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In these tough times

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when everyone is talking about this Coronavirus, and everyone is becoming an expert.

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Those who have watched a couple of videos and read a couple of articles, they think they have the answer to the Coronavirus and how to handle it.

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There are people who go a step further and they think they know where it came from. And they know the conspiracy that put it together and they know where all of this is leading to.

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And the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said in the authentic hadith as he was talking about the signs of the hour, the things that are that will become prevalent and widespread,

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towards the narrowness of the Day of Judgment towards the end of times, the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said, we have surely

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we have been in a workforce

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towards the end of times,

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literacy will become widespread people will be able to read and write to the point that illiteracy or inability to read or write will be wiped out people will be educated, yet the profits are low, send them send them this is the irony. Ignorance will be prevalent

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and knowledge will be limited. Why? Because people will be will have access to information, but not necessarily access to the truth. And today, we have we're faced with an influx and so much information spreading around with amazing fluidity to the point that it's hard to know what the truth really is.

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And the situation with the virus virus today has exposed this weakness in humanity.

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That people speak without knowledge. People speak with speculation and conjecture and baseless inflammation. And there are people who think they know the the root of the matter there are people who all they speak about that this is part of the conspiracy against the world and to control the world and so on and so forth. No evidence, no solid knowledge and no one has control over this knowledge. This is knowledge that is spreading around. But in Islam, we are not left for lack of knowledge.

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We are not left for all of this confusion

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and hear again, this Coronavirus sort of brings us back to our senses. There are so many things that we can learn from it. There is so many benefits. And this is why Allah Subhana Allah says, For in nursery you saw in Omaha, Nebraska, you saw with every hardship there is ease, meaning with everything that is bad, there is good that comes with it. With every calamity and adversity there is lessons and benefits and opportunities. That's how this slide is designed.

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There is no pure evil that's going to hit humanity and there is no pure goodness that is going to hit humanity. It's always a mixture. So the believer, generally speaking, seeks the good in every evil and is aware and vigilant of every evil that is in every good.

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And that's why the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam makes it clear in the Hadith where he says, will live in fcba de la Jakub de la hooghly abdiel minicabco and in LA Cana

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by the one in whose hand my soul is my life is

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Allah subhana wa tada only decrees for a believing servant what is good for him or her. So everything that happens in this world as long as we believe in Allah, and the last day is going to end up being good for us. Even if it's a loss of a life, or loss of health, or loss of finances, or any kind of detriment. It is going to ultimately be good for us as long as we put our faith in Allah subhanho wa Taala. So the meanings of things is the meaning of things is not carved in stone. Things are open to interpretation, diseases, illnesses calamities, hardships, blessings, fortunes, they don't have a final meaning.

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All of that is contingent upon whether we believe in a loss of honor to Allah and trust in him or not.

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And that this puts our hearts at rest. This makes us always always

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On the right side of the other of Allah subhanho wa Taala.

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Regardless of what happens, it could be painful, and it could be pleasant.

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And as we last week spoke about the plague that hit the Muslims when they were in a sham in, specifically in Palestine, but all and worse

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when it hit and we said, about 25,000 of the believers, many of their companions, 1000s of the great companions died in that plague. One of them was why the Blue Ribbon called the Allahu anhu, actually his family, most of his children died in this plague.

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And they died before him. And he was thankful.

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And he was trusting of a loss of Hannah Montana, to the point that as he was taking his last breath, the news came to him about the death of his own children, yet he remained

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content with what Allah subhanaw taala wrote upon him. And when he was asked about this, he said, I believe in Allah,

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I believe in the promise and of Allah, I believe in the decree of Allah. And I know that we are in safe hands, regardless of what happens to us. This takes away the panic.

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It takes away the this panic, this pandemic is real. And it's obvious regardless where it came from, we don't have the tools as average human beings here, we don't have the tools to know exactly where it is. And if you go on social media, you go on YouTube, or, or surf the net, you will find so many theories as to where it came from, and what is the point behind it, but you will find no evidence. And the more you read, the more confused you get. But at hamdulillah This is not not the test, the test is not knowing where it came from.

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The test is how do we handle it.

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And this takes me to the second point.

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That how we handle issues of this world, and this has to do with a very important principle that is known in Islamic theology.

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And this is the issue of an apple

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which we usually translate as intellect, which is an inaccurate translation. And Apple is sense, your sanity, our ability to make sense of things and understand and comprehend things.

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That's a Latin and oftentimes when we speak about the apple, we put it on the opposite side of Revelation.

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But in Islam, it doesn't have to be so.

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In Islam, the faculty of thinking and comprehension, our cognitive ability, our intellectual capacity, is a gift and an asset from Allah subhana wa tada to help us first understand ourselves, understand our own nature that Allah created us upon, which is our fitrah and understanding the revelation that comes to us from Allah subhanho wa Taala which contains guidance as to how to deal with this world. So we can orient ourselves correctly in this life and then to study the details of this life. whatever situation we are in, there are Believe it or not, there are people who are searching who are looking trying to look into the one the sooner read between the lines, try to find

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an aeration that talks about the Coronavirus.

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Unbelievable. Unbelievable. We are abusing the gift that Allah subhanaw taala has given us the heritage of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam

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many Muslims are asking how do we handle this pandemic? You have to give me an evidence from the Quran and the Sunnah. And you know, there is one of the great Muslim scholars have we added a lot of human load to hell and the same sort of similar statement was narrated from Sophia number Marina, what am I allowed to add? Again, the statement reads as follows. In Neela, Allah had an MIT Lama, or Allah, or Julian Yakubu in one a family

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that don't feel pity as much as I feel it towards a person who seeks the knowledge, who seeks to the knowledge read the knowledge of the Koran, the knowledge of the Hadith of the Prophet, some of those send them yet the lack understanding, they lack comprehension. They act towards the knowledge they learn as a machine as a robot.

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That's not how we handle the book of Allah and the Sunnah of the Prophet sallallahu wasallam.

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Because when Allah gave us this intellectual capacity, this apple

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with this is the tool where we understand the revelation that God Allah and the Sunnah and all the guidelines within it should be

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Just a way to orientate ourselves in this world, then we look into this world and we study whatever whatever phenomena we're dealing with.

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We have to study we have to understand even a fatwa. When a scholar gives a fatwa, it's not like the scholar looks into the Quran and the Sunnah, that He gives a fatwa, it's hard to do so.

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The Imam or the scholar or the puppy, when there is a situation they have to study it thoroughly. And if they do not understand it very well, from the experts, they cannot give a fatwa, no matter what is their level of knowledge from or on and the sooner and there's a very clear principle that is very well known in Islamic field, that you cannot give a fetch What about an issue without understanding this issue inside out?

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as well, why the scholars say and hook more lsv for an anticipatory look more on a sheet. On Antasari, you can't make a judgment upon something meaning a religious, or religious decree. You can't pass a fatwa on a situation or a condition or a phenomenon without understanding yet comprehending it. Otherwise, this is an abuse of the religion.

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And you find Muslims today who say, forget about all of this medicine. Forget about all of these, you know, precautions that governments and health minister ministries are actually advocating and calling people to abide by, forget about all of that. This is all nonsense. Just take the black seed oil.

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I'll just take some olive oil. We'll take seven dates in the morning and that's it.

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Since when we are abusing our religion to that extent.

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And then you find some people as well quoting one Hadith and forgetting other Hadith of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam were the messengers or Salaam says in the authentic hadith connected in Muslim.

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The Prophet sallallahu Sallam says there.

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The prophet SAW Selim says he negates and basically what the meaning is here negates the impact, literally, which I'm talking about the literal meaning the surface meaning, which could be easily misunderstood. It seems as though the prophets Allah sent me saying, There is no such thing called infection.

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And many people read it this way.

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And that's the problem again, which we many brought to your attention many times over and over again, you cannot study or learn one heady and think you can issue an effort work. Or you can know what it is or what the situation is what Sam says about this thing, you can't. Because the way the art and the sadhana function is that they all function together, you have to bring them together, you have to take the collective meaning. You can't take a minute from a single text. It's how long it's it's wrong, it's false. It's an abuse of the revelation.

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Yet we have another Hadith actually in inside a Muslim. This is the end of the headache, which is the second part. The prophet SAW, Selim says Philomena Filomena image of doom if you're overcoming acid,

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and run away

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from a person who has an infectious disease, as you would run away from a beast of a light or a lion.

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Is there a contradiction?

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Is there a contrary the Samson seems to be saying there's no infection.

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Then he says, when there's a person who's talking about do them do them isn't it is it is a disease, where it actually eats up the skin of the person, and it's contagious. It's infectious. Then the Prophet says I'm in the same statement. He says, When you see a person with an infectious disease, run away from them as you would run from a lion.

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What does that mean?

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The prophet SAW loud he was sending them was making a clear statement.

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He wasn't negating

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infection as such. But what he was saying that infection does not explain fully the spread of disease. It's one of the causes of the spread of a disease. But it doesn't mean if you come in contact with a person who's diseased, it's not 100% that you're going to catch the illness.

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It is one of the causes and if there is something, a preventive something that prevents the cause from taking its full course, then you would not get the infection for example, you have a strong immune system.

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So that's what the profit

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Also, let me saying he's saying that infection does not explain the spread of disease completely. It's one of the causes. And then he says in the second part of the statement, that yes, you should respond to this kind of cause, with precaution, avoid the source of the disease. Simple makes sense. But again,

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when we want to put

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religion revelation and the accurate the understanding and sense, on the opposite side of a spectrum, that's when we go wrong.

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Islam revelation, and pure logic, correct, guided logic cannot contradict each other. Impossible. It's impossible. That's a tool that Allah gave us in order to process information. And part of this information comes from revelation from Allah and the Sunnah. Part of this inflammation as when you're dealing with a disease, or with a social problem, or with any kind of kind of an issue is that you also need some data from the situation from the ground. Otherwise, you can't solve a problem without knowing the intricacies of the situation. Because some people think that they will, that the religion means you disengage from the world. And then from your ivory tower, you can give

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magical solutions that solve all problems.

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That's insanity. The companions are the Allahu anhu.

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And before them, the prophet SAW Selim, this goes through all the time. They would not issue an effort What about something without understanding it fully from the experts? That's how we deal with issues. That's how Islam deals with issues. And that's how today we should deal with this whole concept of the spread of the Coronavirus.

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But what empowers us is that we know whatever happens,

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a loss of panels that has taken care of us

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even through death, even through illness and disease. Yes, a lot takes care of us. But we can only judge things at their, at their surface level. But Allah subhanho wa Taala knows more than that. So sometimes what seems to be bad and harmful and painful, is actually good for us in the grand scheme of things. So what we need to do is trust we are in safe hands, a lot take care of us. He knows what he's doing.

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And yes, the same disease could be a punishment for some people, and could be a blessing for other people. And the loss of handouts about spinal data sometimes causes innocent people to die. Why? Because he wants to elevate their status. What says in the Quran, we attack it, I mean, come Shahada, Allah subhanaw taala he explained why in the Battle of offered, he allowed some innocent Muslims to be killed because of the mistake of other another Muslim. Why Allah says Allah wants to take Shahada meaning a lower stick people and elevate them to such a high level. And how would you reach that level it has to go it has to be through martyrdom.

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So let's, you know, leave things in the hands of Allah Spano, Tada. But what we can do the same time, as the prophet SAW, Selim says, run away from a person who's afflicted with an infectious disease is avoided. Because it's a course. It's, it's one of the causes. So you should take precautions. So whatever the authorities in this country,

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whatever they advise us with, we should follow that I should be concerned you might have a you might be a healthy person with a strong immune system. But the problem with this disease is not about the individuals, it's about the collective. Because if it spreads, it's going to get to people who are weak, whose immune system is compromised, and they are at great risk. So sometimes, yes, you might avoid certain things avoid assert in social distancing is is actually, as the experts say, you we take the words of the experts is actually a very important thing to do. And it's actually what the Muslims did with the plague that happened in Palestine, the online was added some of the allowing

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social distancing.

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And if the authorities here get to the point where they say gatherings are prohibited, or do not shake people's hands or do not hug people and so on and so forth,

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then we are supposed to abide by that. Yes, you can believe in conspiracy theories. That's up to you, but don't force it on other people.

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We are supposed to obey what the authorities and the experts say with regards to these things. Apple only had our stuff little while you were looking for stuff

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with regards to how we should handle the situation now and the risks and again as the spread of the virus is very unpredictable. Still until now. There

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So many things still unknown about this virus and thus, that's what's causing the panic. You know the assembly of jurists of North America, they have put together an advice in a federal as to how to handle these things. And this will shed some light as well on how msgid and how Muslim congregations should you know deal with the situation I will just read their footwork quickly inshallah and that should be enough.

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And I will, I will summarize in some parts. Basically, they said the assembly of Muslim jurists in America have received several inquiries, etc. So they say first, concerning the management of the Islamic centers, it is not permissible for the masjid and Islamic centers to suspend the congregational prayers and Juma because of the spread of the virus in the United States and applies obviously here, unless the local public health authorities in a particular city advice the suspension of services at the houses of worship and avoidance of large public gatherings. In the event of the development the masjid management should comply with such instructions.

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This would be sufficient excuse sufficient excuse to pay Juma to pray Juma at home as the home until the restriction is removed. It is permissible for the masjid management to demand those with flu symptoms to wear masks during the congregational prayers. It is also permissible to assign a room for them or a designated area in the prayer hall and advise them to avoid handshaking with the other worshipers and follow the proper precautions. To prevent transmission of the disease. The message management should follow the updates that are periodically periodically issued by the public health agencies etc and comply with their instructions. Second concerning the Muslim public, the

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permissibility of missing Juma and congregational prayers out of fear of the disease depends on several variables. As for the daily congregational prayers, the meta is simply as simple as simpler, since they are not obligatory according to the majority. The majority of those who considered them obligatory did not demand their performance at the masjid. As for the Juma it is not permissible for

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it is not permissible for one second.

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It is not permissible for adults, men who are otherwise required to attend it to miss it except in the case of justifiable not conjectural fear. What matters in this regard is the instructions of the public health authorities. If they advise the avoidance of all public gatherings, then the epidemic has reached a level making that fear justifiable. As for the higher risk groups such as old people and those with chronic diseases, they should follow the advice of their primary health care providers, they are most entitled to concessions, people with symptoms of the disease, which are like those who flew should avoid coming to the masjid if they suspect that they may be infected

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until they check with their health care providers. And in the end, ensure they are not. This is because the harm of spreading this virus is much greater than that of bothering people with the odor of garlic. And the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, He who eats off this plant garlic should not come near our Masjid and should not bother us with the odor of garlic. And we ask Allah for the safety and well being of everyone. So this is in brief, and anyone who wants to check it shall have the message, we'll put it up on the website. And you can just check amager amga, the assembly of jurists of North America inshallah, and they will have this there. And, again,

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just for the safety of everyone, as I said, based on the instructions of the authorities and the experts, social social distancing as much as possible. And here No one says hey, in Islam, we're supposed to be kind to one another and hug one another. Okay, this is not the time to talk about this. And precaution In these instances, even if you are in good health is actually for other people who are at a greater risk and a higher risk. So let's be considerate. Even if we are not convinced this we consider it, to be respectful of this, it's appreciate because most of us make decisions now based on speculations based on our understanding, and there's no shortage of those, everyone has

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their own theory about this. But when it comes to how we handle this, this follow the experts and whatever they say whether we agree with what they say or not, and we asked Allah subhanaw taala to protect all of us and everyone from this from this disease. allama filomeno and me not one Muslim you know, honestly, Matt