Master Khushu in 90 Seconds – 02 Sincerity

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In this series I share with you 30 tips to revamp your Prayer and Master the state of Khushu’. It requires you to invest in each one and try to implement it from your heart. The more you practice it, the more the pay off.

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Salaam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh Welcome to master who show in 90 seconds so this fifth inshallah is also extremely powerful and as simple as it may seem, it says pray your Salah, in a state of sincerity, do your Salah for Allah subhanaw taala although this seems to be obvious, but most of the time we're not doing it right. You need to think of Allah you need to consider your relationship with Allah subhanaw taala you need to feel that you owe Allah Allah so much and that he deserves your full attention and he deserves your best. So when before you start your salon get in that state of wanting to give a loss of panatela something special that this salon is only about him

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and you it's just between you and him. And that's it. So when you do do your solo when you perform it performance as an expression of your love to Allah subhanaw taala to express your love the love you have to Allah subhanaw taala as you're performing your Slotnick everything in it a manifestation of the love you have a lot in your heart, in your visitation in your car, in your body movement. All of this should be an expression of your love for Allah spirit Allah and see the magic happen in your salon.