Shocking Predictions in the Sunnah

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AI: Summary © The transcript describes three predictions: the discovery of the Shoham obothons, the death of the Afghanistan region, and the predictions of the Prophet wa sallam. The speakers do not provide concrete examples or details on these topics.
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See, so

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this is five predictions in the future as we promised and we'll move on now to this on. And there's so many will lie there's so many things there. There's literally so many is a corpus. I was looking at some of the notes I had from, you know, things that before, before I came here today, and I just like, how am I going to condense this? How am I going to explain as literally so much? Yeah, but I'll try my best to just give you a little bit of things here and there. And the way I think I'll do this is I'll give you some I'll divided into three parts and this divided into three parts. I also cover general pretty specific predictions

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about you could say demographics, or politics or military expansion or whatever you want to call it.

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Number two, will say specific predictions, human beings that the Prophet predicted this will happen. Number three things of today, that some of the scholars of our time have said this is what the prophet was meaning. Yes, and for

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so we'll leave everything we could we can go into a big discussion otherwise, I saw the first one. There's a hadith which is narrated by so when

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the Prophet Mohammed Salah Salah said

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he says only up is the earth the earth has been protected in front of me. Yes for ICT Masaryk haha oh no hurry back. I saw its eastern parts and its western parts.

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Were enormity he says that certainly my alma

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say Abou makuha

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will definitely mocha means milk is the basically the possession is ownership. It will reach or have the ownership of these areas. Malzieu Illumina. What has been

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projected to me from this path, which is an interesting physiology By the way, Mazda we really mean hair. So it's parts of it. Min. Min, which is like a bit of a.

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So Bob, not all of it. So here we have a prediction. And if obviously, look at the map. This is one thing they can't even today this Okay, well, that could have been put in afterwards.

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Okay, put an afterwards look at the map is the expansion is eastward and westward. That's the expansion. Oh, that is where Islam spread, you could say is spread from the east and from the west. That's how it spread. It didn't go north and south necessarily. It could have been loosens up. It didn't go that way. He just say Shambala. How Wahhabi he didn't say that.

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He didn't say the northern Russia in Russia. He said, Masha, Masha de cada Madiba. Its east and west parts. You see what I mean?

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So this is one general thing that the problem Hamza Salaam predicted but there's more.

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The promise of assumption, the Hadith, which has some Dorf, in it Bice documents is it's got some weakness in it but there's another Hadith which makes it basically completely strong not only what the dolphin is the iPhone is and what the strong one is, he said. So after Misra, you're going to open or a and be victorious in Egypt.

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Clearly this is

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quite Yani.

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Straightforward prediction.

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So there's a bit of weakness in it. So we go to a Muslim, whereas obviously, you'll find much less weakness in the book. Well, our weather from Amazon salami said,

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set up the hoonah urban youth Cairo free health care act, he said that you are going to open our country which the karate is mentioned now. And now he says the class is basically a currency which is only used in Egypt at a time so this if you put the weak Hadith with this kind of stronger, how did you come to the conclusion that Yes, he's talking about Egypt? Yeah, he's talking about

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the Brahma Hamas Rasul Allah, He predicted that he would be a Muslim country. And this is exactly look in the map. And this is

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probably living proof of that myself. So this is one prediction, I lost the Amazon seller, he continues in a different idea.

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When he talks about and this, this hadith is actually five or six different ideas in different collections, talking about a Hindu student, by the way, which is basically Indian Pakistan, a lot of you may be from Pakistan. Yeah. The one about Cindy's dive is weak. It has often it's got some weakness in it. But yeah, because it's talking about the future. So we don't happen. That basically the Muslims went into Pakistan, as sin. Obviously, Pakistan is a new nation. Yeah. of I don't know X amount of years, wherever, whenever they claimed independence, but the sins region, which encompasses Pakistan, this was always there. Right. Obviously, this is something he mentioned that

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in the week Hadees, but the one which talks about Hindus, and that is a strong Hadith, which is narrated by Abu huraira, Tara delana and who some of the scholars to be fair say that this is not talking about this particular expansion, although the concealer seems to be talking about that, and it

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He says that the Muslims conquered Pakistan and India so he accepted both it seems like he accepted both any any terms at the time of Mali as one time and afterwards like in the for 400 a haitch after hegira This happened so from Mohammed Salah Salaam I predicted

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you predicted this things you could say it's possible that Allah the Prophet Muhammad's Islam was told about these big nations that would become Muslim nations and some of the biggest Muslim nations in the world now. And obviously, Pakistan is one of the top five

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top five and India is one of the bullets of 10 olara Even those 80% into Yes, anyways, he then predicted something else to cause it This isn't as I had if the right Bible era you know it's by the way majority of token even probably the majority Yeah.

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He says to hace una lotta masa, I said that this is one of the elements of OSI letter Formosa, the sound will not be established. Hatter to party Luna at work, you will know that I will not be established until you find the Turkish people. Turks took obviously like before the Turks became Muslim. This happened like, you know, the Turks and the Arab Muslim, they had some kind of conflict and then became Muslim and one of the most powerful, obviously, empires. longest reigning one was the one was the Ottoman Empire, which is the Turkish Empire.

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But then it is something of this hadith. There's more than one variant.

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And one of the variants, it says,

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you'll be fighting the people of who's and caveman. And it can also be said, Can men be fed her calf, cattlemen, and cattlemen, according to and nowhere who says it can be it says this and consider Who are these people? So nobody tells us who these people are. Who's anchorman. Okay, man, these people, he says is a place when all by baja Hindi Bahasa is this is a place where it's next to Afghanistan and the Indian sea, basically. So, clearly, it's talking about the people in that region. Yeah, and there's some was some of the descriptions of this.

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And, you know, flatnose this, this is that a lot of the Turks will be have been described going back to the text, and it will tell me how he wrote this in his book. In other words, he said, he considered this one of the miracles, he said, this is because his time obviously this was happening, you know, coming in, and he considers this one of the miracles is shocking.

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I know, you know, so this, he found it shocking.

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So, this is another piece of evidence from the so now we I think we've covered about how six olala I don't know, I haven't been counting really, but let's cover a couple more in this category, then move on to another category. Yeah.

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So we talked about some of the nations here that have been

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kind of taken by the Muslims or the Muslims have gone into these nations.

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Also, the proponents of Rasul Allah, he said and Hadith along with Eric Leonard fee, Shami now emini net, and he said this many times. So there's an indication he also talked about Sham, generally speaking as a

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hadith. And I'll try and put in shall all of the references, although it's going to be quite tedious doing that. And so I put them in the description box. So he says that allow him a medical and a fee. May Allah give us blessings in our Yemen? An hour? Amen. Well, it's not ours. You know, at that time, it wasn't a Muslim place. So he said, femenina femenina in our ama, but it's not. Yeah, you see, he's obviously the answer. So let me send my Auntie's an

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olive Nebula to Yemen to spread Islam, but at that time, wasn't a Muslim place.

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It's a sham. ina,

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which is obviously a sham isn't campuses now by five or six different countries? So we can say Syria and we can say, you know, Jordan, we can say, I was gonna say Israel there for a second.

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Palestine and all of these places as part of the a sham region.

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Clearly, this is one of the places where there's Muslims and Muslim soldiers and how these odd 10 beignet a day as I said, count six before and the sidefx

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Yeah, so I hate you said count six before the hour.

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He says Moti you my death. Clearly it's going to happen happen.

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Then he says, from fat whoa, wait till makisi he says after that Jerusalem will be opened up and conquered Jerusalem. I mean, if you think about what this is, Jerusalem is is is a heartland form over the three monotheistic religions for the three Abrahamic faiths. for someone to make a contract to make a prediction like this is very brave for life is very incredibly brave. Yes, we're going to go to Jerusalem and Jerusalem

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Jerusalem, if you think about if you just think about this,

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if any, if you think about it from a rational perspective,

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someone who's got very so if you go to Medina, now it's bigger because you know, the expansions and technology and stuff. But before, it's just like, you know, there's the islands, and a lot of these predictions were done before we went to

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Mecca times. A lot of them without him. I mean, he was a fraction with with his people, five people 10 people just not Muslim hiding to come on. Well, Yemen, What is he talking about? Is what you'd be thinking if this were you in their position, if you want to believe it.

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Or if you had the weakness in faith, but you know, this is what you this is very speculative, incredibly speculative. It's too speculative. In fact, it's too speculative. And the six things that he mentioned, he says that, after that there'll be a plague

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to plagues that will, you know, affect the people and this happened, you know, and you know, the Prophet Muhammad wa sallam he predicted a fire and the Hejaz region, a fire

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which did happen, and he said, it will go to like, you know, people will see it.

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And so this, this is another thing that materialized quite close to his death.

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So, these are the predictions from the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi salam.

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So, we've I think I've covered what eight or nine of these are perhaps eight or nine, maybe one more of the country ones, and then should we just move on straight on so let's move on straight. So we talked about Afghanistan, in a sense, because we said,

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How, who's our cannot? Let's move on to some of the things he predicted to his people, people specifically. And this is interesting, really, yeah. So most of us are not only predicted things on a massive scale, but he predicted things on an individual scale as well. So he, he spoke to

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different companions of his

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and, and he told them things that would happen to them. I'll give you an example.