Mohammed Hijab – Anonymous Prankster Gets Pranked

Mohammed Hijab
AI: Summary © The customer is upset because they were cut off by their neighbor and they do not want to apologize. The customer apologizes for the mistake and explains that they took down the license plate and tracked the other driver down. The agent apologizes for the mistake and promises to make an apology in 20 minutes.
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Hello, hello.

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Hello. Yeah, this is the person who cut me off in traffic last week. Yeah.

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Yep. I was in the gray jagua you cut me off then flip the bird.

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Yeah, that's what happens. Don't mess around in there. Don't play dumb. I took down your license plate and tracked you down. Governor I said yeah, it was me. I'm not playing dumb. I would like an apology so I can just move on with my life. Thank you very much. I apologize to you for for not doing it fast enough and not doing it in a manner that humiliated you fell. Oh my god. Just apologize. Why do you insist on being such a *?

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I think it was your father actually. Actually, I think it was. Are you really going to maybe come over there and force an apology? Yes. I told you I took down your license. How are you going to deny it?

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Now my when I when you ask him? I have your address. I'll just find you myself. be out in 20 minutes. Just knock on the door, ma'am. Because I don't want to make sure that you know, you don't wait.

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Your neighbor was the one who cut me off. Not you.

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Did that. I'm sorry.

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Why don't we?

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It was it was your daddy. When he was young. You have to understand

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