We have created humanity in constant struggle…

Moutasem al-Hameedy


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The speaker discusses the difficulty of life and how it is designed to be easy and enjoyable. They also mention that people struggle with this mindset and that it is a common trait among individuals. The speaker emphasizes that tests are manageable and that people should be ready for life to test them.

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Allah subhanaw taala describes the nature of this life in which we live.

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Allah says, look at Harlequin in Santa Fe,

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we've created man

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in toil. What does that mean? That means life is not going to be easy. Your path to Allah is loaded with difficulty. Whether you take the path of Allah, or you take another path, life is not going to be easy. So don't expect something from life that it's not designed for. And this is something people struggle with a lot. Life is full of hardship. It's full of difficult. Why not that Allah wants hardship for people again, there is a tendency today it's become a very common spirit now, it is the victimhood mindset, where

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people see humans to be the center of the world. And not only humans, the center the center of humans is what pleasure.

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I'm entitled to pleasure. Like the default how life should be, is I should have a life of ease and pleasure and enjoyment. I'm entitled to this. Now we talk about details. That's the most foolish thing you can you know jump into life with because that means your suffering is going to be multiplied with this spirit.

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And wise people from all walks of life from all nations have always advised people, you know, be ready for life to test you. When you are prepared. The tests are manageable. The tests you know are not overwhelming when you are prepared for them.