The Beautiful Nature of Village Africans

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Okay, guys, we're playing with his kids, his beautiful kids, they've got such

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experts to be honest with you, and know that we're contributing to their development is an incredible feeling to be honest with you.

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Give us a nice about kids.

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I actually have

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Malik Malik, who was like he was he used to solve the problem.

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So one day he told him to go and do like a task for him. Yeah. And then Malik actually stopped when he was a kid at the time. He was quite young guy, he started playing with the kids. Now when I came back to my house,

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he said, What happened? He said, Look, I was playing with the kids and I had been rebuke him

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because he understood the importance of development, especially with young children.

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And that's why I'm so

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at an older age, he said that he never promoted me. He didn't say to me, he never said any of those things because he knew

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such a lenient attitude with children with young people with old people. And that's why

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wants he was in

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crime on his head, and he literally didn't come out

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until midway

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he had

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a smile on your face is a priceless, priceless, and inshallah with your sisters, we can bring more smiles to people's faces with a few quid that we spent on what chicken burger chips whatever it may be, inshallah 2019.

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Like me when you said chicken burger and chips

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