Friday Jumuah Khutbah – November 6, 2020

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The speaker discusses the challenges faced by many people during the pandemic and how they can overcome them by learning about medical models and learning about certain names. They also mention the importance of trusting oneself and being the best parents and adults to their children. The conversation ends with a mention of a possible event happening next week.

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Are you

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one way or

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the other

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want to

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come up on

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this hill

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yeah yohannes in welcome

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well Bethel in Houma, la Jalan Cathy,

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on top of one lady just

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in the law How can I make

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my brothers and sisters as we continue along the journey of learning about the names of

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others deciding to discuss or explain a medical model

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but the elections in the US are not over. So we'll talk about that another day. Today inshallah.

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We will explain when and learn

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who is allowed to call you. In fact, these names have also kind of come side by side three times

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and are mentioned individually multiple times in different places. But every single one of us knows at least one where these two names of the last one hadn't come side by side. And it is none other than I am to cozy up versus before and that can be broken up into 10 different persons or sentences or lessons, but also a person important

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Every single one of us has words through memory, through recitation. But we need to dedicate more time learning this verse.

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But you'll notice that the beginning of the verse also says, long.

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mu is,

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of course, we know what the hell it is.

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And he is the one with perfect,

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as in his life is perfect. And his life is not like our life.

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So his life is perfect, and we depend upon him in our lives. And this is why I hate is linked usually with you.

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And we'll see why in a minute or two,

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to stick to

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Allah Subhana, Allah to Allah is and how you

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learn, who who seen a tone one, almost to kind of go into that as we see an editor. He says he doesn't take any rest, he doesn't get drowsy, and he does not fall asleep, he does not need sleep, which means or indicates that the wafer also kind of water and is completed every sense that he gives us an example that he doesn't even get.

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He doesn't get tired, tired of what tired of looking after those who he created, who are alive, but their lives are deficient.

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We depend upon the loss of heavy winter.

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For our food, we depend upon the height for

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our wealth, our children, our earnings, our sustenance, right, our knowledge, our education, our transportation, every single thing that we need, we were

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Allah Subhana Allah is the one who provides

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God is their present ready and given to every single one of us in any way that we need. Our life hence, a life of abundance and our life began, but life never began. It always was. And this is usually a point that many youth become very confused. And they don't have time and seven minutes to explain it.

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But we will install the tag on one day. In fact, we've discussed it with our you know, spend some time in the youth program on the weekends you spoken about this before. I will also kind of want to add up always was and there was nothing before him. And it was kind of and it will destroy this world. And every single one of the creation of a lot of cannabinoids in this universe will be destroyed. But also having the data also created an eternal life for us afterwards, we can begin and we will continue eternity

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continues to turn.

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And never

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forgive me for rushing through this we have to keep track of the time and the time change looking at the clock confuses me. So bear with me for the next couple of minutes. Uh, you also have

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mentioned that he is the one who fulfills all of our needs. Now this is an indication that every single one of our challenges in life, we can link to a one on one to add value. And in fact has mentioned in multiple heavy that the greatest of things of a boss.

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It's mentioned in the summer, it's mentioned by Bobby Hatton and others that

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have the strongest of names

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to call upon a loss of counterpoint to call upon him with you because every single one of our needs is looked after right.

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And we also see a loss of animal which is a

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what's the law

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And how to trust and

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put all of your trust in the last kind of what to add, for he is the one who is everlasting and ever living and will never end. And I see this, my brothers and sisters after a week of dealing with so many things that I couldn't even comprehend how many challenging

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how many difficulties people are going through. And I heard about one of the Muslim shelters saying that their amount of need, or the amount of calls that they received this year during the pandemic has increased by 700 times. That's just an indication of the problems that people have been going through the last few months. So

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our hope is

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when you need them last

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night, how many of us woke up last night, or this morning? And

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if I asked every single one of us, are you going through a prayer right now in your life, every single one of us would read that there is something that's simple for us in life.

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It may be of the simplest things, the clever person might say, oh, nothing's going on. But that person is balding. And they don't want it. Right. Or the clever person might say, No, everything's fine. But as you see, past your house, there's a moving truck outside of one of those houses moving out and everyone has something going on and

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we should be coming out.

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A lot more.

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A lot more.

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A lot more.

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A lot more better than FPGA networking, yada, yada.

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yada. Yeah.

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It's colossal. Showers, blessings and mercy upon every single one

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of us who kind of went ahead to open his doors of blessings and to bless us in our lives. And to grant ease to every single one of us is going through the hardship of difficult as colossal cameras to grant the strength to wake up in the middle of the night.

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As colossal panelboards added to not let us be deceived by the money that's in our bank accounts or in our pockets and to understand that he's the one who gave it to us and can take

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it easy for us to be the best parents and adults to the community.

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We are supposed to protect our children and protect the future generations and future progeny.

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To remove any sort of any sort of guilt feelings that we have between us, we are

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always to allow us to have the strength to go through the hardships that we're facing with customer loss

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send me

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a send anywhere

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we got the approval for the entrance and exit on our parking lot

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from the street. So, we should be starting next week construction is due

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intercede is possible we talk enough about another $70,000

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remember on your way up