Was Feminism Created by a Man

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The famous line, the comfortable concentration of the home as a comfortable concentration camp. What was it

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meant in the

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ambulatory precision health market? It's been translated. It's very you know, that she's she is a prisoner in her house. By the way, she actually retracted this very interesting and her book called second stage, which she wrote some 10 years after or something like this. She said, this was a big stream for me to say that. People don't realize she made a hell of a lot of retractions. Why does she make retractions? I'll tell you why she made retractions.

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She made retractions because no any in 1970, she wrote a book called The second stage, you can you can get this book. And she realized by doing these kinds of sociological investigations, that women were actually having things worse, that things were getting worse for women. I'm going to read something from her book right now. She said that women are experiencing more signs of psychological stress than women in their 20s and 30s. Had in the 50s and early 60s. She admits This is what she says. And we're more likely to feel on edge of a nervous breakdown than young men. She said. So this is after war, after the Civil Rights Movement after the implementation of equal rights acts after

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women are going to work after all of the the discussion about feminism after women were burning bras after after after. So she goes and checks to see if women are happy now because of what she's done. And she realized, actually, women are sad, or they're worse off, their welfare has been affected in the negative. And she says that she admits this in her book, the second stage, which by the way, you don't find in curricula. You don't find the syllabi, this book, second stage, you find Feminine Mystique, even the second GCSE and a levels. They don't teach any kids about the second stage. It's a book she wrote. And in fact, it's a book she wrote after the book, Feminine Mystique, but because

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it has all these admissions, these dirty admissions that she puts, and she tells us the truth about you don't want to, we don't want to want to hide this under the carpet doing.

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Women 35 to 30 913, she says in the same book, in the 1970s, experienced a nervous breakdown, which was is more than a 10% increase, which is in sociological terms quite heavy. So she realized, based on her own study, this is Betty Friedan, we're talking about that more women were suffering after the implementation of all of these things. And after they go into work, and after that, she's they've they've taken on all these attitudes towards domestic domesticity and the family in the home and the motherhood and all these things, you see.

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And she even admits quite interesting. In the book, she goes, women have a profound human impulse to have children. Well, you were saying that before. It's all the tone has changed. Now as it when you see women are suffering and coming to you and crying and nervous breakdowns. Now you're saying, Well, actually, women have a profound instinct. She says, impulse sorry to have children. Well, you are saying that before? For Diane, she realizes what she put women in, but is she the only one? You'll be surprised she's not the only one. In 1981, after realizing the troubling psychological impact of women for dance status, let me just go with fidanque for a second. Just we, we had better

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find a change. But Change is hard, because this is what she says Unbelievable. Unbelievable why she says this, and

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she goes, because women have almost a religious feeling about the woman's movement. Law aka Allah Subhana Allah. She says, we got to change this. Now. This is 20 years after she goes because we're now becoming like feminism has become religion who's saying that but for Dan, one of the founding mothers of feminism, she she goes, I realized, we have to make a change. She's saying this, I realize you have to make a change. But what but what was difficult now because women have a what? A religious feeling towards feminism? Can you imagine this?

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A sacredness or reverence and or is she is continuous. It keeps us from asking questions about what really matters to women now. So

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you see it's really negatively impacted women she realizes that she wants to change that, but she can't because she's already created a monster. She's already created the Frankenstein of feminism. She's already helped contribute to that. And now she's trying to pull women back actually, we're going too far. The Frankenstein has already been created as and you know, who's who's suffering, but women are suffering because of it.

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And what one of the most powerful things I've ever read from a feminist is from German grip. In her book in 1981, the whole woman remember Jemaine Greer was one of the founding mothers of feminism see her see her online how she's coming with arrogance and talking and smoking cigarette and this and that, and she's she's with confidence, talking about how important it is attacking diversity attacking this inequality all i can and what she comes in 90 days when she goes I mourn for my unborn babies. I mourn for my unborn babies. She says

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this is two of your big names. Two already we're gonna come to the third one, which is the worst one by by the way, was just a mourn for my unborn babies. She said. She goes I still have pregnancy dreams.

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She's exposing us waiting was vos joy, something that will never happen. She's overseas

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past the age of pregnancies never happened a lot of like, some punishment for you, because you were telling all the women is that you're telling all the window motherhood is x y Zed. Now you'll be punished because you realize that actually you suppress your instinct and you hurt yourself. You only hurt you. You're playing with fire. You played with fire and you got burned

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before who is the way Annie, if you want to if you want to put the main, the main woman of feminism in the second wave is the vulva the second sex, because it had been probably the most robust and thorough philosophical work that had been done on feminism. And up until the third wave, it was the main way in which scholars of feminism would argue for feminism, okay? Is what she says.

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We know we know her thought, right? She attacks the institution of motherhood, she attacks domesticity, she talks about you know how it's oppressive to be a you know man and biologically even. And these things, but she says the following she goes she was talking about she had a boyfriend his name was sutra john Paul Sartre. I'm a huge philosophy big name. Imagine she's telling women not to have what? husbands or this she's telling them not to have husbands. Yeah, not to be married not to have kids. Well listen to what she says about her own boyfriend. Listen to what she said. She goes I felt dominated by someone else intellectually.

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Such we lived up to the man I dreamt up until 15 I was simply not in his class. Well I have not seen one single Muslim woman to ever say that with the most complementarian lifestyle she's an egalitarian. She said I've never heard anything dominated by my husband. I was not even in his class. The most traditionalist woman the Amish I've never said this is what So you're telling women not to have kids you're telling them not to she's like the devil will lie she is legit I'm sorry let me just go into this just go for the

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master Luca master the shadow the shadow ban is kind of an incentive for for McAfee VideoMic is like this in the Quran. It says there is like him as like the devil. He says go and do this belief. And when he does it, he says I have nothing to do with you. In her own life. what she's doing she's saying you're my superior. I'm not even in your class. But she what she's spraying in her books as well. She's writing don't get married. Don't have children. Don't allow this from demand. It's like this nonsense hypocrite. She's a nonsense hypocrite. You're a feminist until we get married. Or she wasn't even married us. I will help we'll come on to it. She wishes she was as she even admits or

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not this but she goes I was simply not in his class. She She looked in the mirror.

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Just like you got it. She says something that you said Should I test my own reflection?

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She goes if at least my own thought I had given birth to a hill a rocket but nothing had has taken place. I'm astonished to realize how thoroughly I have been cheated cheat by who we talking about cheat by yourself. You cheated yourself. Yeah, she's writing an autobiography. She thought he was in red. She then she also admits I don't know she's she thinks a diary entry. She writes the following she goes before her boyfriend sutra came from Paris. She was preparing her new independent home in Paris and waiting for the return of Sartre from Paris. new furniture is brought the walls up, papered and you close a purchased. Are you trying to make an effort for him? If

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you're trying to make her effort for him, I but you tell the woman to not to get married. But you wish you a mode. you wish you had that commitment. He called her one time and said to her because you know, she came back home. She wasn't. She said, You're like a mere housewife. And obviously, in their understanding, this is a huge embarrassment. She says, I was furious with myself to have disappointed him in this way.

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And you know, he's the one. By the way, if you look at her autobiography who persuaded her? He's the one who persuaded her to write the second sex. So we have a valid question. It was second wave feminism created bisexual by a man. Was he the one doing all the work? Was he the one pushing to do these things? Why? Because it's in the benefit, we're going to come to realize it's in the benefit of a man. It is this is what women don't understand what please, some women do, of course, but some women don't. Feminists woman that feminism second wave benefits the man. Psychologically, as we'll find more than it benefits the woman. He doesn't need to commit. He doesn't need to have kids he

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doesn't need to, although he can move on to another use and abuse.

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lash and bash he can.

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This is this is a situation. But

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let's not mention that. What we should mention is some sociological investigations. And the biggest one that's ever been done that I know of. Is this one that has mentioned this mentioned the poem as well. Do you remember what the lines were?

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Yeah, this is the

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female female elfia This is the Miata of his Blanchflower and Oswald, this is the name of the study. 2000 200,000 participants longitudinal study from the years 1970 to the years 1990 in the UK and the US, huge study, very difficult to replicate

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This is what the research has said that men are happier and women are sadder, based in the time period after the feminist movement has taken force, and after all the laws have been placed, and after attitudes have changed, and after women are going to work, why are they happy on the sidewalk? Well, because let me tell you why. Because

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it they say, legislative reform and so on, has not been successful in either country in either serving our country in creating or re re raising the well being among women, his record is messed up a little bit on the flight. But that's, you see,

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this big thing is saying what, in fact, the same study said, you know, who was getting happier, men were getting happier, getting all the ones,

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the commitment issues are gone down, he doesn't have to extract his resources for her. He can do he's got more money, now he can just use her move from woman to woman, she's, she's the one she wants security. She's the one psychologically primed for these things. You want to play this game with a man and you think you're going to be happier. You don't know what you're doing. You've created 20 years longitudinal study, it tells us that in fact, you're the welfare of woman has degenerated considerably or exponentially as a result of what as a result, or after at least these policies had been implemented.

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Now, why is this the case? What should we think about? I mean, feminists know even a second wave feminists that there are differences, considerable physiological, and psychological and even biological, as we know, differences between men and women.

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But basically, their argument is, despite all of these differences, that we should be treated the same.

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Now, the burden of proof is upon the one who's making the claim. Why do we need to be on the backfoot? If they if someone asks you why is it different for whatever ruling it is in Islam, or whatever other system even that differentiates between religion, men or women? So why is it different? Why should it be the same? In fact, Plato, he made a very interesting his quote, Aristotle quotes him, he says, treat like cases as like, meaning identical things should be treated identically. And different things by extension should be treated well, differently. Now, your feminism doesn't accommodate for the differences between men and women. That's a failure. That means

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it has less explanatory scope. Now why should we cover for their failure or even accept it as a pre presupposition? for answering that questions? They're asking, why is it that we'll come to it, but why is the inheritance difference? Why is polygamy Why is man can marry this? Why should it be the same effect? Who gave what why is there an assumption of legality of absolute equality? This assumption itself is unsubstantiated. In fact, they need to argue from first principles, they need to argue why it should be treated, different things should be treated the same. They need to argue that not us. And in fact, this is one of the key reasons and very important here. why it happens,

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why apostasy happens or why check happens, why ROI happens in a dean doubt. And we because we've been in the backfoot for too long have not been able to answer this properly. With the way we answer is sorry, are you is the assumption that different things should be treated the same? We believe that identity quality and value does not mean so equality and value does not mean identity. That isn't security and roles, or more time. equality of value. We do believe men or women are equal in value. Yeah, spiritual value, they are equal. equality of value is not equivalent to identical at enrolls. This is extremely important sentence memorize it. If they want to tell us that it should be

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the case they have to argue for it. It's not me that has to argue for it. But you know what, sometimes it's quite easy. And it's quite straightforward if we point to them the differences between men and women, because some of them are actually ignorant of it. Even though the feminist founding fathers were not ignorant of it. And in the chapter biology, Beauvoir, she goes women are weaker than men. She will lose them in the fight. She has less control of herself. I'm paraphrasing, but that's the idea. She says he will listen but sometimes you have to show them that that is that is a fact. This, this giving us give some examples of that.