Mohammed Hijab – Funny Interview (X-Rated Bible Verses)

Mohammed Hijab
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses two options for continuing a family line, either to avoid incest or to take a sexual act. They also mention a Bible and encourage listeners to read it. The speaker emphasizes the importance of reading the Bible and its implications for Christians.
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how you doing?

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What's your name? Chris. I wanted to video you because I think you're very nice guy. And you know, you've got a nice smile, and you're always cheerful. And I know you shouldn't be talking to me right now you're too tall man. makes me look stupid.

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But, you know, I wonder, I want to basically talk to you about something that was so cute about last week, which I found is a bit funny.

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And there's a bit of an X ray topic.

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But we found it funny.

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We look, we're talking about these verses in the Bible, right?

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There's verses in the Bible which talk about sexually explicit things.

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And we both agree that in the Bible, for example, it does say

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that lot, which we believe is a prophet, you guys believe he was a prophet as well. But in your books, it does say that lot, had sexual * with his own daughters. So this is *. Yeah. Is that correct? Yeah, that's true. Now, I like your honesty about this topic.

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A prophet is meant to be human beings who are meant to follow.

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Is the act of having sexual * with your daughter a morally acceptable thing to do? At the time? It is necessary? Yes.

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At the time, it was necessary. Yes, it was at the time. Okay.

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Do you know why he had to do go and tell me please? What happened during what happened during the time of Sodom? Gomorrah?

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Everyone was destroyed. There was hardly anybody left to continue any family line? Right. The only way they could continue the family line was by having *. Okay, now, thank you for that. That's fine. If that's what you think is the only way that they could have continued the family line is by having *. Yeah. So continuing the family line is one thing. I mean, if it was a situation of Adam and Eve, and Adam and Eve, if you said, Oh, you know, their family, their offspring must have been * and stuff like that happen for a long time. Okay, but I'm just saying that that's, that is complete compulsion. I can see where you're coming from. When you say that. Well, if we're

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talking about continuing a family line, that's one option. And the other option

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is not continuing the family line. Yeah, the human race will continue, then I say that probably the second option would probably be Would you say that it would probably be a better option to take no. Okay. Now, I want to ask you a question.

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Do you have kids?

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Do you? Do you teach Bible school on Sundays? Do I teach? No.

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I don't go don't go to church. I'm my own church.

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So you must be big time. I'm also a christian right now.

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I want you to bring out a Bible.

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I want him to bring out his Bible.

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Listen to me, I want you to bring up Ezekiel

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chapter number 20 320-321-2324. She upon their parent Moore's

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whose flesh is as

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an issue is like the issue the issue of was issuing?

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I haven't read the whole context. I don't know what's gonna

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happen. Have you got the Bible? It will tell you what, it's what the issue is. Well, I don't know. You'd have to read it.

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Because I haven't read the whole thing. So I need to read it.

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So what's the issue? Well, there's one issue doesn't mean

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Are you playing games now my friend that's what issue means? Oh, no, I'm talking about in the context of this. I don't know. I haven't read the whole thing. I've only read one verse. So I'll give you a nice Bible. What's what version is that? This is what happens when Muslims don't read the Bible. Then we get into this in a in a normal translation.

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All right, can you read this my friend? Is this Ezekiel 2320? Yeah, yeah.

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Let's read it in a proper way. Go ahead. Yeah, this one, your international version. Whoa.

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She lusted after her lovers. Whose * were like those of donkeys.

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And whose mission was like that of horses?

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New International Version. Okay.

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Why don't why don't you read the whole context? Should we do that? Yeah, let's read it. Let's go from the first verse, okay.

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The word of the Lord came again unto me saying Son of Man, there were two women, the daughters of one mother, but don't make it too long for the viewers

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to know, okay, okay.

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She doted upon the Assyrians, her neighbors, captains and rulers closed most

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gorgeously horsemen right and upon her horses, all of the all of the all of them desirable young men that are so that she was defiled that they defiled yet before Yeah What does that mean? That they that they took both one way thing is that

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you caught me You caught me get me to reverses but what if we you know you don't even know what's on by yourself?

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What does it mean then? You fall beams that she was now what is the whole what's the whole story on the back so as to prostitutes

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Okay, you got two prostitutes so what are the names

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let's go through the first one

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is what happens when a Muslim doesn't read properly? Okay, I don't know I forgot the name is my friend but it was a prostitute that will go into on having * with older men. Muslims never read the whole thing properly. While we have problems

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there's no right or wrong. But you do know the situation or the situation. I don't know what the situation is.

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We don't know what the situation what happened.

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Okay, fine. This doesn't disprove Christianity. All right.

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I'm not saying this disproves Christianity. I'm just saying that this should be a lesson for all Christians who talk about those verses in the Quran. That reference for example, men having a woman foot

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looks like it looks like something is talking about something about about Israel. Because it says hey cinza Jerusalem and then it talks about to be honest with you I think that so goes due to the profits is not right. Like what you guys say about the profits is unjustifiable. If they're meant to be the guide for humankind, yeah. How can you have a profit like not having * with his own daughter? How can you have a profit like Noah being naked in front of his own sons? How can you have profit being drunk like Noah according to Genesis chapter nine, verse 22, of the Bible.

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the song he was on it, it

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with me

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