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Ramadan 2019 Reminders 12 – Are You Treating Ramadan Like a Light Switch

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Bilal Philips

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should not be treated

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a light switch,

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which you turn on and you turn off. I mean, this is the reality of what we have been doing in the past

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like a light switch when Ramadan comes, we turn on the lights of our Eman

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And we try to do our best we're praying more we're reading more Koran, staying up at night, we're trying to do all of these things.

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And then when Ramadan is over, and it seems always to go so quickly,

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the light switch is turned back off.

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And we're then back in the darkness of our old habits. All of the things that we gave up, whether it was smoking,

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or excessive television, or,

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or, or all the various things that we know we shouldn't really be doing. We try to give them up in Ramadan.

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Shortly after Ramadan, we find ourselves sliding right back into them again.

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And that is mainly because of the fact that we are approaching Ramadan.

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Like the light switch.

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We turn on the light and we're fired up. Then we turn off the light

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and it's gone.