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Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato. How are you guys doing? I'm joined with a very, very special guest and I'm not talking about the war. He is very special. But we're talking about Shahab little Hakeem Idris, who is the Inspector General of the world Uighur Congress and Salaam Alaikum. How are you, Monica Salaam, thank you. Always a pleasure to have you. It's a real, it's a real pleasure to have you finally, I mean, we, you know, support has some really amazing things about you. And we know the work that you're doing in terms of the activism, and indeed, the academia. And this is a book of yours, isn't it? Yes. I'm very honored to have this opportunity. Especially my

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from my brothers and sister in face my own religion, talking about their brothers and sister and the voiceless people right now in concentration camp in China, where they have to denounce their religion, the copy of Quran and silver burnt the mustard and

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bars, and the sea, Islam religion as a illness, backwardness, and they want the Chinese Communist regime want rewrite the Koran openly tell them Chinese version of Islam, and in this time,

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to have you now in your show, like your brother, and it's very honor just for me, like, who has doesn't know if my father, mother, or my sisters and brother alive or not almost four years, I'm not only one, I'm one of the hundreds 1000s Uighur people around the world in diaspora we go in the bed, you know, without knowing knowing our loved one is still life or not. Our sister is raped or not our children, you know, raising in at your system, and this circumstances, we ndspl so we will people left alone. And we need you know, like, like a talk like this and did give us you know, hope. And

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I'm very happy to be with you. Well, I what you just said there really struck a chord in my heart because it was something I mean, so all right. We've heard this before with Dr. Mohan, haven't we? It's just so painful to hear. So it makes me like the emotions that stirs within me when someone says This to me is you feel sad. You feel so bad that you feel so anger is although you just knowing that there are people out there that are responsible for this kind of thing. Yeah. You know, I want to ask you a little bit more about your story. She had the hacking.

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Tell us you've just said something like I've never heard for that many human beings in the world, even in the worst, most affected areas in the world. And I've been to bad areas, most of badly affected areas. I've been to Cox's Bazar seen the Rohingya? I've seen people in our Sub Saharan Africa. I've seen people in the Middle East, I've seen it, but many people don't. Not many people have the same kind of thing that they can tell me that they don't know where their family are still alive or not.

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When was the last time you spoke to your parents? Last time I spoke my mom 25th April 2017. I have an open letter to my mum and dad this book. And you know

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what? Every day if I pray, what do I do? I tell you now Alomar, ham and water. Why Yeah. Without knowing if my parents my logo.

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Bless, have mercy on our living on our debt. Yes. If they did, Allah bless them if they're alive, Allah bless them. That is the pray. Right now we know that I said we were Muslim. We are doing right now. And I want to tell one simple story.

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The Chinese Communist regime if they put a person in concentration camp, this now because I interviewed some campus survivor for this book.

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They put in the this is a book that you can get online. Yes, it's in Amazon. Miami documentaries. Yes. Get on Amazon. Yes, I'm okay. That is a Kindle version tour and you can download worldwide. And the deeper if they put in the J first time they tell them you know they will

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tell them you are here. nobodies know you are here. Your relatives don't know you are here.

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Even your gut doesn't know ausable you are here. If he knows he should come pick you up.

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This is this is this this? is they have no idea what like yeah, they have no idea how that works.

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We'll get on them did they have no idea how that word will come back to haunt them? That very word? Yes. It's comical that their atheism leads to them to this kind of foolishness. Yes. And sorry, sorry to interrupt you. But I have to make a comment about this really. It shows you for those individuals who say that atheism, materialism all these kinds of have nothing to do with on the ground stuff. These guys are attacking religion. On atheistic grounds your God doesn't have you got to wisely bring theology into this. Yeah, absolutely. As you'll find in his book, The concentration camp survivors deck is a detailed account of what happens. One of the survivors sister, Zuma

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durwood, who I interviewed previously, as well. She said on the first day, when you're there, they teach you that there is no law. And that's part of their curriculum. Why is that? Why are they so angry about the theology?

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But I just wanted to say associated, they have built these camps. They've built these concrete prisons, they have spent millions of pounds, and they have erected these structures in East Turkistan. Because the people refuse to give up ly like the law. That's why they exist because if the Uyghurs gave up Loyola law, there would be no need for these camps. So these camps exists because the people refuse to give up Islam. If you if you look

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closely, we cut you off. No, no, no problem. If you look in China, there are 1.4 billion people living in China

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and that we were Muslim, what the Chinese in a statistically it's always the lowest, they say 12 million. We were Muslim, see, what the cause or triggers other target Muslims, maybe why? We are 15 million Muslims. They couldn't

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eradicate our religion or culture in last 1770 years. We, you know, they they This is not the first time they built a copy of Crohn's. They burnt a copy of Crohn's. And then the great day forward in 60s, cultural revolution in 70s. They you know, destroyed the mosque at that time. Even look in Kashgar as a like a mojarra or samarqand, the NCC two Central Asian where the hamlet Madras says you know, for the theology for Islamic religion,

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very famous city. They left it there and then ended up 17th to musk in Kashkari.

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But we as a Uighur Muslim, you know, we get a little bit

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a little bit the tolerated freedom, we build our mosque, we, you know, get our religion again. And our religion, Islamic religion saved as to become coffee, or like a Han Chinese atheist. Imagine that Islam saved we were people in 1.4 million people's around and that's the wide why why they attacking religion they say you know, to assimilate them to educate them. I have to take their belief they face I attacked them, their face damaged them, you know, and it's the day What the hell and this is this is not the just the war against Uighur Muslim. That's the war against Islamic belief and faith. That Islamic faith is not just belong to we were Muslim. It's all almost slimy.

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Yes. Khurana Kareem is not the book, hollywood for the wiggers it's the book for Muslims. And the masjid is measured in law.

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House of Allah. Yes. If they be turned in the bar. Okay. We are just responsible what good we can do for this is every Muslim believer is responsible stand against this war. unfaith. war against Islam. Yes, you know, this is something very important. The Chinese Communist Party says this is an internal matter. We say anybody that says Loyola law and you oppress them, this is an internal matter. This is a matter that goes and reaches the entire Muslim world. So they want us to give up and say, oh, here's the border. So these people are being oppressed, don't worry about them. But if you look at what they're attacking, they're not attacking them just being weakened. They're

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attacking them because they believe in La ilaha illAllah. Now, the sheikh Idris spoke about you know, the destruction of the most the desecration of the Koran. All of these things, the rapes that happened in these concentration camps, the separation of children, hundreds of 1000s of children separated from their parents. But here's something I just want everybody to picture. They would put their filthy communist flag above the name of Allah, and they will allow the world to watch that. So if you watch the mosque in Edo mosque that you have in Kashgar,

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This mosque had Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim at the front. This is a few years ago and you find many, many Muslims praying that now they remove the name of Allah and they stuck their filthy flag on top of the masjid. And everybody around the world sees that atheism is above a lot of football from their perspective, that they believe that this is the way forward and we say Allahu Akbar, Allah is above atheism. Allah is above communism, Allah is above the Chinese Communist Party. So they message is clear. It is we are at war with Islam, that is their message. And in the other Masjid, you find the actual picture of xi jingping. You actually find his picture. Now we know the pictures are not

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allowed in these mustards, we know that you're not allowed to have these images in mosques. And they've put his picture in the direction of the Kaaba.

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And even in some places, they have made their own Chinese communist parties around. They actually made their own sort of thing about the mother in the Motherland, and this and this, Muslims on Eve have to listen to the national anthem, which is full of obviously communist ideology. So as she could read the same, this is not an internal matter. Anybody who says like Allahu Allah, this should make your blood boil. make you understand this is our responsibility. I want to ask a question.

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Going back to your situation. I You are the head of the biggest Congress, isn't it and most of the Inspector General, the assessor's office, you are the Inspector General. Okay. Well, one of the most, if not the most influential, the oldest, is the actual representative of the Uighur dias. Right, isn't it? Yeah. Right. So what can we do on the ground? This is my question to what can we do on the ground.

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I'm the General inspector of the world, the World Congress, which is an umbrella organization for the weaker people in the diaspora. We, our member, our leadership will elected by the delegation delegation will be elected by the people of esoteric studies, the living in the diaspora and free countries. We had the last month, every election

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for delegation for the next Congress, we have in 12th to November in Prague. We are elected for our delegation, it will be held in the next Congress. It means the word Iran Congress is represented in the old issue in the in the work like, like an exile government or representative. So it's quite a big thing. Big things. Yes. And we have local organization, and then in the UK, and Europe and America and everywhere. And this is like an umbrella organization. So for your question, What can be done? Yes. Our Our problem is not invest in country investing country, they will be reports about, we were a genocide, many Parliament's, you know, declared that we were genocide, and that will be

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held right now here in the UK, we are terrible. Our problem is to reach out our brothers and sisters in Islamic countries. We are asking them not you know, fight for us, we are asking them, just pray for us. Like every Muslim, pray for Palestine, for the every Muslim, you know, depressed everywhere, they are praying for them. We want to know a part of this woman, we are therefore a part of this mess. We want to just you know, that our brother and sister just pray for us. And we have difficulty to reach out Islamic countries. Many reason? Maybe you know that. We have Chinese influence on that on that. But we have still in Islamic countries, many institutions, many influential people, imaams

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scholars, I think we we should reach to them to the Muslims living in western countries. Because in the US a Muslim and western country, we have luxury to get information. But this luxury, make as part of art to inform, to inform responsibility to inform our brothers and sister Islamic countries. What's happened in their agent? No, yes, we can, you know, tell them look, just in one month, you know, one footpath of a Friday, you know, talking about we will issue from just you know, perspective of Islam as a brotherhood, you know, as a part of aluma muscle. You know, we had we had a protest, as you know, in London, it was probably one the biggest protest was July 1 of July, and

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it was pretty successful. We've heard that it has actually made the Chinese government make amendments, even on the ground in, in China in a circumstance where people go to eat prayers and stuff like that. Do you think the activists

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In protesting and these kinds of things has an impact. And if so, how would you advise us to do this? Yes.

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Almost Chinese government shutdown was almost four years last year and nobody go to mosque to pray for the item on how idle for the Ramadan. Yes. But this time of the first of July, when the our brothers and sisters in face Muslims went to the front of Chinese Embassy in London to Panama, which is like a Chinese Foreign Ministry for the China. Yes. Asking them we are here. We want ask about our about about our brothers and sisters in eastern standards. We are here. Maybe Allah, you know, maybe there were 1000 1000s that people attended this demonstration? Maybe Allah showed them 1000s 100 1000s Allah, they get they get scared. And then the Radio Free Asia reported? Yes. The

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Chinese communist government forced we were Muslims over 60 years or to go masala did the police went to every home? You know, you go most people are scared. So you're telling me it has a material impact? impact?

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Because, you know, the Chinese Communist regime is very afraid about PR public. Yeah. Especially in Muslim countries and the Muslims. Because China's money came first from Muslim countries. Yes.

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And if they lose the money, if they lose the resource in Muslim countries, they will lose everything. And this the crucial. So this is working. This is workout we have to say now we're going to mention this at the end once again that we we are going to organize another process. And it's going to be on this was the second of November 12. November is the East Turkistan National Day. Yes, because in 1933, and in 1944. They had their independence and it was crushed by the Chinese machine. Yeah, the Chinese Communist regime and the trough in November in London and also inshallah and other cities in the world. There's going to be a protest to speak up for the Uighur people. Now, shake

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Idris here he was speaking about obviously, the impact of that protests by will just I just wanted to highlight something the Chinese Communist Party, you can imagine as a narcissistic dictator, narcissism would not allow you to take any criticism, they cannot take any criticism, and especially if it has to do with money, because it impacts them. So even on social media, tweeting, making videos talking about it, that has an impact, which is tangible. The protest definitely has one. If you're a home, share this video. Tell your friends and families about it. Go to your local amount and say Why haven't you spoken about the weaker people because I want everybody to remember

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something Turkistan, the land of Turkistan, which is an ancient land of Islam. This land became Muslim over 1000 years. And in this land we've had from this land, people who've come to defend the holy lands of Islam, like Sudan, kudos from Egypt, us from Turkistan Babu from the Mughal Empire established the Mughal Empire. He was from Turkistan. Pamela, our salon who defeated the Romans and actually conquered the Roman emperor was from Turkistan. And then of course, the Ottoman seljuks and biebers. Yeah. Oh, and what we need to understand is Islam has been supported has been given support from Turkistan for hundreds and hundreds of years. Now they need to have any device now they need

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our house, and they have been Islamic elite troops, or you said some data, some situation of the hacking, which I think is a very important point. And I want to put it to you as well. You said something to me, which I think was such a profound point that should be on the public record. You said, you know, of all of the causes in the world. You mentioned Palestine you mentioned like the Rohingya like there's so many horrible, especially Muslim related causes, like humanitarian causes. You want says something to me, which really stuck, you know, which is that the Uighur cause of all of those causes is potentially one of the most solvable causes because it's you know, with the

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Palestine issue, for example, the superpowers against us the superpower is in bed with Israel, they And not only is the superpower in bed with Israel is it just seems impossible to get the you know, the the objective met really, unless something dramatic happens absolutely dramatic. Whereas with this situation here, it seems to me that because the powers that be are the superpowers, the hegemony the

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Asian British history, the American hegemony is fair enough in an interdependent economic relationship with China because they both need each other economically, while at the same time, they are in a PR kind of cold proxy war, this could actually work there could I believe that if we put enough pressure on China, it doesn't have to be military pressure. It really doesn't. I think economy motivates these people, like you said, if it gets bad enough for these people, they will stop doing what they're doing. I genuinely believe that alleviation of this situation can happen with a lot of international pressure and PR alone, PR with with a robust economic strategy as well,

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which can be generated from the PR can alleviate the situation to a point, which is completely indistinguishable from what we see at the MCG. Do you think this is a fair representation? Yes, it's a very representation. And

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as I said, before, you know, that the first of July impact, yes. And we are talking right now, again, at 12. November, yesterday is the National Day. Because this is to the National Day, if you look back, the Islamic Republic is to extend 1933 you know, islamiat all that. Who that, you know, this is the Islamic

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symbols and the and establishing this republic there and this is the day you're not 12 to November, yes, to go out. And just stand you know, for your brothers and sisters, in the Easter extend. Say, we are here we are hearing your voice you have Allah sent, I have to hear this is the important And may I finish this. Right now. We are working for that 12 to November, just you know, in the US, and then the Australia, Canada and Europe and everywhere, just as Muslims, as a Muslim Ouma, go to the front of Chinese embassy and ask your brothers and sister and stand for the justice. Let's do a crucial we do it for every other. We do it for Palestine. Yes. You see the numbers for Palestine

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calls. This is important. Yes, and Palestinian blood is not more valuable than Uighur blood. This is a this is a fact. And also I just wanted to say that, you know, the Shaykh spoke about the 12th of November. And that, you know, this is an Islamic course this is not some some something that Muslims should shy away from. East Turkestan was the first Islamic Republic in the history of the world the first before any other Islamic Republic's. And even if you look at the people that the old pictures of who's that you will find that there is a lot of Islamic symbolism, a lot of Islamic slogans, even when for example, the wiggers when they are you know, they are representing their calls they will

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say the name Islam religion over what I'm sure Gaea, Turkistan, dushman and kata to Java's children. I'm not gonna,

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I'm not gonna translate that.

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When I looked at this, I said, this is not a secular slogan. This is not a slogan about, you know, communism, the ogres are Muslim. This is their slogan, they believe in this. And we all know we all know that in Islam, if we do not help each other, then one by one, they will pick up each one. And this is the thing you know, she hates them. When he was speaking about the legal course. He narrated an original process Solomon, I'm gonna paraphrase it, that if we do not help a person and in the a difficult situation, then it could be that Allah puts us in that situations because we could have helped him he did it. So what is to say the whole Muslim world is silent on this issue. And then one

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by one China does this to each Muslim countries. You know, this is something I heard from one Uighur activists and this will lay stuck in my head,

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East Turkistan Islamic Eastern fortress, if that falls is Game Over, after your first point of stoppage and what is what was being required, just activism. And just in the same way that

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Israel stopped his actions in the recent conflict because of the outcry. Same way the Chinese they'll give up, they will give you give up, they'll be like

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this, by the way.

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What the stakes for Israel is different to the stakes for China. Like you can imagine China, you know, saying whatever, it's not worth it for us. Israel. I'm not going to do that though. So we're gonna give up our country. This is something that we find for you. for them is different. Yeah. And so just just to clarify where we tell them don't genocide. Yeah. So

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Even don't read yet, when it comes to Israel Palestine is totally different because the Chinese cool East Turkestan shinjo, new territory, they know it's not their territory, that's what they call the new territory to in their constitution, they recognize this in autonomous region. So meaning it should have everything set foreign policy, but it doesn't do that. So even the Chinese regime itself understands this is not their land, but they know it's not their land. But what we're saying is at this point in time, there are so many objectives to be met before we're talking about this land being independent. Yeah, we're talking about the genocide being stopped the concentration camps,

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there's so many things that can be improved. And it's so many things that can be improved that lower stakes jitsu, I mean, so I just feel like this is something we must like partake in and it will be, I think, almost a form of discrimination and we'll see if we if we will show so much support to Palestine and Palestinian cause that we would Okay fine. It's the Holy Land is extremely important, but we show minimal support to the Uighur people. I just wanted to say something that Muhammad had he he's one of the volunteers for the Uighur human Uighur freedom organization. He, you know, he agrees with this even though he's Palestinian, he said if the Palestinians were sent over to East

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Turkistan, let's say if the East Turkistan is was sent over to live in Gaza to live in these places, right to go under the oppression that they currently the Palestinians are going through.

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The East Pakistanis would consider this holiday.

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Your oppression in East Turkistan is so severe that if they went to Palestine, this Alhamdulillah This is all right. Not to trivialize it. No, absolutely not. You're not you're absolutely right, because someone did point this out that we shouldn't trivialize the Palestinian issue. But as a Palestinian Muhammad hadebe. He said, Look, this makes sense. Because the fact is, if you're if you're, you know, in Gaza in these, you've done protests on this, you know, this,

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the killing and all of this damage that's being done, at least with your family, you know, that they're alive. At least the Palestinian children are being raised as atheists. There is a different level of oppression happening in Chinese occupied East Turkistan that actually makes other forms of oppression which are horrible look more timid. I think that's the most worrying thing I have the dean is macadam, Allah has the enough's, which is in the in the Mikasa of Sharia. There are five things that should I came to protect. The number one is handled in the protection of religion, then it's the protection of one's own self and human beings. So if we see a situation where people's Deen

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is being changed forcibly, they're talking about compulsion and religion talk about Islamic tropes and orientation. They're doing it. They're doing they're forcing people out of religion. We're seeing that then that must be prioritized. Yeah, that must be priority. I just wanted to add something, the numbers that we have in the Uighur tribunal, which is taking place this weekend. They're going to give their verdict in December, some of the academics who don't want hundreds of 1000s of children have been removed from their parents while their parents are alive. And they're being socialized into this atheist ideology. So it's not just to do in 100. It's not a joke. And if

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you if you extrapolate, that means and this is not overhyping, the situation. There'll be nobody to say lie in the law in East Turkestan in the next 50 years. If this continues, like this is what they are planning to eradicate Islam from its very root, but they have their plans. And Allah has this plan. Yes. And this is how we have to get involved. We're talking about missionary work, we're talking about apologetics, we're talking about going convert people. And people are being forcibly and we can change it. And so if we can't change that, then we haven't died. I was like he says Kentucky failure has to be brought to cafe Alma and who would be most qualified and advantageous in

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an advantageous position to do so except for as you mentioned, the people who have the most freedom, we have the most freedom to do these things than any Muslims in the whole wide world. Yeah, this is a truth. So it's upon us is really upon us. And And, look,

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this is not just that we were tragedy. We will genocide, we will issue it's, as I outlined in my book, it's all Islamic issue. Because we are just frontier front gate

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to stop them there. Because we have the knowledge. We have the experience we paid you know Allah.

00:29:31--> 00:29:37

Allah lives to get the knowledge, how would that deal with them, if they you know, get

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eradicated is Turkestan and they will, you know, will be in Central Asia. And this is the every Islamic countries issue. You I'm it's so big issue. I'm outlined in this book. I ask every

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responsible Muslim and the brothers look

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Around the him in his country where he is or she is, look what the Chinese government or Chinese business people or Chinese so called investors doing there, they will find out this is this is the the forced labor not staying in an Eastern style they build them already in Africa 1000s and 1000s. Publix right now they pay him for the people there the working, you know, minimum wage. Few Years Later, they will you know, cooperate with their military dictators, tell them bring people from the prisons, let them work for free, they will be able to the prison to work for free. If the prisons in layer, they will, you know, make a new law, put the young people in the prison, let them to be

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rented the forced labor, this forced labor issue already almost an Africa. I can you know, I mentioned in this books and some some some the name of the countries and politicians. And this is this word tragedy. I'm asking every my brothers and sisters not just as we will issue or we will problem or whoever we will. It's their own problem, their country's problem. You know, she could reset something which is very important. Yes, this is first and foremost, definitely a Muslim issue. However, it's going to affect non Muslims. It's going to affect like he said, Africa is going to affect Latin America, it's going to affect other things. So even though because we are Muslims, and

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we are united in almost one body, we are speaking up but for anybody who's watching this, if you're not Muslim, this is going to affect everybody, you know, this next couple of decades. What's happening to the Tibetans what's actually happened to the Mongols in Inner Mongolia. So, you know, it's very important that if we stand together, the Mongols the Tibetans, the wiggers, the Muslims, the the Africans, the Latinos, because collectively, they cannot take us all on. I think just to end upon we should speak about the world Uighur Congress. So the the Uighur tribunal taking place this weekend, and you're going to be giving a testimony there. So if you can explain about that, please.

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Yes, inshallah, it will be in the we were a terminal, they will bear Victim Witness. The

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the word had the chance, you know, to hear from firsthand from the victims, what they want to throw from this war genocide, and that is Chinese war on Islam. And additionally, they will many experts from a wide variety of aspects, giving their testimony in this genocide. And I was asked about

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China's buying Muslim countries silence, and how are they in fact, impact on we were genocide? And I'll give my testimony they're already send this submitted the report to them.

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I'm not happy, you know, I give my permission. I'm not happy to give this testimony. How dare China, but Islamic countries silence I'm not happy to talk about this, because it hurt me. Because I'm a Muslim. I'm a one of this, oma and the Prophet front of the war, do you know, to tell, look, China invested there this money, but this military guys, or you know, corrupted this politician, or but this media and this media outline, just, you know, bring the news from China as American, they're not talking about the legal issue, they deported. We were students on the oil business people to to China to concentration camp. It's not what I enjoy to talk about it. It hurts me as a witness. I'm

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very nervous brother as to talk about this issue. I wish you know, at least that's not the case. That another case, as one oma, we saw you now, as you said before, as a Muslim, Omar, we, you know, a lot, piece by piece and the Newseum

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in the Indonesia you're not instantly everywhere. Yeah, Balkan, kavkaz. And everywhere. We have, of course, priority every country but as oma

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at least what we can do is what I say in the forum, fellow brothers, and the micador. That's at least what we can do, and that can do everybody and that's the minimum and also November The 12th is a process. It's been a pleasure of having you and thank you