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Look At The Stars

Mufti Menk


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panela I feel so small when I think of the closest star being four and a half light years away from me. Which means at night, when you look at the star, that star was there four and a half years ago. And it took four and a half years for the light to travel from the star to you on Earth. So it may not be there anymore. It could have been a fallen star that fell four and a half years back. When you see a star falling. It's actually four and a half years back that that stuff fell. But the light was traveling at the speed of light for four and a half years before it got to you. And then you saw it and you think Wow, you're a big deal. So Panama City, Panama are more than four and a half

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because four and a half is the closest star.

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Four and a half light years away. Now Eli now