The Battle For The Soul Of The Muslims

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The importance of fearing the presence of Allah Azza wa jal and the need for people to be aware of their actions and intentions is highlighted in the conversation. The speakers stress the importance of accepting and knowing one's actions in order to avoid future mistakes and bring peace to the future. The speakers also emphasize the importance of pride, war, and death in Islam, and urge people to purify their income, make decisions based on support from others, stay around people who are decisive, and balance and peace in the Muslim world. A trial and test for wealth is also mentioned.

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ilaha illallah wa salam Ala Wai shadow Anam Mohammed Abdullah, who was a pseudo sallallahu alayhi

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wa and he was happy woman to be dealt with. He was standing up so nutty Illa Yomi Dean was Salam. Sleeman kathira My bad. Oh SQL enough see betop Allah azza wa jal was 70 What

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are your cool hug? suparna Billahi min ash shaytani regime? Yeah.

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Taco law. Well, Tom

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what taco law

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in Vietnam be Mata Malone. Well that's a cool new color the international law for unsolvable unenforceable law.

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All praise the due to a load of the world's

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surely the best reward is for those who have Taqwa. And surely there is no animosity except for the oppressor.

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And I'd be a witness alarm is one and has no partners. And that Mohammed, the son of Abdullah, servant, that his last messenger, may Allah constantly and always send peace and blessings to Mohammed, to his family, to his companions, to all those who call to his way and establish his son to the Day of Judgment. As to what follows I begin by cautioning myself and you to have Taqwa that we should fear Allah azza wa jal, but we should hope in the mercy of Allah azza wa jal

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and this taqwa forms a type of

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a type of shield around us, to protect us, not only in the masjid, but outside of the masjid. Not only in times of goodness, but in times of difficulty.

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And Allah subhanaw taala has revealed in his mighty book, the end of circle hasha

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in the Arabic language, words, which are of critical importance to Muslims today,

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Allah tells us, oh, you who believe have the consciousness of Allah and let every soul look to what it put forward for tomorrow, and fear Allah. Surely, Allah is well aware of all that you do.

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And be not as those who forgot Allah. And so he made them forget themselves. Surely they are the disobedient ones. And so in this power packed, I, Allah subhanaw taala is giving us divine guidance

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informing us that we should surround ourselves with taqwa. But at the same time, we need to look ahead.

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And the law says that every soul look to what he put forward for tomorrow.

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And while you're doing that fear of

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because surely Allah knows exactly what you and I are doing.

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And in this state of mind, a lot gives us divine guidance. And it is so important that these words were relevant in the time when the Prophet Muhammad SAW them and they continue to be relevant up until today.

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Allah tells us as he told those who came before let's ACU can Edina Nestle Lucha for unstoppable, unforeseeable. To not be as those who forgot Allah, He will make you forget yourselves.

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When we look at the Muslim world today, we see Muslims throughout the planet now.

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We see Masjid springing up in far off places in the world.

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We see people of all colors, all nationalities embracing this religion,

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we see some of the most strategically located countries on the face of the planet Earth. Over 50% of the mineral wealth on this planet lies beneath our countries.

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Our country

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Our families are a young nation. 60% of Muslims are under 25 years old.

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If you take all of the Muslims together and put them on one field, you'll find that most of them are young people.

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And it is the young people who will live in the future.

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And so these young people in this oma as part of our nation, are inheriting the actions of those who came before.

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And so Allah is telling us, warning us reminding us that we have tremendous potential. We are at a crossroads in one direction, there is imminent destruction.

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There is destruction, well orchestrated destruction.

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in the other direction, there is great hope and potential for this.

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So Allah said, Let every soul look to what input forward for tomorrow.

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Don't just think selfishly about today. But what seeds are we planting for our children for tomorrow?

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What seeds of dialogue? What message are we giving to people of other faiths to non Muslims? What are we doing moving toward the future? We are in the barrel of decision now. Every nation every language on the front page of the newspaper, they're saying something about Muslims,

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every nationality,

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they are now concerned which direction

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will the Muslims go.

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But the most important issue that we have to recognize is not what people take on the outside.

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It is not the political situation.

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It is not the economic situation.

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It is not the United Nations, what will bring change to us. We are crying for change. We beg Allah subhanaw taala take us out of this fitna out of this confusion that we are living in, so that we can live in a state of peace in a state of security, where Islam can be connected to our lives on the ground.

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And so as we cry to Allah subhanaw taala for change.

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We forget that Allah azza wa jal clearly stated in Surah, verse 11, in the law holla, up to Bobby Coleman, what are you heard about the unforeseen, Allah will not change the condition of a people until they change that which is in themselves? No change.

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And so the divine formula tells us that first we are self have to work on unforce it says, unfortunately, that is the plural of nuts.

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And so the key issue facing us, it is not a political strategy.

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It is not a military strategy.

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It's not about money, because we have money, some of the richest people on the face of the planet Earth, although we have some of the poorest.

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It's not just money. It's something inside ourselves. What is the nuts? What did the greater the mass say about this?

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data just Sally Kean and other famous scholars looked at the knifes and gives a broad definition that the nuts can refer to the self, the ego,

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the psyche of the person, like what drives you.

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It also can refer to the person or it can refer to lives, but can also refer to the heart to the mind and to the soul.

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So this is an issue of the very soul of the Muslims, what is inside of ourselves, and which direction will we take it

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when the great orlimar looked at the knobs, they saw three clear states for the last three conditions that the nuts could be in one was enough amount of soup

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and that is the knifes the self which can command you to do evil things is the bad side is the evil voice in the mind that talks to the individual and every person has this

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and the end

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itself enshrined, the concept of innocence

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is speaking about the story of Yusuf Alayhi, salaam, and zuleika, the wife of Aziz, who lost control of herself and the beauty of use of Elisa.

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And when she finally confessed, she said very clearly insert the use of force 53 woman badly will not see enough Salah monotone bizu in rahima

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in the lobbies of photokey. She said, and I do not declare myself innocent, I'm not innocent, because verily surely man's nuts his soul itself is capable of commanding evil except those who my lord has mercy on surely my Lord is most merciful and forgiving and so as a matter of his suit is one of the conditions and these conditions as described by

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Eben okay Rahim Allah, these are interchangeable conditions. So, there is enough amount of the soup and then there is enough salawa and that is enough which blames the self which which commands you too good. Which makes you question about yourself and Allah Enshrine the sincerity of Yama by saying Well, enough Lola

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and name we swear by the self blaming soul and check hustle and bustle. I used to say that you will always see the believing person blaming himself. You'll see a believing person saying, did I really want this

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of the Earth is about to do something, he will say, what is the benefit of this?

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Why should I do this? Then, no one is questioning things that makes us rationally decide on what we will do not emotions, not just emotions. But we think about what we are doing is what we are doing in line with the will of Allah azza wa jal.

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The third state is the state of darkness.

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And that is the soul which is at peace. And the soul which is at peace is the soul which accepts the will of Allah. The soul which is at peace, recognizes the attributes of Allah subhanaw taala recognizes that death is close to us. golunov says

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every soul will taste death

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accepts the will of Allah accepts the presence of Bursa, that is a zone we all must go into.

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It accepts what Allah subhanaw taala has commanded. And if good things happen,

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it does not overly rejoice and lose control of itself, but recognizes that if some good has come to me, it is by the will of Allah.

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But if evil comes the nuts and bolts

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is peaceful and calm, accepting the will of Allah subhanho wa Taala.

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And this is a crucial issue first in this multi dimensional struggle, because what is happening is that we are making decisions on a personal level. On a family level, community national level decisions are being made many times by the amount of the soup. We might think that it is the good side. But that is interchangeable.

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And so the scholars tell us in this important study,

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in order to help the Nussle Aloma the good side to defeat the evil side, then we have to know the poison and disease of the evil side. We have to study this. This is more important than any political decision than any economic theory. It is more important than any huge amounts of money because Allah says in the law,

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the common

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law be unforeseeable, Allah will not change the condition of a people

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Until they change that which is in themselves. One of the diseases, that how the laughs number one out of the so many of them.

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But this scalable paper Ebola, brought it down. And it's like he's talking to us today to the son of the province of Southern and Allah azza wa jal guidance, number one, diseases that how you're nuts, it makes us make the wrong decisions of pride

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that we do things out of Pratt, we do things because my tribe,

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my people, my passport, we get emotional because of this. And sometimes this this idea, it turns into a combo, it turns into arrogance with a person is arrogant and stops treating people have a different color, or a different nationality, even another Muslim, treating the lower because not my tribe.

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And pride is an evil thing,

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which destroys the person who is sick with number two a shock.

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And that is greed, the greed that people are now putting wealth together, we see what humanity that the rich are getting richer, and the poor are getting poorer. They recently had a conference in Lima, Peru to discuss the environment, which is now destroying all of us. And if you have any question about the environment, you look at the temperatures that are hitting you now and then go to the southwest of the United States. We are now facing the worst drought in 1200 years. This is what we're going into. But on this side, we're freezing

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and something is out of control.

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The bottom line in the Lima conference, the rich nations refused.

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Because in order to really solve the problem of the environment, it is more than just carbon release. It's something to do with wealth, and who is controlling the wealth,

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and who is subjugating the rest of the world. Number three AlHassan jealousy, envy and jealousy, to be jealous of another individual. He makes some little progress. She has a new baby.

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The Jamaat is making some success, and other people become jealous of that group. And how sad is more dangerous to the hassad than the Masood, the one who has a son, he's the other one.

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Because Allah said it will burn up your good deeds. it'll burn everything up, it will destroy everything in your path. And so people make decisions Muslim against another Muslim, why are Muslim fighting each other?

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It's something in the soul for

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lust Sha Sha is being used now pornography corruption. The lower desires of people is being used to make us blinded to the proper decisions.

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Lust can take out controlling everybody hyah the loss of modesty and shame.

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The prophet SAW Selim said authentically

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if you don't have higher than do what you want to do, if you have no modesty left, you're capable of anything. Number five, backbiting scandalizing backbiting, talking one against another it destroys the fabric of the community. Number six

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stinginess. The person has money and sees people suffering in other parts of the world and he won't give the money.

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He holds back even though that his brother and sister are freezing to death or dying in the winter. But number seven,

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it is a haircut, hatred, evil hatred inside the individual.

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And we need to look at this and try to analyze ourselves and take guidance. What is the medicine for the disease? What is the lesson? The Great ruler might have told us, number one, purify your income and this came from the scholar

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who live in the Sahara Desert in the Sahara?

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Great spouse who studied the nuts. They said you want to control your knifes. purify yourself number one, purify your income.

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Do not be living in a church that usually

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do not live in lies, to diminish food and drink. Because the more we are involved in a world of food and drink is the more the shanwa then rises. Number three, keep company with righteous people. Try to be around people who are righteous as much as possible. Then when it is time to make a decision. It's easier to do something that is right. Number five, this is a beautiful advice for somebody living in the middle of the desert. He said criticize yourself constantly criticize yourself, what am I doing wrong? How can I improve myself? How can I improve my family? How can this Masjid improve itself? How can I improve itself? If we don't criticize ourselves, then we think that we are right.

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And then the evil one takes over.

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Toba Baba Toma to the door of repentance is always open to the believers.

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Number six, constantly make a step five,

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constantly make a step far as a lot for forgiveness constantly. We have to surround ourselves with this. Those of us who are in decision making positions need to be asking a lot of support Allah for this field for forgiveness constantly criticizing themselves. Am I making the right move?

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If the move that I'm doing, what impact will it have on the future of my children?

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The future of the oma and finally the great advice these orlimar said, they said surround yourself by constantly sending Peace and blessings to the Prophet Mohammed Sosa. This is an interesting point. This is not necessarily just sitting in a circle and saying it because Allah subhanaw taala you know the promises of men salaam aleikum, wa salam, Aleikum, WA Russia, whoever sent the message to me once the last part Allah will send it back to that person 10 times. And we need to be surrounded by this right now, with the decisions that we are making.

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In conclusion, the prophet SAW someone told us very clearly, the left arm of the cat was the left on one gx there are three things which caused destruction and three things which lead to salvation, the left arm of the cat show

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will one metabo Java, he may not see.

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The three things which cause destruction are miserliness. That's the show. Greed when it's obeyed, passion when it's followed, you follow your heart

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and self concede. Self conceit. My opinion is better than everybody else's position, myself my way or the highway. That's not going to work. We have to now humble ourselves and begin to look at each other as the people of the Qibla try to find what is uniting amongst the believers instead of what divides us. Except for right. Except differences the prophet SAW Sutherland said In conclusion, was the last one.

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Three things which will cause salvation Cassia to law facility with an alien will custom film

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while the other film caught up with Rita. important advice. He said three things which lead to salvation, or the fear of Allah, in secret, and then the open. You feel a lot the same way

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to moderation. When you're rich or poor, balance and three, Justice when angry or when please, this is so important, because when we are pleased, we are very just but when we are angry, when something goes against us, can we keep the Justice at that point, the prophet SAW Selim and his companions and so much control that the enemies fell in love with them.

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And they accepted those people who had done wrong because they did not hate him individually. they despise the action

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Have that individual may Allah subhanaw taala clear our hearts of any hurdle and ensure will also

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clear our minds very evil thoughts then evil actions. May Allah subhanaw taala clean our families of any wrongdoings anything below cleanup communities of this will clear the Muslim world of evil which is laying on its back. And may Allah bring us the guidance and have mercy on the children of the oma Mohammed souls Allah. May Allah have mercy and protect the honor of the women of the home of Mohammed so some of them may Allah protect and guide the men of the Bahamas. And may Allah bring us the type of balance leadership to take us from darkness into light. And may Allah make our last words to be our best words to be killing Madame de la Ilaha bomba de sola, sola sola

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was thoughtful about the welcome when he said he was the medium and couldn't stop fill in the hoopoe photo.

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I'll have to rely on what I had referred to someone a lady lady, Allah, whatever you like, well, I'm Yakuza who had well suddenly will sell them on a portable and big robot selling the Vienna Mohammed one and he was happy he edged my robot, Big Bear Evangelion

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want to lose a lot while he was in the liquidity oma fitna will fit not to Almighty a mouth. Every nation has a trial and test trial tested this nation is wealth. We have so much better mockbee Amira in de la la la casa de Luna knobbies Yeah, you heard Latina amanu sallu alayhi wa sallam Ooh, Taslima Allahumma salli wa sallam optika with a silica Mohammed. While Allah He was happy hedge my water.

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Rashidi, Omar's Manoir de Wanda

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Rahim, al hamdu de La da da da da da da da da da da da da da da La Rabbana left to z bluebella. It has a Tana will have Lana Middleton kurama indicates Aloha.

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The new banner will cover under say attina whatsoever from algebra Allah Islam Muslim, Allah Islam and Muslim mean Allah Islam and Muslim Hello mouthfilling Muslim Nina one Muslim at me Nina one minute and a half men whom will be referred to me a better lawyer Hama como la la la jolla. San recharger, Toba Wang hollow fascia mukava Bobby yeah in the Quran.