Why Do Some Shia Hit Themselves

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Just in case anyone it takes.

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Okay, perfect. Play from that angle. I think now we can just go to a controversial topic, I think. Which I would love controversy have controversy. We have to.

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I'm joking. It's been. It's been quite informative for

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a while What is it to talk about is actually a byproduct of,

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of what's happened obviously to Allison is now the self flagellation. So

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yeah, so can you tell us how this developed, and the views of both Sunnis and Shias, I mean, the views of Sydney, of course, that this is the, you know, hold on, hold on. And it is a bit of an innovation, no doubt, if one interested, you've got a bit too close to Allah. And it's a bit of a no doubt about it. And it's hard on from another angle, which is that it causes bodily harm to the body, especially with the knives, especially with the knives and all these things on the homestand. They say things. melamine, you know, they're not legislates. And, you know, from that perspective, it's interesting, because there is a movement amongst the Shia and it seems to be growing, that

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thought of it as a foreign concept to mainstream Shia, even rough, you know, from the televisi eyes as well.

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And some of them quote and, you know, the research on this, and they say that this process, this practice really only developed roughly 200 250 years ago. And before this was a relic, it was an unknown unknown practice and it was imported by some of the say, the extreme Turks, you know, from they were not even Muslim, but they used to do these kind of practices and it slowly became imported, adopted by the by the, by the CIA themselves. And you find interestingly enough, many of the great you know, the ayatollahs they say,

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stones are examples, a stanny. Khomeini asked for honey many of the great scholars they say that this is this is impermissible to do this, if it leads to harm and if it leads to to show your sheer ism becoming something that is degraded and looked upon and frowned upon was making the whole of Islam look like that absolutely. So palace or Bab Ola

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Lumsden and other any a hadith literature which sanction this from their from their books or

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from our books absolutely not, in fact, the opposite. We know that maybe some Allahu Allah said from the

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agreed upon Lisa minim and honorable shabu johannine, the one who slaps his cheeks, and rips his clothes, of course, in the course of jania, pre Islamic thought or not from us. So this shows that this is a deal, it's a major sin to do this, I want to show you something

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quickly won't take too long. It's just a small video. I mean, this on YouTube, obviously, the people will see it on the

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this is, I mean, there are very graphic videos, which I don't want to show you. And I don't want to show that I don't want to show to people at home, this one's a little bit more.

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And I'm gonna just tell me what you think.

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Unfortunately, unfortunately, something like this, you know, hurting themselves and believing that they will come close to it, no alibi, and it's unfortunate, it's apparently it gives a bad name to Islam

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to themselves and, you know, actually, this can never come from a sherea sherea that is pristine, something that comes from a lot smarter than maybe someone that came for the massage and the benefit of the people and especially protect to protect the physical, you know, bodies of the people as let alone the spiritual and mental etc, etc. This is this is just

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myalldaypa demographic was absolutely you know, seen and to be honest, you know, it's not something that we should sit and laugh about or anything like this. In fact, we should feel pity for them. And we pray that Allah, Allah guides them. I think if kids do it and if they're being instructed to do this is actually child abuse. Yeah, because children who still couldn't dose into the state that you're in the legislation that you're in, and we have unfortunate videos of children cutting themselves in that way.

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But just to be clear, when many shots are completely against, absolutely, there is a growing movement amongst the Shia to stop this completely.