Twitter is Dangerously Addictive

Mohammed Hijab


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Monaco Monaco, we get on social media, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, all those things are very addictive. You find yourself on them all the time. And sometimes you can you can spend an entire lifetime on them. Which is why at one point, actually I was because because it's so addictive, you get a surge of dopamine every time you put out a tweet, I decided to impose a ban a very long ban, I think it was for about six months on myself because of my behavior on one of those platforms. This was at a time actually, I was taking prescription opioids as well for some medical issue that I had. But I would say that Twitter is probably even more addictive than those prescriptive opioids. And so

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can social media be? We don't want to be put in a position where, you know, later on in life, if we're younger, that we look back and think, wow, we spent a third of our lives online, doing useless things on social media. We need to be able to find discipline, otherwise we are going to sacrifice a significant portion of our lives, doing useless stuff on social media.