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The importance of finding one's own debts and protecting one's family members is emphasized in Islam. The three levels of brotherhood are discussed, including sharing money, sharing it with their brother, and giving it back to them. It is also emphasized that protecting one's brother from falls in hardship and achieving Islam's values is crucial.

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You have a brother who's not from the same mother, who is that we'll find out shortly. Stay tuned.

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All praise is due to Allah, we praise Him. We seek his aid and we ask for his forgiveness. We seek refuge in Allah from the evils of ourselves and the evils of our actions. Whomsoever Allah guides. noncom is guide, and whomsoever Allah leaves to go astray, nun can guide and I bear witness that no one has the right to be worshipped except Allah alone, who has no partners. And I bear witness that Muhammad is His servant and His Messenger Dear viewers, salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato. Welcome to a new episode of your show. For the sake of Allah. I am Mata Samad Hamidi, we have with us today our brothers, Brother Mohammed, and brother Abdul Rahman. Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa

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Today, we are talking about the rights of brothers who are close to you, which we call some kind of, it's a higher form of brotherhood, those who are around you, those are the brothers upon whom are with whom you mix, and you help one another in terms of doing righteousness, and improving in terms of the religion and in terms of faith. So these brothers, they have rights, the rest of the brothers, they don't have rights because of their because they are close to you. They are they mix with you most of the time, so they have other rights. Now,

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how much you have close friends, definitely those who are mainly with you?

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Do you feel that it's a kind of different or a higher brotherhood that you have with them than the rest of the Muslims? It's all all of it is brotherhood for the sake of Allah, Allah to Allah, but because of your mixing with them most of the time, because they help you in terms of you religion and terms of righteousness? does this give them a special place in your heart? I think she said the key word, it's like mixing with them. So unlike them, most of the time, after work, I mean, like we spend time together, and so modeling, practicing Islam, and maybe hanging out together. So it's like, mixing with them is the key word for it.

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It's being there most of the time, if not every day, then every other day. So they have a special place in your heart. Yes.

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Of course. What do you think?

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I agree, of course, was Brother Mohammed. Because the the fact that we seem most of the days we see each other, and we could share the same problems, we're maybe in the same environment. So all this makes us of course closer then brothers of course that I'm a birth parent in another country

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who I don't even know the names but the stigma buzz and I still pray for them if they need me, inshallah, I'll try to go and be there for them. Because of course, the closest the verse Yeah, the more personal It is, yes. And the more rice there is.

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So Mashallah seems clear that those who, with whom you're, you hang around most of the time, of course, because because you help one another for righteousness, they have a special place in your heart, they have more love than the others because this brotherhood has materialized. We see it every day, we can see its beautiful influence on our character on our religion. And we have built that bridge of trust between us because I know them, because I know him by heart. I know that person by heart, he's my brother, I know how he would behave is how close sometimes the brothers get. So these people, I mean, when brotherhood reaches this high level, there are other rights incumbent

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upon the person towards his brother different than the general rights that we know.

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One of these for example. We know that throughout this life, one day you have to fall in hardship. And especially we can say financial hardship, especially today, the way people live today is very likely that a person would fall into financial hardship some time or another throughout his life. So

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do you think that the brothers who are close to you Those are really you consider it to be the best of your brothers, the best of your friends would you really

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Considered helping them or give them special treatment when it comes to helping them out with money.

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The truth, in this point of time I am in debt. It's been six months, I also am brother of mine some money. So it appears that he helped me out. So at this point, my six month old humbler, but I mean, that's a good brother, I can rely on.

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And that's a proof of the true brotherhood. I mean, if he's only with me when I'm good, and the good status, financial status, that means he's not really a brother. But if he cares about me if, when i when i when there's a problem, financial problem, and he is beside me, and he may lend me money, or even give me money. That's, that's, that's the real butter. And this is what Islam even once, and you can be patient with you, because he knows your situation.

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Even sometimes, I know brothers that could give you money, and sometimes I gave money. Sure it happens.

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The point also, that he's patient, because he accepts

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it doesn't make you feel bad. He's not Yeah, come on, I need the money. Like some.

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They'll make it. They'll make their relationship even get. Yeah, I'm not. I'm not worried. I want to pay the debt, of course, but I'm not worried about him. Because he's not bothering you about it all the time.

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And also, if he because he's a brother, you also forgive us, for example, accused that we die, and we then pay the debt forgiven. If we do, it was a stranger with the bank. I mean, there was no interest without River.

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They won't forgive

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the Prophet sallallahu sallam, he said, one day and the companion said, solaz, don't scare yourself with death.

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Because that is a big burden. It's always at the back of your head all the time, you can't sleep because of that debt. This is why the Islam semi set regulations so that the person doesn't fall in debt. First of all, Allah directed us to moderation when we spend our money, so you don't fall into financial hardships. And the law warned us against ASLEF extravagance, that you spend your money squander your money, for no reason.

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So there's one last one lectricity for boost, if you don't score Do you squander human, don't be excessive, and the way you spend your money? A lot is not like the ones who commit excess, especially in spending their wealth, because this will lead you one day to lose all your wealth. So you will need to ask people to ask them for money, ask them to help you out. Islam wants to protect you from that situation. And also Islam

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will direct us to make our own living. So you don't sit back at home, and you wait for people to help you or you borrow money from this person or that brother. It doesn't make sense. The professor Sam says the best thing a person eats from is what he has earned himself through his own work. So Islam doesn't want us to fall into debts, but it happens. There are regulations and we should be committed to our agreements when we borrow money from others. Now, there is the scholar said there are three levels for the these brothers who are very special. three levels, the first level which was demonstrated by the companions of the Prophet alerts, that you give him precedence over

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yourself, as Allah said, sirona Allah unfussy him, well can it be him kasasa and they give give their brothers precedence over themselves? Even though they are in need? They need that money. Who did that? The answer? The people of El Medina, the amfa. And this is how Allah subhanaw taala described in the Quran, he said, When Allah unforeseen, when it cannot be impossible, so they give their brothers precedence over themselves, even though they are in need.

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So for example, one of them he has a number of dates, he gives it to his brother, although he's hungry, but he gives it to his brother. This is the highest level of brotherhood, the highest level, which is Elijah, and Elijah, okay, then comes after this. The second level, which is a lower level, which is to share that money or the wealth you have with your brother and many of the unfolded that during them all their money into two halves. And they gave the Mahajan the other half. And this is a very difficult level to reach. So what do you think about the first one? It's really difficult. If someone comes to you now, you've been working hard. Let's say for six, seven years you've been

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saving money working hard. In order, let's say to buy your own house or to buy your own car.

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And a brother comes to you and he says to you, I'm in a very bad, I'm in a tight spot financially, I'm really in a very bad situation. Can you help me in that? I know you have to choose, what do you choose? Is it to buy my own house? To buy my own car? Or shall I give this brother Brother precedence over myself with the highest level is to give him the money, and just hope for the reward from Allah to Allah, lend him that money. I don't say give him because that is a really high level that money, okay? just lend him that money. Okay, but the brother, actually, he should really help his brother out without making it a debt thing, or without asking the brother to give it back to him

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is the highest. But if you you can't, you're I mean, your financial situation is not really that good. You've been saving this money for some time, it's your right to tell him to give it back to you after some time. Now, so the highest level was to give the president a brother precedence over yourself. The second level is to split the money into two halves give him half

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not as alone, but you could just give it to him.

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And the lowest level, but it's still high level, these are the rights within this brotherhood, which is special, okay? is if you are, for example, you have some money, you have some good wealth, and you can employ your brother, so you can give him a job. And he can look after himself. So he does work for you, you pay him and you have delivered him from a very bad situation. That's a good level as well, that's

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really the Muslims, they should do this, they should try to help one another.

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Sometimes there's some Islamic organizations that even do that. They help

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youngsters to get married, what financial problems and who they help to employ even Muslim brothers. And we need that more more organizations, bigger multinational organizations. Yeah. So these are the three levels now the scholars they have set as in terms of special brotherhood, special type of brotherhood brothers who are close to you very close the brothers who help you for the sake of Allah subhanaw taala. This shows to us you know, how is them really, I mean, it's concerned about this brotherhood, the Muslim should be concerned about his brothers, he should be concerned about those around you. It's really beautiful and we will mention inshallah beautiful examples of the

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generations how they helped one another, and how they dealt with one another in the mean with regards to financial, bad financial situation, and how they demonstrated a very, very elegant, and very high and elevated, I mean, examples for all of us, for all of us, which shows how Islam makes a better peep makes better people makes a better society creates better individuals. And we see the mercy of Allah subhanaw taala that he has put among his servants with which they have mercy upon one another, and they help one another and we will see how this bond becomes really strong and firm. inshallah we'll elaborate more on this, but we will stop for a few minutes for a few minutes. I say

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to our viewers, stay tuned, we'll come back shortly.

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Hello, can Tyler choose whom he wins Subhana Allah Allah for his mercy for his messenger ship for the revelation to be revealed. This is not for the human beings to make that decision. If a person will turn to our last panel, Alison Seeley, truthfully, asking for forgiveness. Allah subhanaw taala promised to forgive. We have as Muslims a duty and that is to recite the book of Allah to ponder over the verses the words of our last panel to Allah and to act according to the mercy of Allah Subhana Allah encompasses everything, but it who would this mercy will be for, and the Prophet sallallahu Sallam was sent to all mankind. So the oma or the people of the prophets of the largest

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all mankind since the time of the prophets or send them to the deal. Why waste our life without getting to know every verse in the Quran? What Allah subhanaw taala wants from us

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Salam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu Welcome back. So we have seen how the scholars

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made it clear to us and they classified the three levels of special brotherhood, and how beautiful these examples are. Have you come across situations where people who are really in need, and you saw some other brothers really demonstrated a beautiful example of how to help your Muslim Brothers throughout the masjid hamdulillah.

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Actually, it wasn't also four brothers. within

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the country, it was a nearby country. And they arranged for collecting some money and sending it to them there. So that's like, not mixing with local Brotherhood's only but abroad. So hamdulillah we managed to do it. It was feeling good enjoy. Also, throughout my lifetime, I've been changing some jobs.

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And one time

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hamdulillah a brother, like, just came out of nowhere, telling me if you're in need of money or something like that, and then humbler but it was fine.

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And it kept on. So the hamdulillah there are brothers that help around and financially, of course, because it's like, we've been talking about the material world and stuff like that. And even in financial situations like that, we still find good brothers. I'm Brenda giving.

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What do you think? I mean, have you seen examples from people who really demonstrated ethos, which is giving precedence to the brothers over themselves? Have you seen something?

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Mashallah, there was the been once that

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we had this brother, he's old butter, and Michelle Lee. He's also a she, but she financially is kind of really, really limited. And he was he had this sickness in the heart. And then the operation, of course, cost a lot of money. So handler, a lot of butters. volunteered, was Oh, and he was what they could give. And handler, we even we gave it, we didn't like ask for it back handler and handler, the operation went to Alhamdulillah. And, of course, he I'm sure he felt good from inside.

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gathering around the brothers helps a lot, even if the amount of money is a little bit huge, still splitting it on

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an independent dependent on the butter, and some of them had the capacity to pay a lot. Some of them had. So that's good one where a lot so that

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it helps you.

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Do you know from the examples that I recall from the people of the early generations, there was one of the richest people called my throat he was known, well known person, Miss rock, and he had a brother in Islam. His name was hyphema. Now masuk, he had a debt to pay off, and he's been trying to pay off that debt for a long time. But he didn't really manage to pay that debt.

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And his brother Haytham, he wasn't his blood brother, but he was brought his brother for the sake of Allah. He had another debt to pay off as well. So both of them they knew about each other's debts. So one day some money came or Mizzou had, he saved some money. So he wanted to pay off his debt. What did he do? He went and he paid the debt of his brother. For the sake of Allah, hyphen, he paid his debt off. And he didn't really I mean, give precedence to himself over his brother. But he went and he paid off the debt of his brother. And then he found out after some time, or at the same time that Haytham had some money, and he wanted, he paid off the debt of Maduro. So each of them, he felt

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better about himself. Actually, it is really a very hard example to find today. And even at any time, see people I mean, I have a debt, I would really hasten to pay my debts off.

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But some families see how they thought one another. They had that beautiful love for one another that if you have you have a debt, Mohammed, I have a debt on me. So I go and pay Mohammed's death. This whole system wants us to be and you can imagine how the world would be. Muslims have spread the religion of Islam.

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You see if Islam is really implemented, how beautiful the word becomes, but people don't realize the beauty of Al Islam. Now, another story that comes to me as well, one of the early generations one person, a righteous person, he said, Well, if you come to your brother and you tell him that I need some money, can you lend me some money?

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He asks you what do you want it for? Then? Listen to what he said. He said,

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make for Technorati on him because your brother is dead.

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Because his love is dead. I mean, he shouldn't ask what do you want it for? You see that high level of brotherhood they had the the butter, for example, may use it.

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Maybe he's a is a butter that has some jelly and he may use it and haraam. That's a very good question. You know, what about that? Because we are talking about special brotherhood, you know the brother. Exactly. Okay. No, he is, you know, his high morals. So you don't ask him what he wanted for because you trust him? Okay. If we were talking about general, yeah, brotherhood, that really that's very important to do.

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For brother, really, some brothers will, because some brothers are weak, they might use the money to do something evil. So you have to be careful when you give them money, and you make sure you're not helping them to fall into sin. But with special brothers, you know them, you trust them, you know what they are? So you give him because you trust him because you know him. But just demonstrates that I don't want even to I mean, make you shy when I asked him what do you want the money for?

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And even some brothers that have been some scholars, they said that with brothers The case is, if you leave your brother to come in need and come and ask you, then you are not good to him. You're not good enough to him. We should even go ask him before he comes. Ask us for money. I was going to ask him, Do you need money? Yeah, well, this is the second level is just to check with the he has money and give it to him. And the highest level. I mean, is whenever you see that he might fall in hardship is that you protect him from that by means of your money before it happens to him. You see how the Muslim scholars they want to really come in high altitudes in terms of

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brotherhood, something we can hardly see today is your brother. So

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most days, you'd be knowing what's happening to him? Yeah. So he'll be following up on his news. Every once in a while. Yeah.

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So you see me This is the kind of brotherhood Have you have you come across examples like this? Sometimes it happens. Sometimes you come across examples where really people would sacrifice their own interest for the sake of their brothers. Can you remember anything any incident that happened, when really people would do that sacrifice, take that step. And it needs a man needs real love? Have you seen something, I recall a case

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also in Hungary.

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But also it was like four brothers abroad.

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There was a dire

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having a meeting with a businessman. And he he was like, a need for money, helping out other brothers in a nearby country. Also, examples are in nearby counties.

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So this businessman, just open up the safe, and it was like having lots of foreign currency, not the local currency exchange rate to be higher force, and it will just take what you want, and give it to the brothers.

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So it was this really happened.

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We can still see up to date today, some people really demonstrating high Islamic character, a really high Islamic character where they implement this beautiful form of brotherhood, and they make it real.

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And also this family Mashallah God gave them wealth. So they help

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the son of their

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security guard, because he died, they helped him to go into school, to get married to through his whole life. And that is wonderful, of course, to have a whole family that will bring families and generations Mashallah still hear about good stories, and maybe not giving up all the money, like the companions, the best stories, we there's something we have to bear in mind as well. I mean, when you give your brother from your money, don't keep reminding him of that is what we call in Islam and men, that you keep reminding him you remember the money that I gave him with the gift that I gave you, some people have this character? Yeah, remember that? You remember that? What else was I said,

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even if you give charity and you keep talking to the people and reminding them of your favorite upon them, then this will take away the reward that Allah has given you. It shows that you haven't done that for the sake of Allah. There's a story that is mentioned by some scholars in his books. It's a funny story that a man gave a gift to his brother that was a chicken. One chicken, he gave it to him and all the time he made this chicken as a

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As a focus point, or focal point, was how he, he said to him everything, for example, they were walking together. Well, they saw a cow, for example. So his brother said this a beautiful cow. He said, Oh, is this really beautiful cow, but the chicken that I gave it was more beautiful. Then every time he will see something, oh, there's a beautiful house. Yeah, but the chicken I gave is more beautiful. So everything.

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With every occasion, he would just say the example that chicken and see, even one day they were sitting together, and his brother said to him,

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when so on, so visited us, and we had some good time together. He said, Oh, yeah, that was four days, just after I gave you the

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For instance, like for example, if someone lend money to a better, and afterwards, he really needs the money back, because he got into a financial problem also. So in that case, how does he react? Does he asked the brother a lot we'll put it is he should see his brother's financial situation? Can he pay off the debt? If he can, then he should go to him? And politely ask him for the money and explain the situation and says, brother, will I helped you? And I'm really now in a bad financial situation. Well, I need my money back. Can you pay that? If you can't pay it, it's okay, I'll will allow an open away for him. So Mia, tequila, Ella Maharaja, whoever physiological talent has taqwa

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Allah will make a way out for him. So don't worry about that. Don't worry about it. inshallah, as long just be open to your brothers. And if this brother can't pay off the debt, you can resort to another brother in sha Allah, Allah will open away for you. So you see how I mean Islam is really, really beautiful when it comes to this brotherhood. Yes, this brother, these are beautiful examples we have, we have come we have come across. inshallah, we will try to be like that will try to give an example for the Muslims and for the non Muslims, so that they can see what Islam really is, what Islam and what character Islam wants us to have. So it is our obligation. And it's not a matter of

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choice that you can choose to say, No, I want to behave the way I want. No, you carry a message. And you have to demonstrate to the people what Islam is, if you don't do that, who's going to do it? That's what we're hearing from the Prophet saucer message. Yeah, that's it. So we have to carry this message, uphold it, and spread it to the people by our example, first, that we act upon that and we give a very good example and we demonstrate, demonstrate that to the people. So we say inshallah, sure, hopefully we will benefit from this and implement it in our lives and be good examples for the people to follow desikan lafell and for your contributions. And we say to our viewers, dissolvable

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heroin, may Allah make us better examples for all of people so that they come to understand what Islam really is. And I say at the end, does that come along later on was Salam alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh