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The history of Islam is discussed, including the implementation of Islam's rule of submitting to the Prophet's command and the use of deadly diseases. The importance of submitting to the Prophet's command for avoiding negative consequences is also emphasized. The segment discusses the history of Islam, including predictions of new events and actions, and the use of shamans to obtain political concessions. The importance of guidance and invitation for others is also emphasized. The transcript describes a prophecy that will result in a military expedition and reward for those who do not do so, and a military expedition and reward for those who do not do so.

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Not hamdulillah his mother who want to study and want us to follow him surely and fusina will see Dr. Medina Yeah Do you know who fella medulla who? Mama your blood for her do? What should alert you long I don't actually care. Why should oh no Muhammad Abdul who Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa early he was setting them out to swim in Cathedral

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so today we have a new chapter in sha Allah and it's bamboo bullet bamboo do build in Korea daily Hakimullah heater Allah when I go home and do a lick our OMYA will be my roof and I will know here and monka strutture is about the obligation of obeying Allah subhanaw taala and responding to his command and what a person that is invited to obey Allah subhanaw taala does invited something good or prohibited to do something bad how they should respond? Allah Subhana Allah says, follow Allah because I mean when I had your hotkey more gifi Masha Allah been home from malaria do Luffy unfussy him Hello Jemima Kadota while you suddenly notice Lima last winter, I says,

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by your Lord, they will not truly believe until they seek your judgment and their disputes. And then they find no hatred or no issues in their chests with regards to your judgment. And then they fully submit to it. We'll call it either in America or MENA either do it Allahu Allah surely here Jacobina home a year oluwo Semi now Aparna. Indeed the response of the believers when they are commanded to Allah on they are invited to Allah Subhan Allah and His Messenger SAW salaam to judge among them that they would say Santa Ana, we're about an hour holiday coming of your home that would say we hear and we obey. And these are the successful ones. We'll see him in a hadith the Hadith arietinum

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with coffee a Willie and birbee a cobbler who was a woman and a hadith he says there are Hadith as well with regards to this that we mentioned previously.

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Next Hadith and Ebihara are the Allahu Anhu our man is Allah Tala Salah Hisle Allahu alayhi wa sallam, de la he Matthiessen our Tijuana filled up bow into Matthew and Fossey come out for who you have become behavior. She said that radicals have Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa salam, for at our school Allah He sallallahu alayhi wa sallam from Morocco Allah Brooker, Procol Al Asad Allah could live nominal Malema and oblique salata will Jihad our CMO, sadaqa macaroon zealot Alleycat Hill area

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well and hopefully our slot will Jihad we'll see I'm also the ogunwusi rhetoric at AOL. I know people call us Hula, hula when he was elementary Duna and all who come up at the beginning and company comm summit and our Selena Balu seminar we're gonna have Rana Colombina we're here at the mercy of Paulo Samana Atlanta, Florida Colombina Aiken mercy filamin McTell.

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Whether that be LC Nottingham Anza Allahu Allah fie threa M INNOPOLIS. We will be mountain Zilla elite him about behavioral meno nakulan and Villa he will murder you get to hear what could you be he will surely learn over obeying Halima rosary Wakarusa in our Atlanta with Ron Robina aka mercy for them through daddy kanessa Allahu Allah Allah, Allah azza wa jal where you can live for long enough son in law was I heard to her Marcus Allah to Allah yeah McDevitt about Benalla to Earth in Siena our to Anna Nam Robina wallet, Elena Islam can I have the whole other lady and I mean, Commelina Carla Nam Robina Allah to Hamelin Amara Takata then are we here for the non one hour 15

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hour Hamner and Temecula Anna from sadhana huddle told me carefully and all the non Muslim this hadith is a long hadith

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is collected by Muslim narrated from Abu Dhabi Allahu Anhu. He said when

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the verse was revealed to Allah's Messenger Salallahu Salam, which is towards the end of social worker,

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the profit or loss when Tara says, the law he manifests and it will go into mafia and fusi from out of four who has become beholden to Allah belongs, belongs whatever is in the heavens and the earth. And if you reveal what's in yourselves, all you conceal it, Allah shall hold you accountable for it, Allah will hold you accountable for it. So the companions of the Prophet also then found this to be very difficult that Allah would hold them accountable for their thoughts and for their intentions.

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So until the sort of thrill fell on their knees out of desperation, this was a very difficult situation. So they came to the Prophet SAW Selim and they said O Messenger of Allah.

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It has been made obligatory upon us things that we are able to do Salah and Jihad and fasting sadaqa

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We were able to do this. But this verse has been revealed to us and we are unable to fulfill it. Like we can't control everything that goes within within ourselves. So Allah's Messenger SallAllahu sallam said to them,

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Do you want to respond like the people of the scriptures before you responded? They said, we hear and we disobey, do you want to be like them?

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So he said to them, say, submit, now Aparna, or foreigner cannot burn our electoral muscle, he instructed them to say, we hear and we obey, or Allah forgive us, and we will return to you. So they repeated that they made that statement that companions

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then Allah afterwards show off shortly after he revealed the last two verses in Surah, Baqarah and response, which which mean which says that the Prophet and the Messenger SAW Salam has believed in what was revealed to him and the believers as well. They believed in what was revealed to him. They believed in Allah and His angels and the books and the messengers. And they said, We do not make a distinction between the messengers of Allah, we believe in all of them. And they said, we hear and we obey, and we seek Allah's forgiveness and to Allah we shall return.

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So follow through their mind, they will be held accountable for it. And the first verse, this was abrogated. It was abrogated. So we will be only held accountable with our intentions, like definite intentions and our actions, but not the thoughts that go through our minds.

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Then Allah subhana, Allah revealed afterwards as well, later you can live alone in Laos. I heard the last verse in Surah Bacala, that Allah shall not overburden any song beyond what it can deal with. Whatever it does is for it and whatever evil it does will be against it. Then Allah subhanaw taala teaches them how to make dua to Allah, Allah Subhan Allah to fitna, in a sinner, our partner or Allah do not hold us accountable. If we forget if or if we make a mistake. Allah would say yes.

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Or our Lord do not overburden us like the burden that you placed on the people who came before us. Allah would say yes. Then Allah told them to say as well. Oh Allah, do not give us a burden that we are unable to carry on the load say yes. Then Allah told them to say what for an hour for Lana, our Hannah and Tamela Anna from sadhana como, Catherine, forgive us, pardon us and have mercy upon us. You are our Lord and our helper and give us victory over the people of disbelief and Allah would say yes.

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So this is about obedience. So we see the believers, the companions of the Prophet SAW Selim they obeyed. Even though it seemed to be very difficult at the beginning, we move on to the next chapter, which is Babel near here and it will be that will mark the 13 or more chapter on prohibiting engagement in innovations and Bidra. And the things that are newly invented, all Allahu Allah formada from other than happy laboral Allah Angela says,

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What is other than truth, other than truth? It's only falsehood. You're either following the truth or you are following falsehood, if it's not the truth, it must be misguidance and falsehood or call it Allah Mafraq knuffel kitab even che Allah subhanaw taala says we have left nothing except that we have talked about it in the Quran. In the book some of US citizen says the Quran some of us didn't say it's not the Kitab here is not a Quran it's the Preserved Tablet

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we'll call it Allah internalization fishy info do who eat Allah What was your last mantra says, If you dispute about something, then refer it to Allah and his messenger which means the Quran and the Sunnah masala to Allah and Serato Mr. Bremen, February material should be compulsory. Allah says this is my straight path. So follow it and do not follow other paths. Let's they will take you far from the Path of Allah. We'll call it apple in quantum to hipbone Allaha Trione with Kamala wife hola como de Nova calm Allah said on Hamid say to them if you truly love Allah then follow me Allah would love you and will forgive you your sins will Elia TOEFL Barbie Kathy Otto myeloma there are

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many verses similar meanings, or similar with similar indications are among the hadith of a theologian didn't Well Hamish Walton for luctus of Allah Tala minha and the Hadith are so many so we're going to mention some of them

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and Isha totally Allahu anha Pilate God also Allah He said Allah who it was at Emory now had them at least I mean who for who don't have to rewire it in the Muslim and me the eminent Laci ugly Sally Amana one. So this hadith is collected by Bukhari and Muslim from actually Allahu Anhu. She said, Allah's Messenger Salam said, Whoever

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introduces something new in this affair which is Islam.

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Then this will be rejected. This will be rejected by Allah subhanaw taala and His Messenger Wang Javid and all the Allahu Anhu all cannot Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam either HA HA HA HA Aina who were Allah also to who was the developer who had taken the whole mondialisation? Yeah holders of the halco Mama circle. were ordered to anniversa kaha teen well after the novena was born here subhabrata Will will start where you're all another celebrity will start we're all another adult in an era of Hadith the Kitab Allah will hire al hadI had you Mohammed in Salallahu Salam mashallah Madiba to have a coulomb begotten Bala from my opponent and I will be calm enough see him

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and Tala camellia and for the Alia woman Tala Kadena and Obeah. And for a year or a year, our whole Muslim

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so this hadith is from Jehovah will be Allahu Anhu Allah's Messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said that when the prophets of salaam gave hotbar, he would

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his eyes would turn red. So he would sort of feel it, the prophets of salaam would be in a very emotional state, every time he gave hotbar. So hit our his eyes would turn red, his voice would be loud. And some anger would show on his face, as if he is someone who is speaking to an army.

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And the previous one would say, I was sent with the hour with the Day of Judgment like this, like this, and he would combine both fingers, it's got to say, this means the time between the Prophet SAW Salem and the hour, is just the difference between these two fingers in length. So the salam said, I was sent with the hour like these two fingers. So if this, let's say this is the human history,

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this is the human history, the time the prophets of salaam was sent the point in time in human history of the Prophet Allah was sent was this length, upon this point, the hereafter would be at this point. So the shores the problem was sent towards the end of time, the end of the human history.

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And the promised land would say, the best of speech is the book of Allah. And the best guidance is the guidance of Muhammad, Salah Salem and the worst thing in the religion are the newly invented invented affairs. And every newly invented affair which has been is misguidance.

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That's the part of the Hadith that we need to talk about here. We move on to the next chapter of the Prophet and this is about baboon theme and sadness from that and has an earthen I'll say here, a chapter on someone who introduces something new. So

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if someone's establishes a new trend, if it's good, or if it's bad, we're gonna see how Islam treats the scholar low to add, well, Latina Olona a lot better habit and I mean as far as you know, we're literally yet in our cold water or even watch elderly mattina Imam Allah talks about the DUA the righteous people do, is that they say Allah, O Allah grant us from our spouses and our offspring, coolness of the heart or coolness of the eye, comfort source of comfort. Well and make us leaders and guides for the righteous ones.

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makalah to Allah wa Jalla inmitten you're doing a B M Rena Allah Subhana Allah says, and we made from among them leaders who guide to our word or to our path, and abbiamo JD REBNY Abdullah will be Allah. Allah couldn't if you sorted in in a hurry and Rasulullah Salallahu Salam Fajr Oh my rotten mudita been emailed, I will add what are called the DE SU and metahuman mobile, but coulomb in Moodle, Fatima Raju rasool Allah He said Allah Where do you send them the Model B Minal Falco for the hara Mahajan, for Mr. Ravi Leyland and then our call for some some hot tub for God.

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Yeah, are you a nurse it Turaga Kamala the Halacha culminates in wider area in Allah Cana had a cobra Eva will get an Oakland Latifi after we've hashed Yeah, you will know the inner harmony. Law will tumble not so mappack dematerializing the carajo don't mean Dena Amin their HMI he Mintel will be able we saw a temporary he had to God what will be shut down Rafa our Judo menial and sob the sword was in CAD CAM flow Johanna but I just from metabo Anna Suharto, a to Khomeini mobile home and with the app had a lawsuit Allah He sallallahu alayhi wa sallam it's a halal home would have atone for Karla Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and sin that felicidad me sooner than Hassan a

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fella who was the Roman army Libya mean bad to him and a new military and young men. Oh god him Shavon woman significances me some latency It's uncanny valley he was always Roman AMITA via the him and a lady a new young Muslim in Ozeri him she on a wha hoo.

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this hadith the Prophet SAW Allah is from Jillibean Abdullah.

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He said, we were in the middle of one day with the Prophet SAW Allah Himself.

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And a group of people came to the Prophet SAW center, a group of people from the tribe of mobile, for mobile.

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They came, and they had very rough, worn out clothes, worn out clothes. So they were in a very poor state.

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And they had their swords with them. And you can see poverty on the faces and on the appearance

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and the profit. And suddenly he saw them in that state, he became angry. He's faced, turned, you know, showed anger

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because he saw their poverty and their need. So he went back his home. Then he came back again. And he commanded Bilal to make the other one, which was lower.

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So Bill, me, Dan,

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and prosper and preborn and the Prophet SAW Selim made the hotbar he spoke to people, he addressed people that he mentioned some of the verse, some verses,

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about fearing a loss panel to Allah,

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and that humans are all come from Adam and Eve Salam, and that believers have to prepare themselves for the hereafter. Then the Prophet SAW Selim says, A man should or a person should give from whatever money they have, from the food that they have, from the clothes that they have, even if it's a piece of data.

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So one man from an unsolved, went to his house, came back

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a cloth bag that was here, obviously, it had probably some food and some some clothes probably. But it was very heavy. He was finding difficulty carrying it and he put it in front of the Prophet SAW Salem. Why to give it a soda to give it to the those people. When people saw this example, everyone went back home and they brought whatever they could, until it reached the point where in front of the Prophet salallahu Salam, there was two piles. One one big pile of food, and one big pile of clothes.

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So when the Prophet salallahu Alaihe Salam saw this his face you can see ease on his face and happiness on his face. Then the prophets of Allah Salam says, Whoever establishes a good trend and this is Susan Hasler, Sana Sana, Sana here means a trend. So however, establishes a good trend, a good example. And people follow it, then he will get his own reward and the reward of the people will follow him as well without decreasing their reward. But similar reward like theirs will be given also to him, because they followed him they follow this example. And whoever establishes an evil trend, a bad trend.

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And people follow him, he will get his own sin and He will get also similar sins like the people who follow Him.

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Similar sins like the people who follow and this is why, if I'm the Lagna ambassador, the ALLAH and he said, the two sons of Adam have been an Kabhi Kabhi killed habit, he was the first one to kill. First one humanity to commit murder was rbwm he killed his brother Harvey. So about says corbeil

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he got the sin of murder, and he will get the sin of every murder that happens in human history and human and the life of humans till the Day of Judgment. Why? Because he started this trend of murder. He's gonna get all these sins all these murders

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so this is about establishing a new trend another Hadith there are two Hadith in this chapter. And anybody with a little luck or animal and maybe you're Salalah when he was a llama call Lisa magnificent took Tarot Bullman

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in Canada I love the Adam that's what we said Sao Paulo but here is from the Prophet sorcerer. And then the reason was I'm quite lazy. I mean, nificent Dr. nobleman, INLA Can I Lebanese? Well, kefla on Monday, we had the Anna who Karna Willem and Senator Patrick Leahy directed by Bukhari Muslim from magnimous roto the Allahu Anhu that Allah's Messenger Salam said that there is no murder that take takes place, no murder, no person who is killed or murdered without a justice that will just treason except that the first son of Adam who's kabhi will get part of that sin will get part of that sin because He was the first one to establish the trend of me

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next chapter Babu della channel here with Dr. Adel Hooda. In the hood and Alana. This chapter is about guiding others to goodness

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guiding others to miss to, to evil or to miss guidance. Allah Allah will throw in Arabic Allah says and guide or invite to your Lord Allah to Allah. Allah Subhana Allah became Hekmati. Well Marilla has an invite to the way of your LORD with Wisdom

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and good preaching makalah Tada Ouattara with a little bit of what Taqwa Allah says and help one another cooperate on what is good and what is righteous of Allah to Allah will tell coming from ALMA to near the owner Hillel higher and let be among you a nation or a group that calls or invites to goodness. The hadith envy me Miss Rodin raka AB Ibni I'm sorry Bedri Robbie Allahu Anhu called called Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and then data hired in Fela who me through agilely for me here are all Muslim connected by Muslim, from Akbar, even Amazon and slavery of the Allah. That Allah's Messenger Salam says whoever guides others, whoever shows others and invites others to

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something good, then he will get similar reward when they do it. When they do you invite someone to, for example, to do any righteous deed or to do any act of goodness, you invite them to do this. And they do it in response, they will get their reward and very similar reward will also come to you because you guided them to that. And if you hold on to the Allahu Anhu and Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam McCollum and Isla who then cannula whom in illegitimately with Lululemon. Tabea lion casada they came in oh god him che. Woman era that's in Canada human and it made me through atham Even TV I hula and Casola they came in Atomium che underwhelmed Muslim also collected by

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Muslim from Abu Herati Allahu Anhu. That Allah's Messenger Salam says whoever guides or whoever invites people to a guidance, then he will get similar reward when they do these righteous deeds without decreasing the reward and whoever invites to misguidance or evil, so anyone who follows Him He will get similar sin as well. When they respond to His invitation.

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One Abbas Saturday Saturday Saturday robbery Allahu Anhu. Another sort of lies or Salah kala uma haber Lapa Jana had to hear rioter Verdun Adrienne if the hula hula de you hit Walla Walla Walla Walla, Walla Walla, sort of Tibetan nursery we do Kunal a letter home a yo homie or Taha fella Massa Hannah so of other others hula is also am Kulu whom your Jew and your Ta Ha ha ha, ha. Failure rasool Allah who wish to keep me here for God color for OCD for OTB for Masaka Rasulullah sallallahu Lynfield. And he was very Fabella of a barrier

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Dhaka and la mia can be here for Allah Hawaiians have a thought I didn't even know the Allahu rasool Allah will call to him. A porno michelena for fodder on food allistic hattons Ew sir hottie him to medical home in Islam he was going on be my everybody him and happy Allah He to Allah fee for Allahu Allah and yeah the Allah will be covered with Anwar hidden how you will look I mean hungry Nam whatever. Na Omonia do Kona yeah hold on oh it had the phone pole holistic because of why we're be fit here. Attorney will construe

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this hadith is corrected by Bukhari and Muslim from Salem and Saturday, Saturday. He said that on the day of high bar on the Muslims set a siege around however, the prophets of salaam said, Tomorrow I will give the flag or the banner to a man that Allah will allow him to open the city, the city of Haber. He loves Allah and His messenger and Allah and His Messenger love him. So that night, the Muslims were in dispute and they were all thinking and wishing I wish it would be me. I wish it would be me because the porcelain in the morning would give that person the flag.

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So on the morning, people went to the prophets of Salaam, all hoping each one hoping that would be the one who would receive the flood. The Prophet said, Where's your Taalib? They said O Messenger of Allah. He's back in his tent, obviously. And he has some pain in his eyes. The prophets of salaam said Bring him to me. So they brought him to the problem and the problem blew into his eyes. He blew some wind into his eyes. And because of this, his eyes were healed and the problem may drop for him.

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Then the person gave him the flag and even with all that said, O Messenger of Allah should I fight with them until they become like us like they accept Islam. The Prophet of Islam says no, you

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you go around

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You get closer to them or you approach them at ease. So don't make so much noise. Don't go there, recruit aggressively, you march towards them with peace and tranquility until you get in front of the city. Then you invite them, invite them to Islam, and tell them about the rights of Allah Subhana Allah upon them. Then he said, If Allah guides one person, through you, it's better for you than the riches of the Arabs and the riches of the Arabs who are generally speaking, having all these great camels. So the Prophet Salam said, it's better than you than all these riches that Allah guides one person through you.

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Next Hadith and that's the final hadith of sha Allah and unassembled the Allahu Anhu and an effort in a salam ala Yasser Allah in New York as well when a sunnah email me I'll let you fall down and for in Walker Canada has FMLA for over a quarter in the law sort of lays it all out in in literature has to behave akala you have to learn RP literature has to be what BC meno che and from Allah He later Have you seen him you know che and for your biological for your volcanic aefi

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collected by Muslim narrated from us will be allowed that a young man from the tribe of Islam came to the Prophet Solomon, he said I want to take part in a military expedition. But I don't have any money to buy a horse or buy a sword or buy weapons. I only have myself the prophets of salaam told him go to so so and so a certain person, he had prepared himself to take part in a military expedition. So he got ready he bought horse or camel and he bought swords and an armor so he got ready. But later on, he experienced some kind of illness so he's unable to go. So go to him until I'm Allah's Messenger. So salaam conveys his Salaams to you. And he says, Give me whatever you have

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prepared for the for the expedition, because I intend to go. So he goes to him.

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And the man receives him. When he makes the request, the man says to his wife, everything that I have prepared for that military expedition, which I'm unable to go to now. Whatever I have prepared, give it to this man and don't keep don't hold back anything from it. Because whatever you hold back Allah is not going to bless it. So give it to that man. This also shows that if you guide someone or if you help someone have you enabled someone to do something good Shala you will get similar reward. That's the point behind this hadith so we took so many Hadith today I'm gonna stop here in sha Allah, see if you have any questions, any questions?

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If you have no questions, we'll give you time to make inshallah

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until the thought comes around any questions

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no questions by barnacle long if you come to the whole hurdle sort of logs and you know how many videos have you sent them and don't forget, this is time to make dua because the prophets of salaam says with a slight me that one was to Java and for the fastest, fastest person there is a dua that will be answered by Allah span of time, and that's a good time to make dua so make dua for yourself, your families, for Muslims, for anything that you wish for as well.