Haifaa Younis – Ramadan 2024 – The Quran Has It All #03 How Did We Come Into Existence P2

Haifaa Younis
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses how they came to existence and how they settle on a certain doubt. They also mention the importance of bringing it up to life and the development of clinging and clotting. The speaker describes the various stages of human existence, including dying young and reaching an old age.
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Now the most important question how did we come to existence? And Allah answered it in two places in details in the Quran, all people or humanity, everyone, believer or non believer, you have a doubt, you're in doubt about the resurrection, while know that we created you from dust, then from sperm drop, then that developed into clinging, clot, then lump of flesh, fully formed or unformed in order to demonstrate our ability this is all addition. You know, bringing it up to make it clear for you. Then we settle whatever embryo we will in the womb when your kid will fill our hammy Manisha, we keep that embryo in the womb for appointed time. Usually nine months could be less, then we'll bring

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you forth, becomes an infant, Sophia, baby, so that you may reach what Prime for money Tableau who I shouldn't occur, there's all the stages of human being. However, some of you may die young, while others the opposite left to reach an old age to the point where they wouldn't know nothing after they knew everything.

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Then it's changed or tattle on Mohammed. And why is bringing me now to another phenomenon. You see the Earth absolutely quiet, absolutely dead, lifeless. As soon as we send down the rain upon it, does the taller but begins to stir to life as swell producing every type of pleasant plant

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