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Do the positive things in our lives but not only externally. Because doing good things only at the external level of our being without the essence being present in our heart is an empty action and it's meaningless.

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It becomes more of a show. It becomes more of

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it becomes more of cosmetics, social cosmetics. And that's not what Islam calls us to. And this is why the great example in these iterations of shoe salaam this beautiful prophetic injunction of shoe Salam spread the peace. It means to greet people with a Salam aleikum.

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Start people with a Salam aleikum. It's a statement you are saying peace, you're getting your you're getting from me only peace. That's what you're saying. It's a declaration that I am a human of peace and I intend to bring peace.

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It sets the ground lays the ground for only a relationship, a meaningful relationship. That's what you're going to get from me. That's who I am. That's what I intend to bring into the table.

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And it also means that you actually be a creature of peace, be a creature of peace, have no intention to harm anyone.

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You have no intention to bring trouble to anyone.

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And that you want good for everyone.

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And intentionally you seek to be a source of peace in people's lives, at least the people who are connected to you, the people who interact with you.

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That means you approach people with a pure heart.

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Because there's no point you say to people, Salam Alikum every time you see them, when you are plotting against them, when you are having envy and hate towards them.

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That's not what the prophet Islam is talking about.

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We're not the prophet is not inviting us to some kind of social stunts. That's not the point. The point is that you are a creature of peace. You want to bring peace into people's lives because it's extremely important in social life, to have peace for people not to feel threatened or intimidated in their in their day to day interactions. A lot of people are traumatized.

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A lot of people are disenchanted. A lot of people have lost hope. Why? Because their day to day dealings are quite threatening and intimidating. They can't find peace the moment they step out of the house, they have to put on an armor and uncaria shield to protect themselves from bullying, from oppression from aggression.

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That's not going to be your good life. That's not going to be a productive life. That's going to be a life of stress and eventually trauma and to destroy society.

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So the Prophet SAW Selim is pointing to the importance of this. The Prophet SAW Salem is linking it to our ultimate purpose to intergender you will only intergender if you achieve faith in yourself in your in your experience in his life. If you become truly a believer, you have to have a man that's the condition to qualify to intergender ie man, you have to become a movement a believer, a person of faith, true faith in Allah subhana wa Tada in his words,

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and his instructions.

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And the prophets of Allah you Salam says and you will not achieve Eman, you will not achieve faith

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until you have love for one another.

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The shows that a man if you try to build it by yourself in isolation from others, it's very hard to do that community helps build a man within yourself. This is why we have congregational prayers. We have a lot of the acts of worship in Islam are meant to be done in congregation. This is why the reward for praying in a congregation is at least at least one is seven times greater than praying by yourself.

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Because a sense of community can do wonders to your faith and your email.

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But you will not achieve Eman

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until you purify your heart that you have people's best interest in mind as you're dealing with them.

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And it shows that a man is not quite some kind of a cognitive or intellectual concept is not just an idea. It's not just you can't get imagine just from reading books and you fill your head with information or that you listen to lectures.

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and sources of knowledge and you think, oh, that's how I build my Amen. No II man is a very lively concept. It has to do with everything in your life, how you think, how you feel, how you relate to others, what intentions you have towards others. All of that is part of Amen. So you can have as much knowledge as you want, and you can act, or act out as many acts of worship as you want. If you don't have a pure heart and a caring heart towards others, that one's good for others,

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then you don't know what a man is. You're not experiencing a good level of ima your Eman is suffering greatly.

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Because if you truly have a man, you faith have faith in Allah, faith in the hereafter understanding why you live in this life, what's the point of living here?

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Then a heart who embraces this cannot have envy, hatred, and jealousy,

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and any ill intention towards others. It just wants to make the best and bring the best into this life and make it back to Allah safe. That's what it wants. But if you have other intentions, harming others, looking down upon others, making others suffer and experience pain, and that shows you have vengeance, you have resentment.

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You have selfishness. And Eman cannot flourish in a heart that has these diseases.

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So Eman is a holistic concept. It's not only an idea, it's not only external actions.

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It has to cover everything in your experience,

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your external actions and your interactions, your thoughts and your emotions,

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your intentions and your dealings and your innermost thoughts and motivations.

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And Allah says in the Quran, that on the day of judgment or how CLM F is pseudo, and what is in the hearts, in the chests of people will be brought out and will be made public. That's what Allah is going to hold us accountable based upon.

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So we see this hadith a lot. It's simple. The Prophet SAW Selim is just saying, you will not enter paradise until you have believed and you will not believe until you love one another. And one thing that if you do, you'll be able to develop this love for one another. spread peace among you. It shows you that everything is related your interest paradise is conditional on your in your email, your iman is conditional on you loving other believing individuals, and wanting good for them.

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And a way one way to cultivate this is to spread peace,

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as simple as the greeting of peace and that you mean it. It's not just lip service. Because what you say with your tongue has to be a true reflection of your heart.

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That's really what it is.

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So, this is a beautiful simple instruction from the Prophet Solomon but shows it shows that we can we cannot fragment aspects of our lives and separate say, this is Iman Yes, I preserve my Eman in terms of knowledge and external actions and things I do. But on the other side, I have grudges I have envy and I have hatred and I plots and I scheme and I intend evil for others. These are two separate things. There is no separation.

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These diseases will eat up your email and your faith.

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And there's no way you can deceive Allah.

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There is no means round this. You either. Seek to be a good person in every possible means.

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Or you are compromising on your faith and your email.

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We ask Allah subhanaw taala to help us act on this beautiful prophetic injunction Akula aliados stuck for a while you want to confess that?

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hamdulillahi rabbil Alameen wa salatu salam ala Sayidina Muhammad Ali he was heavy MA in what? What lessons can we draw from this? And just want to point your attention to one thing here. The narration of Abdullah Abdul Salam Radi Allahu Anhu that the Prophet SAW Selim first he arrives in Medina.

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The first year arrives in Medina, this is the kind of injunction he is giving to people. He's telling them how to live Islam how to be a good Muslim. What is it a few Salah spread peace

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Be an instrument and source of peace, live, life in peace, within and without.

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Without a motorhome, be, be generous, be generous towards others, offer them food, share food with others, a sense of community, a sense of camaraderie and help,

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will sit on our hands. Those who are really related to you by blood have more rights upon you. So you give them the rights, you don't deny them their rights.

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Even when they deny your rights, you still proactively offering them the rights.

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Well, so Lobelia would naturally come and pray at night when people are sleeping people are heedless of Allah. You remember Allah subhana, WA Tada, you're connected to Allah, you're connected to your ultimate purpose, that point behind, you're coming into the world, you're conscious of it, you're aware of it, and you're connected to it, and you're practicing it.

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What would eventually happen if you do these things, right, in an hour's

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time, Hello, John natamycin, um, you will enter Jannah in peace,

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beautiful instructions. But the lesson that we can draw from all of this, is that everything in Islam, every injunction that we have in Islam, that seems to be an external behavior has an internal essence, there's a state in the heart and the mind that it has that external action has to be an expression of

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Allah doesn't. Again, Allah does not invite us or expect from us social stunts and show.

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That's the definition of hypocrisy.

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Allah doesn't want empty actions. External actions should be a reflection of a good heart and a beautiful heart that you have worked to purify,

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that you have worked hard to grow the good, the state of good that is in it. And then this heart expresses itself outward in speech, in action, in attitude, your dealings,

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and how you deal with everything in the world. That's what this hadith is telling us

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that don't fragment and compartmentalize Islam into segments and segments and pieces, and only choose the ones that you like, because that's not how Islam works. And if if that's what you do, if you mess with Islam,

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then you're going to pay a hefty price. You'd be fooling yourself only.

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Everything in life is interconnected. Everything in our life in our life is hyper hyperlinked everything the way you feel about other people, the way you think the kind of intentions you have to them is not separate from your belief in Allah. The way you treat your wife, the way the wife treats the husband, the way you treat your kids, the way a child treats their parents, the way the way you treat your colleagues or random people industry, the way you think about them. It's not disconnected from your devotion to Allah.

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It is hyperlinked. Everything is hyperlinked, and if you think you can have a two opposites,

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then you're just fooling yourself. And it's very serious business.

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Very serious. So it's either you choose Allah or you choose the other direction, literally, yes, we all have flaws. And we're going to fall we are going to stumble, we're going to commit errors. But the point is not about being clear from error. But emphasizing that you always choose Allah and when you slip, you're going to bring yourself back to Allah.

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You're determined to fix your mistakes. That's it, it's the attitude and the overall direction. It doesn't mean you're going to become flawless, it's impossible.

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And that's what really matters.

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So we ask Allah subhanaw taala to purify our hearts and to help him and take root in our hearts and flourish and we ask Allah subhanaw taala to help us have this pure consistency within and without allowing my freedom let me know what you want me to Muslim you know when Muslim Allah here even on one and what Allah McFarland I don't know by now, so often every every now with a bit Akadama on sadhana Allah Coleman Catherine, along with Atlanta when he while Idina what even don't happen Elena metacercariae alchemical I mean, a lot of my room you had the room at your local attic where you would have a long RC attic or your Manaphy Hibiki Tadek assuming that you know because all along

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when he was in them alone, we couldn't do stuff. I mean, if equally McCann along that in Dima Eragon wife have an AMD no more Eman, hunger or Medicaid or Hameroff me mean in a lie on what will be delivered anyway. Either way in Russia, it will Moon carry Wilbury you're able to unlock content to the corona of Allah

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