Moutasem al-Hameedy – Tafseer Surah Ibrahim 03

Moutasem al-Hameedy
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Not having to relearn I don't want to stay in one I still feel what else do we learn him? It's already unforeseen. I'll see ya Dr. Melina

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me. Yeah, do you long flammability

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de la Chateau La ilaha illAllah

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Muhammadan Abdul Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa early he was seldom at the Sleeman kathira all that. So we're still dealing with Surat Ibrahim alayhi salam. And

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we reached a we're done with verse number 20.

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Last point on this is

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what bothers all Illa he Jamia sakala Botha will be living in a steak bottle in taba Muna Mina de de la himanshi Paulo hidin Allahu la de la sala Alina jazzy savarna Mallanna Matisse.

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Again, we said you will find in the solos that the context sometimes changes. So Allah would be talking about something, then there would be a shift in topic and a shift in the style as well. Sometimes this is called in Bulava. And lt fat, lt fat is the change of direction, it's fat is when you turn your face to a different place. And it's also used in language when you change the style when you change the topic, any transition in a topic or in the person that you are addressing. So you could be speaking it could be addressing someone directly, then you change the speech to addressing someone who's not around this is also called lt fat.

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And it's a it's a linguistic type of beauties, one of the beauties of language when you change the style.

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So here there is a transition, where I lost my toddler takes the surah to talk about a scene from the hereafter from your male piano, Roberto zu Lila hegemony.

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And they have appeared in front of Allah, all of them together, all of them together. And we know on the Day of Judgment, people will will be resurrected. And they will be on one landscape, one open piece of land, there will stand in an open piece of land, all of the creation from the time of Adam, till the last man to live on Earth. All of them will be resurrected and will be in what we call a Masato Yeoman piano, the sort of the open landscape of yom Okayama, where everyone will stand up. And the prophet SAW Selim says that people will be resurrected,

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uncircumcised naked, with their bare feet, nothing, just as they were born as the moment they were born.

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For final, I thought really letting us talk about all in canalla comida. So the weaker ones or the followers in other verses, it was mentioned alladhina terbang, the followers, they said to their leaders, they said to their arrogant leaders, the ones who were sort of leading the scene, the one who were shaping the opinion, the public opinion of these people, and thus the weaker ones followed them.

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They said to them, that we were some of your followers, we just followed you. And now we are all in this dilemma. Now we have realized that we have made the wrong choices, we have gone against Allah subhanaw taala and now we are facing the hereafter.

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So are you going to help us? Are you going to avail us? Are you going to benefit us in any shape or form Helen to magalona Anna, mean other Billahi min shape? Are you going to reduce the punishment of Allah? Are you going to take away some of it? Are you going to intercede and do anything for us? Because we were just follow us. We just followed you. You were the initiators. You were the guides.

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They would say to them, aloha de la hora de NACA again, these last one describes the leaders as stuck about all these are the arrogant ones. These are the arrogant ones, and they followed the footsteps of shavon shavon. When Allah Subhan, Allah commanded the angels, and she upon was in their company, Allah commanded them to prostrate themselves before Adam. The angels frustrated themselves they made sujood but a beliefs and beliefs refused. A clean embrace refused. And then when last month I had a question about it. And the last one, Allah cursed him out of his mercy because of his arrogance and because of his disobedience.

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He's he said to Allah habima await any or Allah because you led me astray la coronella home serata karma Stockholm I shall sit on the straight path

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of this that is leading to you in order to take leave the mystery. So he blamed Allah for his misguidance he blamed Allah for his own disobedience. Now these people are playing the same game. The leaders among the people of the Hellfire, the ones who are shaping their opinions. Allah who had done Allah Danilo Medina, they said, had Allah guided us we would have guided you, you would have gone with us into guidance. So it's it's all with a last minute Allah somehow still this kind of blame this kind of negative attitude, you can find it. It's still there. Although hadn't Allah who had a nakumatt Allah guided us, you would have been guided with us. So it wasn't our fault.

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Basically. It's just a lot did not guide us.

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You can this is a they're hinting to this. They are hinting to this while Willow hadn't Allahu Allah had a knock him and again here they're trying to run away from taking responsibility that we have led you astray. And here's what I lost my glasses about these people when they are alone. What if art and math golly, they should carry their own burden and the burden of others that they have led astray. They have let other people astray. So they will also this is why the prophets lie Selim says, Then suddenly Phil Islami so Nathan has anathan Canada, Angela who can allow agile how agile and lean tissue that he can do to him shade.

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Whoever does a good sooner, a good trend they started good thing they are guides for people, people follow them, they will get the reward of doing this sooner or doing this righteous deed or starting this good trend and the reward of the people who would follow their example without reducing the reward of the followers. Woman

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center soon net and see atom can Ollie he was always the Roman army Libya banjo.

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Line Casa de campo de him Shia and whoever establishes a bad trend and negative thing. And people follow them so they will have their own sin, the sin of their own action and the sins of the people who follow the

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sins of the people who follow them. Barlow hadn't Allahu la de la consola en La Nina Al Jazeera in am savarna mal anonymise regardless whatever you do, whether we are patient with the punishment of Allah or whether we complain, and we feel helpless, and we crumble under this punishment of Allah, we have no escape. We have no escape, so don't blame us. Don't blame yourselves don't blame no one this is not going to help. We are in the punishment together we have to take it we have we are stuck basically.

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So again, you will find this meaning by the way in the Koran

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often Allah will mentioned the debate or the discussion that's going to happen between the people who will end up in the Hellfire and sorcery Baccarat our last panelist is Dr. Barbara alladhina tobio mean and Latina Tebow well I will add other wattpad as well those who followed the followers they said now so they this on on they give up on their leaders they say we don't want to follow you anymore or we made a mistake following you we don't we want to distance ourselves from them hoping maybe they can get away from that oh they can

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take themselves away from responsibility of making these decisions.

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Paulina to be Latino

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or Latina to be wholly Latina. I should I should I know

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if the borrower if the ballerina, it to be Amina Latina turbo, well, I will add about a copy as well. So the and the leaders now they said to their followers, we have nothing to do with you. We're not responsible, you made your own choices,

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what I will adapt and they saw the punishment of a las panatela which is the Hellfire in their own eyes, what the doctor has been able to smell. So any way or any pathway to being rescued to being saved to safety has been cut away from them has been going away from them and also the meaning is the connections and the love between them has gone now has been severed why because it was built on something about this dunya and now they realized that this kind of relationship and love that you had for this person has destroyed you has led you to the Hellfire and this is why lF Hillel

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Babylon Yama, Yama in Babylon one lol mocking all the friends all the people who love one another, all the connections among people. The friendships, the connections, the admiration.

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followership, and so on and so forth. All of these will turn into enmity, except for the love and the connection between them among the believers. That's the only one. So people will people will have the Hellfire will blame each other will keep blaming each other, as well as Montana says about them. In Nevada, I happen to ha Sumo and

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it is a truth, the kind of argument that's going to happen between the dwellers of the hellfire. So the followers will will blame the leaders leaders will distance themselves from them, and say, we have hold no responsibility you made your decisions. And there's a very important ethical conclusion here that we have. There's an important lesson here, that if you just follow someone that doesn't relieve you of the responsibility

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doesn't relieve you of the responsibility to say someone said to me that, that doesn't relieve you of the responsibility, especially with matters of, of religion, with matters of religion, this is why people when they take the religion they have to take from people of Allison wildomar people who follow the Quran of the the book of Las panatela authentics, one of the prophets of Salaam according to the understanding of the companions of the president that has been handed down from the prophets of Salaam to the companions to the Tabby in to Tabby Tabby, as to the scholars of the Muslim Ummah, who are upon this understanding until our times until our times, so you say oh, this person gave me

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this first one. It's not a big, they are responsible for it. That doesn't work. And you know, they have a like a slang language in the Arabic world. They have some kind of a proverb, they say, how bla bla bla Sanam, you know, throw it on the neck of some scholar, gay, whatever, fatwah and you're safe. So he's gonna say you can commit Zina, okay, it's necessity, and so on and so forth. We can do this, you can do that. It's how long? And he says because of the conditions because things any excuse is, Allah seek if at all, it's not my problem is your problem. And you will be held accountable for that. Why? Because you just took what your self desires, and you took something from

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someone who's not qualified, or even if he's qualified, he made a mistake. And the scholars have spoken about this mistake. I mean, well, by the way, they're respected scholars, respected scholars, who are upon the truth, but they make mistakes.

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When they make mistakes, human beings, the only one who is infallible in that sense is the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam, as Imam Malik said, I'm Allah, colonial Holloman de la Sahaba. Every one, everyone will get their statements, some of them accepted some of them rejected except for the one who's in this grave, the profits loss or not.

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So yes, and that doesn't mean we, if a scholar makes a mistake, or two mistakes, or 10 mistakes, or we write him off, it doesn't work like this. It doesn't work like this. And doesn't mean if a good scholar made a mistake, or we can follow him on this mistake, if it's been clarified by other scholars that this was a slip, fine, we still hold that scholar in high esteem, we respect him, we'll learn from him. But with this call was made, he clarified he made a mistake. So So you are responsible for yourself, and it shows us well, most of humanity they like to, they don't like to investigate, they don't do their homework, specifically in the matters of important issues of the

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You know, the issue of Who do you worship? What do you do with your life?

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What do you do with the law? What what are your beliefs? What would you believe in these things, you cannot leave them for anyone, even if you admire that person, if that person has a beautiful personality, very well spoken, very eloquent, have an beautiful presence that doesn't give them any credentials. As long as they abide by the book of Allah, the sun of the prophets, laws and number the clear understanding, then you can take what you just like.

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So what happens if

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and this just shows one of the weaknesses of human beings, we human beings, we can easily fall for the opinion of the group around us, for the masses, for the majority for the majority. And we've spoken about this previously, that whatever the society believes in and propagates and sort of circulates, it becomes some sort of brainwash and people don't realize it. People don't realize that is that it is happening. So we have to be careful you have to take time out. Yeah, and this way the prophet SAW Selim says that the kuno in the latter corner Emma, don't be just like a blind follower in Essen and national center or in SL was at home so they people do good. You do good people do bad

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But not you need to have your own ethical standards that are based on your connection to Allah subhanaw taala that are based on the Quran and the Sunnah, in order that you test, whatever is in circulation, but if people just have norms and habits and they just do these things, you have to question that and you see the profits that have sent them himself. He was questioning prior to receiving the revelation. He was questioning what his people were doing, everyone else was just following.

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So being aware of this kind of influence is very important.

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Karla shavon Ola, Mo in Allahabad, Akuma. They'll have to call for a cliff to come. I want to quote some verses as well towards to the same effect.

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And solid varthur Allah says what is the ETA had nothing now?

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Allah says as they debate, they debate in the Hellfire, the dwellers of the hellfire. Wait, hi, Jonathan now for your Paulo Botha only larina stockmar Oh, so the followers and the weaker ones will say to their leaders and their influences

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who are arrogant stackable in Canella calm tada for Helen to mono Nanana Lieberman, and now we were followers your followers. Are you gonna save us from something some punishment in the Hellfire Allah levy in a stock bottle in Cologne fee? How in the heck am I being a bad? These arrogant leaders they said to them, we are all in it together. We're all in it together. Allah has made his judgment among his servants.

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And he can he can feel the remorse of the followers. They just put their trust in these leaders and they ended up in the same

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and the same in the same health. What kind of shape on automobile Emerald in alojado Kumar, they'll have to come left to come. One can Aliya la commensal Pon Illa and down to come festa jablotron li Fela, Fela, Fela, Telemundo and pusaka an IV Muslim mama and Tommy Masai, in Nika for to be shocked to mourn him in public in Nepali mean Allah home,

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le shavon when everything becomes clear on the Day of Judgment, and these people are distant to the Hellfire shaytan will declare, He will speak up. And he will say after everything has been issued by Allah Subhana Allah the judgments have been done. People have been given their books

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shaitaan would say Allah has promised you the truth.

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And I have promised to falsehood. I was lying to you.

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I was lying to you.

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And I had no authority over you whom I can legally come in. So God I had no authority, I had no obligation upon you. In the under oath to confess legitimately, I merely, I merely invited you and you guys accepted. So basically, don't blame me. You made your own choices. I didn't exert any force on you. I didn't push you. I didn't coerce you to do things, bad things, how I'm things to disbelieve in Allah and so on and so forth. I didn't do that. I didn't do this. I just insinuate I just

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whispered, I just invited you.

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And that's it. But you made your decisions. You made your decisions. In learn the outcome first, legitimately, you have answered my invitation. I just offered you an invitation and you took it

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a step totally fell out alimony. Don't blame me. Blame yourselves.

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Blame yourselves. And the shows that humans have the ability to choose. Allah has given humans the ability to choose you can choose to be to follow the guidance or turn away from it. You can choose to do the right thing or do the wrong thing you have a choice somebody is going to say Oh, if a law is written something is going to come true this is none of your business. This is Adam and Eve we said what is written in the preserve tablets Ireland will * you know nothing about it. So don't make any kind of guessing with regards to this, leave it leave it that's that's for Allah subhanaw taala or what you know, you know, the the what you have been given is, you've been given a situation

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you've been given the ability to make choices. I'm going to do this or do that. And you made your choices shavon whispered she'd been invited there was external influence. Regardless, this is part this is part of the test. Ultimately, you can make a choice. You can make a choice. fella Tell me why Lumo and for second Don't blame me and blame yourself, man. I'd be most terrific on wanna Antonia Masaki. I'm not going to save you. I cannot save you. And you cannot save me. At least shavon is taking responsibility is I've done it. I've done it alone. That's what I'm taking

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But these peoples still live in this kind of mental chaos. So I cannot help you I can save you, I cannot rescue you. You cannot rescue me. That's it. In Nika for Toby, Mashallah Timonium in Kabul, I just believe in your obedience to me, I have nothing to do with it, Stefan, he just owns them, he disconnects from them. On that day, I'm just I just invited you, and you made your own choices, blame yourself, you're fully responsible and that's true. You are fully responsible, in the volume in at home and in the evildoers, the ones who have done injustice to themselves and to Allah and to the creation they will have severe or painful punishment. That's the end of the story and the story

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in the year after

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and you will find that

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she has been actually a lot smarter to talk about this but she upon how he's gonna reveal this

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method a lot smarter. Cisco method is shibani. If quality in Sonic for

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Fela, maka, Allah Allah in very

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in need of a lot of bad I mean, just like the example losses, the example of the shape on a lot talks about the hypocrites, and how they conspired with some of the Jewish tribes in Medina.

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And they told them that we will be with you, we're not going to fight against you. So whatever plans you have, execute them, go ahead with them, and we will side with you. So when the time came for them to side with them, they let them down. These are the hypocrites they let them down. They did not keep their word. So last month, a letter saying that example just like shavon he says to Adam, or to people to humans, disbelief. disbelief. So when added, oh, when son of Adam or human being disbelieved. At the end, shavon said, I have nothing to do with you. I have nothing to do with you. I fear Allah. I feel the punishment of Allah, you face the consequences of your own actions. And

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there's one last one and it says, Well, my Boulevard in LA and he that's the remorse, remorse. Allah says when the oppressors are the evil doers when they bite their hands, they bite on their hands out of what? remorse, regrets.

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You're all we are late, and it has tomorrow. So he said, he bites in his hand with some narrations that mentioned that they would eat their hands. As they bite, they would sort of, you know, destroy their hands as they buy on them.

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Yeah, like your whole reality is is he says to him, he says to himself, I wish I wish, I took a path with the prophet or I followed the prophet or the messengers.

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So that's how painful that sense of regret is. And you can imagine what it could be. And the problem is, there's no way back. There's no way back. I mean, this life, you might go through some kind of consequences, bad consequences for your actions. But you can always start a new chapter, you can always do this in this life. You can always do this as long as you breathe. You can always have a new start with a loss partner or with anything in life. with anything allow someone for someone like their marriage, we reaches a point of crisis, they cannot maintain it anymore. And okay, fine. This, you're done with this marriage, but you can still find another wife and you can still start a new

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life. But with the heroes after death,

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there's no way back. That's the issue. And the problem as we spoke, I think it was, yeah, last time we spoke about eternity you talking about eternity. It's not like you're going to suffer in the Hellfire for 100 years, 1000 years, 10,000 years. Imagine these are astronomical numbers, right? 10,000 but it would be relief for the people of the Hellfire to know that they're going to live only for 10,000 years and then die. It would be a great source of relief, but there's nothing like this. This Eternity is not 1000 it's not 10,000 or 100,000 a million not a billion it's not a trillion it's not a zillion right

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it's not it's it's going to continue it's going to continue you will be in this you're stuck and there's no death.

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So imagine how the remorse would be

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yet last month Allah says and sola

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welter Allah tala it worked before. And then for Carlos Layton and what I do what I look at the big rabina Mini

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and just a few see them as they are made to stand in front of the Hellfire to see it. We just see it and the president describes the hellfire. Scary,

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I leave the house of honor and fuzzy man. The fire has 70,000 handles, places where it can be carried from 70,000 handles

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Cool is in I'm in San Bruno family, your giovane Hawaii so they are modeling with every handle there is 70,000 angels to hold this handle

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70,000 handles each are straps. And with each handle there is 70,000 angels and an angel the prophecies are described another hand of the angel, the the size of an angel, you know the distance between the earlobe of an angel and the the tip of their shoulder is it takes a person riding a horse fullspeed 500 years to cross

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what he saw on mobile in the fire of the Hellfire is black dark, there's no light in it. It's dark, the Blaze is dark.

00:25:52 --> 00:25:57

So they're all Molina so that's the so when these people are made to stand in front of the Hellfire

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Club for and enough

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solid straightaway they would say we wish we could go back we wish you luck. Tell us send us back.

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Can we do

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well trabuco foil and now we are eaten and what do I look at the baby it Raveena so a lot in the back we should learn this back. So we do not disbelieve in the signs and the villa and the verses of all the words of Allah soprano with her hair when I caught him in the morning and we would be from the believers

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that our last point on assets

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but better Allahu

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Allah says but they've been hiding over they had been hiding before had is now always is being clear to them now now they can see it because they can see everything now there's no hiding there's no lying even to themselves they see it.

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Well, Bella, Houma, California macabre, Walla Walla, doula do and even if we send them back, they should Vishal go back to the old ways.

00:27:03 --> 00:27:06

Even after seeing the Hellfire even after seeing the hellfire.

00:27:07 --> 00:27:12

Even after seeing the health plan, they will go back to the old ways, still.

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Then the last one to compose that end to the end of the believers were auditing and loading in ermine, were amilo slyly heritage in that integer in entirety, Helen, how Holly Dena fee in Europe bmta to home fee.

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And the ones who have believed those who have believed and done righteous deeds,

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they would be entered into they would be allowed and admitted into gardens in paradise temporary mentality and how beneath which rivers flow and we talked about this previously, and it's a miracle from a lot of data. Holly Dean, if they're going to live there forever,

00:27:57 --> 00:28:04

they will live in paradise for forever. No fear of death. And as well as Montana sort of example says when he talks about

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people in Paradise, this is now your own FEMA.

00:28:10 --> 00:28:13

Una de la una de nom de Tallulah.

00:28:15 --> 00:28:50

They will never taste death after the first time to live there forever. Imagine, you don't feel anything, you know, when you will have an enjoyment to have a nice time you always anticipate is going to come to an end, something bad is going to come. This chapter will be over and something else will start. So you have to deal with something else. But then you don't have this concern. You don't have this fear, you know, a man will pay him Allah. He says this life here this dunya life, it has the good and the bad with it the truth and falsehood with it, the pain and the ease with it at the same time. They're mixed. That's the nature of this life.

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On the day of judgment, on the day of judgment, there will be a full complete separation between good and evil, between pleasure and pain. So in the health it will be absolute pain knows no form of pleasure. And in Paradise, there will be no pain whatsoever. full complete, ultimate pleasure. It doesn't fade, it doesn't even affect you don't even get used to it. You know, when you get something new and it's good. You can enjoy it for a couple of days, a couple of weeks, then you get used to it. And your human nature starts to say what's next? What's next, right? Like when you drink something for the first time or you eat something that's really beautiful, some beautiful taste. You

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see if I get this every day, I live like I'll I'll be high every day like and enjoy myself every day. But I mean, start consuming it on a daily basis and I get sick of it. Right? I go you'll become desensitized in the hereafter and paradise doesn't. You don't get you don't get that. You'll never get bored. It's always there's always renewal. There's always

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something new, you'll never get used to things. You never get used to things. I just remembered the first time I tasted organic maple syrup. Like I was telling you, I just lost my mind. I said, Wow, what is this, this tastes come from.

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So I went and got some, again, organic maple syrup, I got a couple of

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bottles, and it's sitting in the fridge.

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It doesn't even like I don't feel like even tasting it anymore. We got used to it in the heat in Paradise, you don't get used to that anything.

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You never get used to anything. There's always something more. And that's the beauty of Periscope and there's no end to it.

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So that's why the people of Paradise will have to dream in Tatiana and Holly Dean, if you ever gonna dwell there forever no and no fear. No, you don't have any concern now, nothing's gonna hold back your sense of pleasure. Now you can just well in it, you can indulge in it without any consent or not consent to her yet to whom v has

00:31:04 --> 00:31:49

their greetings in Paradise is set on that shows that we have something of Paradise here. We don't appreciate seeing Santa is from Paradise. Seeing Santa, you know, sometimes we don't appreciate the little things and these are the things that actually make life worthwhile and give meaning to life small things. So I think there's where the promises are Lem says that pillon nominal Maleficent never undermine the value of any good deed. Never undermine the small things sometimes of the things that really give life its its depth. So Allah is mentioning by way what we say in Arabic, Mt. Nan, Allah is counting his blessings on these believers in paradise. So Allah is mentioning something

00:31:49 --> 00:31:53

attractive about paradise, the yet on V has another greeting is

00:31:54 --> 00:31:55

peace ceremony.

00:31:57 --> 00:32:10

because it brings them so much tranquility when they exchange that Salah. Well, why don't we feel it we Muslims, whereas the prophets of Salaam says, Allah do look, Allah amarin EDA ultimo

00:32:11 --> 00:32:16

to habtoor Shall I not guide you to something that if you do, you shall love one another more.

00:32:18 --> 00:32:26

After Salama Vina call spread center, spread the greeting of Salaam Salaam Alaikum ceremony, sometimes we do it as a burden.

00:32:29 --> 00:32:56

But when we say it from our hearts, and that's how worship should be should come from the heart and then it manifests into into physical action, as set out by an equal should remember this is the greeting of people of Paradise and they would enjoy it will be a source of enjoyment, a source of enjoyment. And look at our last panel talks about the other seven talks about the people in paradise. You know we have now we can make this be these days, but we don't appreciate it was as simple as possible. This was I want to finish 33 right.

00:32:58 --> 00:33:12

So you don't realize that engaging in that is a small glimpse into paradise is a small glimpse into paradise. Because the process one says about the people in Paradise, you will have more let us be camera you'll notice

00:33:14 --> 00:33:20

that they will be inspired to say to speak Subhanallah all the time. As you guys breathe.

00:33:21 --> 00:33:26

Do you think about breathing? Do you do it intentionally to say I'm gonna take some air in? inhale?

00:33:27 --> 00:33:43

Then exhale? Do you do it? It's effortless, right? That's how to speak will be for the people who practice just like breathing. Why? Because it brings them peace, tranquility, that's where they live on. That's what they enjoy. That's what that's part and parcel of the great

00:33:44 --> 00:33:47

gifts in paradise. And something else in paradise.

00:33:49 --> 00:33:55

You know some of the most, some of the things that ruin life, a word, hearing a bad word.

00:33:56 --> 00:34:32

Hearing a battle hearing and a curse or an insult or some negativity. It ruins your life it ruins your heart. It does ruin your heart. So we shouldn't own and that's the problem. Sometimes when you talk about paradise we only talk about physical things. But we forget about the mental pleasures that Allah offers the people in paradise just like set them yet Aviva said last month Allah talks about paradise he says layers my own efia level one one at Thema they never here in Paradise, and the idle talk and the empty kind of word. Why? Because empty word weighs on your heart.

00:34:33 --> 00:34:35

It takes a toll on your heart.

00:34:36 --> 00:34:39

It has a negative impact on the quality of your life.

00:34:40 --> 00:34:55

When we engage in chit chat and there's no benefit in it, we're just killing time. This kills your heart and it brings about sadness into your heart and grief and pain. Last Mile if your loved one well that's a theme and no evil word. Not a word.

00:34:56 --> 00:34:59

Very small if you hear that one. Well that's a theme of Isla de la and Sarah

00:35:00 --> 00:35:05

salamah here is Salaam Salaam that's what they hear good words. Good words.

00:35:08 --> 00:35:09

Then Allah subhanaw taala

00:35:11 --> 00:35:13

gives a parable here

00:35:14 --> 00:35:18

and this is from what we call unfathomable on the parables on the fall on

00:35:19 --> 00:35:24

Adam tell O'Keefe a lot of a lot more method and Kelly matunga you bet and Keisha gelatin Paiva

00:35:26 --> 00:35:29

between what follow her is

00:35:30 --> 00:35:37

talk to you or cola Hakuna Hainan be in your labia, wherever Ebola and felony nasci la lomita co

00:35:39 --> 00:36:07

remember him wrote a big piece on this. And it was taken from one of his books and published as one separately. And it's called sugar to lean in the tree of faith. And he uses this parable in a very beautiful way in a metaphoric way where he translates every ingredient in every element in it into some of the aspects of Islam. It's such a beautiful endeavor, and he took the idea the detail of it actually from his teacher immunity me I'm allowed to add.

00:36:17 --> 00:36:42

The basic meaning of the verse is that Kelly Metallica was given the example of a goodly word kelim upon Jeeva, a goodly word which is Latina in la la, la la la la. Casa de la pena was like a good literary and a good literary is the poem or date tree is the de tree, a slow hobbit

00:36:43 --> 00:36:50

its roots of firm in the ground will follow half his sermons, branches branches are high, a high

00:36:51 --> 00:37:01

tea akula Hakuna Hainan De Niro, Bihar it gives its fruits, every now and then by the permission of your Lord, by the permission of your Lord,

00:37:02 --> 00:37:43

where your durable love and I'm fairly nasty along with the Quran. And thus Allah strikes parables and symbols and examples for people. So they so they might remember, remember when we spoke previously about what it means to remember. And we said it has a lot to do with the football. And that what you have in the barn and the authentic sound of the process and awakens what's in your nature, which is your filter, it awakens it and it grows it and it grows it. So we're going to probably talk a little bit about this now as we're talking about this parable. So Allah says, Don't you see that Allah has stricken the example of the parable of a goodly word as a goodly tree.

00:37:45 --> 00:37:47

So let you know how Illallah is not just a word

00:37:48 --> 00:38:01

is not just a word. It's more like a tree. A tree has roots that are firm in the ground, as roots that are firm in the ground. So there is a foundation for the word La ilaha illa Allah

00:38:02 --> 00:38:22

and there are branches and the branches hold fruits. That's the example of the word La ilaha illAllah. So the word that Allah has, foundations has roots, the first roots and the most important that we have to remember is the footer. The footer of the process, Adam says kulambu newletter Allah.

00:38:23 --> 00:39:10

Allah said, Allah, Allah, Islam ordino Islam is the religion of Islam. So we are born monotheists mohiuddin. Humans are born wide, and we, we know align our hearts, we recognize him, we love him, and we seek him that's in our hearts that our This is human. This is the basic human nature. This is how we are that we're born with this. But people grow out of it, all people are educated out of it, the brain washed out of it, by culture, by education by the surroundings and the environment. So that's the, that's the foundation. That's the original foundation. Now, if this foundation, takes roots, takes root, which is in belief in what the revelation came with what you've done or on what

00:39:10 --> 00:39:54

you haven't authentic soon about Allah subhanaw taala, about the rights of the last panel to Hannah, about the names and attributes of Allah subhanaw taala your heart believes in it firmly with certainty. That's when the roots or when this seed takes root in your heart takes root in your heart. And we mentioned previously that last Montana in the Koran, they will find the problem in the sooner giving the heart the example of what piece of land, soil the promised land said, you know, people are just like different pieces of land when and the revelation is just like rain, right? So there are fertile soil and there is the arid, dry land that doesn't grow anything, right. So that's

00:39:54 --> 00:39:59

the hearts of people. So when the revelation falls on the heart, or is allowed to go into the heart

00:40:00 --> 00:40:20

It makes the seed of football flourish, and it does it takes root. So when you have certainty about the truth that's in the Quran, the sun that now that it has taken roots. So when you say la ilaha illa, that's, that's an expression of the faith in your heart, an expression of the faith and the man in your heart, and that's the word, you're into this lamb with this word.

00:40:22 --> 00:40:59

and, later, Allah is not merely a belief in the heart and statement with the tongue, but it's also a way of life actions. This is why a man, a man has to have these three things, a man at God bergenin olubunmi, son, what am I luminol can that's what I believe. That's what a man is, has to have it. These are the the facets and the aspects of inner belief, certainty in the heart, speech with the tongue, let Lala and everything that's truth. And that's good, Vicar, etc, on that you recite, and then actions,

00:41:00 --> 00:41:12

all the acts of goodness from the acts of worship, like praying, fasting, hedge, and so on and so forth. to anything you could imagine, like smiling

00:41:14 --> 00:41:23

as a sadhaka, or doing any kind of deed, any physical deed, that's all part of email. So that's the example. So last month, Allah says,

00:41:24 --> 00:41:51

the example of a goodly word, which is the law with all this, all these aspects that we spoke about, is like this firm tree that has got its roots firmly ground, and its branches are high, and they give fruits and the fruit is sweet. The fruit is sweet. This is why the believer that actions. And that's what you see. First, your actions are that actions are sweet, that goodly

00:41:53 --> 00:41:54

the actions are sweet and goodly.

00:41:57 --> 00:42:01

This is why the prophets Allah talks about the different types of heart.

00:42:02 --> 00:42:32

And he says the believer who recites the Quran is like the Trojan, it's like this beautiful fruit It smells nice, and it tastes so nice. And the example of the believer who doesn't recite the Quran, like he believes in Allah but he's negligent of the Quran does and we started as they are supposed to be Catholic tomorrow. It's like, the date. It has no smell. If you try to smell a date, it you're not gonna find a smell unless you start sniffing it probably. But, but when you taste it, it's sweet.

00:42:33 --> 00:42:53

That's a man. That's a man. That's where the sweetness comes from. So the actions of the righteous person of the believing person, they are sweet. They have good impacts. So people around them benefit. People around them feel their ease and their love for a last panel data and their concern for people and their sense of nostalgia and so on and so forth.

00:42:57 --> 00:43:13

We're gonna move on to NASA lomita the Coronavirus Allah strikes examples and parables and symbols for people so they may remember or they may reflect as well. Well, Matthew Kelly meten Habiba Keisha Jonathan Habiba would you to 30 min 30

00:43:14 --> 00:43:38

min Cora, the example of an evil word. And that can be a word of code for essentially anything that goes against a man against belief in Allah subhanaw taala. Any word of denial to allow or deny denial of Allah, or denial of Allah is right to be worshipped alone, or denial of Allah's names and attributes, or denial of any of the rights of Allah subhanaw taala in terms of worship, and obedience,

00:43:40 --> 00:44:27

this is an evil word, any word that to that effect is an evil word. The example of it is just like an evil tree. And evil tree is usually a thorny tree that brings no fruits. And it's not even firm in the ground, is not even firm. In the ground. When it's put, when it's pulled it comes comes off. You can you can sort of pull it out and root it out. And that's it. And this shows the inherent weakness of evil of evil is what a lot of analysis was Alberta in Alberta, Canada who say the truth is common evil had to leave Why? Because Evil has this weak nature it could easily be swept away is how evil is.

00:44:28 --> 00:44:42

And this sort of ties in as with JSON. When he says to the people what we said he says well Matt kind of Lee come in so back to the people of their faces. I had no authority over you. I had no control over you. I just invited you on you follow it. You made your own decisions.

00:44:44 --> 00:44:51

Last month that talks about shavon another place in Nikita Shivani Khanna ye for the plotting of Shiva and his wife is weak.

00:44:52 --> 00:44:59

is weak she found works works works but if you look at it shavon really has no authority in the holy Salah hustle upon Allah Dena Herman lrB

00:45:00 --> 00:45:17

Metal cologne. shavon has no authority over the people who believe in Allah, and they rely on our last panel to Hannah. He has only authority on people who allow him in. Now, when you allow him in and you say, you guide me, you have, you have given up your sense of responsibility, and you have allowed him to control you and lead you.

00:45:21 --> 00:45:30

So again, so evil has no inherent strength of itself, by the way, evil and this is why when you look around and you see evil around in the world, don't think it's strong.

00:45:31 --> 00:46:07

Don't think it's strong, it might seem to be strong, but it's not. It's not. Evil is inherently weak. The truth has its own inherent strength. It's designed to be strong, it is designed to be strong. And this might be difficult to fathom, and swallow, if you are so much attuned to social media, and all these news channels, because they are designed to brainwash, so they are designed, there is so much goodness happening in the world. There's so many good things.

00:46:09 --> 00:46:20

But when you keep highlighting the bad things, it gives pachanga impression or the world is what's happening to the world. It's crumbling, you know, what kind of world we live in.

00:46:22 --> 00:47:04

That's because there's a lot of suspense and all of these negativity, and there is also a hidden agenda behind this. So when you bring people's consciousness to evil, so much, it perpetuates it. Because if you feel threatened, if you feel under threat, you'll be defensive when you're defensive, you're aggressive and you're negative. And this makes the other person defensive as well and more aggressive and thus it escalates. Thus, it escalates. So Evil has no power. And by the way, Subhanallah this has practical consequences. Honestly, this has practical consequences a lot. This is why the scholars usually say and meet will Ballina behind me they can

00:47:05 --> 00:47:07

kill evil by not mentioning it.

00:47:09 --> 00:47:44

Leave evil. Usually, if you just don't talk about evil, it will die out on its own. You don't have to add to talk about it, you create hype about it, people start talking about it, that person maybe has done something bad and they forgot about it, and they just moved on. When they hear people talking about it, they become defensive, they might go back to it, they might need to prove a point. And it gets worse. Usually a lot of evil once you just let it, it dies out. Now there are evils when there is a lot of effort behind them that you need, they need to be combated. That's fine. We understand but generally speaking most of evil, or evil, all evil has no strength inherent strength

00:47:44 --> 00:47:45

of its own.

00:47:46 --> 00:47:53

Unless there are people who are blowing into it, but for the most part of the evil is just out there. So live, it will die out on its own.

00:47:56 --> 00:48:13

This thing is very important with the kids with kids. And this is a this is a something that's well known from wise parents. And you can try it out. If you have the patience, try it out. And it pays off is when kids do bad things. When kids do bad things, ignore them.

00:48:15 --> 00:48:18

Ignore them, I'm not talking about bad things like

00:48:20 --> 00:48:33

using drugs or drinking alcohol or stealing. I'm talking about simple things, making mistakes, maybe small lie here and there or something. If you don't have if you just let it go ignore it, it's gonna die on its own.

00:48:35 --> 00:48:36

I mean,

00:48:37 --> 00:48:45

there is an option evidence around, try it out. And if you have enough patience, you're going to see it. If you ignore bad behaviors, most of them will die out.

00:48:46 --> 00:48:57

But if you pick on them, and you want to fix every mistake, you're going to struggle a lot, you actually emphasize. And it's called negative reinforcement. It is negative reinforcement.

00:48:58 --> 00:48:59


00:49:00 --> 00:49:03

evil does not have strength of its own.

00:49:05 --> 00:49:16

If but if you allow it to have strength in your consciousness and your awareness and your attention, you actually be giving it energy and power. You'll be empowering it over yourself.

00:49:17 --> 00:49:20

So whatever negativity is happening in the world,

00:49:22 --> 00:49:27

there is much more goodness happening in the world much more.

00:49:28 --> 00:49:29

But it's not it doesn't get reported.

00:49:31 --> 00:49:41

And if it gets reported, I'm telling you, you would feel life is so beautiful, but it doesn't, and you're not meant to feel like this. There's a lot of parties who don't want this to happen.

00:49:44 --> 00:50:00

Okay, so evil is just like an evil tree. An evil word is just like an evil tree. It has no basis has no foundation, even in human nature, in the sense of a football. It doesn't have Foundation, it goes against human nature, against the football and that's the narrative.

00:50:00 --> 00:50:02

itself that is

00:50:03 --> 00:50:08

sort of pushed by shape and that is pushed by shape on

00:50:09 --> 00:50:53

stupid mythical ugly Amanda hamilcar. It has no base. It has no foundation has no strength, it has no stability. With a bit longer Lena Amman will be totally fair bit if you don't feel f0 while you're living a lot of volume in wave, adelong, Masha Allah, Allah gives support. Allah makes the believers firm and stable on the true Word, which is either in Allah, Allah makes them stable in it. So what keeps us on a man is actually the help of Allah. It's not our own merit. It's not your own intelligence. It's not your own sincerity, it's nothing. What keeps us believers, what guides us to faith in the first place? What keeps us on email? What keeps us praying what keeps us turning to

00:50:53 --> 00:51:20

Allah Subhana, Allah is Allah subhanaw taala himself. It's not your excellence. It's not your lineage, it's not your nationality. It's not your ethnicity. It's not any kind of personal merit that you have, you're not better than anyone else. That's a gift from a las panatela. So always acknowledge that gift from Allah, and don't attribute it to yourself. Don't attribute it to yourself. And this is why the people in paradise they would say Al Hamdulillah, he led he had done and he had

00:51:24 --> 00:51:46

people in paradise that will say, Praise beat on one hand allow guided us to this. And had it not been for a law we would not have been guided. If a law left us to ourselves, we would not be guided. So guidance is from Allah. So don't ever see an excellence for yourself even over others. If you see others sinning, don't ever see yourself in a higher position.

00:51:47 --> 00:51:56

That's a very dangerous place. That's a very dangerous place. And we humans have this proclivity or this tendency to feel this, that.

00:51:58 --> 00:52:03

And this was called by. So these calls have always called an urgent

00:52:04 --> 00:52:11

and urgent that you admire your own actions, admire your good deeds, I have done good things. You see someone,

00:52:12 --> 00:52:25

and even a man will pay me mentioned, if you do something good, and you see someone who's sinning, and it goes through your mind that you're better than that person, then realize that, at that moment, you're not,

00:52:26 --> 00:52:27

you're not

00:52:28 --> 00:52:41

because maybe the sin of that person has caused them to feel there, that they are not doing enough for the sake of well, they have not observed the right velocity, they have regret and remorse about it. But you are feeling

00:52:42 --> 00:52:53

some sort of some sort of conceit about yourself that you have done something good. And he says, when a lot looks in the hearts, a lot aches, or a lot prefers a palpable monkey says the broken heart

00:52:54 --> 00:52:58

is broken the formula and recognize recognizes weakness as weakness.

00:53:02 --> 00:53:06

So a lot keeps the believers firm on the truth in this life and in the Hereafter.

00:53:08 --> 00:53:26

So, I mean, it's very likely for us to fall into sin, but Allah kind of protects us. And sometimes we don't even realize it. And at the moment of death, the moment of death, Allah helps the believers to be able to say that ilaha illAllah and remain firm upon it and remain firm upon it.

00:53:27 --> 00:53:28

What do you learn?

00:53:30 --> 00:54:09

And obviously, they're going to get a different different type of support in the afterlife, which is, they will be protected from the punishment from the trials of the grave from the trials on the Day of Judgment before the account and so on and so forth. Where you will live long Lavalle mean and Allah sense the oppressors, the wrongdoers, those who do injustice or lessons of history, a lot of them go straight because Allah leaves them to themselves. We have Allahu Masha and Allah does what he wants. And we said when Allah says Allah does what he wants, and doesn't mean it's random, it means it's all bound by his knowledge, his wisdom and his mercy. Everything Allah does, okay, it

00:54:09 --> 00:54:15

ties in his knowledge, his wisdom, His mercy, and His justice.

00:54:23 --> 00:54:24

Okay, I'm going to stop here.

00:54:25 --> 00:54:28

inshallah. I thought we were reached.

00:54:29 --> 00:54:34

Verse 27. If we have questions, inshallah we'll try to deal with them.

00:54:36 --> 00:54:39

Because I think it's around shock or shock time not sure.

00:54:42 --> 00:54:45

That's what this is, but I know sunrise is a bit earlier.

00:55:11 --> 00:55:16

Okay, how to improve artist to be just realizing when you make this be hella? Here's you

00:55:19 --> 00:55:24

just keep in mind when you are doing to speak alive? How do you want a lot to hear your to speak?

00:55:25 --> 00:55:26

Is it sounds harmless?

00:55:28 --> 00:55:28

Or is it?

00:55:30 --> 00:55:31

Does it come from your heart?

00:55:32 --> 00:55:36

And Allah hears you analyze aware of your state of your heart?

00:55:37 --> 00:55:57

So I think that would be the simplest thing to do is when you say it, put yourself in a state of mind of awareness that allows fantana Who's that? That's going to reach online? How do you want it? That's, that's sort of your, your simple gift to Allah, how would you like to give to a lot to me?

00:55:59 --> 00:56:00

I think that might help.

00:56:02 --> 00:56:06

That helps you bring your heart have a present heart. In that moment.

00:56:28 --> 00:56:30

Nothing is done.

00:56:33 --> 00:57:06

Let me repeat the question in English. What's the difference between these two different verses? Our last one, Allah says the weaker ones they followed those who are arrogant, arrogant leaders stackable another verse, the last one that says those, the followers are the ones who have followed they distance themselves from the followers. So what do you say followers here, when we say weak ones here, there is no difference, necessarily any difference is pretty much the same. So the followers are the weaker ones, because people tend to follow those who have power.

00:57:08 --> 00:57:36

So this is why these are weak. And this kind of weakness, it could be weak in their mind, could be weak in their knowledge, could be weak in their financial state could be weak in their military state, and their physical means and resources. These are the ones who are the leaders or the inner circle, they're the ones who have the power. They are the because power makes people arrogant. And it could be military power, could be financial power.

00:57:38 --> 00:57:41

could be any kind of physical power, resources, wealth.

00:57:43 --> 00:58:17

Could be government even could be media, that sort of power. That's some sort of power could be even a boss at work. It could be a father in a family or a mother in a family. It could be the sometimes there are natural leaders in groups among friends. That's some sort of natural power as well. So all of this applies. So last talking about the people in the Hellfire the flowers and the ones and their leaders. So Allah could refer to the same group and and that's why a lot is in the Quran. refers to the same people in different names to show different aspects of their being

00:58:23 --> 00:58:25

the CMC

00:58:48 --> 00:58:50

Selenium CSA and

00:58:54 --> 00:58:56

play with now with the the issues

00:59:17 --> 00:59:17

Good morning.

00:59:19 --> 00:59:22

Kevin Allah, Allah Subhana pharmac Thurman home.

00:59:25 --> 00:59:34

Mahalo again, some people have a concern these collars, they follow certain leaders whatever they say they follow, since I said they are scholars than I admit they know.

00:59:36 --> 00:59:38

So what I recommend is that

00:59:40 --> 00:59:59

is that you will follow the scholars who are very clear and keen on following the Quran and the Sunnah. Yeah. And don't get into politics or problem is that now I spoke about this the issue between Qatar and Saudi and Emirates and everyone has become a political analyst.

01:00:00 --> 01:00:40

Everyone has written an article here, or report that most of what you hear in the media is twists, twists. So we are fed so many lies, so we're not in it, we don't even have the data to make a rational simple judgement. So when we don't have access to that, and to this, I would say, rationality is Leave it. I'm not in a in a position to exert any influence on any of these countries or any of these people. I'm not unlike I'm gonna make analysis, no one is listening to me, right? We're just debating, we're having fights. And we're not even worshiping the last one instead of billancourt. are making DSP and sort of helping our families, you find a husband is fighting with

01:00:40 --> 01:00:50

his wife over battle in Saudi Arabia. Come on. This is not an interview business don't get into that. Now, scholars have stances scholars are human beings.

01:00:51 --> 01:01:26

They probably have access to knowledge, we do not have just like in politics, these leaders have access to knowledge. You and I don't know. They have intelligence. Now, I don't know. I can't judge from the news. These people don't take their knowledge from the news. They have intelligence, they have agencies, they have different sources. So if I don't know, I deal with what I know. Since I acknowledge these are scholars, I'm not going to label them. They follow these leaders, they follow those leaders. That's none of my business. The most important thing is do you meet a large monitor either, and you don't have a right for anyone against you. You haven't spoken against anyone. And

01:01:26 --> 01:01:44

believe me, just get out of this life safe. That's why you need as many people before us have spoken about politics, they want to fix the world. They want to fix the world and they wasted their time. This game is much bigger than you and me and everyone. So let's play it safe. play it smart. Make it to gender, that's all you need.

01:01:48 --> 01:02:02

Someone will say this weakness Believe me this is not weakness. A lot of smart people, they wasted their life and a lot knows where they end up in the in the Day of Judgment, because they want it to be too smart. And the Prophet Sallam told us in the times of Phaeton

01:02:04 --> 01:02:12

exam baytech stay at home. And they can be hostility, hostility, Emmerich worry about your own safety with the last parameter.

01:02:13 --> 01:02:26

That's it. I do love not only allow animal when there was some kind of disagreement among the competitors. They said, Why don't you side with this? And with that, he said, No, he said, if this fitna happens, I'm going to take a sort of wood that doesn't kill anyone.

01:02:27 --> 01:02:30

They said, but you are the Abdullah Abdullah, he said,

01:02:31 --> 01:02:47

this is a fitna that Alas, predicted our tongues from and Allah and I want to protect our swords from it. I'm not going to get involved in it could come and say someone say this is weakness. No, this is proper. This is exactly what you should do as a believer. Save yourself. Don't play Superman or hero Believe me.

01:02:49 --> 01:02:49


01:02:59 --> 01:02:59


01:03:00 --> 01:03:12

Okay, that's a good question. We have the average Muslim layman. Okay. I asked her a scholar, and he gives me a fatwa. How? How does it How did you like? How does it count that I'm responsible for it?

01:03:14 --> 01:03:35

You are responsible for making and that's the he had of the one, the one make sure that which scholar to follow. And that's the advice of the generations, who is your man who is the scholar of our times of the major scholars that you follow and seek advice from, even if you don't have a direct contact with them, you can have it through some students of knowledge that,

01:03:36 --> 01:03:46

you know, help connect you to that person and facilitate his knowledge for you, and so on and so forth. So, the most important issue they had is who is the amount I'm going to follow.

01:03:48 --> 01:03:54

And here is quite simple. And Imam who was so keen on following the Quran, and the sooner

01:03:55 --> 01:04:31

and I said, very important thing is that they are upon the understanding of the companions of the early generations. That means these people have kept the tradition of the prophets of Salaam until today. And these people are not, they could go wrong. Maybe some of them could go wrong in some fatwa here and there, but that's not a big issue. So as long as you follow this Imam and they give you a fat one, you believe this is a correct title because you don't have the tools to analyze the Quran and the Sunnah and so on and so forth. Then in this sense, you're okay inshallah, even if the fit was wrong, unless, like, the majority of the scholars of Anderson have pointed out this court

01:04:31 --> 01:04:33

respected scholar made a mistake in this issue.

01:04:34 --> 01:05:00

Okay. Now, you could just leave their opinion there. That would be the most practical and safest approach honestly. Otherwise, you're going to put yourself in trouble. So I follow this or follow that you will choose from here choose from that without any basis. Yeah. Hello Allah Declan controllato Alamo. You take a scholar from the people who are well known to be upon the sooner to be qualified to know to fear Allah subhanaw taala and the

01:05:00 --> 01:05:17

Just want to share with people what is true as long as you do this to the best of your ability inshallah you should be okay. But p like there are scholars who are known now to make fatawa that are problematic. So, now when you see this, you have to pull out

01:05:30 --> 01:05:44

okay, shoot one says, I fear Allah, the Lord of the worlds and the different two types of fear is a fear that gets you to act upon it and there is fear. That doesn't get you so actually Pons arrogance

01:05:45 --> 01:05:47

was greater than his fear of Allah.

01:05:48 --> 01:05:50

So a good thing to do whatever he did,

01:05:51 --> 01:06:12

but on the Day of Judgment, he's done his job down. So his arrogance is gone. He's taken some people into the hellfire. Now his fear is manifest, because even the time has run out, has given him the time until the day of judgment. Now the time has come, he's gonna wake up to the biggest, like part of his fear, and will be more manifest than anything else at that moment is gonna see the punishment of the last one on time.

01:06:15 --> 01:06:16

Okay, questions.

01:06:29 --> 01:06:34

Yes, yes, this route. And it basically it means

01:06:36 --> 01:06:41

Institute is meant for Allah. But Adam was made the Qibla for it.

01:06:42 --> 01:07:12

That's a statement from some of the scholars some of the facilities, some others of them have a cerium. They say sujood at different times, takes different meanings. So prior to Islam, there was two jute people could prostrate to some people. And this was just a sign of respect. But in Islam, it has been made decisive that so Judah is only for Allah. So in Islam sujood if you prostrate to other than a lie, it's an act of shock. It's an act of shock.

01:07:13 --> 01:07:20

So this is in like in the previous nations, a person would express their gratitude and respect to their parents by making sujood.

01:07:23 --> 01:07:39

So in Islam to do so was it a real salute? Yes, it was a real suit. It was a real suit. But that was not. So we can we can say was to do it for Allah taking Adam as a Qibla. Or it was to do it for Adam, but it's not to do the worship.

01:07:42 --> 01:07:44

But it was a proper suit. Any other questions?

01:07:52 --> 01:07:53

Take what?

01:08:06 --> 01:08:08

Okay, this issue of marine Marine,

01:08:09 --> 01:08:16

I mean, it's different different places. I don't know exactly what the context is that you're talking about. But as long as you follow a scholar to learn from them,

01:08:18 --> 01:08:28

and respect them, and you don't give them things they do not deserve, like you don't blindly just follow them, they do something that they tell you do something, it's a sin and you go about doing it.

01:08:31 --> 01:08:44

As long as it's an issue of learning and seeking fedwatch fine. But if it comes to get to a point where you're completely blind follower of that person, you do whatever they want, and sometimes it has some level of love and connection.

01:08:46 --> 01:08:49

It could get problematic, but depends on the context.

01:08:54 --> 01:09:17

If it's counsel, and if it's taken knowledge, if that person is really qualified, and they are upon the sooner fine. Yeah, if it's for learning, and the person is qualified, no big deal. But if it goes beyond this with other things, as I said, sometimes love sometimes even feeling this person is a Willie and they have some special powers and so No, absolutely no.

01:09:19 --> 01:09:20

Other questions?

01:09:44 --> 01:09:50

wirkkala shavon OBrien Mo, Mo here. I was done with the Hey sub,

01:09:51 --> 01:09:59

was done with the account. So people have received their records build up to see if they received their decree. What are you going to do?

01:10:00 --> 01:10:11

paradise you're going to the Hellfire and it also could be in the Hellfire itself because she will speak in the Hellfire to these people so it's after the account yes after everyone has seen clearly exactly where they are

01:10:12 --> 01:10:12


01:10:16 --> 01:10:17

okay no more questions okay

01:10:24 --> 01:10:25

hola Sophie how an African Lena

01:10:30 --> 01:10:32

know where to kill the moon Don't talk to me

01:10:44 --> 01:10:52

I don't know about this I don't know I look it up I see but I don't remember coming across that there will be silenced forever

01:10:54 --> 01:11:01

It's about the other people of the Hellfire will they be silenced forever or they be able to talk because Allah says Don't talk to me

01:11:02 --> 01:11:09

or you will not be able to talk to me. So as far as I know that you can leave on they will not be able to talk to Allah because they will be kept away from our last panel.

01:11:11 --> 01:11:14

But will they be silenced forever? I haven't come across something like this.

01:11:37 --> 01:11:48

The people of the Hellfire they will talk they will speak to Malik they will speak to the angels they will speak to one another but will they be silenced? As I said I don't know how long they will talk for a while.

01:11:49 --> 01:11:50


01:11:51 --> 01:11:57

There will be some things that will as I said they will they will they will talk they will argue they will speak there will scream and the Hellfire

01:12:00 --> 01:12:04

okay if no questions. I think is it time for Salah or not.

01:12:05 --> 01:12:14

Anyway you can make your morning they can have cassava as well. shala on prayer to offer what kind of dessert

Part 3 of the tafseer of Surah Ibrahim by Sheikh Moutasem at the Abu Huraira Center.

2017-06-17 – Ramadan 2017

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