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The conversation covers Hamza mural's interview with Speaker 1, stating that gay sex is a pathetic message that takes people out of their religion. Speaker 1 criticizes Speaker 2's apologizing for their statement, stating that they cannot change scripture. The conversation also touches on a sexual encounter between Phil hayati and Hamza mural, where Phil expresses his support for the Catholic Church but refuses to comment on the teaching of the Church. The conversation concludes with the speaker discussing the history of the world order and the importance of marriage in the liberal world order.

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Salam Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh How are you guys doing? We have a new First Minister of Scotland. Yes, a new First Minister, who is of mixed heritage actually he's from joint Pakistani and Kenyan mixed heritage heritage. His name is Hamza Yusuf. No, not the humble use of maybe you're aware of online from zaytuna College in America who speaks about Islam. Now, this is another Hamza use of this particular Hamza Yusuf, however, he is supposedly meant to be a Muslim. Unfortunately, I have come across a very disturbing interview of his where he was talking about something which is my alumina, Dini, but Don aura, something which is known unequivocally in the religion of necessity.

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Let's take a look at the interview and come back and respond in kind. The question was, Do you believe that gay sex is a sin?

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No, I can just be clear about that. That's not It's not I just have been asked a question about 25 times. And I've answered it the same way, 25 times so I can't change what's in certain faiths. I can't change what's in Scripture, while it can tell us the approach that I will take, which is that I will not allow personal faith to be the basis of legislation. Now, at the end of the interview, she asked him point blank unequivocally unambiguously, is it a sin? And He said, No, this is Kofa Akbari over disciple whom in al-mulla This is something which takes somebody out of the religion of Islam, you cannot maintain a subscription to Islam, if you want to call it that. You cannot be a

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Muslim and say this at the same time. This is an A data of Islam. This is an negating a very key verse or verses many verses and Hadith, a plethora multiplicity of different Hadith in the Quran and the Sunnah, this takes you out of the religion of Islam. What kind of verses are we talking about? For example, in chapter seven verse 8081, while Allah subhanaw taala mentions

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Walton is Pearl you call me he in accumulated tunel. facia term? Saba kakum Be mean I had him in a lie I mean, in accumulator tuna vija Alicia what I'm doing is

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Kong was three foon unlocked when he came to his people were Luton is Karla leave home he said to his people that you are doing something a lewd action that people haven't done before you

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an accumulator tuner DJ Allah Xiao Hua, you are approaching men with lust in a sexual manner. This is so clear mean during the set aside from women, aside from women, just talking about homosexuality, clearly yes. Bell and tomb comun Mazuri phone, you are a transgressing people. This is what the Quran states unequivocally, there is no abrogation of this. There is nothing of this. This is in the Quran is clear, crystal clear. It's cut through. You have said two things in that interview, Hamza? Yeah. You said number one, I believe it's not a sin. Okay, and I can't change scripture by not changing scripture. The implication is that you understand what is in the Scripture

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because the scripture says what I've just mentioned to you. So you understand what's in the Scripture. You cannot change it, meaning what you've done as much as you can possibly do. This is the messaging that you This is such a weak, pathetic messaging and to be honest with you has taken you out of the fold of Islam. Frankly, there's no excuse. The only thing you can do is repentance. You can say, stuff with our Tulay. It lives in a terrible Weslaco Albanian as the Quran says you have to Toba, you have to rectify yourself and then you have to clarify this matter in front of the public. You being in political office is no, it is no excuse at all for committing cover up

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Polyakova, woman and Mila. And you know what's interesting about this, I was watching before I watched this interview between Piers Morgan and Jacob Riis mug and this individual he's a Catholic, he was asked directly, very similar questions. He's a high a big player in the Conservative Party, I think they were even mentioning his name. He was one of the major major names maiden names that were mentioned to be the next leader after Boris Johnson stepped down this guy is a is a big player in the Conservative Party a big part of the cabinet above the executive form of government. And look, he had more fortitude than you did. He had more authenticity than you did. He spoke the truth of the

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matter. And when he was asked, let's take a look at some of the things he said. What are your views on same sex marriage? Well, that's something you support. I'm a Catholic and I take the teaching of the Catholic Church seriously, to support both.

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But marriage is a sacrament and the decision of what is a sacrament lies with the church not with Paul

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Moment. Can I Can I just establish do you oppose or support the teaching of the Catholic Church? That's the straight question whether you think it's the same. I think I've answered the straight question. That is that the teaching of the Church in matters of faith and morals is authoritative. So if he could do it, why couldn't you do it? You coward, you are a coward. You are a coward. You are a Catholic as well. You are a disbelieve of Allah and the messenger and the Quran. You are not You have no right to call yourself a Muslim. You are you're excommunicated from the religion of Islam. You are out you're finished you are done. That's all I have to say about you. And if you want

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to come back to Islam you have to take back your statement because you and nobody else on the face of the planet can take part of the book and reject part of that for me no no be bulky Tabby will attack furono B BB for mergers. Oh my F haloes le chemin Camila is Yan Phil hayati. Dunya well Malkia maturo Duna Illa Asha de la Raza or Mala Hui Bihar fill in I may am a loon that you take parts of the book and reject parts of the book Ramadan and fasting you take that part because as no problem no qualms with what the white man wants. You're talking about white people in Parliament he was looking at this person is white. This let's see the clip. If we can get the clip. Does it create

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this person is white this person is white as far as I take my portfolio alone. The Lord President white, the Lord Justice Clark white, every high court judge white, the Lord Advocate white, the Solicitor General white, the Chief Constable white, the white man, we just we just saw here who's a conservative and a Catholic has more fortitude than you. He represents us more than you do on these issues. So what are you talking why you are the white man this and the white man that as if you're some kind of anti colonial person, you're not an anti colonialist. You are you have the most colonized mind of all of us. You are an Uncle Tom Hamza, you are an uncle, you are finished, you're

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done. You understand? The only way back is for you to make repentance and clarification. Otherwise, you will be relegated to the trash heap the dustbin of history. You are just another Uncle Tom, just another Ilhan Omar, just another Rasheeda Talib oyetola, whatever her name is, here, you're just another one of those people, which you're nothing you understand. If you want to be a real man, you come out with your beliefs. And you go into an office like that. Otherwise, you're nothing and you are nothing because you have left the religion of Islam. And the only way back is for repentance and clarification. And this is a lesson to all of us, no matter what kind of pressure we are put under.

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Yeah, and what kind of a law of the dunya that we may have.

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You can never sell out your religion. You can never sell out your religion in this very clear way. You could have said something which could have given you a bit of could have allowed the theological or the theologians to give you some kind of we'll interpretive scope, but you were so click on the matter. There's layer 10 We'll we'll enter care for you or disbeliever was Salam Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh