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Go to quality dot app inshallah the app tracks versus pages and time spent reading. And the vs two pages function takes you from reading a few verses a day to few pages a day, this project is for the real enthusiast, and there's enough of us out there, this will become the future of collapse and support the project if you can Insha Allah, may Allah bless all of you just not gonna care. So many, Salam Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh How are you guys doing now many of you will be aware, many of you will be aware of the back and forth I've had with one Douglas Murray. Now, for you who don't know, this man is a British journalist. But he has been given a platform by the likes of the BBC,

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the spectator. He has been part of the neoconservative movement in Britain, and in the West, and has been a voice against, I would say Islam and Muslims for some time a critic of Islam and Muslims for some time. In fact, let me read something to you. To give you a flavor of what this man is all about. He says, conditions for Muslims in Europe must be made harder across the board. He says Europe must look like a less attractive proposition. From long before we were first attacked, it should have been made plain that people who come into Europe are here under our rules and not theirs, says where a Mosque has become a center of hate, it should be closed and pull down. If that

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means that some Muslims don't have a mosque to go to, then they'll have to realize that they aren't owed one. Now the first part of that sentence that conditions for Muslims in Europe must be made harder across the board. It's so anti Western ideology. So anti enlightenment ideology. If we're talking about equality, if we're talking about minority rights, all of these things, it goes against those things. Now, I'm not asking Douglas Murray to become a Muslim. I mean, we invite all of the world to Islam to the worship of one God, of course, and that does include Douglas Murray. But what I would, for now at least like to see is Douglas Murray being self consistent with his own

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principles. Because this is a man who I am going to have to say as it is, is nothing but a hypocrite, he is a hypocrite. He makes himself out to be some kind of a bastion for freedom of speech and expression. But he's a co founder of an organization called the Henry Jackson organization. He is the co founder of an organization that produces reports on a yearly basis. And these reports, in fact, are an attempt to account organizations which have Muslim speakers in universities, and he states or not him, but the report states for example, extremist hate preachers have near unfettered access to students. And by that, of course, he means with his understanding of

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extremism, anything that goes against Western ideological or enlightenment values. So you see here, this is really it's enraging. It's enraging how these individuals that speak about freedom of speech, are attempting to do actions words or have words and actions do produce reports, which have the net effect and entailment. Of curtailing freedom of speech for a minority group, which is the Muslims, the fact or not him, but the report states that failure by university to apply that there's been a failure by university to apply prevent duties Now, for those who don't know, or maybe live abroad prevent is the government's counterterrorism strategy. So here we have a situation where the

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Henry Jackson society, which is co founded by Douglas Murray is producing these reports. And these reports aim to vilify label otherwise cancel, yes, cancel Muslim speakers, traditionalist orthodox speakers, from speaking in universities because they're afraid that they have, quote, unfettered access to students, students, we're talking about age 18 to 20 on adult students. So in this situation here, clearly Murray and CO are using the guise of terrorism, to vilify a community and to inhibit freedom of speech. Don't talk to me about freedom of speech. What kind of censoring is this? You coward, you are a coward. And this is you know why it's clear to me that you are a coward and

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that you are afraid of public engagement and debate. Because when it came to me challenging you on Twitter for discussion, when I came to challenge you on Twitter for discussion or debate, let's be straightforward with you.

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because we don't see eye to eye. What did you say? You made the excuses you call me anti semitic. You call me all these words because I'm anti Zionist because I am pro Palestinian, unashamedly. So you will never find a statement of mine and the whole public record which amounts to anti semitism. But you coward even if I was a fully fledged anti Semite and hated Jews, which we believe in Islam is not possible to do or you shouldn't do because the Prophet himself married a Jewish author. Yeah, but hey, you didn't know that, did you? And he even he condemned anti semitism, which I have videos on my channel doing the same thing. But if this is your excuse, why are you discussing with Anjem

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Choudary? Let's take a picture. Let's take a look at a picture of you discussing with Anjem Choudary. Anjem Choudary is widely recognized in the Muslim community, as someone who belongs to the radical fringes, someone who has not condemned isis not condemned, al Qaeda not condemned these groups, in many ways is sympathetic to those groups. And you have you have had a discussion with him. But you with me? What now you're getting cold feet, you're getting bit scared? What is your excuse? That I'm not qualified? I think you'll find that I'm much more qualified on these topics than you are especially Islam. Why are your qualifications in Islam? What are your qualifications in

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Islam? What is your training in Islam? What back where you've written two books to my knowledge about Islam, but what is your qualification to speak about such a topic like theology?

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Tell me now, you come to me humbly, as a student, that's the only relationship you can have with me. When it comes to the religion of Islam, you come to me humbly cross legged as a student in front of me, and I will tell you about Islam, the rulings, the books that I've memorized the language I know, the years that I've spent in the Islamic seminary and the degrees that I've acquired, you're not in my league on these issues don't even pretend to be and how dare you try and attack the Quran and say the book the measly pathetic little book that you have produced? Apparently, he says, it's, it's more bought than the Quran. It's Yanni people are buying it more than the Quran. Are you that?

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Sorry, mentally slow. Do you think people buy the Quran on Amazon? This is a tweet he put up you can check it on the Twitter. This guy, he thinks that his book is being read by Muslims or by other people as much and or maybe the same amount as the Quran? Are you a fool? Are you literally a fool?

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This book has been one of the most memorized. No, it is the most memorized book in the world. Children memorize it, and you're talking about your measly little book that you put on Amazon.

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Anyway, let's move on to something else. Let's move on to what you actually say about Islam. Let me expose your ignorance further. Because it's not just Islam and theology that you have a inhibition, you have a weakness in, but you have an inhibition and you have a weakness when it relates to the humanities. In your book.

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The strange death of Europe, you refer to as conjuring a careful new version of history, which flies in the face of all historical scholarship, practically all historical scholarship. We're not saying that the whole time in Spain was good, you had the unwashed, and so on. But to try and imply that there was intolerance throughout the whole time period when Islam was in Spain is foolishness in a historical understanding

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on anyone's understanding.

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And you you make blunders historical blunders, you say, Europe was never a continent of Islam. Were you talking about? We have Europe as well. You have Spain as the example. You have Sicily as another example. And you have other places which the Ottoman Empire had control over as other examples, as well. Are you that? Are you literally that foolish? Are you literally that foolish? Why are you speaking about things which you have no idea about? On this point? Let's take a look at what you've said about Islam. Let's say Islam is a very, very complex thing. And the best way I can do this in the very short time I have a say you have three Islamic if I'm one, two, and three Islam one the

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Quran and the life of Muhammad, and the Hadith Islam to the tradition of Sharia, Islam, three what Muslims do now, the first of those things Islam, the Quran or so on is bad. It is bad. There is a lot of violence in it. And what's worse, the peaceful verses are superseded by the violent versus the violent versus also, sadly, are more numerous in number then you've got the life of Muhammad again, a bad man, a very bad man. It has to be said not a great role model. If you look at it. It takes child brides abusers a small girl, multiple wives, himself a warrior himself a war criminal himself. beheads a Jews

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This I would have thought would be a signal if not great peacefulness. So he makes a series of as you saw with that clip here, this man makes a series of claims about Islam and this is the video he sent me by the way on Twitter. He said this is why I speak about Islam as if to show but to grandstand to show me something I didn't know.

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And this is what you have to present blunder after blunder after blunder. Let's go over each one of them. He said the Quran is bad. That's an assertion and this is a static aesthetic value judgment. And it's not based on evidence. So I will not even dignify that with a response. He states, the peaceful verses are superseded by the violent ones. That's not true in its entirety. In fact, that's not true at all. You have verses like chapter 16, verse eight, lay and how qumola Lutheran LMU KwaZulu confini Well, let me read you come in the outcome and terbaru and taboo Matsukaze to lay in the law, you have been mucosa thin, chapter 16 Verse eight, that Allah does not forbid you to be

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good with those non Muslims who have not tried to kill you, and not try to kick you out of your homes, that you'd be good with them. And you'd be just with them because Allah He loved the just, that's not abrogated, and it's not super seated by any of us. Is that peaceful? Yes or no? You answer me my questions, since you're the one making the claims. Yeah, you answer my questions now. Because imagine if you're right in front of me, you're talking about my body. He was trying to punish me, the guy was trying to talk about my body. This, you're trying to talk about me? And even your followers were saying, actually, you know, I think you know, anyways, I'm not going to say

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anything, but you can go and see on Twitter what his followers were saying, what your boyfriend maybe have been saying, and other people. But anyway, the first thing you say is that the the verses of the Quran

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are superseded the peaceful ones, yeah. So is this a peaceful verse or not? Chapter 16 Verse eight, answer me the question. What about chapter four verse 90, in the Latina Soluna, were being a kubina me SAP and LJ, all come hasira To the room,

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except for the ones that they come to you. And there's a peace treaty between you, Youtube, all that and all that they've come with this. This has not abrogated this verse in the abrogates, it will cause you to ladina you call to Luna Kumala attack Tatsu in the law, hello, you have been martyred in chapter two verse 190. Fight those who fight you and do not go across the bounds not transgress the bounds, because Allah does not like those who transgress the bounds.

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Is that superseded is that abrogated?

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This is my these are my questions. I mean,

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you tell me of you. When the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said Khattala ma hadn't lamb yet there. Yeah, tell Jana, that whoever kills a noncombatant nonbeliever will not smell the fragrance of heaven. Is that been abrogated? My question is, the answer is no. The Prophet told us which you won't find in Jewish or Judeo Christian tradition, very clear. If you if you go to war, do not kill the old person, the woman that the child may can lay here and talk tell. He said about a woman it's not for this woman it's a woman dead in the battlefield is not for her to be killed.

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As a dip he he reiterated the same commands. So these are just old Orientalist tropes, misconceptions, which unfortunately, because you have been reading Bernard Lewis and ignore a rock, who is not a scholar mentioned he is a scholar. He's not a scholar, band loser historian, once he got to do with theology of Islam, so you don't even know how to quote proper authorities on these points. Yeah. Because you've been reading these people, you don't know how to nuance the discussion, you have become ignorant, you're ignorant. You don't know how to access primary source material, you don't know how to be honest with the sources. And when you try your best you fail. Look, you've just

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stated two sentences about Islam. And the only thing that I see you speaking about religion directly, and you've already made two mistakes. Let's go on though.

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You say that there are more basically, the violent verses are more numerous than the peaceful ones. There are 6236 verses of the Quran. Now, I don't know have you read the translation of the meanings of the Quran? Because if you have, it's impossible to come to that conclusion. It is impossible to come to that conclusion. Are you telling me of ratio, that the violent verses are more than the non violent verses in the Quran? Then you've you maybe have been reading the art of war, not the Quran. You've been reading another book. This is a foolish statement that no one who has read the Quran even the translations of the meanings of would ever make you ignorant. How dare you even think that

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you can debate me you can speak to me you're not qualified. You're not even that popular to be on? Let's be honest. Who are you anyway? Who are you to try and step up like this? Who are you? Who won't you respect and you'll come and talk

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about Islam, you're talking about Muslims need to be treated in this way and that way in the other way that they are ticking time bombs. That's another quote of his, by the way, their demographic ticking time bomb.

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Well, I'll tell you what, we're an intellectual. You're an intellectual ticking time bomb because now you're starting to implode upon yourself. You are starting to implode upon yourself. And you're continuing to do that now.

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Then you say the life of Muhammad he was a bad man. Another assertion, did they not teach you in GCSE? That is P E. Point evidence explanation? Did they not teach you that one? So you stating Muhammad was a bad man?

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was awesome session. You weak man. You are a weak man. You are a weak man. Look at you making an error in every statement that every sentence that you utter towards Islam, about Islam, you're uttering it with erroneous statements filled with philosophy. And totally you are an imbecile. You are an imbecile. What kind of disability is this? What kind of intellectual disability imbecility pusillanimity Is this, I tell you, I think you know, and I know, this wouldn't end Well, if we were standing next to each other, and we were having an intellectual discussion. And that's why you scurried along than you. That's the real reason why you scurried along, you put, you put your tail

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between your legs, and you had to run away, you try to engage me on Twitter.

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But you wouldn't engage me face to face.

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And then he says, he abuses more child, or a small girl, give me the evidence of that.

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Where's the evidence of abuse? When are Aisha herself, who you refer to? I issue herself. She states that the Prophet, he never hit any of his wives. He was never abusive to any of his wives or his servants. And as an American self said that he the Prophet never saw much as uttered vocalizations of contempt. You're talking about abuse? What's the evidence? You're historically impotent? You're incapable intellectually incapable of producing the goods, the knowledge goods on these matters?

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And then he says, multiple wives. What's the problem with having multiple wives? You haven't given us a moral reason why having multiple wives is wrong.

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A warrior? Why is that bad thing to have a warrior? Prophet?

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Being a warrior is a good thing. So you're mentioning these things, Warrior. And then he states, he himself beheads the Jews. Okay, I want you to give me one evidence from the Sierra, the biography of the Prophet, where he beheads Jewish people because they're Jewish. In fact, if you beheads any Jewish people at all, the Prophet Muhammad, Salah Salem, never beheaded a Jew, that never happened, you are a liar, you are a liar. And if you're talking about Benu, kaleida, the 600 Jewish people that were executed because of treachery, and even that treachery was, was realized by historians in the western Academy, people like Karen Armstrong, who are in her book, the short introduction to

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Islam, unequivocally and unambiguously details, the main reason for such a thing, author benaco Life localiza being or not even Ben Kurata, I should say, the combatants among them were it was because of treachery, well, treachery that happened in the Battle of Hunter. And if it was a matter of genocide and disposal disposing of Jewish people, then why did the Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu wasallam do a constitutional Medina? Why did he guarantee the rights of the Jewish people? Why did he not do the same thing with Bonavia and Ben, okay, Luca, why, why did he marry a Jew? Why in the Quran in chapter number 59, verse number four, it states on this issue of benaco rather delicate the

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end the home sha Allah, Allah rasool Allah, it gives the reason for why the hostilities took place between the some Muslim tribes and some Jewish tribes. That is because they oppose Allah and His messenger.

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It's not because Delhi can be in the homea hood. That's because they were Jewish, bro. With all due respect, you don't know what you're talking about. You do not know what you're talking about. Yeah. And so this is the thing you can you can be a critic of Islam in your little echo chamber, but you are a coward. And you are not courageous as Jordan Peterson said you are because if you were, and I give credit Jordan Peterson for having a conversation with me, which was courteous, which was courteous, and cordial.

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If you were you would at least talk to me and with whatever energy you come to me with, I'll come to you with that energy. But the energy that you become into the whole Muslim community with talking to us about ticking time bombs, talking to us about unequal rights for our community, talking to us about religion being a religion of opportunism. Yeah, the religion itself is an opportunity for religion and other such things for a man that's unqualified, I'm trained to otherwise I'm aware

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You really can't make a case for yourself, can you? So next time you utter the word Islam, or next I knew utter the word Muslim from your mouth, or next time you or your your institute that you found it co founded. produce reports. Remember that it's hypocrisy that runs through your veins, not not just blood, but hypocrisy that runs through every artery and every vein in your body. You talk about freedom of speech, and Kancil culture, but you do to the traditionalist Muslims and Orthodox Muslims, what you claim the left has done to you. That's the reality of the situation. That is the reality of the situation. And you, you do anything, but embody either spirit or word of what the

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liberal theorists said, which is the I disapprove of what you say, but I defend to the death, your right to say it. You don't embody that in either spirit or sentiment because you are a coward and you are a hypocrite? And that is the reality of the situation. And for those who want to see bridges being built, and, you know, civility, and lack of toxicity and so on, I say, as the Arab say Allah Mazatlan. Yeah, we want that as well. The Muslim community does actually want coexistence and harmony we do. But you can't reasonably ask me or my community to be an accomplice to our own murder.

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was salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.