather, it is solely through His mercy that he has mercy upon us. So we owe all praise to Allah subhanho wa Taala

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blessings and salutations upon Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, his entire household, all his companions, may Allah subhanahu wa taala bless them all. And may He bless every single one of us and grant us goodness, my brothers and sisters in Islam. In life, every one of us has plans. We all think we want to achieve this, we want to do this, we want to get this and everyone would like a good future. We all would like Subhana Allah to get married, even those who are married are talking about getting married again. Allahu Akbar, Allah protect us all and grant us goodness, see all the men smiling. I'm sure the women on the other side are frowning. Allah grant us goodness. And

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everyone is talking about how they want their business to flourish, how they want to find a job, how they want to have children, how they want the success of their children, how they would like to buy this property, and that how they would like, for example, to do this and do that. And from amongst the things we'd like to achieve also is how we would like to reach out to others, how if we had wealth, we would be helping so many people how, if we had the goodness, that Allah has bestowed upon others, what we would be doing with it, all this is part and parcel of the plan that human beings have. But one thing for certain is our planning is very limited. And our planning, in actual fact,

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has no execution except through the plan of Allah. So whatever I plan is irrelevant.

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And one might say, How are you saying it's irrelevant, the truth is, if it is not for the planning of Allah, and if Allah does not decree it, and has not decreed it, and does not want it to happen, it will never happen no matter how powerful I think I am. So for example, you can have a house, you can have a car, you can have millions, you can have children, you can have the best of wives, you can have the smartest of everything. But if your house goes in, you are laying in that bed in the hospital, everything becomes irrelevant. Every single thing becomes irrelevant, then what becomes irrelevant? That's a question. At that point, what becomes relevant, whatever you've done with what

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you had before that point becomes relevant. So before the point of your death, may Allah grant us all good motor, good death, before the point of death, what have you done? I am alive now. I feel healthy by the will of Allah subhanho wa Taala. Only Allah knows when he's about to take that away. It could be in the next few seconds, and it could be a little bit later on. But whilst I'm healthy, what did I do? Did I fulfill my Salah? Did I understand that a day will come when I won't be healthy anymore? Did I understand that a day will come when I won't be wealthy anymore or my wealth will become irrelevant? Did I understand that there is a bigger picture or do I become depressed now that

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I'm sick?

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Do I become depressed now that I'm on my deathbed? Do I become depressed now that the plan is not exactly how I wanted it. If that is the case, we have lost focus. We don't even know why we were created by Allah subhanho wa Taala. Allah says very beautifully warmer holla

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I have neither created mankind nor Jin kind except for them to worship me. This sometimes looks like a very dry verse to those whose Eman is weak. That How can I just remain in the worship of Allah from point of birth to point of death? The reality is if we don't understand that, that is the reason why Allah has made us We are at loss because it takes a person to become an invalid to understand that yes, indeed, I am going to return to Allah and this world is actually a huge deception. So beautiful is the sleep that Allah gives us that not only do we like to cozy into our beds, but we dream things that really we would not be able to do in real life. So in your dream,

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you're driving a Ferrari but in real life, you're not even going to Harare yet. lavaca.

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In your dream, you have so much beauty you have so much goodness, you marry the girl of your dreams, the man of your dreams, but in real life, you're not yet married.

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Allahu Akbar and there is no chance of you heading in that direction. So Allah gives you a dream and in the dream you do things so have Allah It's amazing. Have you ever thought of how it is to wake up from your dream? Allahu Akbar, two types of dreams we talk about one is a nightmare. When you are shot did Allah protect us what happens? You wake up, I'm talking about shot dead in your sleep. You wake up and you like sort of sigh of relief. I wonder if we actually say Alhamdulillah I'm alive I'm actually alive. But what happened? You don't realize you actually moved from one stage to another. We Allah subhanho wa Taala says Allah Hi.

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Fi man Amina

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It is Allah who takes away the souls of two kinds of people.

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Allah takes away the souls of the people at their death, so the soul goes away. And Allah takes away the souls of the people when they are asleep. So the soul is somehow taken in a way that Allah knows best different from death, but it is also taken. So Allah says, He keeps the souls of those whose death has been written in their sleep. So the soul is not returned into the body at the time of getting up, they don't get up. And he returns the soul into the bodies of those whom waking up is written, which means your life is still prolonged. This would mean that when I had a nightmare, my soul was actually not totally connected to my body as when I was awake, but I suddenly become

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awakened. Sometimes your heart is pulsating so much you feel it, you know, boom, boom, boom. Why? Because I just had a nightmare. I was shot dead, but you got up into what you would perceive is reality. One day, we will wake up from what we think that is reality right now into the real reality. The real reality is the life post death. That's reality. So Allah keeps on telling us in the Quran, that you know, this life of the world is an amusement and a pastime. It is a deception. wimal hyah to dunya Illa Mata Oh, and the life of this world is nothing but the provisions of deception. Allah says it clearly. In another place, he says,

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to do

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the life of this world is nothing but an amusement a pastime love, life, play time you enjoy, you know, and so on. And Allah says, the real life is that of the era that is the real life. You don't test date, you don't taste death again. Subhana Allah in this dunya you will taste death, you taste calamity, Allah tells you, everything will happen according to our plan. You are responsible for the way you have utilized the choice that we gave you. But it's up to us to decide whether what you have planned shall be allowed to happen, either as you planned it better than you planned it or worse than you planned it or it won't happen at all. That's Alice's plan.

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Now, the point I want to get to is that Allah has kept the power in him as a mercy for us. Imagine if the power was in our hands. Do you know what the law says? While obasa law who responded eba de la ville de Wan

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if Allah had to give everyone how much Well, they want to

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people would become tyrants, people would become crooks, people would become really killers of one another spreading chaos on Earth. Because imagine I get what I want. You get what you want. You just say a figure. And next thing is it's in your account, lo Akbar. If that was the case, we would all be big buses. And you know what happened when there are big bosses shape and comes creeping in. Those who have a man has saved and those who don't have email are the ones who are at loss. So it's a good thing to have wealth if your Eman is intact. But if your Eman is not intact, it's the worst nightmare and enemy for us to have the dunya laid out in front of us when there's no email.

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So for the dunya to be laid out in front of us is a gift only if we realized that I'm going to have to use this to get to my real abode, which is the afra do you know most of us have more wealth than we ever going to spend in the dunya most of us and when

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might say about how I can't even afford school fees. The reality is, you will end up getting well such that when you are in your death, you when you're on your deathbed, you will still have changed law Cuba will be changed left there may Allah grant us good sustenance that will be a means of our entry into paradise. So sometimes we earn so much and we spend so much Alhamdulillah some people earn very little and they spend so much but the losers are those who earn so much and they spend very little because they haven't understood that this wealth is only buttered test from Allah. He will take it when he wants he will give it when he wants if we understand that the day we suffer a

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huge loss we still saying Alhamdulillah Allah when I had it, I tried my best now I don't have it. The responsibility on my shoulder is less love.

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When a person's health suddenly goes away if he used that health in a good way and he man is solid, you know how he will think he would say y'all Oh and I had my health I did not miss a Salatu fudger yeah Allah I am confident that you are writing for me the reward of my Salah. Even though at the moment my legs amputated May Allah grant us goodness of our legs, good use of our legs.

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That is the way of looking at things. But when the person's Eman is not intact, the minute the health problem, we become depressed why we want our plan to overtake the plan of Allah that's never going to happen. So what's the result of it depression? You are sad, you're upset, you're angry. And you don't want to talk to people you become like a person who's really thinks you know what, why did Allah do this to me? But who are you to question your maker who is ultimately going to take you away? You're going to be returned into the soil. mean half Allah Kanaka Murphy hanani Docomo Amina no credo kumta rotten okra beautiful verse we know it of Baja, we Allah says we created you from the

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soil from the dust and we will return you into it and we are going to resurrect you from it. If you don't understand that plan. You disagree with it or your your your weakness of Eman makes you depressed when you think of it in there is a major problem because Allah made you, your children, your parents and everyone else and he will take you away your children away your parents away at the date that's already fixed and the time and a place that's already spot on no change to that in law either.

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You have the appointed time in place that Allah has fixed when it comes, it is not going to be delayed. Not at all, no change to it. Allahu Akbar, may Allah grant us the ability to accept that deal. So if things were in our hands, we would start fighting each other. And this is why those who want to fight each other for Rosie and sustenance, the man is weak, you know, you have a hardware business. And opposite the road. Your friend opens a hardware business. So now we stopped talking but brother he was your friend for so many years. Your Eman is weak. So what if we open the hardware business across the road? Let him also earn a little bit Allahu Akbar.

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That is reality. We become upset because you know why we want the money for ourselves. Yet, our bank balance is so big that two generations would survive with that money. But the men across the road He mustn't earn Why? Because I must be the earner. If that's the if that is the idea. It's just a sign that we need a bit of a tapping on our a man, we need a bit of a tapping to say Hang on, you know what, let them also earn Subhana Allah, I remember when I was in Medina, and I wept one day, when someone came into this one store to buy a cloak, a cloak, you know, females.

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And the deal was struck and so on. And the owner who was a friend of mine, he said to this woman, that you know what, my sister the same cloak, the same cloak you want. Please buy it from that man across the road, who sells the same stock because whole day no one has purchased from him yet. And from me, quite a few people have come to buy things.

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You know, I thought of it and I said back at home, the opposite is happening. We will put a sign in his place with a worker from his shop being paid under the ground to say when someone comes they just point towards our direction. This is what's happening. And if that's the case, the belief in the in a man the man is weak, the belief is going weak. And we don't understand the success is in the hands of Allah does not depend on figures and facts and your health know, your health never ever determines your success. There are some people who are unhealthy, more successful than me and you because what is the true success, the closeness of Allah Subhana Allah, you get close to Allah you

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find yourself in the masjid, you find yourself close to that Allah, you find yourself you are protected, your heart is clean, you have a good system of talking because you fear Allah, every movement of yours is a preparation of Jannah that is a person who's successful. So when someone says dirty words, ask yourself, if I were to carry these words, is it a preparation towards gender or towards jahannam? The answer of that will help

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You to act or not to act lockable. Ask yourself what I want to do right now what I am doing right now? Is it my preparation towards gender or towards another place

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and you will be able to help yourself live a life, everything. When you go home the way you talk to your family. Do you know Allah gives you a free opportunity to engage in an act of worship that those who don't have a family have not been given the opportunity to engage in? You've got a wife and children but other people don't have wives. They don't have children. So what happens? Allah says, right, you walk into your home, let's see how you are going to earn Jenna, through the mere fact that your children have come out to see you. How do you greet them? Do you start with Salaam that's a part of your contribution towards Jenna. It's your belief in Allah. Do you realize that

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they are just a temporary gift of Allah to you? temporary gift? Allah has he gave them to you through a miracle he will take them away through his power when he wants before you after you are with you, Allahu Akbar. And if our Eman is weak, we don't seize opportunities to earn paradise because our focus is dunya. That's all. So at the end of the day, we all know our deathbeds. And we sitting back and saying, Hey, I wish I can get up for Salah to make Toba to Allah. I've never ever got up for fudger before. Too late, well, maybe not too late. But we could have done better, couldn't we? So that's why we are talking to each other today. I can do better. One of the best

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signs of means closeness to Allah subhanho wa Taala is the cleanliness of his heart. The interior cleanliness, when a person is linked with Allah, it is clear in his actions, in his words, in his style of walking in where he is present in the type of people he mixes with, in the type of expression he has on his face, it's quite clear that this person is very close to Allah subhanho wa Taala. But it is not important for people to recognize that it is important for you to recognize your own maker in a way that you are satisfied with your link with Allah and you always want a little bit more, but you happy that you no longer have the bad qualities that you had. This is

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success. This is true success, when we are prepared to sacrifice for the cause of Allah subhanho wa Taala knowing that everything I do is a preparation for general. Now a point that comes to mind. Some people sometimes they say when when people become very healthy, very good looking and very wealthy, and everything is moving in their direction. They start saying that I want to do good deeds, but I don't want to do it as a deal to say I'm bargaining with Allah to give me a reward I want to do for myself. I've heard people ask me a question that can't I do a deed saying, look, I just want to do this. I it's not like I want to do a deal with Allah to say, Okay, I'll do this, and

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you give me a reward. But I just want to do the deed without anything in return. Do you know that that is bless him? That is satanic. That is actually something that you might think, is humane yet. It removes the man from a heart to think in that way. Because we are totally and absolutely dependent upon Allah. He gave us the health in the first place. He gave us the wealth in the first place. How can we think I'm just giving this I don't want anything from Allah when Allah is the one who gave it to us, how can we say that? So this is why even when it comes to fasting, and when it comes to standing in taraweeh in Ramadan, the Hadith says Monica Rama Rama Ivanova sama who Eman YT

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saben who fear Allah who Matata momentum D whoever stands or fasting Ramadan standing obviously in taraweeh and Salah with Eman meaning belief, the sub meaning if I were to translate it for you, expecting a reward from Allah for them, Allah will grant them forgiveness for whatever since they've committed in the past because you are doing it for Allah with the help that Allah gave you with the ability that Allah gave you and you are still saying that I am in total need of Allah subhanho wa Taala but your level of Eman will take you one step higher to say Allah I did all this but accepted through your mercy amazing because we know a man who comes and says yeah, I want entry into gender

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because I did a lot of good deeds he won't get entry into gender until he says yeah Allah grant me entry into gender through your mercy. So ignore the deeds we've done. This is why all of us are do it and we make it here again. Yeah, Allah grant us Jana without hisab Kitab without up through your mercy Allah, all these deeds, we do one wonders whether even the level of sincerity and the level of concentration is enough to plug it into what may be termed acceptable in the eyes of Allah, who knows.

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All of us 100% of us, we do not have 100% concentration in Salah, the best from amongst us might be 95% that also the best the friends of Allah from amongst us, may Allah grant us goodness. So what about that 5% May Allah subhanho wa Taala forgive our shortcomings. So Allah has kept the power within him as a mercy for us so that we do not fight with one another compete with one

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Another we do not become saddened when we suffer loss in the dunya. And we do not become so excited when we have gained in terms of a prophet in the dunya. Let me read for you a verse of the Quran that comes to mind.

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When Allah subhanho wa Taala says, ma

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you yes see Li k Allah. So Allah,

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Allah subhanho wa Taala is speaking of tech D, the fact that everything that happens to you a mercy but a difficulty a calamity, even goodness, if you were to look at it, although this verse makes a makes mention of the masiva the difficulties that happened to you in your life, they were written for you they were written next to your name before anything and Allah says the reason why we did this is so that you do not become so saddened when you suffer a loss because you relate the loss to Allah and His power and you do not become too arrogant or haughty or happy or excited when you have gained something because you know, it is solely by the mercy of Allah that you have got look at our

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own what he had.

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His only crime was that he continued to say this is my own intellect. He forgot to ask the question who gave me the intellect? That's a question you forget. So people think me I'm sharp. I came first. It's cool. So now I'm gonna I'm gonna need to do with Allah. Allah Who gave you the intellect? How were you sharp? That's what it is. How are you a witty businessman. It is because of Allah and Allah alone. And if he wants even with your wit he can make you struggle and suffer a loss. Allahu Akbar.

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It's like people who say You know what? I got 10 children.

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May Allah protect us. We have seen colleges and road accidents where people have lost their own families or family gone. Now what happened to you and your statement? This is why we are taught to say Alhamdulillah Masha Allah tabarrok Allah related to Allah, continue asking Allah goodness, have a concern in your heart to say Allah as you have given me so you can take it away, that will keep you humble, that will keep you down to earth, that will make you a person who realizes and understands the gift of Allah upon you Subhana Allah, but with us, we become sad, I lost a child may Allah protect us all a person who will tell you, I lost a child and my life has come to an end. The

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reality is your life is terminal anyway, your life is going to come to an end anyway, whether you lost the child or you didn't. It is better that Allah took your child away early. So now you realize what the value of life is. And you realize the fact that I'm going to go so many people, it takes the death of a loved one for them to turn to Allah, so many people it takes a calamity for them to turn to Allah. That is actually the biggest gift of Allah upon that person, the biggest gift but they look at it as a calamity not realizing the bigger picture is I'm a much better Muslim now after this calamity than I was before it. So it's Allah gift. He loves us enough to have overruled our

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plan in order for us to get closer to him, which we did not even have in plan may Allah subhanho wa Taala not make us from those who do not plan goodness plan goodness, why we say plan goodness when we plan goodness, we are rewarded by the mere intention of it.

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We if we are able to execute it, we get a double and a multiplied reward if we are not able to execute it for some reason that Allah has blocked us we still achieve the reward. The reward is written next john is someone who planned I'm going to go to the machine and he shall I will be in the first session being very early 11 o'clock if they were here, and the first step was completely full. I would like to hope that the mercy of Allah subhanho wa Taala will write for them first of attendance, Allah, may Allah grant us goodness. So my brothers and sisters, we have learned a lot. I always achieve a lot of comfort by believing firmly that Allah is an absolute and total control.

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What ever happens to you is in the control of Allah, He knows why he knows it is better for you. Allah does not do bad things. Allah does good things, men does bad things. And when someone does bad to you remember it is better for you take a look at the story. One of the worst incidents that have happened in the lives of the mothers of the believers recorded in the Parana Chateau de la and her being accused of adultery. Now the villa you know what Allah said, think about it. If any one of us was accused blatantly and openly of adultery and the whole community was talking about it, we wouldn't show face. We wouldn't be able, knowing that it's a lie.

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We would not after a certain point when the whole community believes something rotten about you, you won't want to show face look at what happened to it Sharia law and Allah says

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in alladhina

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comme la Sabu, tshabalala, Allah

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Allahu Akbar, those who came with this blatant accusation against eyeshadow, the Allahu Allah.

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Allah subhanho wa Taala says they are a group from amongst you do not think it's bad for you, it's actually good for you. What does that mean? That means all this that people are saying in terms of accusation against Sharia law. Allah is saying that is not bad. It's something good for you. It's bad for those but for you, it's the best thing that could have happened. So I should have a law after that used to always say I am the one whose clearance is revealed in the Quran. My purity and my chastity is revealed in the Quran recited up to the day of tiama

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would not have happened had she not been accused. The answer is no. So Allah says we wanted something and we want something. You want something but whatever we want will override what you want. The day we need you. The day you and I surrender to that we are a happy person come what may I end with a hadith of Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam where he says I genuinely am powerful. How did we know it? I'm sure a lot of us would know it have been amazing are the affairs of a true believer. Amazing why amazing? No matter what happens to them. A true believer is always happy, always happy, always smiling. Nobody will look at your face and tell how much stress people are trying to give you

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or you have us struggling financially or health wise we always smiling Alhamdulillah Allah, Allah, Allah Praise be to Allah upon all conditions. Only one condition we should be fearing. To Billahi min Holly Allah, we ask Allah protection from the condition of those who shall be casting to hellfire. If that is our concern will lie, everything will fall into place. If my concern is Yala, my agenda, my agenda, my agenda, we won't be bothered about others. But the minute we are losing focus, we should know the devil is crushing. The devil is coming. So that Hadith I was ending with Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam says in cassava cassava, Shakira can affair Allah sobre todo sobre la

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la. When goodness overtakes or comes to a true believer. He is thankful to Allah, humble, happy, so it's better for him thankful. So when goodness comes to us ask ourselves, are we humble? Are we happy? Are we closer to the ground? You know, it's amazing when you see someone you meet them. And it's happened to me of late way I met a certain brother and I just met him by chance. And he greeted me so nicely and so on. And later on, I was told this man is a minister. And he's a powerful figure and he is this and he is that and I said Subhan Allah if I wasn't told, I would have thought this man is just an ordinary more admin from a Masjid down the road.

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And I said, Look, this is something we learn from. So the last part of the Hadith says, When evil or calamity befalls a true believer, he is still happy through Subbu. he endures in the way that he realizes Allah has given me a chance to engage in an act of worship, that those who are not gone through the same thing have not even had the opportunity to go through. And the list is endless. How many things Allah gives us as gifts, which we perceive negative, which are actually positive. The list is endless, so many things, but it's up to us to consider and contemplate. May Allah subhanho wa Taala grant us Jenna wa Salatu was salam o Baraka ala nabina Muhammad