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The upcoming month of Kath fingers is a time for everyone to prepare for the aftermath of COVID-19, and the importance of trusting God and the Holy Spirit is emphasized. The pandemic and social distancing are also discussed, along with the importance of practicing prayer and not wasting time on things like politics or health. The speaker emphasizes the need for preparation and preparation for events to ensure success, especially for those affected by the pandemic.

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Salam aleikum, wa Rahmatullah?

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In Al Hamdulillah I don't want to stay in one I still feel

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when our older we learn him inshallah Adi fusina was a year Dr. Medina may you had the love of Allah Mottola mama yo blue fella the era was shadow

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law why the whole actually Kara my shadow no Muhammad and I do what I sort of Salalah were either you were early he was

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a you're Latina am and otaku la Hakata RT Walter Morton one two mostly Moon

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A Johan Shotoku Baku Mala the Hala kakum In FC Wahida Mahalia come in Huzzah. Jaha with them in Houma deja dang Cathy, wrong one is

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what? Hola. Hola de Luna b He was out of ham in hola Hakuna Ali como la diva.

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You're Latina am an otaku. Hola Hola. Hola. Overland said either. You're

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way off your luck. I'm gonna go back home. We're mejor de la hora Sudha who falcoda Zephyr was an Halima am badDo for in US dokkan Hadith Nikita Billahi Zoa. Clairol had you hit UNLV you know Muhammad Sallallahu. Early, he was early he was shot on Ohmori Madatha to her makalah Miranda 13 Bidda. Aquila. With that. Allah Allah, all praises due to Allah, we praise Him. We seek his aid and we ask for his forgiveness. We seek refuge in Allah from the evils of ourselves, and the evil consequences of our actions. Whomsoever Allah guides, none can lead astray, and whomsoever Allah leaves to go astray, none can guide I bear witness that none is worthy of worship. None is worthy of

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our ultimate love and devotion, but Allah Almighty alone, and I bear witness that Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa early he was a lump is His servant and His Messenger or you who believe, fear Allah as he should be feared and die not except in a state of submission to your Lord, as Muslims, all mankind be dutiful to your Lord who created you from a single person and from him he created his wife, and from them both he created many men and women and fear Allah through whom you demand your mutual rights and observe the rights of your kin. Surely Allah is Ever and all water over you

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Are you who believe, keep your duty to Allah, fear him and speak the truth. He will direct you to righteous deeds and will forgive you your sins. And whoever obeys Allah and His Messenger has indeed attained a great achievement. The best words are those of Allah. And the best guidance is that of Mohamed Salah where Ali he will early he was salam. And the worst things in the religion are the newly invented matters. For all the newly invented matters in religion are an innovation and Buddha and every bit is misguidance.

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Allah subhanaw taala says in the Quran,

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Allah bIllahi min ash shaytani R rajim. Yeah, au Halina m n o cootie Bala U como si Yamaoka makuti Bala leadin I mean, I believe comme la La Quinta. Takuan are you who believe fasting has been written as an obligation upon you, as it was written on the people who came before you, so that you may attain taqwa, you may attain mindfulness, awareness, connection and fear of Allah subhanho wa taala. This is the point behind fasting. And Allah then explains in the verses as to

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the connection between fasting and the month of Ramadan, the season that we are

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waiting to enter in a few days. So it's going to be in about maybe six or seven days. Allah Subhana Allah says shadow Ramadan I love the whimsy, Rafi hit Quran woodenly Nursey or the Unity mineral Houda. Well for Quran, Thurman Shahid Amin como shahada failure, so it is the month of Ramadan

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in which the Quran was revealed.

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The Quran was revealed as signs from Allah subhanaw taala. As as a miracle from Allah subhanaw taala and a source of guidance and the criteria in between the good and evil. So this month of Ramadan that we are about to enter this month of Ramadan that we are all looking forward to, that we are

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anxiously waiting to enter and seize in these difficult times is probably the best time in the year. And it is the best in the sense that not it's financially better than other months, not that it is politically better than other times. Not that in terms of health, it is better than the other months of the year. It is just that this month is so special, because we have a special connection with Allah subhanaw taala during this month, this month is the best in the sight of Allah Subhan Allah to Allah and that's why he chose it to send his best gift to humanity. And this is the Quran. It is the Quran.

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It is His guidance, and it is His Word. And Allah subhanaw taala says in the Quran will Be Fugly Allah, He will be out of committee he for be there he carefully

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manage mouth and say, let them rejoice, let them feel happy about the

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the bounty from Allah the blessing from Allah and the mercy. And this is definitely the Quran and descending of the Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Allah He was in them. So we are about to enter this month. And this is a very special time.

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There is a phenomenon in the world today.

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That is known as preppers.

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And these are people who prepare themselves to what they think is going to be the apocalypse, the end of times, there are people who take this as a religious matter.

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They think it's the end of time and the end of time is drawing nearer. And that at the end of time, there will be war.

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Almost everyone on earth will be engaged in warfare. And the political system or the world order as we know it today will collapse. And a whole world will fall into chaos and mayhem. And they want to get themselves ready. So they want to get a head start. So these people what they are doing now and they are actually known they are in the hundreds of 1000s of people today in the world. And most of them are in North America. The majority of them are in the US a and there's a good portion of them actually in Canada, and these people call themselves preppers. So what these people are doing and they have come to, to the public or they have come to notice in the in the in the last couple of

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months, specially under the circumstances that the world lives under this COVID-19 And the outbreak, the pandemic that is that has put the whole world in lockdown and that has

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disrupted the economy and the lives of people in unprecedented ways. So these people are preparing themselves for the end of time, they say these are the rehearsals, or the early signs of the collapse of the world as we know it. And thus they are heating or they are they are picking up in terms of the preparation that they do. So what are these people doing? They're actually building bunkers, a lot of them are building bunkers, in the backyard of their house, or in their farm if they have a farm, or in a piece of land if they have it. And a lot of them are actually building their own. They're growing, they're preparing their own gardens now and sorts of food and they are

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having tanks of water and they are digging wells for water, and they are hoarding and

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they're accumulating food and different tools that they would need for preparing food etc. And also on top of this, they are preparing guns and ammunition. So these are people who believe that the end of the world is near the apocalypse is near the collapse is very near. And that's they're getting themselves ready. Why because it's human nature that once you believe something eminent is going to happen, such a huge thing, a huge disruption is going to happen, where where there is high risk is normal for humans to prepare. So they these people want to get a head start. Why because this event for them is a huge thing. And for a believer, for a person who believes in Allah subhanaw taala and

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Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam the things that we prepare for, we will prepare for and we want to get a head start with regards to other things that are important to us. And thus we are preppers for the hereafter.

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We believers Muslims are supposed to be prepared for the hereafter. We try to accumulate as many good deeds and hasnat as we can. We try to purify our hearts as much as we can. We try to offer good deeds as much as we can, and then the best quality we can.

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So we know this is the most important thing for us, that's going to happen. But we don't know when but we are preparing ourselves and our whole life is supposed to come from that lens is supposed to be a preparation for the hereafter. And part of our preparation for the hereafter, is actually seizing beautiful times like this month of Ramadan. Because the Prophet SAW Selim told us about the month of Ramadan, and many other and many Hadith, that the reward is profound. And this is these are the best times in the year. And the Prophet SAW Selim himself used to prepare himself for Ramadan sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and we we have an aeration for the from the from the companions and the

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Tabin for myself, not the Allahu Anhu and now I'm gonna drone Allah Citator ashore, but the Ramadan any ethical Birmingham Ramadan, we are their own Allah sitter to assure Pablo Ramadan, a new build around Ramadan, they used to make dua to Allah subhanaw taala, six months, months after Ramadan that Allah accepts it from them. So they are the whole year they are mindful of Ramadan. Why? Because it's the central point in the whole year for them. This is the highest This is like the time they make all the profit. Just like some some business people, some traders, there are times where that where there is like there's a fair or there's a specific market where they they sell all the

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majority of the goods during that time during that season. So they seize that time all year long. They are preparing for that

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same thing for the believers, six months, they're asking Allah to accept the good deeds that they offered in Ramadan and six months before Ramadan, they're making dua they're looking forward to it making dua to Allah subhanaw taala Oh Allah make us live until we witness the month of Ramadan, they don't want to miss out on the opportunity. Whereas the believer is supposed to be someone who submits and surrenders to the time that go into die. But when it comes to something like this, there is an exception that these great individuals in the history of Islam, they used to ask Allah subhanaw taala to keep them alive. So that they witnessed the month of Ramadan and they don't miss

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out on it. And it shows the value and the weight of this beautiful month.

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as Allah subhanaw taala as sorry as believers,

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we are preparing ourselves for the after the month of Ramadan is our opportunity. And it's not like something

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like it's not it's not the kind of things that we do throughout the year. It's not the kind of prayer that we offer throughout the year. Ramadan is special and the prophets of salaam tells us about Ramadan in that kind of a way to let in Muslim one

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foot to hit a wobble gene and we're holding a wobble now. We're so fidgety. Shayateen

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the prophets of salaam says when it's the first night of Ramadan Ramadan because Ramadan enters atma

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A lot of time,

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the first night of Ramadan, the gates of paradise will be open. What does that mean? That means the Mercy of Allah subhanaw taala. That means the Promise of Allah subhanaw taala. That means what we are supposed to prepare ourselves for, it's calling on us. Here it is. And it means that's the time for you to paradise meaning that's the time for you to prepare for entering paradise and put forward what will get you into Paradise, and the gates of the Hellfire will be shut.

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Meaning that you're more likely to save yourself from the Hellfire during this time during the season, which we are not supposed to miss out on. And then the devils

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who keep whispering in our hearts, who keep inciting us to evil and push us to evil. These ones are actually shackled. They are chained Allah subhanaw taala Allah Subhana Allah locks them up for us, so that we can focus on building our hearts. We can focus on connecting our souls to Allah subhanaw taala and doing more so our efforts and Ramadan could go unhindered by those shouting, but Allah subhanaw taala does not lock down our own self are the evil side of our self and our ego. And that's what we have to work on.

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So and this is why the prophets I send them

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in a famous Hadith. He was about to offer hot butter Juma sermon for the Juma and upon sending his member climbing up his member.

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He said Amin Amin, amin three times.

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So later on the companions of the Allahu Anhu out of their keenness to understand and learn. They asked the Prophet SAW as soon

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as he that also La La a NACA to MLS sheet and malai NACA file to him and we saw that you did something we never saw you doing it before.

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quilter Amin Fela Thammarat. You said I mean three times before He ascended the member file ama in Nigeria law attorney Neva

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for call

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a Yuma Allah Julian de la cara Milan Fela mule for low for burden now. Any person, any person that witnesses the month of Ramadan, who lived who lives the month of Ramadan, and they don't get their sins forgiven, maybe they may they be distanced from the Mercy of Allah, let this person be kicked away from the Mercy of Allah subhanho wa taala.

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So that shows the importance of the month of Ramadan, that there is an opportunity not to be missed. And that forgiveness is so easy and accessible and reachable. That it is inconceivable for someone to miss out on the opportunity. It takes very little the bar is brought near for for great levels of forgiveness. And that's the month of Ramadan. So this is the time that we are about to come to. And this is the time that we should get ready, ready for Yes, everyone is busy now talking about COVID-19 and about the pandemic and about the preparations and about social distancing and the lockdown and the financial crisis that individuals and countries and nations are going through and

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the whole world is actually suffering from and seems that we'll suffer more from that. And the disruption of our daily routine and a normal lifestyle.

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Most people are just busy with that you find people some people are busy with the conspiracy theories, and what are the plans of of China or the New World Order? Or they're going to install chips in your body in order to, to control you and and watch over you and, and, and have more influence over you? And some people say, No, it's going to be other nations that are going to China's going to take over? No, it's the US and this whole thing is a setup.

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Who knows what's gonna happen? Even specialists are confused, and everyone is having their own theory. And you're gonna follow each one of those theories, you're going to waste precious time, you're going to waste precious time. Time is now to focus on Allah subhanaw taala. And the believer does not fear.

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The believer truly does not fear. The believer prepares and they believe and responds to whatever conditions are in place. And the believer could also has some foresight,

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and they are mentally and physically prepared for whatever happens. They take preparations like any normal human being, but they don't get preoccupied. They don't get sucked into all of this stuff about what's going to happen. Which theory is correct and which theory is not correct. And what are the political agenda behind all of that thing. And this President says has said this, and this one said that and what do they mean, read between the words read behind the lines and all of this stuff?

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Then the month of Ramadan comes in, goes out and you find you haven't you haven't, you haven't received anything from the spirit of all time. Whereas the believer their heart is attached to Allah.

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They always repeat what Allah subhanaw taala told them in the Quran. Only you see better inland markets of Allah Allah say nothing will befall us except what ALLAH wrote for us. Allah you see bene Illa Marchetto Allah Who Lana, nothing will come to you except what ALLAH wrote for you.

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And there is a there is a subtle meaning in this case, if Allah knowing that Allah wrote down, what's going to happen, how does that bring comfort to you? How does that make you safe?

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What brings tranquility to your heart? If something was if something was written or was not written? What's the difference? The difference is that it is Allah who wrote that down.

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It is Allah who wrote that down and because we believe in Allah subhanaw taala. We know that whatever Allah writes, for the believer, as long as you believe in Allah, as long as you trust in Allah, that thing is going to be good for you. And that's why Allah Subhan Allah also in the following verse instructed the believers

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to help Tara bassoon Urbina, Bina

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naygn, say to your enemy, say to them, what do you what do what evil Do you try to throw on us or to inflict on us?

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It's one of the two best options. These are the only options these are the only two possibilities that could befall us, either victory from Allah which is great. OSHA had a martyrdom death, death.

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's painful, isn't it?

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It's unfortunate in the sight of many people, but when it happens, and because it was written for Allah, if Allah called it hosts na, na something of extreme goodness.

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So the believer whatever happens to them as long as it is Allah who wrote that for them, as long as Allah is bringing that to them, as long as they trust in Allah, they know it's gonna be good, they are in safe hands, they have nothing to worry about.

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Yes, they don't lose their humanity. They might go through the pain they might experience the agony and the physical level, but the transcendence that they achieve with their Eman

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makes them act from a higher ground. It's a completely different experience. And the Prophet SAW Selim actually mentioned in an authentic hadith, that the martyrs as they are enjoying themselves in paradise, Allah will ask Allah will speak to them and he would say to them, say loony

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asked me, asked me for something and I'll do it for you. I'll fulfill it for you asked me that would say, well, Allah, what do we want?

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And I'm Nick, Jana, and I'm tougher and tougher don't know better. Lm Tawana or Allah, what else could we ask for you in addition to Paradise, you have forgiven our sins. You are pleased with us what else? Allah says Saloni asked me for more.

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There ask Allah subhanaw taala Allah humma for his own Allah azza wa jal in your ADA home Illa dunya

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Dr. Luffy cebelia The ask Allah to go back to the dunya so that they are martyred again because of the honor that they receive because of martyrdom.

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That's how a believer sees everything that happens to them. Everything, everything is good that happens to the believers the Prophet SAW Selim says, and the Hadith collected by by Imam Muslim lyac Lilla Julio Abdi Hilmi, Nicola and Illa cannot run low. There is no decree that there is no thing that Allah writes down for a believer except that it is good for that believer. It's good.

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Sorrow and war are all in favor of the believer, the old good for us, and they just serve to help us have more trust and more faith in Allah subhanho wa Taala through lightly when it comes to stuff.

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hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa salatu salam ala Sayidina, Muhammad Ali, he was heard he has remained.

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in these difficult times, we don't want to busy ourselves with what's going on. Yes, stay informed. Be aware of what is a good way of conducting yourself health wise, and maybe finance wise as well. And be aware of what's going on in the world but do not become preoccupied with that don't waste the time of Ramadan. We're not going to be able to pray the masajid we're not going to be able to have a thought at the massage together. We won't be able to appraise a lot of Torah we

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So, it's an opportunity, it's definitely an opportunity for us to explore something that some of the early generations used to do.

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And part of what the, some of them some of the, of the early generations, some of the companions of the Allahu Anhu

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and some of the taboo and and and the generations that followed would actually prefer to pray Taraweeh at home, even when telawi was held at the masjid

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even with the taraweeh was held at the masjid many of them would pray at home would pray priests a lot of Asia at the masjid and they would go home and pray to Allah we had there just as they did throughout the year they would do Kiama late that's it.

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And there is no there's not necessarily any preference whether you prayed at the masjid or at home, wherever you can sustain and you can

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and you can follow up with and you can you can actually feel the connection and the prayer and that's what's good for you. That's the general rule as well now this year, we're not going to be able to pray them as to so maybe it's time for some people to explore the beauty and the sweetness of making salata Tala we had home it would be great if the whole family and that's something to teach the kids and to get the family together to pray together salata Tara we

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pray salata Tara we had together and if you know very little of the Quran, use that little to recite, and if you want to recite more insulated tarawih in selected Tara we only you can hold the most half in your hand and read from the most if

00:26:38--> 00:26:46

you can read from the most half if someone cannot read Arabic and cannot, does not know much of the Quran, then the little you know, keep repeating it during the salah

00:26:48--> 00:26:55

there's nothing harm, there's nothing harmful about this actually, that's the way to deal with the Quran, the Quran is understood and is absorbed through repetition.

00:26:57--> 00:27:11

So it's very common that we hear about something about an erection from the early generations, that they would keep reciting the same verse over and over and over again contemplating it, absorbing it, taking it in.

00:27:12--> 00:27:34

So this is something that is part of part of our practice of Islam. So maybe this is an opportunity for us to actually do this. And maybe it's time as well for for everyone to break their fast with their with their with their with their family with a family members. So these are things you can do. And maybe as well you can recite Quran, but something that we can definitely benefit from as we are trying to recite Quran.

00:27:35--> 00:28:14

And I know sometimes for many people, they could not keep up with it. People easily feel bored when it comes to reciting the Quran, if they are not used to it is that yes, we can't gather at the masjid or any other place of this, you don't have a gathering at home, where you can do is use online gatherings, which is a very useful tool we live in blessed times when it comes to to a service like this, that we are able hamdulillah to broadcast this hotbar when people are unable to come to the masjid, we're able to give some of the helicopters when people are not in the masjid. We're able to connect with one another when people are not able to leave their houses.

00:28:15--> 00:28:56

Were able to speak to one another. So why don't we make an I think and I believe there are on social media, a few groups here on there where people gather together and recite the Quran together, read the Quran together, and you will find a lot of these hamdulillah there's a lot of creativity among many individuals, we're actually creating groups and coming up with ideas on how to utilize whatever is available to us. In order to make it easy for those who may not be able to sustain such a level of good deeds by themselves in Ramadan, they need encouragement of others, and indeed congregational spirit lifts up people and helps them practice. So this is something that we are able to use

00:28:57--> 00:29:01

something else that we are able to use is giving sadaqa

00:29:02--> 00:29:05

again, Hamdulillah you don't have to go

00:29:06--> 00:29:26

in person and give someone sadaqa or walk into the masjid and put the sadaqa in the box of the masjid or, or physically go and approach a poor person and offer them food or offer them some some some change. But what you can do now is online banking. There's all of these

00:29:27--> 00:29:47

online platforms, we can transfer money, where and there's a lot of donations donation appeals online available, so you can still maintain that and the prophets of salaam as Anna signo Malik probably Allahu Anhu reads about him cannot us will Allah He saw Salam Edward the nurse, the prophets of salaam was the most generous of people.

00:29:48--> 00:29:59

The Prophet SAW Selim received so much share from the spoils of war so much and that could have made him the richest man in the Arabian Peninsula if not the rich

00:30:00--> 00:30:20

In the whole world, yet what did the prophets of salaam do with that, upon receiving it, the prophets are Sanam would give it away upon receiving it to the point that when he SallAllahu Sallam passed away his own shield, his own metal shield that he used to protect himself do in the in the battlefield, it was

00:30:21--> 00:30:30

in the possession of one of his neighbors, a Jewish person from his name is the prophet from had taken a loan from this person. And he kept the shield with him as a deposit

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or as a guarantee.

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So this kind of generosity, it does not stop because of the pandemic that we are living today,

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we can still do that.

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You can still support your local masjid. And you can still support the poor people that you have always wanted to support. Actually, it's time it's time now. Because maybe you live in a country where there is some governmental support to people have lost their income. But there are countries in the world where people were laborers, random workers are entrepreneurs, people who work on their own, they lost their work and their business and they don't have any support. So maybe that's time that we can offer them support. And you don't have to support all the all the poor people in a country or on Earth, where you can do just speak to one or two people, three people. And sometimes

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for us, it's a little change that can that could give a family food enough for the whole month.

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You could actually spare $100 and offer a family in some countries, food that is enough for the whole family that would last them for the whole month of Ramadan.

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And so $100

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It's not much. So sadaqa is something great. So as we know, Malik says can also salam at wilderness Wakanda, Edward Amaya corner of Ramadan, the prophet has on me was the most generous among all, and he was more generous in Ramadan, he would take it to the next level. Why? Because of the abundant rewards in the month of Ramadan. Some people are worried about the last 10 nights and about the little cards are the same thing. The lockdown is still there, and it seems that it's going to last until then, then you can still use time you can use this time, you can still benefit from that time. And you should, you should with all the acts of worship that you are aware of reciting Quran and

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doing Decker and praying doing out performing your prayers and giving charity.

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So alhamdulillah for the believer, any circumstances as long as the heart is connected to Allah, all of them are conducive, all of them are favorable. And all of them are helpful. That's how this is this is the angle from which a believer should approach any situation in in this life, we ask Allah subhanaw taala

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to and all of this before we make the DUA. All of this needs preparation. It needs mental preparation. First, first and foremost, because this is this is a shift in our minds, this is a shift in our approach. And for many people there actually, they are slow adapters. So you need to give yourself time handler we have about a week now before Ramadan, you have time to get yourself ready to that you're going to experience someone differently. And don't just dwell on the fact that oh Ramadan is not going to be the same. I have to feel bad. That's not going to help you with Allah and the by the way, that's not going to give you any reward is just going to hold you back from

00:33:25--> 00:33:28

doing more. Don't think, you know,

00:33:29--> 00:33:48

just be like, like I'm not gonna do as he's, I'm allowed to add on. He said, I spoke to a woman on the ribbon in Luffy, my older brother, he said I got to a point in my life where I have no happiness and no contentment except in how the cuddle of Allah transpires and how it unfolds in my life.

00:33:49--> 00:33:52

So he has no attachment to any expectations.

00:33:54--> 00:34:24

Where he's open to whatever comes from Allah, he's going to use it he says, and I look forward to it and I love it whatever it is, because I know it's best for me. We want to we want to deal with Ramadan this year just like that. Get yourself ready from now mentally. Get yourself ready from now maybe in terms of your groceries, you don't want to in many countries now in order to get into a grocery store you have to line up. You don't want to waste that time. So if you're able to get your groceries before Ramadan, especially the ones that could last you the month, go ahead and do that.

00:34:25--> 00:34:31

Do it you don't want to waste time during Ramadan standing up in lines and feeling uncomfortable and doing your shopping

00:34:32--> 00:34:33


00:34:34--> 00:34:47

get your family get you get you get your family ready told them about your kids, your spouse. Ramadan is going to be different how can we make it special? How can we support each other how can we how can we encourage each other and so on and so forth.

00:34:48--> 00:35:00

The last the last the last thing I would recommend that you get yourself ready in Ramadan is the last few days. Last week why didn't you fast a couple of days. Fast a couple of days even if you if you're not used to that fast a couple of

00:35:00--> 00:35:04

Today's start with a couple of raka 40 amylase a

00:35:05--> 00:35:13

couple of recovery pmla Get started with that. If you are someone who cannot live without coffee or tea start you know

00:35:14--> 00:35:16

weaning yourself off that

00:35:17--> 00:35:39

start cutting down on your sugar intake on your caffeine intake and start getting you know leaving some space between your meals because you don't want to get into Ramadan and you're exhausted physically exhausted you your your your blood sugar is down and you're just dragging yourself and you just you know, resting between naps you don't want to spend your Ramadan like that.

00:35:40--> 00:36:19

You don't want to you want to get as as ready as possible before Ramadan so sha Allah when you enter it, it is the time to start reaping the fruits many people think Ramadan is the time to to throw seeds it's the time to start reaping the fruits. That's the issue. The whole year is a preparation for Ramadan in the sense because that's the time we make most of our profits. We ask Allah subhanaw taala to make this Ramadan, one of the most special in our lives and to help us use it to its fullest. Aloma Taco Bell Mina Allama Boliviana Ramadan Allah mobile Lebanon Ramadan Gramatik Al Hamra Haman Loma John Nephi Humana saw immune immune woman at detonated Kitab IK and as he's got to

00:36:19--> 00:37:03

Hermetica I mean Allahumma Zelina volcanic with unblock all my fellow tech along my other journey with economic Allama and personality Basler haffi Allah whom I'll personally Barcelona versalife here Joaquina shuttler how the bureau medical model I mean, a llama llama Philomena will want me net well mostly Amina will mostly Mecca here even on what I'm what a llama for Lenovo norburn Our slife en Fe Emelina with a bit Akadama now on sadhana mill care Furion llama Fiddler now with the wily Deena what happened Elena metacercariae hammerlock Amin Brimley had a mature Malala rushed your SUV and Ottawa attic where your Daffy Aluma sciatic well your movie Hibiki Tarik. Asuna Tina Vu Kosala

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la rally he was in la Madonna has not been Nick was cut Tawakoni Ehrlichia that generally will be Quran Subhanallah become a big admirer Stefan was Salam o Allah mursaleen Welcome to your bill Alameen as for the people who are watching us online, you guys pray at home footlocker. This is knowledge and we're here for you

00:37:24--> 00:37:50

have only a few brothers here we're going to pray Jamaat together but for you guys, you have to pray for Raka Salah to Lahore and you cannot have your Joomla online it doesn't work like that. It doesn't work at all. So there's no drama online. You have to be in the presence of the Imam to be able to follow the imam in the hotbar and in the Salah so that you pray with them so pray please at home for regardless, Kamala Farah Baraka lafay