Mohammed Hijab – Joe Rogan Manipulated By Zionist

Mohammed Hijab
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the confusion surrounding the Israeli conflict and the use of hearsay and lies on social media to portray the supposed "we" and "we've seen this happen" on the internet. They criticize Israeli officials for not checking information and for using non specialist information. The speaker warns against false and misinformation and calls for further clarification. They also criticize the use of "we" and "we've seen this happen" on the internet.
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Have you are you wasting your time on social media again? Your brothers and sisters in Islam net from Norway are establishing a masjid a Dawa center. Establishing a masjid to convey the message of Islam is one of the best deeds a Muslim can do. There's a huge need for an annoying Do you know this and I know this, so that makes even greater, so give generously and Allah azza wa jal give you even

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a Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa ala Council. How are you guys doing? You may have seen the video that I done recently, about a week and a half ago, two weeks ago, about Joe Rogan. And I gave him credit actually, I gave him credit for some of his stances about the Palestine issue, especially when he had one, Abby Martin on and she was giving good, you know, historical information and firsthand accounts about the situation in Gaza. And I commended him for that actually, because it takes guts and it shows independence of thought and a mind and he's not a money over morals individual. I thought this individual was independent, until I saw the following clip where he's

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being manipulated by a Zionist. What do you think? Um, Israel, your the Palestinians in Gaza, if every one every one of the people in Gaza laid down the arms and stopped attacking, what would I Israel do to you? It's good question. Nothing. They've tried it five different times. They literally like Dappy that Israel has never not one time in history initiated any conflict, every single one of those things that you're pointing to is a retaliatory attack by a terrorist organization. But if that's if those if that was switched, were I Israel, you Hamas in Gaza, I take all of my arms and all of my protection and I laid them down what would what would Hamas do? They would kill every

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single one of us with to do this. It's what they're sworn to do. That's that's their motto and the origin of their existence, all the way back to the Grand Mufti traveling to Hitler to ask, how do we solve the Jewish problem that you want to follow from the Muslim Brotherhood, the Hamas to the to the Muslim Brotherhood, all the way back to the grand mufti, the Mujahideen. And you see the origins of like, one thing, which is how do I solve the Jewish problem is to eradicate and kill them. That is what Hamas came from, not the Palestinians, not those poor people stuck in Gaza. But in that problem, if all of Hamas just went away, we would have peace. If they lay down their arms, and they

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stopped murdering innocent civilians and * women and killing babies, you'd have peace, if the other side lay down their arms, they would all be murdered. Now, I think that this clip is laughable. And only a person who is a non specialist or an ignoramus or propagandist would consider this to be factual information. The first thing he said is that Israel never initiated any kind of conflict. Well, think of the following before 1948. Where was Israel? Anyway? Israel was not an entity. So how did it come to be an entity? Do you think that Israel or the Zionists in what would then be called Israel? Were able to establish for themselves a state without conflict? Do you think

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that you think that's what happened?

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Well, if you do think that then you're more ignorant than you sound. Because actually, if you read any book, any book, even those from the secondary source materials of Zionist historians, what you've said, is actually false on so many different grounds. Just a quick one, in the 1920s, and 30s. What happened is that Jewish immigration to Palestine increased in the 40s, it increased more rapidly and exponentially. And at the same time, what you had was the rise of Zionist militia terrorist groups, like Iran and Levy and the stern gang. I'll give you one event that took place, which was actually not a reaction to anything but in fact, a terrorist attack, which everybody who's

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read on this issue knows about, and that is the 1946 King David Hotel bombing, in which 91 people died, in fact, white people, British people, and this was something which was initiated by those groups. Now, those groups, or at least the commanders of those groups, became prime ministers and presidents of the night of Israel thereafter. In 1948, when the inception of Israel took place, and the Nakba took place, as well. In fact, in 1947, what is referred to as the Civil War, the Palestinian civil war, were even in Hygiena records, which was one of the groups the armed Jewish groups, or Zionist groups. Ben Gurion,

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riots very freely and honestly about the fact that plan Dalit, which was a plan that was intended to try and be effectively displaced Palestinian people from their place took place. And that was before the inception of the State of Israel so that we're talking about 1947 and 1946 1947, before the inception of the State of Israel. But even that is just one aspect. We're talking about the one analysis. Another analysis is after the inception of the State of Israel, you see, even the 1948 war that took place between the Arab nations around Israel were by the way, the people were outgunned. The Arabs were outgunned and outmanned. People think that this was so many different countries

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versus Israel. No, they were outgunned and outmanned. Even in that war, okay, which they lost, which was a failure for the Arab nations. It was a failure. It was preceded by the events of aforementioned the Nakba, the plan, Dalit the 1947, Palestinian conflict, the 1946, King David Hotel bombing, and other things as well. So what you're saying is factually incorrect, according to everybody. I mean, nobody even from the Zionist historian side says what you're saying, then you have the 1956 Suez Canal crisis. Now, there's no credible historian that says that the Suez Canal crisis which took place in Egypt, a different country, different sovereign nation, was because of

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Egyptian antagonism to Israel. This is not what happened. In fact, in 1956,

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Suez wool crisis, Suez Canal crisis, was a conglomerate or an alliance between Israel, France, and the United Kingdom, all three of these nations attacked Egypt. So you cannot say that this was an attack on Israel by Gamal Abdel Nasser, the then president of Egypt, which then led to some kind of reaction. No, Israel, along with the United Kingdom, and France initiated the conflict. And anyone who knows anything about history knows that there was then a UN resolution which ended the conflict, which by the way, the United States spearheaded, this is just gonna go anywhere, read any any book of history. Mansfield Horowitz, anyone you like, and you will see, this is mentioned. Then comes the

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1967 War. 1967 War was a surprise attack on Egypt, in Syria and Jordan, it was a surprise attack by the Israelis. So how can this be if it's a surprise attack, which destroyed so many different infrastructure, and it was a six day war? And you have military commanders of Israel, gloating and boasting about the success of this surprise, preemptive strike? They called it? How could this be because of some kind of digression? You are a liar. And Joe Rogan should be ashamed of himself for listening to someone like you, without fact checking that information.

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I find that to be completely objectionable. Why couldn't he use the same rigor and integrity that he does with the mixed martial arts, which is a much lesser situation on a situation like this? If someone came to you, Joe Rogan, and started talking rubbish about Brazilian Jujitsu, or about boxing, or about kickboxing, or about Wing Chun about those things, you'd be the first to put them on the backfoot and tell them that they're the ones who are blessing you. You'd be the first to do that we've seen that we have seen that take place. We've seen you put people in their place because of their lack of knowledge on combat sports. So where do you find the Audacity or the confidence to

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listen to a Zionist manipulator manipulate you on key facts, which across the board, Palestinian historians, Western historians, nonpartisan historians and Zionist historians all agree.

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So I think this is nonsense. And I could go further. I could talk about 2006. I could talk about when Israel went into the Golan Heights, I can talk about South Lebanon, I can talk about so many different things. I could talk about the attacks from the Israeli Defense Force on the Gazan population, which I've done just recently recently, which was on the back of a great march in Gaza. No one shot a bullet and no one fired a rocket yet the IDF attacked them and killed them, the civilians. So what you're talking about is a lie. How dare you think you can lie on public in public like this on social media and think you will not be corrected and how dare anybody on such a

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sensitive topic? Not do the fact checking that is required. Then he said in the other aspect, or the other portion, a portion of the video he mentioned

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The Grand Mufti of Jerusalem at the time, who went and saw the Nazis. But did you know that the same Zionist terrorist organizations, yes, Zionist terrorist organization before the State of Israel, with the inception of the State of Israel, they went, and they also made collaborations with the Nazis. And this is in peer reviewed journals, which I can show you a picture of right now, on the screen, you can go ahead and look at this, the secret alliances that took place between some of those terrorist organizations, Zionist terrorist organizations and the Nazis themselves. Why do you think that these Zionist separatists wanted

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to speak to the Nazis in that manner?

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Because they both had a common goal, which was removing the Jews from Europe and putting them or placing them in Palestine. So it shows you that even those individuals operated you're mentioning the move to the Grand Mufti. I mean, Hossaini. You mentioned him, you didn't even know his name. Yes.

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I mean, Hosseini, but you don't mention the fact that the Zionist groups had the same kind of logic or pragmatic

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kind of way of dealing with the matter with the enemy of the enemy is my friend.

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And then you ask a hypothetical question. What would happen if Hamas laid down its weapon? Sorry, if if all the Jews and lay down their weapons, what would Hamas do to them? He said he was killed them all. But okay, Hamas was elected in 2006, disengagement from the Gaza Strip was in 2005. But Hamas wasn't was incepted into in 1987, which means that there were elements of Hamas in the Gaza Strip where there were people who are settlers and Jewish at the same time. So why did if what you're saying is true to Why don't homeschool those guys is more than I don't know, dozens of settlements that were there in Gaza Strip, why wouldn't they killed? This is a question that could be asked. And

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if everything has to go down to Hamas, then what happened before Hamas and it had seven? Are you telling me when you had the secular nationalist PLO, and there was no such thing as Hamas that the designers were not calling the secular nationalist, PLO terrorists, they were calling them terrorists at that time as well. So don't make this into scapegoating Hamas, since I've all your problems, as if Israel is a completely innocent party. And then you mentioned as many people do, that Hamas has in its charter, that they want to eradicate people in Israel, all the Jews in Israel, I actually went and looked at some of the articles of that charter to see if this is true. Now, once

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again, we don't endorse or have a membership card or whatever it is with Hamas, and we account Hamas as people have seen. But truth must be told and misinformation is misinformation. If you look at article 31, of the charter of the Hamas charter, he said there's a possibility. It's possible it said, in the in the charter, it says possible for Jews, Christians and Muslims to coexist in peace, and in quietude or something to that effect. So it's not exactly true. That it says explicitly that all the Jews must be eradicated. I've looked at the charter, that's misinformation, frankly. And if that is what they say, then we oppose that as Muslim people. And if that is what the espouse that we

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oppose that, even if they don't espouse it, and if they act upon that we oppose that we have no problem taking anybody to account which is something you have a problem with, because you can't even bring yourself to condemn the killing of these people. And then the man went on, I don't know what this guy is called. To do it the manipulator, just call him the manipulator, the weasel manipulator, the coward, the liar,

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the spotter of misinformation, the non specialist, the academic failure, the ultra pedestrian, the weasel. When he said to Joe Rogan

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that he was talking about the hospital

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and he said that the hospitals and and that was misinformation, why is it misinformation? And then Joe Rogan was jumping on the bandwagon and said that he had the hospital in the hospital. Okay, for the sake of argument. We don't we don't concede this point to you. We think that the most intelligible and the most proper explanation for the destruction of the hospital was actually a big missile, from the IDF and you can see what the channel for I said about that you can see their report. In your own time they got a fantastic report disputing or refuting, I should repudiating the claims of the Zinus who say that this was a misfiring of one of the Islamic Jihad or Hamas, that's

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one thing. But what about the refugee camp? Which houses 10s of 1000s of people?

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The Jabalia refugee camp, which the IDF took full responsibility for they knew this was civilians here and they they shot it down. They blew blew it up effectively. So even if you don't want to accept the hospital, then you have the refugee camp. They'll try it.

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Joe Rogan, watch yourself. Would you respect Thomas about? Because if this happened on American grounds, you'd be the first one to show outrage and condemnation. We all know that. Yeah.

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Do your fact check in because don't make us angry. Don't make us upset. Don't make us disappointed. Don't make us disappointed Yeah, with your nonsense, and apply the same rigor. Apply the same academic rigor that you put

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to UFC fighting, and boxing, and Muay Thai to something much more important, quite frankly, which is one of the most important conflicts in the world today. With talking to the same article about the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam told us who ever built a mosque for Allah, Allah were built in a similar house in Ghana. And we know the great reward that will not only be gained but rather will fill your grave after your death. Whenever someone prays that whenever someone gives shahada in the masjid whenever someone learns something in the masjid, yes, that will be something that you will have on your scale.

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