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The segment discusses the negative consequences of backbiting and the misunderstandings of men and women, including the belief that everyone falls in that circle and the belief that there is a sense of evil. The segment also touches on the use of force and backbiting during disputes, and the importance of following rules and proper etiquette in dealing with people who do or do not believe in Islam. The segment ends with a recap of the history of backbiting and the importance of reciting the Bible and acting according to its instructions.

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someone comes to you and he says, your closest friend is saying bad things about you. How would you behave in this situation? Stay tuned.

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All praise is due to Allah, we praise Him. We seek his aid and we ask for his forgiveness. We seek refuge in Allah from the evils of ourselves and the evils of our actions. Whomsoever Allah guides, none can lead astray, and whomsoever Allah leaves to go astray and on can guide and I bear witness that no one has the right to be worshipped, except Allah alone who has no partners. And I bear witness that Muhammad is His Servant and Messenger. Dear viewers, salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato. I'm your host, Matt Hamidi, we'll come to a new episode of your show. For the sake of Allah. We have our brothers with us Brother Mohammed Abdullah salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa

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Today, inshallah, we will try to deal with something that destroys brotherhood, it's a social illness that is widespread amongst the people. And people are really inclined towards spending the time we know backbiting one another, this is a common phenomenon that we can see in every society and everywhere, because people have, naturally they have jealousy, they have the tendency to criticize others, maybe some people, they make up things about others or against others. So one of the main things that bring enmity and that bring dissension and disputes mainly is based upon this kind of thing, which is backed by Alibaba. And, and Amina, which is tail carrying, and this is

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another social problem, inshallah, we will try to deal with it

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through your own observations, how do what what would you like to say to or tell us a bit of man, about Alibaba about backbiting? What is its evil effects on society, and on the individuals?

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First of all, it creates hate

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in, in a micro and macro way, like,

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between the individuals, and in the society itself. And there's rumors that will be spread. And people that don't even know you, maybe they heard the rumor, which is wrong about you. They won't like you with that do and they will judge you without even knowing you. Just because another brother said something on you. Or backstabbed you because he maybe he had envy. He envied you. Or maybe there was an argument between you and him. So to take his revenge, he felt good. And he felt kind of amused to talk about you and to exaggerate the facts. And it's the kind of amusement that a lot of people fell into these days. Even sometimes, some people that are practicing sometimes they could

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fell in it. So we got to take care to also protect our, our, our brothers from behind the backs when they're not around. This is this is the privacy and this is the Brotherhood. Yeah, yeah. Okay, Mohammed, through your own observation. I mean, when people get together, and they spent some time, what do you think, is they How do they, I mean, use their time, and they're together, especially, let's say, for example, men or women, what's it? Like, for example, when you're in work, and you have like, lunch or something like that, and people just hang around and start talking about things and things like that. Most of the time, most of the composition is talking about like other people

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who are not present backbiting but actually, away from that, like, in practicing brothers, within them. with them. You don't find that much. Maybe it's not at all

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said that. It's in the practicing brothers. But it's like, it's not comparable. with mine. It's a minor problem. It is. Yeah, it is. So it's not something within the practicing people handle. I wouldn't find this to be quite as prevalent amongst them, but when others will almost every time they sit together. They

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detail about people. Isn't this the case? Yeah, actually like, usually when people get get away or far away from their Islamic values

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and even like values in general, they they fall in desires and mistakes and weaknesses that all humans have like backstabbing and having the pleasure and getting the amusement going on by talking about someone where he's not there, yeah. Okay Mohammed, have you come across verses from the Quran or Hadith from the prophet SAW Selim about backbiting and how evil it is?

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So Matthew with me so

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that was okay. Okay, on to that song. Okay, these verses actually contain beautiful advice from Allah Subhana Allah to Allah with regards to brotherhood, how the believers should treat one another. We'll go over them try to explain them and extract the benefits inshallah, from that we'll take them one verse after the other and Lost Planet Allah says, Allah Billahi min ash shaytani r rajim. Even Hamza he want to see you want to stay

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in a minute.

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In a minute.

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What law Allah Allah

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so Allah Subhana Allah is saying, in verily the believers, brothers to one another, so firstly, when at how we can make reconciliation between your brothers, if there's a dispute or disagreement, we reconcile your brothers, what Allah Allah Allah come to him and fear Allah have Taqwa of Allah so that you may have the mercy of Allah subhanho wa Taala. A lot of Allah says

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Allah Dena Amanullah is

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a woman as

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kuno honey amin home, wala Nisa, nissa

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nissa in NASA

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so you see Allah subhanaw taala saying, Yeah, you have Latina Amen. Oh, you who believe?

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No, people mock one another, I'll make fun of one another. Okay.

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Well, then he said, I say you're gonna hate on me. No, maybe they are better than then maybe you are mocking someone what he's better than you in the sight of Allah Subhana Allah to Allah. So mocking is not from the

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character of multiple making, when he said one minister and so on, and no women mocking other women. Maybe they are better than them. And Allah has mentioned particularly women here, because, you know, we know when women all get together and there is sometimes envy and there is jealousy. It incites them to fall into backbiting. We don't say that women are the only ones who do that but everyone actually falls in that.

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was in general, man and woman. That's it. Then the last one what Allah says

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Allah tala meizhou fusa kumala Tana

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beat Sally smallfoot Oh Koba.

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Woman la mia toda la ecomo.

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So last thing, I mean, do not call one other names, not call names, but other others names. A person who should for example, well, we have insults sometimes people have insults they say or

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what, for example, what big nose? They refer to someone that's a big nose. Something these are ways that the Muslim Should I mean, raise himself above that low level. And Allah says bits that are small for so called bad that the man what an evil thing that you'll come back to forsook which is I mean lack of manners. After you have attained faith and a man, woman led me to Formula ikoma volume and those who did not do not repent. Those are the wrong doers. Then Allah subhanaw taala he takes us back to the reason for backbiting and Phil carrying what is that Allah saying? Yeah Lavina levina Manuka Honey Boo Kathy Romina, one in one.

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Oh, you who believe avoid most of one suspicion in about the Venetian. Some suspicion is sin is Islam. Because one suspicion is what causes people to fall into backbiting. When you see someone and we're in a place where it's likely, sometimes we mentioned that if a person

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You see him in just outside the night, a nightclub.

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Okay, now suspicion starts, starts to work. So people because of that they fall into backbiting, oh, you know, I saw so and so just outside not not club and they also exaggerate. There'll be the will add more. I'm sure he went in and he may be drank and yeah. So a lot is fitting us to the reason behind backbiting because a sin leads to another sin now evil suspicion leads you to backbiting then Allah, Allah says, Well, just

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bla bla bla bla, and do not spy on one another because when you spy, you will see some doubtful situation which will cause you to have suspicion which will cause you to back lead you to backbiting This is why I said, Well, I suggest so when I have to battle combat, I do not spy on one another and do not backbite when another spying will lead you to backbiting because when you spy on a person curiosity now starts functioning. So you will okay let me see what this person is doing. Let me see. So you won't you won't listen to the whole discussion that you may come to a point and you won't have the whole scenario. So you may misunderstand and most probably you misunderstand. So you you're

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gonna backstab That's it, but it will be part of the situation part of the truth you won't realize what it is. This will cause you suspicion This will cause you backbiting and then we'll add more curiosity which will make us pay more because you want to know more. Palacio chiffon thinks he pulls the legs of people towards sin and evil then Allah Subhana Allah says, Are you a boy? hadoken coolala Murphy my *ery tomo, what up? Oh, la, la La, La La watching just one of you like to eat the flesh of his brother of his dead brother?

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Does he like to do that? And you hate it. Imagine yourself. I mean, there's a dead body of your brother, and people sitting around him eating his flesh. And you can see the blood and all that.

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It's a very evil situation. So when people sit together and they backbite one another, you see what they are doing. It's as if they have brought the buddy of their brother and he's dead. And they are eating flesh is flesh.

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Like cannibals, like cannibals. See some handled isn't evil situation. Then unless Montana says what law in the law to fear Allah. Verily, Allah accepts repentance and Allah is merciful. So Allah reminds us a few fall into these sins, then repent to Allah, Allah accepts repentance and Allah is merciful, lies merciful. Now, we will inshallah, take these verses and elaborate more how they relate to our everyday life. So how these sins can cause or can bring about the destruction of brotherhood and can destroy this relationship that Allah has granted us as a favor which is love for the sake of Allah Subhana Allah will elaborate more on these verses in sha Allah, and we will have

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to stop for a few minutes inshallah. And after that, we'll come back I say to our viewers, stay with us, we're coming to you back shortly insha Allah

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choose whom he wins Subhana Allah for his mercy for his messenger ship for the revelation to be revealed. This is not for the human beings to make that decision. If a person would turn to our last panel to Alison Seeley, truthfully, asking for forgiveness, Allah subhanaw taala promised to forgive. We have as Muslims a duty and that is to recite the book of Allah to ponder over the verses the words of our last panel to Allah and to act according to the Quran, the mercy of Allah Subhana Allah encompasses everything, but it who would this mercy will be for, and the Prophet sallallahu Sallam was sent to all mankind. So the oma are the people of the prophets of the largest. All

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Mankind since the time of the prophets, I send them till the Day of Judgment. Why waste our life without getting to know every verse in the Quran? What Allah subhanaw taala wants from us.

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Salam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh Welcome back. Now we

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So how evil it is to fall into backbiting. And what a lot of what Allah told us about this issue, which is backbiting, and we saw that it is as if you are eating the flesh of your brother when he is dead. And some people make light of it. Every time they sit down together in any gathering, they talk about others, and they backbite others. So it's an evil sin, and abri it brings enmity and hatred in the Muslim society. Don't you agree with that dorama Exactly. Creates hates when, for example, if, if, once it happened to me that I trusted the builder, and we will close, then I heard from more than one that he backstabbed me that actually, like

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it made our relationship fall down, in a way really just because of that, it really does because it hurted me in a way that because I always did. I always thought

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we were going out, invited him to my home to my privacy. And then he backstab me. How do you think we can I mean, get rid of backbiting some people are so much used to it. They just can't abandon that. What what things might help them get rid of this bad habit? First of all, they did the don't have to Miss Judge.

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Second of all, I believe

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they have to, like, accept the color. And the cada, like, be be thankful for what Allah have gave them. Because when they believe that Allah does that was his own wisdom, and allas O's just, and they have this belief, they will know that if maybe they're different is better than them in something or had a prop more property. It's for a reason that Allah shows. So he won't envy him and therefore because he won't envy him. He won't backstab him because envy usually leads to hate and he leads to bad backstabbing. Yeah, yeah.

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Just remember them with the if the

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throttles. It's very good. Yeah. Yeah. Because it's like, quite clear, it touches the point of backbiting and mocking and things like that. And it's for different people, men and women didn't concentrate on a certain

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type. Yeah. So it's really it's an example that makes I mean, the heart really. I mean, I mean, it makes the person think, and it causes that effect in the heart. When you listen to this example, in the verse, If you say to Brother, some brothers, or some people are sitting together, okay, let's bring your friend, he's dead. now. I'll bring you his buddy, come. And I'll give each one of you a knife. Each one of you cut a piece of his flesh and start eating his flesh. would they do that? No.

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What are you talking about this? They would consider this to be a crime. How can you bring bring the dead but the body of your dead brother, you bring him cut pieces of it and start eating his flesh? Can you do that? Well, no one would do that. Will any people are sitting together backbiting, say to them, okay, let's bring that brother and let's eat him. Because you are already doing this. It happens really with the practicing brothers. It's like a slip of tongue.

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But, but the thing is, he remembers, he returns to Allah subhanaw taala and says stuff a lot of it. And he mentioned the brother with good deed. So it's like, at the spot, he stops from making the sin because he knows what's, what's wrong. And what's right away from other non practicing Muslims is

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really bad.

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What about for example, I have a brother. He's a closed bot of mine. And, for example, I know that he's seeing another brother. And this other brother. Most people know that he For example, He lies is someone you cannot trust. He could cheat on you. For example, in the business, if I if I if I start wanting him is that backstabbing. Like I saw him after the brother leaves, I tell him, please take care of that. But is what it is said that there is no Reba for a facet, someone who openly I mean, there's all these kinds of evil, and there is a danger he will he constitutes a hazard or a danger towards another brother, then you should warn that brother against him. For example, this

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person, let's say he's known for his for taking other people's property stealing. Okay, and you see that he's mixing with another brother.

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Well, you have the right answer obligation upon you, because it's part of giving advice being sincere towards you, brother, john, this brother is known. It's not that he he did it once. And that's know if he's known for that. And you are sure that he's you sort of certain that he's going to take some of this brothers property, you are who you say to him? Well, this brother, well, you can mix with him. But be careful. He's known for this and that you don't say he is? Well, he's a lawyer or his. He's a thief or whatever you just say, you mentioned to him facts, certain incidents that happen, so you take to him be on God, being God of that person, is what it is, you know,

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there's another thing that he leads to is another which is another illness to carrying sometimes I sit, for example, with Mohammed, and I mentioned Abdullah man with some acid. Man, you know, he has the problem with this issue. Now, Hamad ghost Abdul Rahman he says to him, okay, now much as some said this and that about you, okay, well, this might be true. But this is considered to be what nemea Sportsnet slammed me material carrying is that you shouldn't do this. Even if a person is speaking ill about another person. Don't go until the other person but give advice to the one who's doing the backbiting. And sometimes some people they, for example, the defendant, someone when he

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wasn't there, when people were backstabbing him, and then they go and tell to the person, I had your back. And they were talking about you. And he says the names of the the this is even worse, he made he made the fire get worse between them. Yeah, this is I mean, this isn't me, man. It's very evil. The process of them said no one who makes use of force in this Act, or who I mean, repeatedly falls into this act. He's an A man, he's a tail carrier, you know, one of these type into paradise to be nice to do that. Like the apostle Salim said, speak good or be silent. So it's like being silent is better than talking in a bad way. But most of the people, I think they like to talk a lot. I mean,

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it's a bad habit. It is

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a weakness. Yeah, we know one of the scholars of the generations person came to him and he said, you know, so and so speaks ill about you. So this scholar said to him, Well, the shun didn't find a person more evil than you to bring me this evil to destroy the Brotherhood with my brother.

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He blamed the tail carrier because he's the one to blame. You should give advice to those who backbite. But you should sometimes even worse, the tail carrier. He's inventing. He's inventing the story. Because he's, for example, he's envying the relationship between you and a burger? Like, why Why? Why don't they like me as much as they like each other? Yeah. So he tells you, he says, This is very, really bad.

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You know, one thing to carrying and backbiting leads to is that you look down upon your brother. Now if there is a brother that I don't know, I see both of you speaking about him, Well, he's a bad brother, he did this he did that he falls into sin will naturally I would be on guard of this brother, I won't really respect him that much. Although I don't know him, this shouldn't be the case. It shouldn't be the case. So when you back but on people back, but another one, they caused the others to look down upon him. And this is one of the major sins in Islam to look down upon your brother, which is an art. And the professor's alum warned us against this, if you come across any

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warning from Quran or against this will

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from the nurse or

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husbandry minister and yagura how Muslim will Yeah, well, this is a strong statement as well. There has been in menasha, that it's enough evil that a person commits, and that he looks down upon his Muslim bro. Yeah, so it's not a simple thing. It's not a minor issue. But when, for example, the rich they look down upon the poor, this is very severe act of evil act. Las panatela doesn't like that. It's enough evil. That's, that's a lot of evil that a person does when he looks down upon his Muslim brother. And this is one of the outcomes of backbiting, backbiting, and sometimes even like, you could have

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never did something to a brother. And just because he heard a rumor about you.

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And there was a false rumor. He looks down on you and you'll be even surprised. You'd be like, why is this butter?

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Looking at me in that way? What did I do to him? I just met him. Yeah, this is great hate from nothing. And this very issue destroys many, many relationships of brotherhood among the people. Because unfortunately when there is no enough a man and

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There's no enough fear of Allah subhanaw taala backbiting is common. It causes this kind of attitude a person you have never seen he hates you. He doesn't like you when he looks down upon you. Why? Because of backbiting? Well, that was the fault of the one who did the backbiting in first place. And it's this brother's fault, because he accepted that he believed in that with that, I mean, coming, venturing to know the truth, or bettering himself to find out what the truth was, is that true?

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Yeah, but but I wanted to ask so like, for instance, if

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we should always like see ourselves is that if that is true or not, we take the risk, like, for example, butter, does take care this guy is this butter is doing this and doing that and doing this? Should we always see ourselves before judging? Or should we take the warning? Baby? Take care and then same time, see, see what's going on? Oh, okay, there will Subhanallah what it is there is a way with dealing with people. If someone tells you this brother did this, and that, first of all, get facts from him. If he said to you, this brother is a liar. Okay, give me incidence where he lied. And you asked for witnesses. Okay, so maybe he's maybe that brother's really bad. He has bad

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manners. So he's warning you against against him. So first of all, tell him give me facts. I don't want accusations. I want facts, is the first thing. Second thing you say to him. I mean, I want witnesses. And then if it shows that it's a lie, you verify with that? Brother, there's no hands down? Well, some people say this and that about you. So I would like really to know, because I care for you. You are my brother. So I would like to know about this, we have to really look for the man. The problem is when you usually go to a brother and tell him some people told you told me about about you this and that he owes get curious to know who it is. And he insists on knowing Yes, of

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course, in that case, we shouldn't make this your last resort that you go to that, Brother, you go to that. misunderstanding occurs a lot in a lot of situations. So just don't take it for granted. Like I said, it's true. Just any incident that happens is just you don't just take it for granted. And you can see how Islam is really concerned about brotherhood. As we are proceeding with the subject, we see a very good regulations, etiquette of how to deal with brothers how to tackle the issue of brotherhood, how to maintain it. And it is completely I mean, complete code of behavior with regards to brotherhood and its importance. So somehow law inshallah will abide by this and

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benefit from that. So is that for your contributions, as I say to our viewers desire cool Ah, hold on for being with us. May Allah reward all of us and May Allah bless us all, was Salam. alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh