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Mohammed Mana
AI: Summary © The importance of remembering to be a part of Islam's message is discussed, including the mother of a woman in Milan who wants to have a son, the mother of a woman in Milan who wants to have a son, and the mother of a woman in Milan who wants to be in service to Allah. The importance of setting a record straight and increasing one's own profit is also emphasized. The segment also touches on the origin of the phrase "ma'am, you are the beast" and its various context.
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In our humble Rila

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Monastery no one is still futile who want to study when I wrote to be law him in shallowly unforeseen, a woman ctrm Alina May he loves Nutella Farah mobila permeable fella howdy Allah.

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Allah, Allah in the law of wash the hula de Cana was shadow. Mohammed Abu Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa, early he was actually he was seldom at the Sleeman kathira

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Yeah, you have Latina I'm an otaku. La haka, Ducati wallet moon

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to the moon. Yeah. yohannes otaku Bakula de harappa coming up soon.

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Heard up amin has Anja Weber Semin humare Jalan Cafiero manisa

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la Hilary Tessa I don't want to be here or ham in LA Hakuna la cumbre de la. Yeah, you're Latina. I'm an otaku. longhua boo olan said EDA, useless come Allah como de la coup de con woman nuclear en la basura hufa differs 1000 are Lima. We begin by thanking and praising Allah who Subhana Allah to Allah, our Lord and Master and creator He is the one who is most deserving of all of our praise and our gratitude.

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And we bear witness that there is no one worthy of worship except Allah subhana wa tada exclusively alone and we bear witness that Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is the last and final of all the prophets and messengers,

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along with the panel data in the urn,

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advice and commanded and reminded us to have Taqwa of him, just as he commanded and advised and reminded the nations before us, the people of the book as Allah subhanaw taala said, whenever there was slain alladhina Kitab amin publikum would come any type of law. Allah says we have given advice and recommendation and commandment to those who have been given the book before you end you as well. That you have Taqwa of Allah subhana wa tada that you fear the punishment of Allah subhanaw taala you fear the displeasure and the anger of Allah. And you do whatever you can is in your ability to obey Allah subhana wa tada and protect yourself from ever falling into a position where you will

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earn his displeasure. That is tough one, to be mindful and to be aware and conscious of Allah subhanho wa Taala at all times,

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allows the panel to Allah created the creation. And he sent and selected from amongst the messengers, along with a stuffy Middle America to Sudan, woman and us. A lot tells us in the Quran that he chooses, and selects and prefers from amongst the angels and from amongst people, messengers, that they come to their people and they remind them of where they came from, what their purpose of in this life is, and where they will go after they died.

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And this is something we have to constantly be reminded of, and that's why Allah subhanaw taala sent messenger after messenger after messenger. And from amongst these messengers are some that were preferred and

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their stories were mentioned to us more than others.

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Along with the pen with the other said also is the fact of the preference in the selection that he gave to Adam and Noah

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and the children of Ibrahim,

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etc, the verse continues. So there were some profits that are mentioned more in the Quran than others. They are known as What do you mean?

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There are five prophets that are mentioned and described as being prophets and messengers of strength.

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No, Ibrahim Musa Isa Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam

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and so amongst them is Risa blue Maria,

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Risa blue Maria,

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Risa, the son of meldonium.

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His story is mentioned in many places in the portal and the story of his mother is mentioned dozens of times in the run their names come over and over in the book of Allah subhana wa tada and indeed in their lives are great lessons for us to reflect upon.

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Before we talk about Lisa, we have to talk about mother but before we talk about his mother, we have to talk about her mother.

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And Allah tells us about her mother in salt earlier in Milan chapter number three.

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In one of the most detailed passages where we hear about the mother of mobium in Milan, and Milan, the wife of Milan

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she was probably

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And she took an oath she took a promise to Allah subhanho wa Taala. She said in Nina Tula canopy botany mahalo Allah

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for Taco Bell when

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she called out to Allahu Subhana hoods earlier and she said, I am dedicating this title that I am carrying now to be in your service, Oh Allah accept this commitment from me. And this child from me, Oh Allah. You see, in those days they had houses of worship, like we do, a place where people would worship. And from time to time, they would dedicate some of their family members to be in service of this place of worship, to dedicate their lives to the worship of Allah subhanaw taala. And to be in service of this place, that it was constructed, and that was dedicated for the remembrance of Allah.

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And this position was usually fulfilled by

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sons boys. And so when the mother of millennium, the wife of Milan, gave birth to the child that she gave birth to,

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it was a daughter.

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It was a female. That's not what she was expecting.

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And she said, in new over to her, Allahu Allah movie Mahabharat, she was surprised, I was intending to have a son, because those are usually the people that would take upon this position of being in service of the house.

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And it's a girl, but she was not going to go back on her oath will love them will be my Well, that's what I said that cuddle kill. Males and females are not alike. They are created with different qualities and different abilities, and different strengths. But she remained firm and committed to her oath, and her commitment and her promise to Allah.

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And she raised this child with that dedication in mind.

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Here we can take a short pause,

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what type of intention?

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What type of intention and what type of aspiration and dream and hope and commitment

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Do we have as parents or as future parents, to the children, that Allah will bless us with?

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Many parents have very lofty intentions.

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An average parent here with us today will Aspire that their son or their daughter, be an accomplished

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or someone accomplished in one career or another.

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And there's nothing wrong with that.

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But the problem arises when there is a lack or there is a deficiency or there is an absence within that intention and that desire, when it comes to their relationship with Allah subhanho wa Taala.

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And the two don't need to be contradictory. You can hope and wish for your child to be the most accomplished in whatever career they decide to pursue. But why must that be at the expense of how they value their connection to Allah? subhanaw taala? Does it need to be at the expense of that? No, it doesn't.

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But the problem is, that's a lot of work. It's a lot of work for a parent,

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to have that lofty of an aspiration. It's easier to just push the child to go to school and get good grades and get a good job. And there you go. That's not that difficult. And I don't mean to belittle any efforts of any parent, just the idea of being a parent that's already challenging enough.

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But the idea is that this mother of million, her biggest hope and aspiration for this child of hers, was that they be in their service of Allah subhana wa Tada.

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And so we can take a profound lesson from that as well. That what kind of door Are you making, and by the way, this dream of hers is before the child is born.

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She didn't even know whether it was gonna be a boy or a girl yet. But the mother of money um, had this dream and this hope for her child.

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Sometimes, parents will have this dream and their hope after the child is born and they have a personality and they've already figured out what they want to be when they grow up.

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But the mother of nadiem was ahead of the game on top of things before even this child comes out of her womb. She is firmly dedicated upon this goal in this objective, that I want this child to be close to Allah, I want this child to be special. Why?

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Because they're in the service of Allah subhanaw taala in worship and obedience.

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So Maria is born, and she is taught and she is raised in this environment, with her mother and her father and her

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Uncle who is her uncle zecharia is Sarah.

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He is an uncle to Maria. She is a fellow has a carrier she is put under the care of zecharia who is also who the carrier is also an IV. He is also a prophet. So she is growing up under the care of a prophet of Allah subhana wa Tada.

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And she follows this path in life, of servitude and obedience to Allah subhana wa Tada. And there are some signs. There are some interesting things happening in the life of Miriam zecharia enters upon her, and he finds that she has some this some sustenance and he is surprised to see it there because he's the one taking care of her who brought you this, I didn't bring this to you, oh, Maria, are the two women are in de la. She said this is from Allah. This was a kurama. This was something special for Imodium, that she was blessed with that she would it is mentioned the scholars say that the fruits or the plants that would grow in the summertime, he would find them with her in the

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wintertime. And those that are unique and seasonal in the wintertime. He finds them with her in the summertime. That's very strange. You know, nowadays, that's not strange to us, because we go to the supermarket. And everything is always available. Because they use all kinds of different methods to make sure that we are having whatever we desire whenever we desire. But in those days, you can only grow what would grow in that season.

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And now certain nutritionists are saying that's very healthy for you, and that's good for you. So we've come full circle after how many centuries.

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So he finds this this Where did you get this from Miriam kata to I mean in the law.

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She affirms that this is from Allah subhanho wa Taala. This inspired zecharia even though he was already an OB, he was already a prophet. But seeing this and hearing this response from her, inspired him to make up for something that he was longing and something that he wanted and he needed, but he had not been given offspring, who nearly came as a courier

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at that moment, as a courier turned to Allah. Because he was reminded that in the law heroes Romania shall be laid if Allah will bless and give to whomever He wills and it's not difficult for Allah.

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It does not decrease from the might or the dominion of Allah subhana wa tada to respond to the drought of anyone that is making their own asking whatever they want. But the idea is that we asked from Allah And here is another pause. Maryam is now teaching us as she inspired and reminded the Prophet of Allah is that Kenya, that we turn to Allah subhana wa tada that we turn to him for our needs and our wants. And we make sure that as we are turning to Allah, we are doing everything we can to be in

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his pleasure. And so that our drive will be responded to. And when we find ourselves relying upon other than Allah, we snap out of it. And we remind ourselves that Allah is the one who created us. And Allah is the one who created whatever it is that we want. So why not turn to him, I am reminded of a statement of Adnan Liam,

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that I heard from one of my teachers,

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and I recently heard it from a dear friend of mine. I've known him a lot, he said,

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in a beautiful, very concise and comprehensive statement, but extremely powerful, something that we should keep in front of our eyes at all times. He said,

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In older manuals referred to Elaine, be here, the men are often

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he said, the heart of one, the heart of that individual or that person, that you are longing so much to please and to get some benefit from

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their heart is within the hand of the one that you have turned away from.

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We may want something from another individual.

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Maybe it has some type of wealth or some type of sustenance, or maybe it is their pleasure and their approval or their attention.

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But that very person that we are yearning for.

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They don't have control over their own heart. Their heart is in the hand of the one that we have turned away from.

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ie Allah subhana wa Tada. So instead of turning so much to this individual person's heart, and trying to please them and impress them, why don't we turn towards Allah subhanaw taala the one in whose hand is their heart and mind and everybody else's

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That's why the prophets Allah I do send them sometimes, when he would take an oath when he would want to swear he would say

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that though I swear by the one, in whose hand is my soul, meaning Allah Subhana Allah has control over our hearts and our souls. So mentally am taught us a lesson here at this point, that we stay connected to Allah subhana wa tada and with the taqwa of Allah and with the closeness to Allah and with the obedience of Allah, it is will come from places you didn't even know. And by the way, we need to get out of the mindset of translating it is as currency or money. That's something that our imagination has gotten into the habit of turning to and that's very, very, we have limited something that is so vast, that is the law is so vast, when we only think about wealth we have limited it that

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is, Allah is much more vast than that.

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So a million is there and she's receiving these signs, something is special about her. The angels come to Mali, and it has them in a lot of stuff. erkki What the * lucky? Well, Slovakia I then he said to me, the angels come to me and say oh, ammonium, you have been preferred and purified your pure and preferred over the women of the world.

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She's a very special woman. And think even back to her origins, what the commitment of her mother was.

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Jamelia makuti, Dr. Becky, was Judy work.

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So now the command comes, what should you do? Now that you've been preferred and elevated and purified? You're so special? What should you do? society teaches us if you got it, flaunt it. That's what we learn in our culture. Now. If you're special, then you should, you know, spread your feathers like a peacock. But when the angels told and told them, you're special, and you're a pure, what did they command you to do next? Open Otilia. Viki was Judy was lucky to be in worship of your Lord be humble, bow down prostrate.

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This is what happens when a person is special in the eyes of Allah. When a person wants to be special in the eyes of people, they won't be very much.

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So she goes, and she removes herself from people and dedicates herself for some time in the worship of Allah with Corfield Kitab memoriam. We go now to sort of summary of the chapter that was named after her. A lot tells us make mention of Miriam, when she interpreted mcaninch altea she moved away from her people a little bit, to be in the service to be in a better in worship.

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And it was when she was there all alone, far away from her people.

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The angel comes to her in the form of a man

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jabril comes in the form of a bishop, a human being.

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And so when she sees this automatically, I mean, what would you do if you're all alone? And somebody a strange man comes in front of you, you would be worried. But at the

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end of the year, she says I seek refuge in the Most Merciful from you. Now if you're really a person who is fearing of God, you're gonna stay away and not harming.

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He responded to her honor innama Anna Rasulullah Viki, I'm not here to harm you I am, I am here as a messenger from your Lord. Bella kulemin zakia to give you the gift from Allah to give to you the news of a pure

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child a son. What's the mother Liam's first response?

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Worry, fear, anxiety, why? She is not in any relationship with any men. She has no husband. She's not in any relationship with any men. So if Nishino comes forward with a son, what are people going to say about her?

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What is the what kind of rumor is going to spread about her? She's concerned about her honor and her dignity. So she is told, don't worry.

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Don't worry. Eventually she gives birth and Who does she give birth to? A messenger of Allah. He said no Malian. The angels tell her he will be YG and dunya will Akira wamena moto been the son of yours is not just any son. This is going to be a son that has karma that has dignity that has honored not only in this dunya but in the UK and will be from those that are close to Allah.

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Will you tell him Oh NASA Phil, Matthew Kayla, and you know something special about this son of yours. He will speak to people when he is an infant.

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And so now I am eventually the time comes for her to give birth and she gives birth to the sun and that was a difficult experience. She's alone

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gives birth to the sun

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and she is given more instructions when people come to you questioning

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suspicious, looking at you in weird ways, asking you what have you done? Oh, and

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then tell them that you are fasting. You are fasting from speech. Nina. Dr. Romani Solomon on Psalm here is used in the linguistic meaning, meaning he bets meaning hubs to hold back. Hold back from what hold back from speaking. Mme, you don't have to speak along supernodes Allah will send a messenger who will defend your honor her own son aneesa, who speaks from infancy, a miracle, something people haven't seen before. But what does the research say?

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The people come to a million suspicious inquisitive for Charlotte's Elaine, she points to him. What are you pointing to him for? Why are you pointing to the baby?

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O'Keefe and Kelley moment can appeal Maddie phobia. What are you doing pointing to a baby? You can speak to a baby that's in their little cradle.

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What's wrong with you? All in near Abdullah?

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He says and responded and spoke. Why was she pointing to him? Because that's what she was commanded to do. And so that baby that messenger of Allah said, Of all the things that he could say,

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of all the things that alone inspired him to say, Oh, my mother is innocent. My mother is pure. I was born in miraculous birth. No, he didn't say any of that.

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Two words

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in me, Abdullah,

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I am act of Allah, I am the servant of Allah.

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That's what he said.

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And that was enough to set the record straight.

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Before even he could say I am a messenger for Allah. I am a soul a lot. Nabila know, Abdullah.

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Allah is teaching us in the Quran. In many places, that the highest station a person can have is to be a of Allah, in this dunya amongst people in the socio economic spectrum, the lowest the person can be is when they're enslaved to someone else, horrible.

00:22:12 --> 00:22:19

But in the eyes of Allah, when a person is a servant of Allah subhanaw taala, meaning under the will in the command of Allah,

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obedience to Allah, that is the highest station and level that any person can have.

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And that's how I set the record straight.

00:22:31 --> 00:22:39

And that's how all of the NBS came. All of the prophets and messengers that we believe in, and that we love, they came

00:22:40 --> 00:23:16

to make the statements that we are of Allah, we are here to obey Allah. Don't get distracted with all of these things that you have gotten distracted in your life. remain focused and seek this status in life. Seek this position and this title of being in obedience to Allah subhanho wa Taala barakallahu li with a comfortable annularly when Is there any way you can be messy human at 80 with the clean Hakeem a por una merona Westerfield la nueva commonly say anything assuming an equilibrium infested Pharaoh in the hula for him, repent to Allah for he is the most forgiving, Most Merciful.

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hamdu Lillah wa Salatu was salam wa salam ala Nabi abeja Allahumma salli ala Sayyidina Muhammad in herb Dakota, Sunni Kenobi O'Meara, the early he was sashimi he was in limited Sleeman kathira. Allah Subhana, Allah has given us such beautiful stories, like the story of Lisa, and the story of his mother and the story of her mother, in many places in the portal and today, we were able to take a few pauses, and extract just a few lessons from the life of this blended family. And from the life of this messenger, Lisa, already said them and we can speak about him and of all the prophets and messengers for many, many hours. But as many people are seemingly reminded of Risa in these days,

00:24:11 --> 00:24:58

let us also be reminded about what Allah told us about he said, he said, I'm just like many of the messengers before him, he said, he said on brought people the message of tawheed but many people this believed in him, and even a plot was drawn to kill him. But Allah subhanaw taala told us, but what for whom? La la, that Allah subhanaw taala raised him up to him. Well mount Balu yaquina Allah says with certainty, he was not killed, but he said it he said I was raised to Allah subhana wa tada and our beloved messenger Allah His salatu salam informed us that at the end of time, Lisa Instagram will return and we'll set the record straight and a lot of us have hundreds or edit in the Quran has

00:24:58 --> 00:25:00

told us of the dialogue that will take

00:25:00 --> 00:25:17

placed between an ISA and Allah on the day of judgment when Allah will ask Lisa Did you and your mother called people to worship you other than me? And he said he said I am says no, you know Allah what I called people to had I said that to people you would have known it.

00:25:19 --> 00:26:01

Ilana molteni V and your Buddha law. He says I didn't tell them to do anything except what you commanded me to tell them worship Allah subhanho wa Taala alone. So let us learn the stories of our profits and our messengers and let us increase in our love for them. Lisa it was the last of messengers of many saw him after him came Mohammed's little longer only you're sending them. We are blessed to be from the home of Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam May Allah subhanho wa Taala uniqueness with him and with all of the prophets and messengers in the highest levels of Jenna. Allah has commanded us just as he has began himself and commanded the angels to send salutations

00:26:01 --> 00:26:42

upon Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam in the lahoma that you get to who your soluna and maybe Yeah, you had Latina Amano suddenly early, he was suddenly moved to Lima a lot more suddenly either Mohammed Ali Mohammed Mohammed Ibrahim Ibrahim in nikka hamidou Majid barichara Muhammad Ali Mohammed Abdullah Ibrahim Ibrahim in naka hamidah Majid, please be reminded that tonight we do have our family Friday night program as usual, and that will begin after selecting the Asia which is at 730 and tonight, I will have the blessing to be with you all, and we will be continuing our discussion on the Tafseer of the last two verses of Saltillo bacala that we began many weeks ago so

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we will continue that we would love to see all of you there with us in sha Allah who tada about the law in the law here a little bit it will enable you to either way in any fashion he will monkey will be there it will come that Allah come to the Quran with Corolla LE mela Janina Come with me he he has it come. Ready, crew La La La MaMa

Jumuah Khutbah By Sh. Mohammed Mana at IIOC on December 23, 2016

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