Mohammed Hijab – Ben Shapiro Disrespects on Twitter and Pays the Price

Mohammed Hijab
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the use of shapiro in media and his claims to be against anti--seism. They criticize the Israeli State of Israel for its actions and calling for people to stop calling them "weAKier than us." The speaker also discusses the concept of radicalization and its reflection on Israel's actions, as well as the use of language and political terminology to avoid confusion and avoid broadly perceived mistakes.
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salaam alaikum wa rahmatullahi water cats. Ben Shapiro is an American journalist who panders to the neoconservative movement in America, the alt right movement, and who has been refuted many times by myself? Many times, I don't know how many views is all raked up now hundreds of 1000s maybe a million views. I don't know what we keep slapping him online, we keep slapping him online. And he keeps taking and absorbing the slaps. And I say continue. I'll give you another one today. Get your face ready, get your cheeks ready. I'm going to slap you again. today. I'm going to slap you again. And yeah, you can try and reply, because recently tried to retweet something which had me in the, in

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the Palestinian, the pro Palestinian March, saying that for us as Muslims, life begins at death, which is probably the most the least controversial statement any religious person can make? every religious person almost every religious person believes that life begins at death. And yes, of course, I was talking about the Palestinian struggle. You think this is some kind of golden bullet? Is this your fight back? After? Hundreds of 1000s of views, arguments upon arguments, attack upon attack, intellectual assault upon intellectual assault? This is what you try and respond with? How embarrassing how absolutely embarrassing. What I want to do in this video today is outline three

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main points.

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Looking at his tweets and looking at his behavior, especially with the Palestine Israel conflict, it's very clear that Ben Shapiro wants to promote a culture of sin seriousness, a gag culture, a gag culture, where he tries to alienate and ostracize those who go against the standard narrative, the standard pro Israeli narrative, and it's really ironic that he of all people does this, being a spokesperson

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for a pundit for neoconservatives using freedom of speech, as some kind of pretext for for refuting and dismantling the transgenders and the feminists and

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others on the left. But when it comes to the State of Israel, he acts just like those people

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who he criticizes,

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he starts labeling people as anti semitic. In fact, he tries to confuse and conflate anti semitism with anti Zionism. He even says that there's a point of convergence between the two things. Let's see what he has to say on these matters. There's a point where being anti Israel shifts over into being anti semitic, and the conflation between anti Zionism and Zionism and anti semitism. Not everybody who doesn't like Israel is an anti Semite. But every anti Semite is anti Israel. So you see, hey, this is a threat. threatening behavior of I will label you if you don't agree with my narrative. This is pathetic, usual label. Use your label. Go ahead, do your worst. We're not scared

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of your label, calling us anti Semites. When in fact, we are Semites. I'm a Semite myself. Arabs are Semites and Arabic is a Semitic language.

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At any rate, you can call me whatever you like. This does not change the fact that you have not been able to answer a single argument that has been made and you know what else you have not been able to do? You have not been able to make one singular solitary condemnation of the 66 children that have been killed in cold blood by the policies of the Israelis that you defend.

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Now, you may remember some time ago, you made a video talking about the Muslim radical myth.

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And he talked about the Muslim moderate mythical, I can't remember what you named it, the title, but you it's basically making the point that all of these Muslims are following Sharia law or believing it and therefore, there is this many radicals and Muslim radicals in the world. What kind of ridiculous notion is that? In fact, if we assume that radicalism so defined is when someone supports or does action to terrorize

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a civilian population and noncombatant population, then tell me how

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Israel is absolved from being terroristic or radical from that perspective, and how your support for Israel, in its targeting of civilian populations is not itself a type of radical reflection. In that analysis, you are radical, you are radical. Stop pointing the finger because of all these Muslims that believe in Sharia law, which they might have different opinions on what it means, when in fact, you're the radical one. Because you are the one who makes videos about abortion, you make videos about abortion, and you label it as killing children. Abortion is killing children. But when the governments that you support which is the Israeli government, actually kill children, you have

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nothing to say about that. Do you have no condemnation about that? Do you so it's not a stop pretending that you care about children, you don't care about babies being killed? You only care about certain babies being killed by certain political opponents of yours. If it's a leftist, doing abortion, that's killing babies, but when there's an Israeli dropping bombs in the most densely populated civilian areas, and 66 children die, you support that state you are a walking contradiction. And how dare you even show your face in a public sphere? After you've contradicted yourself so severely like that?

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you embarrass yourself. You embarrass yourself. And you know, I say, I say for all of those neoconservatives and ot right, people that follow you, do not let this man and his legs, I'm saying this very clearly, pro Zionist, and his legs. Do you don't let this man fool you into making exceptions? Yes, you're making moral and political exceptions for the State of Israel. If your mantra is we believe in freedom of speech and freedom of expression.

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We'll avoid a culture of seriousness we're avoid. We're averse to sorry, a culture of seriousness.

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Then you can't go ahead and agree with someone or show support to someone who promotes such culture and who uses labeling everyone who doesn't agree with him. rasheeda

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Talib in America, you call her an anti Semite. You call another way? AOC Yeah, an anti Semite, this person's I'd see my as persons on Sima. To be honest with you, not much difference between what you and the left does by calling this person the racist and this one the bigot and this one was you're doing the same thing. You're pathetic. You're trying to crush public discourse by self censoring and labeling. We're not afraid of your labels. In fact, there's a verse in the Quran and I'm going to end with this first of all, it states in sort of soon as chapter 10

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when Noah no Holly salami says

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what to do about an orphan you call me call me He called me in Cabo. Aleykum call me Where does

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he fell in love He delegated.

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Follow Ito Cal to Jimmy young Morocco, Morocco.

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Algeria, Morocco. musharaka.

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mala yakun

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akuna aleikum, Mei Chang from Macondo, la from LA.

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de Lune. He states if my reminder to you people, he says this to his people know, if my reminder to you people, my standing with your people and you my reminder to people is too big for you to bear that I.

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I rely upon Allah, I rely upon God.

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I rely upon God so you bring together your plots and plans. bring together your plots and plans in your affair.

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And don't have any hesitation. Do not have any hesitation in your plan. Meaning Do your worst. Do your west to us. And don't even give us time. Don't give us any recipe right? We're ready for you. Santa Monica Muhammad's life to get

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