I Almost Died, Then This Happened

Mohammed Hijab


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The speaker discusses their experience with a rare pulmonary embolism case but they were able to achieve their goals. They also mention their involvement in a large online video library and contribute to a large large large online video library. They encourage viewers to donate to help develop a new generation of people who share Islam.

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Last year, Allah tested me severely. I had a near death experience I suffered from a rare case of pulmonary embolism. As I lay there in the hospital bed lungs full of blood clots contemplating what could potentially be my final moments, I feared the worst. It was not so much death that I feared. It was my preparation for it. I was not able to take advantage of the countless opportunities Allah had presented before me, I haven't achieved all my goals was I ever going to achieve them. This was my opportunity to be more focused and turn to Allah and work harder. In fact, this operational year was one of the most productive of my life, but I didn't do it alone. The institute that I co founded

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Sapiens Institute has been instrumental to the success teamwork makes the dream work. I completed my master's in applied Theology at the University of Oxford started my PhD in the philosophy of religion, wrote my fourth book, The Baha'i arguments for unnecessary being I had a deep thought provoking discussion with famous clinical psychologist Jordan Peterson, which has now garnered over 2.2 million views. I also contributed to one of the largest online video libraries addressing the many doubts, misconceptions about Islam and much more. I'm blessed to be part of this hardworking, and wonderful team who have also achieved many great things this year, these achievements could not

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have been possible without Allah's help, and the team at Sapiens Institute and your support who knows if this will be my last Ramadan? Who knows if this will be your last Ramadan, you have the opportunity to gain the immense reward by helping us create support and develop a new generation of people to intellectually and academically share Islam? Click the button or go to the link below and donate now do not miss this opportunity.