Abu Bakr Zoud – Only one thing will keep you company in the grave

Abu Bakr Zoud
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My final remarks with you my brothers and sisters in Islam. Look, I tell you this Allah, listen to me, open your hearts, listen with your heart and with your soul, my brothers and sisters, nothing Wallahi nothing will remain with us after our death, other than our righteous deeds, your wealth, your cause, but even your clothing what you're wearing now, your your keys for your cars for your house. Nothing in nothing will remain with you when you die. But even your name, people will refer where is the deceased person? Where is the body? Has the body been washed, as the body been prepared as it been shrouded? That's how they even your name is gone. Nothing will remain with you after your

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death, other than your good deeds.

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And you will be put in your grave alone. And people will get this dirt.

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And they will

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bring it back onto your grief until your grief is sealed and you're right underneath. In there alone. Perhaps people will stand there for a while. Make some dough out for you. And then the vast majority of people will forget you

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who's going to remember you after this. How will you help yourself who will stand with you? When you're in your grief alone, in its darkness. In its gloominess, and it is tight. What's going to stand with you? What is going to help you people have buried and forgotten you. Maybe if your wife remembers you or your husband remembers you, or your children remember you maybe from time to time they make a day out for you. But can you be affording to live this life relying on this? Now Allah as a Muslim doesn't do this?

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The only thing that is going to help you are your righteous deeds and Nabi sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he tells us

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for a believer

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the matter is when he's put in his grief, a beautiful looking man will approach you and he smells beautiful, and he looks beautiful, and he is called Beautiful. He appears to the believer in his grave. And the believer would say to him, man and who are you? Your face brings about could use with a pleasant smell beautiful looking, who are you? And that person will see an alma Lucas slowly I am your righteous deeds. And so he sits with him and keeps him comfort until the Day of Judgment Laquan This is the benefit of your righteous deeds. That's the only thing that's going to benefit you after your death. My Brothers and Sisters in Islam they're going to be some Allahu Allah you know, Selim

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says, You know what, hula hoop recovery, the grief of the believer would be illuminated light would enter it light stronger than the sun. And you know, we know that a Salah to know the prey is light.

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But you're coming Allah He know what Kitab will be in Quran is no, it lights up the grief of the believer when he's there alone. Now, for you need to

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get any work on your good deeds work on this, they are going to help you in your grief. Finally, I share with you one Hadith, and the be sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he says, When the believer is put in his grief,

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the prayer, the prayer, the prayer, the deed solid would be at your head at the believers head. And your fasting would be on your right. And your cat would be on your left. And all the good deeds that you did of support, charity, enjoying the good forbidding the evil,

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goodness to the people. And all of this, all of the good deeds would be at your feet.

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So you have good deeds all around your body. So then an angel would come from your head.

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The punishment wants to come from the head of a believer. And so the prayer would say nappy belly madonn There is no entry for me. So the prayer defends you. And he says there is no prayer from here. So the punishment would come from the left. And that's where the fasting is, and the fasting would defend you. And it would see madly belly mad. There is no entry from here, it's closed go somewhere else. So the punishment would come from the left side. And the left side is where your cat is a charity. And that would see their pee belly model. There is no entry from here at all. The door is closed. And so then the punishment would go from the feet wanting to attack from the feet. And

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then the feet would say, Man pee belly Mahal. There is no entry from here. And then the punishment is warded away from the person Laquan what save

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From the punishment in the grave, alarm on to solid, righteous deeds, especially the prayer, fasting as zakat and all the other deeds that we know about law icon, so don't be lazy my brothers and sisters in Islam, they are only 10 days alongside their nights as well. All of them that are important the 10 days and the 10 Nights. Focus hard, stay strong. Ask Allah azza wa jal to give you the ability and the strength that you worship Him

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