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What are the five pillars of Islam? And what are the six pillars of iman? Doesn't matter. It doesn't matter.

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The pillars are

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for Muslims, what you have to do in order to be a good Muslim, and

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the most important pillars of faith and Islamic creed, the most important

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decide whether

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the Six Pillars of faith according to the Islamic creed, don't care. You don't care. I don't care what Muslims do inside Islam, feel free to watch my response. I'm saying to you now, calm down, calm down, calm down. It's just a break. I'm reminding you that when you are finished watching the video,

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that you click the link below and donate. Now, you are claiming to know about the religion of Islam, which is a religion that followed by according to Pew more than 1.8 billion people that's not relevant. Let me just finish with my current comment. I'm saying that you claim to know what Islam as a religion said, You're not a theologian, I asked you a very basic question that any child any master will not excuse me. I asked you what is the Six Pillars of Islamic creed? And you couldn't even offer me an answer. Now you're going into Hadees and what the Quran says this is way above your paygrade Why do you think you as an unqualified and credentialed person are seeking Jobseeker's

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Allowance whatever you're doing as a jobless man have the right to speak about Islam? Whether I work or whether I ever have? sighs not. So why do you think you're credible to talk about the religion of Islam? Because Islam and you don't know the basics? I know the basics are the six pillars of treat. Islam is so easy that the desert Arab understand

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illiterate and under so you say you understand it, but you don't know what the Six Pillars of credo which is so standard because I've read how the Sierra I know what kind of persons this guy

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so much that you don't even know but

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let's say we have, let's say we have an ideology called Nazism here. And when you come and ask, what's the name of the guy who invented it? I don't think it's that relevant.

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It's irrelevant. I'm claiming to be an expert. If I'm speaking on behalf of Nazism. Adolf Hitler both first name and surname, I'd be an ignoramus. I'm asking you now you're saying that I've read the Sierra which is the biography of the Prophet. I'm asking you what is the man's name? And you can't even tell me his surname. I don't care. You don't care? You don't know. Well, you said you know of all the verses in the Quran which talks about fighting for selective knowledge. It's cherry picking knowledge and

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tribal disheartened to do this to distract the discussion from I can assure you

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I'm not coming here for you. Fine, good.

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Discussion, my friend topics.

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Normally Muslim, I'm asking you a question. You said that Islam six XY and Z topic for?

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Yeah, guys, this

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fight Islam able to build no proper fight.

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can live large, large equality. I've heard. I've heard what you said. Let me reply to what you said. Yeah. Let's just summarize where we are. So far. I asked you what you meant by war. You said defense. That's what you said. You said I want to go to all the Muslims that are defending ourselves by using Okay, no problem. We'll come back to that. Then we asked you some questions. Some trivial questions. We asked you. What are the six pillars of Islamic creed? You had no answer. Why is it? You said I've read this

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generator. You don't dare to talk about this.

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I'll come to you. But I'm just summarizing where we are. That's all I'm doing. You don't have to get triggered and get upset and shaken all this silence. Okay. Swear words in front of children in front of young people. There's a child behind you. are you swearing in front of the child? I'll ask him a question. Not honestly. How am I supposed to know it's a child?

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Talking? No problem. It's a problem. No problem. You could come here mostly discussing number one, what kind of number of countries Okay, oh, yeah. No problem and work on the numbers in a stash that's occupied.

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That's irrelevant. Are you afraid for me to speak and engage with you? I'm saying to this, number one we've established you don't know what the Six Pillars of Islamic freedom, the five pillars of Islamic faceoff if it's not relevant or irrelevant. You're

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afraid we we have established that you said that you you said that you know what? Maha

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Much worse. Well then you haven't even known what the full man's name is.

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Caveman habit you can't help it.

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The false prophet I didn't want

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a University of Oxford. I didn't tell him hey, you go caveman. What did you graduate from? What university did you graduate from? Doesn't matter it doesn't matter

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more about universal

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about the Quran, then your job is to show you

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it's not relevant. It is so easy.

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Muhammad you'll never see this guy

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came on, invented Islam as a tool to occupy invade and occupy the whole planet for Allah scores. You will never get this in your life in the Quran.

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yes, no.

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So these kinds of intellectual expeditions, this kind of intellectual activism, couldn't be done, wouldn't be done without your charitable donations. Because this is an integral aspect of the dour that we challenge those kinds of views that we're seeing in the western world which makes international media now we have a chance to respond. Islam net has established an entire center doing the work educating people of Islam, crushing Islamophobia and we are going to be the people we are a junction out as a community are we going to be the people who are going to

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contribute to this course. What are we going to be stingy Allah says in the Quran

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eat or down alley to feel goofy Serbian in

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for immune

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my willful or am I fighting follower and FC? Wallah Lonnie you to focus on

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step ahead in Oomen ye rockin awesome

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Allah says in the Quran, that you people, you people have been called to given the sake of Allah subhanho wa Taala to give charity in the sake of Allah subhanaw taala. So amongst you will be those who will be stingy.

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And whoever is stingy, miserly. He's only being stingy upon his his own self.

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And Allah is the rich one, the one free of need. And you and me, You Allah says the poor ones. were interred our low and if you turn away yes Deborah dill Coleman wire accom Allah will replace us replace me in you replace you Allah says with a people other than you and they will not be like you

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What do you think?

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Such as something else? Yeah, okay.

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So the best way to prove to yourself and to Allah, that you're not among the stingy ones, the miserly ones. The weak ones is that you give in the sake of Allah subhanaw taala you have an opportunity. The link is below. Just click it wasn't gonna take 10 seconds of your time. 1520 seconds.

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You wouldn't even use that kind of time to blow your nose and a handkerchief.

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The time is now.

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