Can Muslims Accept Red Pill?

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Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh

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somebody wants to question is red pill somehow compatible with Islam? Some gender bias men within Islam who do not put on a sadhana first may try to suggest this but this is absolutely false. Allah subhanaw taala should have put on your microphone to that convener Kumar, I'm calling from nonmaterial development Islam Medina. Today I've completed your religion and I have perfected my favorite opinion I've made Islam. I've ordained Islam as a religion for you. Islam requires nothing else in order to complete it. It is a perfect moral system. Nothing which is prescriptive and moral needs to come into Islam in order to perfect it or complete it. And those so called red pill Muslims

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are, I would say actually going towards traversing towards that direction or the implication that Islam is in need of completion. So you have to think twice before you call yourself a red pill Muslim, because you are going in the same direction as feminist Muslims have gone into a gender bias direction where you require grievances to be solved outside of the Islamic framework.