A Sin Will Always Be A Sin

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Salam alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatu

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Smilla he will Hamdulillah he was Salatu was Salam ala Rasulillah he were Allah, Allah. He was so happy here, Jermaine, my beloved brothers, my sisters. When Allah Almighty created Adam Alayhis Salam, Adam Alayhis Salam was not a baby, he was already a grown adult.

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And Allah had instilled with him all the natural qualities of men.

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Unfortunately, shaytan came to him and started influencing him to do that which Allah Almighty had told him not to do.

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In order to achieve this shaitan began to promise him things, you're going to be very wealthy, meaning you're going to own everything. Yet he was already in a part of paradise, known as Jana tulip Tila, which is a special garden that Allah had created in order to place Adam and Hawa May peace be on them.

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So Allah Almighty, in His Divine Wisdom allowed shaytaan

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to influence Adam Alayhis Salam, knowing that he already told Adam what to do and what not to do. The main thing was actually the warning by Allah Almighty not to eat from a certain tree.

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Allah Almighty told Adam and Hawa May peace be on them, do whatever you want in paradise, or in this garden, it's called the Jana Jana in Arabic also refers to a garden. That's why we say the gardens of Paradise May Allah grant us Jana.

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So, but Allah says, Don't go close to the street. And Allah says, Watch out for shaytan he's always been jealous of you. He's always been problematic. And be careful that he does not influence you. Unfortunately, you know what happens with all of us, sometimes we know this person is not genuine, they might have jealousy, hatred, and so on. And we allow them into our close circle, and we listen to them and they begin to influence us. They make us hate those who are good sometimes simply because they've calmed us about who those people are. How many times do people who don't know you hate you simply because someone told them something about you, and they haven't even breathe the

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same air that you've breathed? Subhanallah meaning they haven't even come close to you. They haven't even seen you. You already hate a person because of this preconceived idea. Someone conned you give them a chance. May Allah Almighty grant us ease. So shaytan comes and says, you know eat from this tree? Hell I don't know Corolla shujaa Rajin Hundi we're Mookie, nyah, Birla, I want to show you to a tree that if you were to consume from its root, you would actually live forever, you wouldn't die there would be nothing known as death. And at the same time, you would have ownership or kingdom that would never deplete. So these were two things that men generally inclined to. If I tell you,

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there's a deal a million rands say, what's the deal? I tell you, brother, it's so easy by this evening. You can have it in your pocket. Don't tell anyone Oh, what is it? You want to know? You see why? Because it's money. As much as we say, we should not inclined towards wealth Allah has created within you and I an inclination towards wealth, but he warns us to not allow your love for wealth to increase or to overseed the love that you have for me to exceed the love you have for me.

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I'm allowed to love anything I found on Earth, on condition that it is within which Allah has ordained.

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I can't allow myself to do something displeasing to Allah to get something that is pleasing to me. Wow, that's a powerful statement.

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Whether it pleases me or not, if it displeases Allah, I'm going to control myself, because I'm a believer. I came from Allah. I am here on earth to please Allah and I'm going back to Allah. That's a believer discipline. What is Islam all about? Wallahi. It's about rules and regulations that will govern the way you shall live your life so that you earn the pleasure of Allah, you will have the success of this world. Even if the people on earth don't think you're successful, because their

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level or the point that they consider success has nothing to do with real success. Hence, on earth, when you see people having a lot of wealth, having a lot of material possessions. People say that man is extremely successful, but they forget that he can't sleep at night. They forget that he's not contented at all. They forget that he's got issues that he can't even solve

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Over. So Allah says, the success that you will attain by doing things that I have ordained shall not only be the holistic success of this world, but it will go through with you into the hereafter and eternity. That's Allah.

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So Adam Alayhis Salam, shaytaan, Condon, and made him inclined beyond the pleasure of Allah to something.

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Now, we all have inclinations. Allah has created within us inclinations. We like certain things and we dislike certain things, we inclined towards certain things and we don't incline towards certain things. What are some of these things? Can you tell me? What do you incline towards?

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I check the young guys on smiling, mashallah, what's going on? Mashallah, what do you incline towards? Let's say you incline towards the opposite six, natural, Allah has created it naturally within you the inclination towards the opposite sex. It's a natural uncontaminated inclination. Shaytan didn't play with it at that particular point, unless it goes beyond what Allah has ordained, but it's there. You're inclined, it's natural. It's pure nature. That's what Muslims call it pure nature. What is the pure nature? I'm inclined towards what the opposite sex?

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Are you allow just because you're inclined towards something to just go and have it? The answer is no.

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I am inclined towards money. Can I just go and pinch and steal when I don't have it? No. I'm inclined towards nice things a good smell and the perfume if I can't afford that Nasi. So Rodriguez, then so what I'll smell it when someone else puts it. And that's it. Or the old let's call it old and misc rather than the Rodriguez and everything else.

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Be a cadet as they say, Hey, yo, I think I've ripped that guy apart. Allah forgive. But to be honest with you, the point I'm raising is inclination itself does not mean you have to act upon it. That's the thing, because from the very beginning, when Adam Alayhis Salam inclined because of the devil's contamination, and his persistence, when he's when the devil succeeded for a moment, to live with the God of Adam Alayhis Salam, what was his downfall, he acted upon an inclination beyond the pleasure of Allah. I don't care what you're inclined to for as long as you do not act upon it. If it is displeasing to Allah, here is your success. There he goes. You follow what we're saying? It's a

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very deep statement. And it's applicable until the end today. You have people telling you I'm inclined to this I'm inclined to this wall. I'm inclined to the tree I'm inclined to a rabbit whatever I don't you know what, you've got to make sure what is your mind firstly, don't allow it's contamination number one. Number two is if you do have an inclination towards the opposite sex, for example, like I do, and I won't lie to you. And I'm sure you all are smiling here, which means you do right we nodding our heads. Mashallah, thank Allah, it's something that's good. But what are you going to do with that inclination?

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So here comes Nabi Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam and he tells you, if you inclined towards something that is displeasing to Allah and you held yourself back, Allah rewards you for holding yourself back for the pleasure of Allah. Wow. Whoever intends to commit something sinful, that is displeasing to Allah, you have an intention. You want to do it you feel like doing it, you incline towards it and you say, no ways. I'm not going to do that. No ways. Why is displeasing to Allah, Allah says for you is a reward.

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We're going to call you on the Day of Judgment to reward you.

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Why you held back for the sake of Allah, the same applies to your anger.

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We're all inclined towards getting upset when something happens that is upsetting. Someone swears you someone does this to you. Someone walks at you someone has cheated you. It's natural to get upset and that upsetness might become a little bit of anger and it's okay you got slightly angry but did you allow it to get out of control? When the Prophet peace be upon him says bla bla bla, bla bla, don't get angry, don't get angry, don't get angry process what has happened in the correct way as a believer and don't allow your anger to overtake you because when you allow anger to cloud your mind, you begin to do things that are displeasing to Allah and you say things that are displeasing

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to Allah, it eclipses your anger and it becomes an issue of the crime you committed. How many people you so angry and you end up punching someone now you sitting in prison because of violence and public disorder? But whose fault was it? The judge is not interested in whose fault was it? That guy just told you stupid and what happened? You got so angry, you punched him? That was the issue.

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If you looked at him as

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you look like the one who's actually stupid, it would probably upset him more than he might punch you, isn't it

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especially when you're in Bosman.

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My brothers, my sisters, the point I'm raising is be careful. Not everything that your heart wants should you actually jump for. If you can have something in the way that is pleasing to Allah, you will go through that channel and have it in a way that is pleasing with Allah. If there is no way to achieve what you're inclined to through the pleasure of Allah you will abstain from it for the pleasure of the same Allah and you will earn a reward for your abstention.

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That's what it is.

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Because today people are committing crime in order to say no, but I wanted it that's why I took it. The other day we saw people walking into a jewelry shop Muslims walking into a jewelry shop and stealing jewelry just because they were inclined towards it Subhanallah you see diamonds you see mashallah, you know, chains and gold and silver and whatever, perhaps inclined, but when your inclination is beyond your connection to Allah, you've got a problem. You've got a major problem. Another thing, Adam Alayhis Salam ate from the tree, he paid the price, he sought the forgiveness of Allah, He did not justify it to say no, it's okay man, come on. What's wrong with this? He'd never

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justified it to say because I'm inclined towards eating from the tree. It's okay. How can the Lord the Most Merciful be so merciless, to not look into my inclinations, and not allow me to consume or eat from the tree, when it's, I'm inclined towards it and so on. Hang on, don't forget, Allah created you. He knows what your natural inclinations are. Allah created you. He knows which way you are supposed to be heading. Anything that is not as per that comes from shaitan. No matter what the world says. So Adam Alayhis Salam himself, he knew that this is not my original self. This was something from the devil. What did he do? As soon as he ate from the tree, he felt ashamed. I

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shouldn't have acted upon this inclination of mine. I should have not acted upon it. I should have held back the fact that I acted, I consider it sinful because I'm a believer. I'm a Muslim, I consider it sinful, to act upon this inclination and eat from the tree. When it was shaytans contamination I should have held back. So immediately, he says, him and Hawa they both said Rabbana of Allah.

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For Santa or our Lord, we've wronged ourselves. That's the first step you need in order to purify, to cleanse, to go back to Allah. Otherwise, you start worshipping shaytan imagine had they said, Oh Allah, we don't care. According to us. You told us you're so merciful. So I'm sure you will allow us to continue to consume from this tree even though you told us not to do it because you know what? We were inclined towards it. Where did this inclination come from? From you know, it didn't. Allah says, this is from the devil. Subhanallah This is from shaitan. And Allah says, For what Switzer e li che upon or ba Allah.

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Don't look Allah Sha Tin. The verse is clear. Shaytan did worse wasa. What is worse was he whispered, you know, what's the whispering of the devil? You hear it in your mind. It comes and contaminates your system, your thinking becomes clouded. So Allah tells you every day fulfill your prayers, every day, seek protection in Allah from Shaytaan, The Accursed every day, watch out, how does the devil come to you, the devil will come to all of you and try to protect yourself and if you fall into committing something that Allah has declared prohibited, immediately seek the forgiveness of Allah without trying to justify your deed.

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Then if you committed it again, because shaytan came to you again, after some time. Again, seek the forgiveness of Allah, but don't you dare justify it. Some people do bad deeds they go, I'll give you some examples. They might go and watch pornography for example. It's no but it's okay. It's halal. You know, I'm not seeing the realtor. What What are you talking about? All this justification is distancing you from Allah just say, Oh Allah, I was wrong. I seek your forgiveness. I'm not going to do it again. I'm going to be strong, this shaytan who's come to me, I really would like to tackle him and I'm going to prove to you that I'm not going to do this. Allah says on the Day of Judgment,

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we're going to call you to reward you for abstention. abstention. That's why for a movement, we are taught do good deeds, you get a reward, guess what else we taught, don't do bad deeds, you get to reward Subhanallah

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I'm getting a reward for sitting and my mind is working.

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My mind is telling me do this. Whether it's on your phone or whether it's to get up and go and see someone and commit adultery and fornication or go and gamble or go into drugs or whatever my mind is telling me and it's so tempting and assistance bIllahi min, Ash shaytani R Rajim not going to do that.

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It's all happening in my mind. Allah says for you is the reward. Do you know why? Your abstention is a sign of your connection with us? Subhanallah Are We Connected to Allah my brothers, my sisters?

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We connected to Allah or do we follow what the globe is teaching us today you incline toward something go to eat you only live once. YOLO as they say, You Only Live Once your love man. That's when they greet you. They say Yo, why? Because that's part of the low Subhan Allah may Allah grant us ease. May Allah grant us ease.

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This is a very important subject because it applies to everything that men inclines towards. The rule is a blanket rule, you're inclined towards something number one, you will have a reward to abstain from acting upon your inclinations if they are in the displeasure of Allah. Number two, if that inclination is within the pleasure of Allah, thank Allah and go and do it. For example, your five daily prayers. If Allah inclines you towards the good, that's something good that's why what is the dua we make? Oh Allah. Allah Huma Habib Elaine, Eman make Beloved to us Eman we want to be more meaning we want to be believers Happy belated Imana was the yellow V Colombina beautify it in our

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hearts. Oh Allah. What can be Elaine and kufra one for Zuko Allah? Is she an O Allah make detested to us disbelief and sin and transgression make it make it disliked to me. So naturally when you love to pray, you're looking forward to the next prayer and Allah He there are many people like that. A lot of the believers are that way. You love to pray. So what happens you enjoy it and coming thank Allah Oh Allah you helped me. I came to the masjid I'm sitting every time you are granting me the acceptance to be in the first stuff to come early to enjoy to spend a little bit more time et cetera. Oh Allah thank you for it. Allah says you know what, it's a sign of your connection with us.

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So thank Allah. Now shaitan is jealous because he sees you coming everyday he says you know what you better than all the people behind you. You're a top man you read in five salah they don't even read five. So you're starting, I'm better. I'm better. That better was the first crime of the devil and our higher room in who he told Allah and better than Adam, You created him that way. You created me this way. Hey, it's got to do with Allah. Allah tells you and instructs you. If you follow the instruction. You're close to Allah. You do not follow the instruction. You are far away from Allah. Connect with Allah. You know why? You're going back to Allah. That's why

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a believer believes I came from Allah. I'm living for Allah. And I'm going back to Allah. That's a believer. I am here today to remind myself and yourselves. We are going back to Allah. So many people have passed away. My home Haji Rafiq Richards wasn't here with us just now the other day Subhanallah what happened to him? Allah grant him Rama and Jana to videos. And Allah grant all the motorhoming of this community Jana to Fidel's and Allah grant, Mr. Holman of the OMA genital photos, Allah God asked genital filters when we go back my brothers my sisters, prepare for the day by not full not acting on inclinations that are considered sinful in the eyes of Allah. It does not mean

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you're inclined towards something you act on it. No.

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and protect yourself and understand where shaytan is coming in from don't justify some sin that you're engaging in to say look, Ya Allah, I know this is haram, not justifying it. I need your forgiveness. The minute that shaytan makes you justify the door of repentance begins to shut. Why are you going to seek forgiveness for drinking alcohol? Thinking is nothing wrong. It's just a little bit. I'm only having a cup and only one cup. It's not doing anything to me. How on earth could you arrive at that? There are people today who justify that drinking a little bit is okay. I think social drinking go check on social media on their profiles believers are saying social

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drinker. What do you mean? What do you mean? You should be ashamed as a believer to advertise a sin that you're committing my beloved brother and sister if you are engaged in something that is wrong, don't go advertising it because the Hadith says people will continue to achieve the goodness from Allah for as long as they do not openly and proudly commit to sin.

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When you become a Mujahidin, a person who commits an open sin, the doors of the Toba become more difficult to open.

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Although those of doba open up to pm, I cannot up to the end of your life. I cannot change that Allah's mercy. Allah says in Allah Allah to Allah to be luto but I would demand a new hurricane. Allah will accept the Toba of a worshiper for as long as they don't get to the point of Vergara. That's the last point before you die. So there is always hope. But remember,

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the minute you justify things a young lad told me yesterday that were in the Quran does it specifically

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Say that it's haram to drink alcohol.

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I told him it's worse than that. Allah says Fujitani boo. All in toxic and stay far away from them. He says but that doesn't say It's haram.

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So I said, Son, you're gonna come to me tomorrow and tell me where in the Quran does it say this castle Lager is haram?

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Why? Because you want the name. Now, if this brand is not in the Quran, that's it. I can strike this one. How this is sufficient. Go and look at the Sahaba of the Allahu Anhu they understood it clearly. But when you want it according to your terms, you must know shaytans got a grip on you, man. He's got a grip on you. He's making you justify it. So they start drinking and saying, Oh, wait, does it say that it says it.

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We are believers. Take from your scholars. You have the scholars here in your own Masjid make use of them, respect them and understand the reality.

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Anyway, my brothers and sisters, I didn't even realize the time flying but at the same time, I must say

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the world is moving, progressing, changing. But the deen of Allah remains the same.

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The rules and regulations, the do's and don'ts will never ever change. Remember that. So when Allah Almighty has prohibited something, just because the whole globe might be engaged in it, it does not make it right.

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It doesn't. And if the whole globe is not interested in praying,

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it does not make it such that we are now allowed not to pray because everyone is not doing it. No, you will remain steadfast.

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But the Islam of the Rebbe will say I will do come about the Rebbe. When Islam started, it started with a small number. And one day it will go back to that small number of people Subhanallah in the interim, there will be masses who will enter the fold. May Allah keep us steadfast on the deen say, Amin, may Allah keep our children on the deed. May Allah bless all of us, may Allah protect us from the weird inclinations of the dunya today, and may Allah Almighty protect those who are inclined towards that which is transgression against Allah, not to act upon those.

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And my brother, I repeat once again and my sister, if you're inclined towards whatever it may be, that is displeasing to Allah, and you abstain from acting upon the inclination. And remember, Allah will reward you for that.

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I just remembered to end the example I started with to say we're all inclined to the opposite sex, right?

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Most of us have just gotten married once, am I right or wrong?

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There are some of the brothers and sisters perhaps who have married more than once, maybe because of divorce or polygyny, or whatever else it may be. But for as long as there was a proper Nikka

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your act with your spouse is permissible.

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The minute you go outside of that, it's no longer permissible. If you've fallen into it, number one, seek the forgiveness of Allah and acknowledge that you are wrong. Tell yourself I was wrong. What I did is wrong. Oh Allah, I'm at your mercy forgive me. Then you are still within the Mercy of Allah. But the minute you try to justify and say no, it's okay. It's fine. I've heard some weird justifications really weird. I don't want to mention them here because some of the youngsters might start getting confused, you know, or they might say it's a neck and Lupo, you know.

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But there's some weird things people come up with it's shaytaan just admit you are wrong. And tell Allah Allah forgive me, I want to be strong. Let me not do this again. There are some people from amongst us who have never married, whatever the reasons are. Boys and girls, men and women, and they grow older and they haven't been married. I'm sure you know some of these right? They may die never ever having acted upon the inclination of attraction to the opposite sex simply because they could not regularize it through Nica for you is Jana, for you is paradise, you held yourself back for the sake of Allah your entire life, whatever the reason was, Allah knows it. And you did not engage in

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sexual relations with the opposite sex simply because there was no way of regularizing it in the eyes of Allah and you abstained and you protected yourself until the day you met with Allah for you is Janna by the will of Allah

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and talking of the opposite sex

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and I know many of them and you know them too, if you think about it.

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May Allah Almighty protect us. If that is a natural inclination that you protected yourself from acting upon because you couldn't

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Got regularize it within the pleasure of Allah. Imagine if there is an unnatural inclination and you protected yourself from acting upon it for the pleasure of Allah, you will also get a similar reward

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May Allah Almighty forgive our sins and may Allah Almighty strengthen all of us well Allah He this talk that I've given today is very deep. Only if you understood what I said. I could only have I was Allahu wa salam ala Nabina Muhammad