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AI: Summary © The history of the military and theOMOYans' actions during the Omega dynasty are discussed, including the capture of Makkah and the removal of a judge from a street fight. The OMOYans' goal was to conquer the city and use it for political gain, but their actions were disastrous and the woman they captured was killed by a judge. The segment also touches on the use of culture in politics and the history of the United States, including the controversial statements made during a trial and the use of political rhetoric to set the record.
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Today inshallah Allah will do another mini episode in history. As you know, I personally love history, I love to read books of history, and I find that history is one of the most neglected fields when we talk about Islam. And when we study history, there's so many benefits and one of the main benefits is that it saves you from a naive idealism you learn from the lessons of history, and you form a sense of wisdom about how the world works. Today, Inshallah, we're going to discuss a historical figure, whose name has become well known to almost all Muslims, who even know the basics of early Islamic history. And the personality is not one who is admired rather, he is one who is

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looked down upon, yet he is also legendary, and that is the governor and the military leader, by the name of a hedgehog in use of hijab and use of photography. This is a name whose very mentioned, used to bring fear amongst so many people. Throughout the last 14 centuries of our Islamic history. Hardly any governor or leader has been despised more than him. In fact, he was never the Khalifa. He was a governor, and he was a military commander. And yet still, to this day, when his name is mentioned, people frown, people scowl, and they have negative feelings. That's his impact. Yet still, he did some good as well. So want to briefly summarize obviously, there's only so much you

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can do as usual in a short Hatha, but again, the purpose of these Hatha is to pique our curiosity, to at least give us tidbits so that inshallah you can explore further so that you have some paradigm within which to explore more information. Who is this person hijack Jupiter use? If and why is his legacy so negative? What did he do? Her job and Yousuf was born around 40 Hijra. So he never saw the process. And he's also hobby, he is a of the next generation. He's not called the tavern, even though technically he is. But he wasn't associated with knowledge. By the way, his grandfather was the first convert of thought if he's from thought if he thought they've had some thought if his

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grandfather always knew Massoud was the first convert of the people of thought if and he was the one who negotiated or attempted to negotiate the Treaty of Arabia. His grandfather was the one who visited the Prophet system, and then went back to the Quran and said, I have visited the Emperors of Persia and Rome. And I have not seen any group of people who admire their leader more than the Sahaba admire the Prophet says, and that's how judges grandfather, right. So how judge was born in a family that was prestigious and knowledgeable. This is what helped boost him later on. In those days, family met everything and those days, your credibility came from your lineage. He was born in

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a somewhat known lineage, his father use of hijab and Yusuf was actually a Quran teacher in the city of Ibn Abbas think about that, when had been Abbas was alive. One of the Quran teachers in that city of thought it was how judges father, so how judges raised in a household of him. And he became as a youngster, the Quran teacher's assistant. And he used to help the students memorize studied filk And subhanAllah. Interestingly enough, his life was to take a sharp left turn, but forever and ever. He loved the Quran till he died. Amazing. He has a very negative legacy. But one thing even his critics acknowledged, he loved the Quran, and he would recite the Quran and he was associated with the Quran

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until he died Subhanallah because his father was a Quran teacher, and he was raised in the environment of the Quran. So he decided he doesn't want to do this. He doesn't go down the religious route. So he went from thought if to the land of opportunity, not to America, Damascus, Damascus, Damascus was the capital. Damascus was the capital Diomedes. And he decided he wants to be powerful. He wants to have the prestigious life. And he started from the bottom. Where did he start from? He became eight shortly. What does the shortly who can Adams Tell me? What is the Shorty?

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Police? Who was the shootouts back then? Was it police? Hi. Ayesha. Was it police?

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It was a conglomeration of the CIA, the FBI and the police. You had the thugs and you had the anti mafia along with the mafia. Right. You had the government thugs, that's who the shooter were back then. Right. It's basically whatever the government wants, who are they going to get to enforce it? It's called the short the short have become Sruthi which is now you say modern police don't think of short short at the annual honorable position. No, these are government

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Folks, whatever the military, whatever the government wants this at the military branch, he starts as a bottom officer because he doesn't have any connections. And within five years, his ruthlessness and his harshness earns him respect in that group. And he starts racing up the ranks until he becomes in charge of the unit, and he was a strict disciplinarian from back in the day. If anybody disobeyed the harshest punishment, until finally Long story short, he raises his ranks until the Khalifa Abdul Malik ibn Marwan hears of his loyalty and ruthlessness, and he appoints him, the head officer of the shootouts, he becomes the chief, FBI, CIA police inspector, ie, the military branch.

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He is the military governor basically, right, but their military general, the internal military, not the external, so you have the internal there's going to be for your own citizens. That's what he was in charge of. This is the reputation when he's still in his 20s he's still in his 20s. And one of the things about him from the beginning was his brutality. It is said he would kill people like we drink tea. He didn't care about killing as if it was something sacred. To him taking a life was no big deal from the beginning. He was like this Subhanallah very interestingly, he was not known to drink or gamble or woman nice. And he used to recite the Quran. Yet still, he was a mass murderer

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for the government, IG these those eras they have some very interesting people and had judges one of them so had judge became known for his ruthlessness and his loyalty to the OMA yet now, if you know what's happening at this time, you're gonna have to mention a lot of history here. One of the biggest problems of the Omega dynasty at this time was Abdullah bin Zubaydah. Abdullah bin Zayed had his own mini caliphate. He had broken away in Mecca and Medina, and he was independent for a few decades.

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Had judge convinced Abdullah Medicube and Bhagwan to send him as the the chieftain of the army against hedged against Venezuela. From being the local domestic police officer. He said, Give him to me. I will take charge, this is going to be an upgrade, which is going to be another upgrade. That's how he's doing this. And so I've done Medicare but about one risks sending this person to deal with somebody who for 20 years has been a thorn in the side of the OMA hits, right? He has not been able to be conquered by the OMA yards. hijabs says Give him to me, I'll deal with him. And subhanAllah this is when his ruthlessness now becomes I shouldn't say legendary. I should it was the opposite of

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religion there it becomes the most It begins now. where's the where's Abdullah? Bin? This will be in Makkah. in Makkah, why has it been difficult to capture and conquer him? Because he's in Makkah, what are you going to do? Attack the Kaaba. That's exactly what hajiman Yousuf did no conscience. He surrounded the city of Makkah for six months. Cut off every supply now Maca is not like Medina or their fruit palms date palms are there. Is there greenery in Makkah? No, maca you need supplies to come in. And Monica has her judge innocent people Monica has where to meet in Makkah has Amin Allah says manda Hello Kana Amina, right. Allah has called Mikado haram Ibrahim alayhis salam made Mercado

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haram Hajaj couldn't care less. He surrounded maca while there were Hajaj insight, can you believe for six months cut off the city from all supplies of water and sewer and food now water they had some some but still it's not enough for the whole city. And they have no food until finally, people began eating animals on the streets. It was one of the worst disasters to hit MCCA during that timeframe. And had judge then offered amnesty to everybody who abdicated and left Abdullah disobeyed amnesty. I'll forgive you come over to my side. I'll give you money, you will be a person of honor and you will get food. Now you tell me. How long will people like this last? Your wife and children

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are dying? How long will this last right? To make matters worse, and this is again, unbelievable. He attacked Maccha with catapults. He set up catapults outside the city and trying to kill up the loveliness of it and the people and he destroyed the caliber. This is the level of depravity of hijab and use of a Muslim attacking the city of Makkah for the sake of money and power for the sake of loyalty to the OMA yes no other person

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It would go to that level. That's why this woman was safe. But her judge couldn't care less and the cat about was destroyed. Now pause here footnote Abdullah bin is obey it had reconstructed the Kaaba like a rectangle, the original structure of Abraham it has set up, and it was like a rectangle for around 20 years, had judge destroyed it eventually is going to enter the city and He rebuilds it like a square and it has remained a square. So for since the time of the process and have up until now, only for around 1520 years the cabin was the original structure in the town but Minnesota had judge destroyed because of her judge, it is now back in the original structure that it was in any

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case. So after six months, the majority of Ignacio various people abandon him. And this very was very painful for him as obeyed and we feel for the both sides like the people who abandoned we understand if nobody felt completely betrayed. These were his loyal followers for decades. But you have to survive food, water your children, what's going to happen slowly but surely even as Zubair sees people leaving and mass, m&s zubaid goes to his mother, who's his mother?

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A smart Binti Viehbacher Edna Zubayr has a whole coastline story. His mother is a smart, a smart, the older sister of Asia, right? And he says, Yeah, Omar, should I surrender to her judge? A smart is 100 years old. 100 years old, she's still alive, blind by side gone. But her memory and wind is just as sharp as it was. She said to him, were you fighting for money and power? Or were you fighting for the sake of Allah said for the sake of Allah. So she says, so you're going to give up? When you have no money and power, you're going to give up now. fight to the end, what is he going to do to you give you the death of Russia, he'd go for it. His mother gave him the blessings. And so

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when he heard this, he kissed his mother farewell. And whoever was remaining, he then marched, and he was brutally massacred. By Hajaj his body was hung on a cross Am I across we don't mean like an X Cross. But like a cross is also straight crosses a poster peg, his body was hung on a peg outside of the cab for weeks until it was rotting. To give people the image that this is what we are. Don't you dare to even assume it this head judge until even Abbas begged her judge for the love of Allah, please bury the body. Right? This was her judge her judge when he entered the city. He said, bring that to not attain the, the one of the two belts, a smart bring her to me. And the servant went to a

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smile. A smile said well, like I'm never gonna go to him. I don't care. He's not gonna go to him. So he said to the person, if she doesn't come, I'm going to drag her by her hair. I'm going to drag her to my palace to my office by her hair. The government the the servant went and said this threat. She said, I challenge him go get somebody to drag me by my hair. I'm not going to come when the servant came back. So her judge then walked to the house of a smart to taunt her. Can you believe the depravity he's just killed her son right to taunt as a famous episode in history? And he says, What do you think of what I did to the enemy of Allah meaning her son, meaning he's just taunting her?

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She said, I see that you have finished his dunya by finishing your algebra powerful, you have taken his dunya so what but you have taken your own IRA, this hadith in Sahih Muslim by the way, then she said, I have heard the Prophet system predict that there shall be a mass murderer from the tribe of belief. And I am certain that it is you.

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This hadith is assigned Muslim. I heard the prophets of some say there's gonna be a Mobius Mobius somebody who causes chaos and mayhem he kills and kills and kills. I heard the prophecies and I'm saying there's gonna be a movie from the tribe of the cave, and I am certain that that one is you. And she made dua against her judge and she then died Jani old he had judge did not kill her. This is her judge. I've done I came in Walmart made him the governor of Makkah and Medina as a gift. Now he's rising up in ranks right. First it was the shot, then the chieftain of the shots. Then the army now he becomes the governor which is what he wanted. And he becomes the governor in Medina, in

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Medina, when the sons of the Sahaba and some of the Sahaba are still alive, by the way had judge met the sahaba. Again, this is now 6070 170 272 hijra, you had some of the younger Sahaba and a sibling Malik right you had

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Ibn Omar was still alive. He met him and Omar Ibn Abbas. He knows the Sahaba he has seen them and he becomes the governor in Medina and this

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is where we have a whole host of a hadith in Bukhari and Muslim about the complaints that the sons of the Sahaba had against against her judge, he would delay the salah. He was lazy when it came to praying on time. Now back in the day, the governor was the one who led the Sunnah and the Joomla and their eat. Okay, back in the day, it was understood that the governor must be the one in charge of the main masjid and the holdover Andy and the reason whatnot. And obviously, hijab is not somebody who's going to be giving good hot buzz and whatnot Right? Thank Allah we don't have this issue anymore. Can you imagine the kings and princes if they had to give the eight foot Bella holder or

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tele Villa Can you imagine or in any way okay, let me not get banned from other countries. The point is that had judge was a disaster. And the sons of the Sahaba and the righteous people of Medina, they began to complain so much about his volume, his tyranny, about the fact that he's not praying properly. He's not praying on time, until finally the Abdon medic had no choice but to withdraw him from the governorship of Mecca and Medina. But then he said I'm going to send you to your biggest test Iraq now pause here a lot of people don't know this especially if you haven't studied history and Iraq was always problematic for the omits Iraq because we're so many fit and happened all the

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resurrections happen you know the the show you what happened in Iraq, right. All of the all of this stuff happened in Iraq. Why this is the case beyond the scope of this class. Iraq was always problematic for the Obama years. I've done like him in one one said, this is your gift. If you get Iraq, you will be I'm not going to ask any questions your salary, your because remember, governor's back then you're basically a mini king. You only have to report to the Khalifa. That's it. As long as he said, you get Iraq under my control, no questions asked. So abdul-malik Then, sorry, Hajaj then went to Iraq, and he entered the grand Masjid of Basra. And he gave a speech that is legendary.

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It's found in the books of Hadith. And it's found in the books of history. He gathered all of the leaders of the insurrections, the resurrections, the Hello adage that to show you everybody and he looked around, and he said, I see most of these heads will have them chopped off from the next that they're on in a little while. This is the first word that comes from his mouth when he entered the Masjid. I look around me, and I see blood dripping everywhere. He asked them, the governor before me, what did he you do when when you disobeyed? They said he would whip us he would put us in jail. He said As for me. I don't know whips. I don't know jails. I only know the sword.

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That's all I know. There will be no jails. There will be no whips, there will be no fines. I only know the sword or people of Iraq. If I tell you to exit from that door. And I see you exit from that one. Your blood is halal in my eyes.

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And guess what? That's exactly what he did. Unbelievable. He got to Iraq in his control by being the brutal dictator that he eventually became. He fought every insurrection he did it, just the level of brutality. And because of this, the Obama years gave him carte blanche authority. This was the reality of what had George was, in his lifetime. The most disastrous revolt against the Omega took place in Iraq. It is known as the revolt of imminent a sheriff. I've given a library chat where I mentioned this a little bit more detail. Even as a sheriff was had judge's own military commander, he sent even a sheriff to land the talks, even as a sheriff had a very large army. He was conquered.

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I mean, he was conquered. He was victorious. And the army was grumbling about her judge top to bottom if she had delusions of grandeur, if this whole army is under me, and they don't like her judge, maybe I can revolt against head judge. You see what's happening here, if not a shot said to the army. What would you say? If we returned back to Iraq and fight had judge and I become your leader? They said you are better than her judge for sure. Bismillah let's go for it. This became known as the revolt of imminent a chef. Now the reason why this revolt was different was for many reasons. First and foremost, this is the internal military coup d'etat attempt of coup d'etat. This

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is the Omiya army. Secondly, theologically these are not Morteza coverage, the share your these are the same people. Thirdly, this is the key point, even as a sheriff because he was from Basra Kufa because he was from Iraq. The people of Iraq knew him

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I loved him. So the scholars of bus era

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supported him,

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including people like undisciplined Malik, the sahabi. Even though he didn't join, he was 90 years old. He kind of like gave taxes towards his own children, grandchildren were in there. And many of the scholars, that's why this revolt was called the revolt of the scholars. Because this was the first time many Rula MA students have been Abbas, most famously

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say them neutral bait. One of the most famous students have been I beside them is your way.

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She was me, my voice is still sore. So even though she was successful for two years, carved out in many states, but then had judge destroyed the army and massacred all of the Quran, and Obama, literally no mercy. And this caused a massive, you know, sense of fear and whatnot, paranoia, things happen, and even a shot fled for his life. When he was captured. He committed suicide rather than be turned over to head judge. He literally, you know, he was taken prisoner. He literally broke himself free and jumped off a cliff. Because he knew if I get back to her Judge, I mean, I'm not justifying. I'm saying in his mind, he knew if I get back to her judge what's going to happen he literally

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committed suicide on the way back as a prisoner, and so many odema and ora were killed in the revolt in the time of internet authority. Even a sheriff is revolt. unassertive nomadic,

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was seen by hedges and use of an Hasib mnemonic, the Hadith of the Prophet system, and as a mnemonic is now 95 years old, 90 years old, and had judge says to him on ace, when aces making fun of his name, little Anas are nice, Have you no shame. When you were younger, you were with him and Zubayr. Now you're older. You go to even Ashworth before this you were on the side of it. By the way.

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head judge was very anti ideological law one he was pro movie, anti anti anti, and he would audible a curse and whatnot. I didn't know we thought it was the low one. So he says to us makes fun of him. Have you know, since you're with Ally, then you were the Minister of aid, then you

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Wallahi if I had my way with you, you would see how I deal with traders like you.

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And I 70 Malik was shocked. He said you're speaking to me like this. He said yes you in public in front of everybody. And I wrote a letter to Abdul Malik ibn Marwan

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and he said, You're Governor humiliated me in public, and spoke to me in a manner that I'm not worthy to be spoken to. And I am a servant of the Prophet sallallahu. I knew he was sending him so you do something or else. Abdul Malik ibn Marwan wrote a letter to her judges the only time the only time that her judge was rebuked by Abdulmalik and it was a long letter is presenting the books of history. He said, Oh, hi judge. Your akal is getting too big for you. Your egos getting too big for you.

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Either you apologize and make up to unassertive mnemonic or I will put you in your place.

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had any servant of reception Imodium been seen by the Christians they would have massaged his feet. had any servant of Moses been alive and the Jews saw him they would have elevated put on a pedestal How dare you treat the Hadith of the Prophet system in this manner go and apologize now and make up to Him or else I shall deal with you directly. Never had had judgment spoken to in this manner. It to said when he got the letter, he stood up from his courtesy and he walked to the house of Anansi nomadic and begged him for forgiveness. Subhanallah at least Abdulmalik had a little bit of Eman to put her judge in his place right Subhanallah and then he gets long story short, these are some of

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the negatives what are some of the positives and yes there are there's the strange thing there are some positives of the positives of hydrogen use of really strange is that he loved the Quran so much that he played an instrumental role in making sure the codification of Earth Mandra the Allahu and became universal long story but Earth mantra the Allahu and you know the most half of Earth man. Yeah, and not everybody handed in the alternative copies had judge made it a point. This now going to be the universal era and he spent money producing a better copy of the most half no Kaaterskill calligraphy, this Hadji was the first person to make a master copy that has calligraphy in it of the

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positives of Hajaj. Most of us here are from India and Pakistan had GeoGebra use of we owe much to him you all know this. You all know this. What did hegemony use of do so

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Then his number Khosravi sub will be guess anybody sent his own cousin, his own cousin, who was his cousin, Mohammed Libya cost him a third coffee. His cousin even um, literally his cousin. He chose his cousin and sent him with an army to sin then Macron and this is how Islam was established in our lands. He loved to expand doubt on Islam, and he financed and he made sure they have the best armies he sent armies all the way to scene to China. The reason why the Turkistan province is now Muslim is because of how God Allah blessed us with that image of Hajji Musa he wanted Islam to go there in his lifetime. Islam went from the Far East to the far west, and also in hint and and sinned. This is

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hijab and use of a third coffee Hajaj also one of the things that he did he aerobicized the bureaucracy in Iraq and Iran. It was in Persia, it was in fantasy. It was in Farsi because no the language of Islam is Arabic. So he introduced Arabic he had coinage made that is more Arabic, not fully. Is there still an interim I have some of hydrogens corn, by the way, had George has an interesting modified coin from the Sassanid Empire, which is Islam as sighs that's how jujitsu so he has that type of coin. He has other positives as well. How did he die hedgehog use have passed away in the year 95 Hijra. What happened? One of the greatest scholars in the shot is revolt was signed

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him to Jubail. The student of Ibn Abbas Sidon Juba is one of the main students within Ibis when evidence shots, revolt was massacred and killed, say the major bait fled for his life to Makkah.

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Eventually, he was captured 1015 years later, and he was brought to head judge. Now he's an elderly man, say the mutual aid he was brought to head judge and her judge mocked him and said, I'm going to execute you right here and now. And he told the executioner to kill him it is said that he didn't even allow him to pray to DACA which is again, it's the custom of the world back then. Even today, when you're going to be executed. This government says What's your last meal? What do you want? You know, get some perks right? It's the custom of the world it is said it is said and according to some reports he did of course, he didn't even allow that. So say the mutual beta said Yeah, Allah I have

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one dua from you. One two, ah, Ya Allah, let my life be the last life that had judges able to take

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that's the last dua they say the majority and in front of him say that if you notice I do a job aid. He is a scholar of Hadith Carroz Quran to see, this is a llama, the main student of an ibis, right. And hedgehog, and this is 15 years after I mean, come on, okay, even if you're angry, come on, forgive. No, he wants to get vengeance. So say the majority said, Yeah, Allah, the last life, let it be mine, let him not take any life after mine. And subhanAllah soon as the material Bill was killed, her judge fell sick with the sickness, the doctors could not understand what it is. And his stomach began fermenting. couldn't eat food. And within a few weeks, the doctor said you're about to die.

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And he would say to himself, Woe to me and say, Why did I feel sorry, the world to me inside I wish I had left side. He understood that the outside worked against him. And he passed away in that same year of 95 Hijra along with all of his interesting side professions. Believe it or not, he was an accomplished poet. There's a lot of poetry have had judge. They say hi judge, by the way, they say this is not what I'm saying these days is politically incorrect to say this, but they say he was a short, stocky, ugly man. Don't look at me. This is in every single book of history, right? But he was charismatic in speech. And he could command an audience and he was extremely eloquent. And he

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was a poet, and it to set on his deathbed. This is the poetry that he said, Yara because Halophila which there had to be under Nero German Saucony a naughty? Yeah. And a foreigner I'm Yeah, why homo. Married Mohan became a laugh will have it, that Europe. The people are swearing. The people are swearing. And they're trying their best to make sure that this happens that I hear from the people of Jahannam Yeah, Rob, the people are giving hat off and custom. And they're really trying to make me of the people of jahannam. And all of this oath is in vain. Woe to them. What do they know of how much Karim Allah foo and Allah far has upon people. He died with this Subhanallah right.

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So by the way, like with this, I conclude these days, a lot of people when when a brutal dictator comes up what not to say, Oh, this is a modern hijab and Yusuf. I say no, it is true. That hijab

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He has a lot of evil. A mama that hubby says he has some good but they shall drown in the ocean of his evil is what mama hubby says he has some good they shall drown in the ocean of his evil and will leave his affair to Allah. This way remember that'd be said, I say modern dictators and modern rulers. They also have oceans of evil, but they don't have a fraction of the good that judged us. Had judge loved the Quran

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and had judged whatever his sins were whatever his sins were. Weird way it was loyalty to the Almighty it's like

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it is said that he would one year go for Hajj one year go for Jihad because he was eager and spreading doubt on Islam. As I said, the Islamic Empire spread under his timeframe, interestingly, but it was just his loyalty to the omegas I don't care if I have to kill people. And this couplet that he said on his deathbed, it shows that deep down inside, he did believe in Allah and he knew he had committed sins, and he knew he's an evil person. And he said, Yeah, Rob, everybody is certain I'm gonna go to jahannam and I swear they're all blind because they don't know how generous you are because you are the before and the right man, this is what he died upon. Subhanallah so we don't say

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anything good because really, all the Sahaba antipyrine hated him that were alive at this time. But at the same time, we leave as a fair to Allah and we thank the good that he has done and as for the evil and that we leave to the Day of Judgment, inshallah hope that this is something that will open our minds to the reality of our history and inshallah will continue as usual be the night to other in our future classes somebody in Mussolini now almost Lima D one meaning I will move me 91 quantity now look on it the more slowly been our slaw the bond the one saw the Rena was slow Slavia rod Do you want to follow Sharia you know wonderful she

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wouldn't fall she mean I want to follow she I'm thinking one downside BP now one downside the party was on me now was all in.

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When you have you Lena photo gentleman won half the award the was that good enough? Guess

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what's going on? I don't know who

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wa giovane Eileen.