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The title of Surah Number 11 in the Quran is a combination of Surah Jonas and Surah praised by the way it appears, with the title also mentioning the importance of the Prophet sallim in the way people feel and speak about the story of profit. The interviewer discusses the challenges faced by people in returning to Islam, including negative behavior and negative outcomes. The importance of understanding the spiritual and spiritual world and staying true to one's beliefs is emphasized.

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hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa salatu salam ala Sayidina Muhammad Ali, he was hard to hear Jemaine Well, that was Salam alaykum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh. Welcome to the Friday Halaqaat Boko Haram center. And we continue with our thematic commentary on the Quran. Alhamdulillah last time we I believe we finished with Surah Jonas and it's time to move to Surah number 11 in the Quran, and this is Surah Hood. Again, Surat who is named after a prophet prophethood Ali Salaam. And

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apparently it's solar makiya. And

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the surah is full of stories, but the stories are sandwiched between a beautiful introduction and a resonating.

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Conclusion. It's a very beautiful, like it's a very beautiful Surah by the way.

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Very beautiful to read, it's very smooth, generally speaking, the surah is very smooth.

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there is you can you can actually detect a very

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subtle, yet very profound theme in the Surah. And that's basically to

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remind the Prophet SAW Selim to remain patient, not to lose his cool in the face of

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his people as they were rejecting Him. And apparently there's, there's a reference to that rejection and that this kind of negative response from the people of color age to Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, there was some kind of argument against them. But eventually Allah subhanaw taala starts with stories of prophets so we had profit, know how to use and I'm starting with historic profit not quite at length and there are details that are mentioned about Sora about the story of profit normally some that were not mentioned in other stores inshallah we will come to them today. So Surah, who would start with Elif lamb raw similar to Surah Jonas and there are five tours in the

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Quran that start with Elif

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Elif Lam,

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we have first Surah Jonas Surah Hood, both of them are named after Prophet then Surah Yusuf after after them.

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And if lamb rock as well.

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These are consecutive sewers Alif Lam Ra, and we also then have Surah Ibrahim.

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So what brought him so both four of these are actually named after prophets.

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Elif and they start with Elif la mala. And the fifth surah is salted hedger. So lots and hedger. It's not named after a prophet but it is named after the people of Elijah.

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They sort of start with a verse and it really it gives us some kind of a feel of what the surah is talking about, because again, it starts with Kitab schemata, to whom Mufasa, Tamil Nadu hachimura phobia, a book whose verses whose whose signs were perfected, or perfected, and then clarified and broken down from the all wise the All Knowing

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to the effect, Allah taboo in Allah worship only Allah, this is what the signs are about, this is the message. So there is a reference to the Quran being perfected, being very solid and powerful. Yet despite this, this power, it is accessible because it was made easy as Allah says in surah Ahmad will Acharya sadhana Khurana Lee decree for Helmy muda and we made the Quran easy for those who want to remember and benefit or there were those who want to, to want to benefit who want to benefit. So

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Allah subhanaw taala here addresses the Prophet Muhammad SAW send them to be patient and to be

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again, not not to let the rejection of his people

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you know, impact him negatively. So Allah says in verse number 12 further I look at early combat Adama you will have in Ico although it couldn't be here Saduak a year old hula hula hula he comes on Oh j omega in NEMA antenna Vir will la vida coalition in workI.

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So, Allah says perhaps Muhammad,

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you know, you have this kind of inner conversation sometimes or thought crosses your mind to you know, leave some of what has been given to you what was revealed to you

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and obviously not leave it

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as to not practice it or not preach it. But you might say, you thinking, okay, maybe it's not the time now to address them with this. Let me start with something else. And then we'll come to this, right, because of

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because of the kind of pressure the prophets or someone was put under the extreme circumstances in Mecca, the opposition, the Prophet SAW Selim as well, sometimes he was so cornered, that he would sometimes weigh up whether should I talk about this or not, in that sense, so.

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So Allah is saying to the prophet, and I'm done to do that. And if you feel your chest to being constricted, that's a sign of stress being under so much stress from these people, just because they say, you know, why was not there a treasurer sent down upon him as a sign of his prophethood, right, or an angel center support him.

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Allah then

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reassures the prophets of salaam saying you are indeed just a Warner, you're a prophet and a messenger. And the last one or two, Allah is the dispenser of all affairs, he's in charge of everything.

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Okay, so

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this actually opens the rest of the surah. Because Allah is going to talk about other prophets, and how they were treated by by their people. And that all Mohamed what you're going through is actually exactly what previous prophets went through. We're going to see there's a lot of similarity in the challenges that the prophets of salaam went through. And before that, the other prophets and messengers went through but before that, Allah subhanaw taala still

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gives insurance, some proofs on the truthfulness of Prophet Muhammad salallahu Salam, so let's try to go over them. So we start with the introduction with the beginning,

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as we mentioned, so what is the message of the Quran worship Allah alone? That's it, and the Prophet sallallahu Sallam is just a warner and a bringer of good news. Why do you still feel all of that coming from Matobo era you material material has an either agilely Muslim, where you collect the following formula and seek forgiveness of your Lord returned to him in repentance, he would give you an enjoyable life here in this world, meaning you will enjoy whatever his blessings here in this world. And then

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up until a certain point in time, which is your death when you leave this life, and Allah would

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pay back everyone, Allah would recompense everyone for the good, good that they have done. We're in our low for any holiday Kumada beyond in Korea, but if you turn away from that, then what I feel for you on this show is that the Prophet Muhammad saw him as so much compassion for his people, he was concerned for them.

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And this is how every day ye should be everyone who calls to Allah should come from that position. Is that your concern is the guidance of people you want good for the people. It's not that

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you act from a high Lux sort of from from a high pedestal, and if people reject, you start looking down upon them. Not you actually so concerned with their guidance, you weren't just good for them. You consumed with that and this is how the prophets Allah you send them what so the ultimate Allah says, to the prophets of salaam say to them that I actually am concerned for you I feel for you. A punishment of a huge day that's the day of judgment. In Allah homology you have come to Allah you shall return And subhanAllah this verse, and other similar verses in the Quran, like when Allah says in Allah because Raja

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from made LRB come to Jehovah, and then you will return to your Lord, to yoke to Allah to your Lord is your return. For the believer, this is a beautiful statement. It's a very reassuring statement. It's full of hope. So the believer is happy that the return is to Allah is not to anyone else, and not to any other other like any other place, it's the return is to Allah.

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Whereas for the disbelievers This is a threat. And this is a serious thing.

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Then Allah says that they turn away from the revelation and they seek different means to not listen to it, etc. And this reminds there is some kind of reference as to how they turn away from the guidance of the President, a reference to the people of no honey salon because in Surah, no, the surah towards the end of the Quran in just

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the last three Jews.

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So no,

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Allah describes how the people of know how they turn away from Prophet nor Haysom that would cover their heads with their own garments. And something similar was done by the people of Makkah, then Allah draws their attention to the fact that he is the Lord of the world that he provides that again, he put the weld together for you. There's a sign in that and you should read it when I'm in depth but in front of the law, here is how I am almost SOHCAHTOA almost out there.

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And there is no living creature

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You're on Earth, except that its provision is upon Allah, Allah provides for it. He knows its

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place of birth and its place of demise, when it's going to die. Allah knows everything knows its life in out from the beginning till the end, and whatever it is between is between, everything's written in a book. And Allah makes a reference to him creating the heavens, the earth. And

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there's a reference to His throne there and that the purpose behind creation, the blue icon, your compassion, Ramallah, the reason Allah created this whole universe, there isn't a lot created you is to test who is best Have you inaction. So this life is a test that was created as a test. So we should not expect from it anything other than then test and test. And tests are not easy just by nature.

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So this is what this life is about. So anyone who wants anything else from life, they will suffer. And that will be painful for them. So we should align ourselves or align our mindset with this purpose of the creation, that Allah created the heavens and earth, Allah created us, in order to test us everything in existence serves this purpose. And everything that happens in one's life actually serves this purpose. And then Allah says, if you were to tell them what to include in a qualitative nakoma Go through and I mean badly multilayer coolin, Alladhina Kefalonia de la Sol, Moby. And if you tell them that you will be resurrected, you will be brought back to life after your

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death, they would say no, this is nonsense. This is some kind of superstition.

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Again, so there is some kind of demonstration of the ingratitude of humans. And with the exception of those who are patients and first number 11 is important here, because Allah says, about humans that if Allah gives them blessings, then takes these blessings away. Humans fall in despair.

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Like, again, as if we we take these blessings for granted. We don't realize that they're already a gift, and Allah can take them away. And it's his right to do so. But again, we claim ownership over these things. We think, Oh, I'm entitled to this, I deserve this. I must have this, I must have this kind of life. Right? But then if we bless humans, after they've been through deprivation, then automatically they become arrogant, they start thinking good about themselves. They think I'm, you know, Allah must be pleased with me, Allah must be happy with me, I must be very special in the sight of Allah Subhana Allah and they become arrogant. Then Allah says, except in levena Sabado,

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where I'm in Saudi had except for those who are patient, except for those who are patient, and they've done good deeds. Usually in the Quran, Allah says Allah Lavina Amman, Wangyal of Saudi hands, except for those who have believed and they've done righteous deeds. But here Allah says, in levena, Saba, who were Amul of Saudi had. And this is a clear indication on the importance and the station of Saudi patients, and how important it is, it's probably the most fundamental tool that a believer needs after faith. We need patience. We need patients in order to resist our temptation and the attraction

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that life has.

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So we do the right things. And we don't indulge in evil, and temptations. We need patients to keep doing the right things. When again, when we don't feel like doing them. When there is resistance, we still we have the we need the patience in order to get ourselves to do them. And we need patients as well to be able to handle life's events, ups and downs. Again, all of these ups and downs are actually designed to test us.

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But again, we have our own plans.

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So if all plans are based on our understanding of life or approach in life is based on these aligned with this test paradigm, then you will understand why there are ups and downs. But we all get carried away with our own ambitions and desires and greed. And then when we don't get what we want.

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We start to fall in despair. We become impatient. So we need patients to put up with life. Life is not going to come according to it's not going to manifest according to our desires and expectations. Sometimes it will many times it won't. Again, because it's not designed just to act according to our desires. It's designed to test us and that's what it does. So when we expect from life to unfold according to our desires.

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It's not a wise thing, and it's not going to happen. So we need to patients, we need to patients in order to be able to

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unpleasant events of life.

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So Allah says except for and this is the only place in the Quran this actually mentioned like this this kind of structure, Lavina Sabato, well, I'm sorry, those who have been have developed patients or have had patients, and they do righteous deeds for those people, there will be forgiveness and immense reward from Allah.

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And here along with the rest of the process, or maybe it's just under the pressure you're going through, you're trying to probably prioritize or maybe, you know, keep some things to later etc, because of the amount of, of, of pressure they bring about you if you were to engage in them and preach them. But again, Allah subhanaw taala is going to clarify through the stories that will come in the Surah to Prophet Muhammad Al Salam, that's, that's, that's the only way it's going to go. Because there are people who inside of them, they don't love the truth. They don't want the truth. So they're going to oppose it no matter what.

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Okay, so I'm not going to so there are some arguments against against those disbelievers I'm not going to bring them up because a lot of them are things we actually refer to them previously. But again, the Quran has some repetition and it's not complete repetition. It's repetition in context, and the context gives it its freshness. But again, since we're just going over the Surah, we don't need to go into all of the details.

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So then the story of profit, no. Haysom starts verse number 25.

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And Allah summarizes his mission is to worship Allah, just like the beginning of the Sunnah. The message of this book of the Quran is Allah taboo in Allah, that don't worship any other than Allah. The same exact statement is mentioned by Prophet no Allah, Allah taboo in Allah in verse number 26, which talks about his mission in the fall for Alikum either by Yeoman and him I fear for you the punishment of a painful day the same thing exactly just like the sword I started so all this is the shows the parallels between the message of Prophet Mohammed Salah Salem and the message of Prophet no honey Salam, obviously all the Prophets and Messengers there's similarity and again what was the

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response of his people for call on medical alert in a couple on the call me Hey, man, I like it in labor shadow Mithila no woman no aka tobacco.

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Burn the woman Allah Chromolaena mean problem but no, no come caddy me. So those the elite, the rich people, people have power in among these people. They said they say, we only see you as a human being just like us, you're just one of us. So what makes you special? Why are you a prophet and a messenger? Again, so they have the wrong criteria as to what a messenger should be. And something else that's going to become apparent. So I'll mention it later is and that's basically that the way they assess people is by their social,

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financial economic status.

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Something similar to our times and all times actually. But that's the wrong criteria because this is not a criteria as to who's good and who's not.

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Okay, woman raka Tabak, ala Latina, hamara de Luna, we see the ones who will follow you other law people in society.

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They don't have this socio economic status, right. So these are your followers. So this is not a good sign, right? You're not worthy of being followed? It doesn't seem Your message has any merit. Since these are your followers. These are the people who are attracted to you.

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Again, wrong parameters.

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Woman aquamarina Muffaletta we don't see any merit for you over us. We actually think you're liars. So as a thought process conclusion.

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Again, no honey, Sam defends his mission explains to them and he tells them that I just feel for you. I just feel for you. I'm concerned about you. And I don't tell you like he says I don't possess anything except what Allah gives me.

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And for those that you know, the you describes the low segments of society that were followed me.

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Allah says, Allah has the right assessment of people. It's not me to tell people hey, you poor you're not supposed to be following me. You're not from a high. You know?

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What? Cost in society we don't have cost in many places in the world, but it's more it's more subtle. But you're not from high segment of society. You're not from the elite, right? So you don't follow me. That's not how Prophets and Messengers deal with people because they judge people

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Based on their willingness to accept the truth and their devotion, their apparent devotion.

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And that's exactly what the prophets of salaam had, who were his followers. And we have a famous narration from about, about Sofia. And when he met the, the emperor of the Byzantines, and he asked him about this man who claims to be Prophet, who are his followers. So most of you and said, Allah that

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they are the weak people, the low segments of society and members of society. So the Emperor responded to him and he said, Well, how are they echo? What are

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those are the follow the followers of profits from every nation throughout history where these type of people,

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the ones who are oppressed, the ones who have taken advantage of the private impoverished ones.

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So similar thing, right?

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And then eventually, it got to the point.

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That last one and imagine no haste, and I'm staying with these people for how long 950 people this is our time. So many scholars say this is not his lifetime. His lifetime was more than that. But this is his mission. 950 years then Allah says to profit, not least the numbers number 36 We're all here. Elano. Henan Hola, yo, minimum Omega 1111 cardamon Falletta tasty mechanic if I don't, and it was revealed to no honey Salam that.

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You know, that's it. The ones who have believed these are the ones who would believe the others won't believe that's it.

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So there was no hope. Now. They reached a dead end. So Allah says to Prophet normally Sarah, and so established will build the ark,

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under my care, and my support, and my revelation, and do not argue with me Do not intercede for those who have disbelieved. Why is Allah saying this to Prophet Neilsen? Because among his family members, his wife and his son did not believe your disbelievers. And they were destroyed. So Allah told him to not intercede, do not try to intercede for people.

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You know, who, who rejected the truth, and they've wronged themselves, because these people would drown.

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So, know Ali Salam was building the ark. Every time a group of his people pass by him, they make fun of him, they mock him.

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And he says to them, if you're mocking us, they will come on, we are just going to laugh at you.

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punishment from Allah is going to come. Then one day, last month, Allah causes all of these springs in earth, to bring out Gosh, fourth, bring all of their water and a license rain until the earth is flooded.

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And we have a very

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personal and

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emotional, you know, situation here where know, Hey, Sam is on the ark with the believers and the animals

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because everything else is going to drown. And his son sought refuge a little bit far. And so no, le Salam. He calls out to his son, he says, yeah, when a young man he says, Oh, my son, come and join us join us. And then that means believers will join us and believe you will be saved.

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But again, his son does not up until that moment did not realize that. He thought it was just rain. It was just a normal flood. But he didn't know. He didn't realize obviously because he didn't believe that he was a punishment from Allah subhanho wa taala. And then he drowned. He was among among those who died. And then Allah cause the earth to swallow all of the water.

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And then no honey Salam turns to Allah spent and he says on my son,

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my son is my son, Allah sustained. He's not from your household. He's not from your household, again, because the reality of humans is their heart and their soul. That's our essence. That's who we are. So the true connection is connection through the soul, the spirit, the heart. And this is why the bond of faith is the strongest because it comes from the soul. It is souls bonding, and coming from the same place actually the same place of faith, whereas blood relationships are physical. So they actually secondary in that sense, and that's that's just the Quran states. This is a fact. It's not some kind of a height as some people might assume a hijacking of human reality. No.

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If some some somebody thinks oh, it's blood relationships that are the relationships. Now that's an assumption, the reality because the essence and the reality of humans is their souls. And this brotherhood

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and bond between source is far more stronger than actually the physical one.

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So Allah says to him, he's not from your

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household he chose disbelief. He chose falsehood he rejected faith he acted against his own human nature is against this again natural constitution

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yeah so don't don't don't ask me about something which you are not supposed to

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then know how SLM repents to a loss pantalla he says don't lie. I repent and I seek Your protection from from falling into something that that angers you something that violates your right

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and she so that was the story of profit normally cinema that Allah mentions the story of Prophet Hood and his cinnamon was sent to add and add were giants. They were real giants that were very strong. And there's a beautiful thing about

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about Houdini his Salaam.

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Because when he advised them again, they just they gave him the same response. They said Yeah, who do matter in verse number 53 Yeah, who do magic tend to be the unit and woman who will be Teleki Addy Hatena oncolytic woman Abdullah can be monoamine Oh, who would you didn't come to us with, you know, any clear sign, and we don't go into live or gods but just because of what you say. We're not going to believe in what you do in what you're preaching. What we think is that our gods have touched you with some kind of magic. So the you're hallucinating in in a sense? So you said to them, you know, I seek Allah's witness that I'm free from what you're doing. I'm free from what you are

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associating the patterns you associate with Allah. And then he says for key Do you need me and for my natural neuron, you know, plot against me do whatever you want against me unfair. And that's actually very brave from a prophet like this and they were extremely powerful people and

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in need our culture Allah, Allah he'll be will become I put my trust in my Lord. And we've seen a solid hour off I believe there was something similar from from prophet hood. So he says, I put my trust in Allah, he's my Lord, your Lord. He's going to take care of you. He's He's in charge of everything. Mom and dad, Bethany Lanois couldn't be nicer yet yeah, there is no creature, no living thing except that ALLAH has full control of it. In the lobby Allah Salado stream, my Lord is upon a straight path, meaning the way Allah runs this universe is not messy is not moody. It is. It is based on principles principles of justice and truth.

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So again, Allah subhanaw taala since punishment upon them, then there is a reference to the mode where the people of Prophet salallahu Alaihe, salam, and

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similar response, so Prophet Mohammed, Salah Salem was receiving all these responses as well.

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So when he advised them they said, Sid, how God can intervene, and I'll do one Kabbalah had they said this verse number 62. Also, you know, we had hopes, we had high aspirations for you expectations for you, you weren't going to grow up to be a good man, a wise man and important man among us. But now you're coming with all of this basically, nonsense. You are, you are telling us to worship to lead to stop worshipping what our gods worshipped, we are seriously in doubt, we are in serious doubt of what you are saying.

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But again, and he Allah brought, brought, Allah brought

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a sign a very powerful sign with Prophet use of silence. And this was a she camel with its own.

00:28:42--> 00:28:42

Its own

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what's the baby, baby camel, right. And some scholars say that this camel actually came from, from the rocks. It was created from the rocks, so it's very special camel, that Allah let the rocks take the shape of a camel and then Allah brought it to life. And there was something very special that

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every other day it would give them enough milk that was enough for the whole town.

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So it would drink so on that day, it would drink the water from the well and they would not need water.

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And it would give

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so and it would give them the milk for that day. The following day they were able to drink from from the well. So they would take turns so they would drink from the well every other day. And on that other day.

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Where they had they couldn't they were not allowed to drink from the well. They would drink the milk of the the camel she can

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and they slaughtered it they killed it. And then the punishment came upon them they were destroyed. And Allah mentions the story of Prophet Ibrahim and he sent him how

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Angels came to him in the form of man in the shape of men. And

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he slaughtered

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a veal for them.

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But they didn't eat. So he was a bit suspicious, or he felt suspicious about them. And they said, We are angels, we came to you, because we want we were sent to destroy the people of load. We know profit load on Instagram lived at the same time of Prophet Ibrahim. And he said.

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And then they give him the glad tidings Prophet, Ibrahim ASAM was all the time very old. Some of the scholars see what they say he was beyond 100 years old, his wife was above 100 years old, is what some of the scholars have to say. And they give him the glad tidings that you're going to have a son, you're going to have a son, and who's the son, obviously, and his wife heard that and she was stuck, she couldn't believe it. This was his wife.

00:31:02--> 00:31:02


00:31:05--> 00:31:27

So Allah give them give him the glad tidings of his health. And then son of its hack was the Pope. And you know, oh, by the way, and the Arabic language, it has a comes from the same route as active which is progeny, which means he's going to have a lot of children. And when a prophet Jakob is the father of Venice, right? He is Israel, they are the children of oop.

00:31:31--> 00:31:32

Yeah, and then

00:31:34--> 00:31:44

the Prophet Ibrahim was concerned that among them was, you know, profit law please, some are you going to destroy them, when Prophet Lord is among them? Allah subhanho wa Taala said to them,

00:31:45--> 00:31:54

you know, don't worry, or the angel said to him, don't worry, because we are going to save Prophet Lord and the believers with him, the only the ones

00:31:56--> 00:31:59

the disbelievers will be destroyed.

00:32:00--> 00:32:05

Okay, so I think it's, it's actually worth stopping here in sha Allah to Allah

00:32:07--> 00:32:09

will just want to keep it to about half an hour between now.

00:32:11--> 00:32:31

And next week, we will continue with the story of profit load balancing and what happens, then we have profit drape being sent to Meridian, and then the conclusion of the surah. And we will see how it ties in nicely with the beginning of the surah. And the whole flow in between. And again, the surah is

00:32:32--> 00:32:33


00:32:35--> 00:32:40

is some kind of reassurance and support for Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam

00:32:42--> 00:33:16

that what he's facing was actually faced by prophets and messengers before and that they should not, you know, cause him to experience that stress and great discomfort. And he should continue with his message. And the message here is patience, patience. So this surah is very important for people who are in the field of Dawa. It's about patients. So we're going to see how this will actually conclude as well, with patients. So we're going to see that next Friday, beginning later. And so just before joining us, and again,

00:33:17--> 00:33:50

in the light of the circumstances in the whole world, now numbers have been going up for some time now. I think they're receding a little bit. And may Allah subhanaw taala make it easy. What I would say keep safe. Look after your self and your families and your loved ones. And be careful. We've seen a lot of in our people have been Subhanallah suffered from this virus. Some of them passed away, may Allah have mercy upon them, we will accept them as martyrs in shahada and we have a lot of people who

00:33:51--> 00:34:08

hamdulillah Allah spurred by again, the illness was severe for them. So may Allah give them complete Schieffer and recovery. And may Allah subhanaw taala give them good health, protect the rest of us and help us come out of this

00:34:09--> 00:34:31

pandemic stronger, healthier, and closer to him. So it's a reminder for us that life is short. And one day everyone will live. And we ask Allah Subhana Allah to make that day we leave this world the best of all days. Again Desikan la Phelan and see you next week in the letter al Salaam Alaikum wa Rahmatullahi wa barakato