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What to do to overcome sadness. A Jumuah Lecture from Masjid Al Falaah. Harare, Zimbabwe

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smilla rahmanir rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa salatu salam O Allah, He will mousseline. Nabina Muhammad Ali he was happy he would have been a woman to be at home be a son and Elijah Medina.

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We praise Allah subhanho wa Taala we send blessings and salutations upon Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, his entire household, all his companions. May Allah bless every single one of them. May Allah bless every one of us and our offspring, those to come up to the end of time. May Allah keep us all steadfast on the deen and our offspring as well. I mean, my brothers and sisters, we are human beings. It is only natural and normal that sometimes we feel very happy and sometimes we feel sad. So when we are happy, we need to ask ourselves, what is it that has made us happy? If it is the relationship you have with Allah subhanho wa Taala that is something everlasting. If it is something

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material connected to this world, remember it is temporary, and the day will come when Allah will test you by reversing it. It has to be so Allah subhanho wa Taala has said clearly, that if you are given and bestowed something, it is not a guarantee that that item will remain with you. While another one can be a mineral Hovey. Well, Joe, in a verse in Surah Baqarah, Allah explains, we will definitely test every single one of you with some of fear with some of hunger, and with several different types of loss. It's a long verse, but what I want to look at today is when we are sad, what exactly do we need to do? Firstly, ask yourself, Is my relationship with the maker the owner of

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happiness? Good? Is it intact? Is it proper? For example, if I am a person who has no link with Salah no link with the Quran, no link with Allah Subhana Allah tala, how do I expect to combat the sadness that I'm feeling, I will continue feeling more sad because I have lost focus. lost focus from what from the reality the destination from exactly where I am, this is known as the world in Arabic, we call it the dunya. This life, the life on earth is absolutely temporary. It is not going to last long, we in actual fact are here to be tested. It is a testing ground. evidence regarding the fact that this is a testing ground is that none of us has what we want in this world rather we

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only get what Allah has chosen for us.

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So he tests us with health matters, financial matters, family matters, so many other different issues, different types of loss, things do not happen according to what or according to how we want them to happen. Because Allah is telling you hang on. This is just a test. We want to see how you react, will this bring you closer to us? Will it make you realize that it is temporary, absolutely temporary, people, we found a very sad today. And some news comes to them within a split second, they can become the happiest people on earth. And vice versa. We've seen it happening. So this is Allah, he's the one who gives you glad tidings you become so excited after you are so sad. And you

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can become so sad after you believed you had everything on Earth. This is a loss plan. Do not lose focus. It is Allah. However, like I said, when you are sad, the first question you have to ask yourself, how is my relationship with Allah? That relationship is connected to your Salah primarily your five daily prayers? Do you read them with enthusiasm? We're not even talking about regularity because that is supposed to be the case anyway. But we're talking about enthusiasm. Do you look forward to the prayer? Do you realize what you are doing? When you are reading are fulfilling the five daily prayers, sit for a moment and think it will snatch your sadness? It will withdraw it will

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combat the sadness you are feeling just by thinking for a moment. What am I doing? Who am I putting my head on the ground for here? Who is it? The one who made me the one who owns my happiness, the one who's in control, and ultimately the one I'm going to go back to when my eyes closed like everybody else's eyes have already closed and are closing and will close. I'm going to go back to the supreme deity who I've just put my head on the ground for Allahu Akbar. It is powerful. If you sit and ponder over it, that alone will help you to remove the sadness in your life. Because even if everything is going against your liking, you are assured that it is going according to the plan of

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Nothing goes according to someone else's plan. It is unless plan. So it makes you happy to say oh life this is your plan for me, then yeah, like just make it easy for me to go through. I'm not going to compete with you We can never compete with Allah. But we call out to Him. He gives us the energy he gives us various means to try and help ourselves and he expects us to use what he has given us to help ourselves. And on top of that, we would be asking Allah to remove the sadness. Even the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was told not to be sad. Let me recite to you a portion of a verse

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Rasulullah Zoo cataloging

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una Philco O Messenger Do not let those who disbelieve sadden you. Allah is telling Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam Don't let their statements said and you people will say things against you. Do you really think in this world everybody's going to be in favor of you? uttering good words about you? If they could utter the worst words about the Prophet salallahu alayhi wasallam Who are you and who is me who am I so can Allah we are nobodies they will probably utter even worse words about us. So Allah is saying don't let it stress you don't let it worry you and you need to remember get closer to Allah subhanho wa Taala

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like Allah subhanho wa Taala speaks about the sadness in the heart of Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam regarding the disbelievers who not only did not accept Islam, but they had bad words. They spread rumors, they spread false statements regarding Islam, Allah says gardener a llama in hula Zulu can nanny abou

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for in

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vivo like what I can avoid navali Mina, big Niger Hi Joe. We know that their statements have saddened you. Their statements are making you sad, we know that but we want to give you comfort by telling you they do not belie you they know you are truthful. They know you are the Prophet of Allah, they are just denying it out of arrogance. Don't let the arrogant make you sad. Don't. Don't let those who are transgressing against Allah who love to spread rumors who have bad habits, bad qualities make you sad, no don't. If your link with Allah is intact or is powerful or you are developing it every day. Nothing should make you sad. You should be saying Subhana Allah, that is

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the praise of Allah Alhamdulillah All praise is due to Allah Allahu Akbar, Allah is the Greatest those statements should be removing the sadness from your heart, if only you uttered them correctly, because Allah says, Allah Vina Am I know what nakoma boo boo, BB,

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BB creme de la he takoma in

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various translations of that verse. One of them is when Allah says, indeed those who believe and they are granted comfort by the remembrance of Allah subhanho wa Taala For indeed the remembrance of Allah comforts the heart, you want comfort in your heart, you are said, remember Allah, how do you remember Allah? I'd like to go through this spend a few moments because it's important many of us like I say, human beings, we feel sad, but a believer is given the remedy to that sadness. One of them is develop your Salah, the quality of it, take your time when you're making will do take your time, go to Allah subhanho wa Taala by standing facing the Qibla and when you say Allahu Akbar, you

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should know what you are saying I'm saying Allah is the Greatest. He who made me is the greatest. He who has chosen this problem to be in my life is actually the greatest. What more do you want? He is my Lord and you are praising him declaring his praise, and you are concentrating in your prayer. You have taken your time when you complete your prayer. Assalamu aleikum wa rahmatullah As salam aleikum wa rahmatullah you feel rejuvenated, you feel complete, you feel like you've just had communication with You're the one in charge the one in control, what more do you want? Secondly, take your time when it comes to the Quran. That is the word of Allah subhanho wa Taala. Yeah,

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so Khadija

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become Washington, Lima sudo, bada

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boom warchief

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Lima, a few sudo. Allah addresses all mankind saying, Oh people, indeed a reminder or a warning has come to you from your maker, and a cure for the diseases of the heart. One of them is sadness. It's a disease. It is what lies in the chest, Southern accent

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means the chest. Some would refer to the heart because it is inside the chest. But anything in your chest when sadness is felt, where is it felt? people put their hands on the chest. You know, I'm sad. It's not like it's in the chest, but it's the feeling it's man. It's the nature of man. You say I'm so sad. May Allah subhanho wa Taala help us overcome sadness. So you want to overcome it. Remember, the Quran is the remedy. How many of us take our time? Listen carefully, Allah He This is the remedy. Take our time to happily gladly open the Quran. That is the word of Allah every morning before we leave the home and read even five minutes of your time. So happily, and we read the Arabic

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we try to perfect it. We try to improve as the days passed, we read melodiously Did you know that there are two ways of reading the Quran one is just to read it as though you you're reading a book and the other is to read it to try and put into it some melody for the sake of Allah. It is a melodious recitation it is 13 it is to be intoned in a certain way. So try it. Don't be shy. When you say Alhamdulillah here, bilad amin Rahmani Raheem, yes, these are powerful words of Allah, but try saying Alhamdulillah

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Allah me, man, you know.

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See what it does to you. It's different. It's the word of Allah do it for the sake of Allah. Allah He This is a remedy for your sadness. When you give the Koran the word of Allah the importance it is supposed to be having. It combats your sadness without you realizing you're a happy person. People look at you, you have bigger problems, then all of them put together but you are smiling. You still say Subhana Allah hamdulillah people think you've got no issue. There is nobody on earth who has no issue. Remember that?

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It's just the way they are managing and coping is different. You think you have a problem while lucky there are people sitting right near you in the same Masjid that perhaps have problems 100 times the size of yours, but you won't realize it. They have a link with Allah. They know this world is temporary. That brings me to another point. Once you develop your link with the Quran, and you try to read and you try to understand and you try to put things forward and you develop a link with Allah and your Vicar remembrance of Allah is in order your Salah is in order. You need to be able to appreciate what Allah has given you that he has not given others. That is one way of combating your

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sadness, the Hadith of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam he says Anbu Illa men who do not come look at those who have less than you who are lower than you. You know, I was speaking to a brother, you might laugh at what I'm about to say. But I want to show you what we become sad regarding petty things minor things. Brother says I'm very sad. Why? Because I don't have hot water at home. People don't have water, let alone hot water. Really? And you are sad because you don't have hot water. So I met him one week later I said How is your problem my brother? He said which problem I said the one that broke your back? So he was saying What do you mean? I said you know in the Quran, Allah speaks

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about problems that almost break the backs of people. When the Prophet sallallahu Sallam had a problem. It was not connected to him or his dunya it was connected to the deen the religion. That's why I said you ask yourself a question. Is this matter related to the dean or the dunya? The matter I am sad about it. If it's connected to the deen then yes, it is a matter I should be sad about I combat it in a similar way. But if it is connected to the dunya or this life, then I need to know number one life is temporary days do not last. It will not be the same. after nightfall comes day after day comes night. Remember that that's the plan of Allah. So I the brother tells me what was

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it? I said you complained You said you are very sad because you didn't have water. Sorry, you didn't have hot water.

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He said no. I have hot water but I'm still sad. Why? Because the water is trickling from the shower. It's not coming. It's hot. But it's very little that comes out it's not much. And I'm thinking Subhanallah my brother, people don't have water. People have water that is not hot. Now you have a hot you have water and you have hot water but you are still sad. It shows you are connected to something material that is very temporary. Remember this, a lot of us are sad because of something temporary. You lost wealth, everybody's lost wealth. Nobody seated here has not suffered a loss. Everybody has. they've dealt with it differently. they've suffered at different levels. Allah tests

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you according to your level. In one narration, the Hadith says Allah tests you according to how much he loves you when he loves you more he tests you know, that's a hadith. It's because when you have a problem and an issue, it is human nature that when you have a problem, you start looking for solutions. And a believer will look for solutions by getting close to Allah. So when Allah wants you

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To become very close to him, he gives you a bigger problem because he knows if you didn't have this one major issue in your life, perhaps you wouldn't even be bothered about reading Salah you wouldn't even be bothered about calling out to Allah subhanho wa Taala. So Allah says, You know what, think about those who have less so you can appreciate what you do have. So I said, my brother, take a bucket, fill the bucket with the water when you are ready, you take this little pen, and then you can pass out of the pen. He says, I didn't think of that. But it's so inconvenient. Look, when you want to be sad, then you look for sadness. Even when this happiness glaring you in your face. You

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need to know this. So don't be sad. My brother there is a solution. You have water Alhamdulillah learn to bath with cold water, it is more healthy. Go and read about the health aspects of battling with cold water. I'm not saying we should force ourselves, but it will help you the day there is no hot water. And then you don't need to keep showering every day with full force shower. You will all you need is you need to be able to have a little bit of water that you can do your soul and your bath, fill it in the bucket. Learn the bucket challenge when people spoke about it. They were wasting water with us. We've been doing that bucket challenge ever since we were born. May Allah

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subhanho wa Taala help us. Allah subhanho wa Taala grant us a deep understanding. You save water and there is Baraka perhaps Allah wants to show you people complain, you know what, we only have electricity for three hours a day. They are nations that have not seen electricity for months on end. What about that? Thank Allah you have it for three hours. You have an inverted you have a generator, stop complaining. These tests are far easier than those who are being bombed an aerial bombing on a daily basis. Do you agree? Why then do we say I'm sad so the whole world will be sad, who is going to thank Allah you cannot say I am sad because Allah has taken away something material

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from me you have to say Alhamdulillah he Allah Callaghan. I praise Allah upon all conditions. What are all do Billahi min Holly Allah, I seek Allah protection from one condition and that is the condition of those who shall be cast into hellfire. Besides that, Alhamdulillah something happens at hamdulillah all conditions. May Allah subhanho wa Taala help us another very important way of combating sadness, my beloved brothers and sisters, is to look at the creatures of Allah. Look at the trees, look at the animals look at the greenery. Look at you. When you breathe in the air. Consider what you are breathing. Take a look at the sunset, the sunrise, Allah says in the summer

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want to walk the life in a new one?

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indeed, in the creation of the heavens and the earth, and in the rotation of the night and the day a science for those with intellects. Remember this, there are signs these signs Yes, they show you the oneness of Allah the closeness of that you have to Allah subhanho wa Taala the greatness of Allah but they also alleviate your suffering. There are many signs This is why when a person is stressed sometimes those counselors will tell you God to in younger perhaps go out somewhere to chimanimani in eastern Highlands go and take a look at the greenery sit and watch. You see the water you see the horses you see a beautiful scene. What does it do to you? It de stresses you for a disbeliever it's

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just the scenery it's a creative creation of Allah for us. It is the greatness of Allah subhanho wa Taala what is Allah not given me? I can travel, people complain about potholes. There are nations that don't have roads, forget about potholes. You become sad because you've suffered a little accident. People have not only lost limbs, they've lost loved ones. Now help us Don't be sad. Really these days are not permanent. They are temporary. The only time you should be sad is when you have drifted away from Allah subhanho wa Taala and that is something that saddens a lot of people people become depressed, they become sad because your life is full of partying full of gambling, full of

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adultery, full of drinking full of drugs. How do you not expect sadness when you are far away from Allah, you want to combat the sadness, come back to Allah come, Allah is waiting for you, Allah become so happy when you turn to Allah subhanho wa Taala and if Allah is happy, he will definitely make you happy. My brothers and sisters remember sadness is something that you can do much about and the evidence of it when Allah subhanho wa Taala tells Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam Do not be sad at this end. Do not be sad at that, you know when Abu Bakr Siddiq or the Allahu anhu was with Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam in the cave and they were in this cave of thought were on their way to

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Madina, munawwara and Abu Bakr, Siddiq or the Allahu anhu the greatest to tread this earth after the prophets of Allah subhanho wa Taala when you hear the name of abubaker, acidic or the Alon go out of your way to say LDL low and it is important because he was the best without a doubt. It was clear and it was completely manifest.

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Allah bless him and bless his entire family. I mean, so he was with Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and he was saddened slightly, and Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam read verses that were revealed to him, Latin Zen in Allah Hama, Anna, a portion of it. Don't be sad allies with us. You know what this means for me and you? How can you be sad when you know Allah is with you? How can you be sad when you know Allah is with you, no matter what they're going to try. It's only by the permission of Allah that they will be able to achieve if Allah wants them to, and it's going to be better for you either way. This is why I want to end with a powerful narration that I'm sure we've heard before,

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but it always brings about a lot of comfort in our hearts Agia belly Emery mini for in Morocco Kula who

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amazing are the affairs of a true believer in all of his affairs are always good. Nothing bad can happen to a true believer. Why? In Sabah tozawa Shakira Kanhaiya Allah subhanho wa sobre la la when goodness happens to a true believer, he's thankful so it's better for him. It's good for him. How do you think Allah when you have happy days, my brothers and sisters, and this is one way of combating sadness that may be in your path. When you have happy days, get close to Allah. Don't wait for the sad days to quickly turn to Allah. Although that is okay, but it's not good enough. The Hadith says de la Ilaha Arif kifissia get close to Allah in days of ease, and you find in days of difficulty

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Allah will be very close to you, you won't even feel you will carry on. So the Hadith says when sadness overtakes a believer or should I say when sorry, not sadness when something bad you know, Bara means something harmful, hurtful, something that is perhaps not to your liking, overtakes a believer, he is patient, he bears suburb, he knows the reward was Allah and so therefore it is better for him. This is why his affairs are amazing. Goodness happens. he's thankful bad happens. He is patient, but he's never upset with Allah. He's never angry. He's always smiling. He's always remembering Allah Subhana Allah hamdulillah These are the words these are the actions that will

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alleviate the sadness that we feel sometimes as human beings because a true believer is always taught the method of earning closeness to Allah subhanho wa Taala by which all your sadness will be taken away. May Allah subhanho wa Taala grant us happiness in this dunya as well as in the next the ultimate sadness will be when the person is cast into hellfire. And the ultimate happiness will be when a person receives his book on the day of judgment on in his right hand, and he is told for you is paradise, then you need to know that's it. I'm the happiest man on earth. May Allah subhanho wa Taala bestow upon us the best of this world and the next was on a lot who was Mr. Baraka ala nabina

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