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So many phones, this is an issue further you live on air, collaborate, comm Why? Because

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I have a quick question. I understand she said that she began wearing her.

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Yes. I would love to wear my job as well. Because of course, it's our duty to modest. But isn't it a little hard in a society that we are in today, and that we will get judged? I mean, that's kind of like my biggest fear of going out and with a hit job and being discouraged and being discriminated, how old are you? I'm in my 30s.

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I have worn my hijab for the past that I have, like, I've been back and forth, took it off, put it back took it off, because of that discrimination that you get these days with the hijab, you know, they call you all kinds of Maine, they look at you in a negative way. And I have been to job interviews, you know, and I was turned down because of my job and

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like, what can you say in reference to that? Okay, thank you so much for your call. So Pamela, I would say, you know, what, our cousin Allah, you have to put all your trust and faith in the last month Allah. And you have to think that no matter what this dunya is a big test, and you might not get that job, but maybe it's because the last one, but what things is not good for you, you might not get you might get discriminated. But that's part of the test of being doing what's right. I mean, if we go back and we study the seat of losses, do you think that he was able to bring Islam in? And everyone said, welcome. I mean, he had to go through trials and tribulations, people, I

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mean, not only through their trash at him, but threw stones at him. And they did all sorts, because what if he what he believed in? So do I think that we need to be strong? Absolutely. But you know, what, what I've learned, and I live in Indiana, where it's a primarily, it's a white state, Mashallah. And people will walk by and they'll be like, and I'm like, Hi, how are you? You know, though I just looked like, Oh, my God. But what I've learned is, you take it with a grain of salt, and you realize you're not doing it for dunya. You're doing this for Africa. It is files on us, because Allah has told us to work. I mean, I know it's a struggle. But if I can tell you, when you

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put it on, and you say, Yeah, I love doing this for you, and just go out with that intention every day and say, may you help me? May you strengthen me, may you guide me, and just continue doing it. And you'll see slowly by slowly and surely you'll get stronger, and you'll get the better job. And I've seen many sisters who had did not quit on the job, but they did get denied interviews, but they got jobs that pay them more, because the last one that I saw was inside them. And he saw that they wouldn't give up. So is it hard? A little bit, but you know what, to me, I've gotten to that point was when I want people to know who I am, as a Muslim woman distinguished me as that and I want that

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respect. I mean, men will open the door for me and they won't look at me for what I look like they're looking for who I am. And so is that important for us? How can we tell other people to come to Islam if we're not practicing it correctly? So I think your struggles are always gonna be there, my sister and we all are gonna have struggles, but can you do it inshallah? I mean, if you need advice, email me, my email, Azhar at source or warrior calm, and I'm here for you for that support and for that, and just know that inshallah it's, you know, Jenna must be one. It's not going to be an easy way to get to it, but you got to struggle, and you got to go with it within time. It'll be

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like, there's nothing wrong with it. Oh, Hamza. Yeah, inshallah. And also, like, in your book, you were talking about that as well. It's like, you know, a lot of times, we talk about certain things, but we never take the action, right. And it's apparently the hijab itself is also an action. And you have to think about it. It's like, like you said, Jenna has has to be one. It's like, along with our every time we take a step, he wants to see if you really, really mean it, right? It's like, Do you really mean it, that you're gonna wear the hijab, right? And then like, you're faced with a problem, and then all of a sudden, you're like, ooh, maybe I should take it off from maybe you know what I

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mean? So somehow, these tests are just a process. That's right. So don't don't be like shocked or surprised when you're faced with those things. Don't be surprised when you like, don't get a job or something. It's okay. That's just a part of the process inshallah. It'll all be okay.