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The speaker discusses the history of the Sun and how it passed from being 4.5 years ago to being 4.5 years later. They explain that the Sun was traveling at the speed of light for 4.5 years before it reached Earth and that the star is now 4.5 years away. The speaker also mentions Panama City being 4.5 years away from the closest star.

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panela I feel so small when I think of the closest star being four and a half light years away from me. Which means at night, when you look at the star, that star was there four and a half years ago. And it took four and a half years for the light to travel from the star to you on Earth. So it may not be there anymore. It could have been a fallen star that fell four and a half years back. When you see a star falling. It's actually four and a half years back that that stuff fell. But the light was traveling at the speed of light for four and a half years before it got to you. And then you saw it and you think Wow, you're a big deal. So Panama City, Panama are more than four and a half

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because four and a half is the closest star.

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Four and a half light years away. Now Eli now