Parents are Uncrowned Royalty

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Well Praise and Glory be to Allah Who thank him and we seek His help and his guidance and his pleasure and his forgiveness. And we turn to Allah to protect us from the evil whispers within ourselves. And from the awful consequences that could arise from our evil deeds for whomever Allah azza wa jal guides, no one can ever lead astray and whomever Allah leaves a strain on can never guide and we testify that none is worthy of our worship and our devotion and our love and obedience in the absolute sense of those words, but Allah and Allah alone, without any partners, the true supreme King at the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa alayhi wa sallam was in truth, His Prophet

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and his servant and His messenger.

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Allah azza wa jal reminds us and you and entrust us and you in the Quran time and time again it's up Allah Hapa took it over believers have the support of Allah President exhibited within and without in public and in private, a consciousness and a dutifulness and a commitment and a consistent love and submission with Allah azza wa jal

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as best as you possibly can. And to not get caught off guard being pulled from this life and transitioning into the next never dying Walter Mutanda Illa one two Muslim moon, except in that state of Islam.

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After welcoming my brothers and sisters to the house of ALLAH SubhanA who went to Allah

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we find inside Muslim from Abdullah Abdullah dinar Rahim Allah Allah who is a a close savagery to Abdullah Havner Omar Abdullah Mohammed is the famous companion son of Ahmed Abdul kebab, the Allahu Han Abdullah Abdullah de nada says I was with him traveling to Mecca.

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We're on a journey in the middle of the wilderness. And then we crossed paths with an Arabi, a Bedouin man.

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And then totally unexpected Abdullah have normal really embraces this man and like he celebrates his presence. And he doesn't just show cheer. He actually puts the man on his own donkey, gives him his donkey and then takes off his turban and you know, the turban in the desert is is is very consequential, it is not, you know, flashy gear. It is not sort of a luxury this to keep you from flying under the sun. He takes off his turban and he gifts it to the Bedouin man puts it on his head. And I believe maybe not as watching like what in the world is happening here.

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And so he says to him

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now Muladhara why Nahum lair Donna Vidya see it these are just you know Bedouin desert dwellers, they they are satisfied with such little like you throw them in anything small and he'll be so appreciative because they have nothing really they live the most frugal the most austere the most you know basic lifestyle. Just give him anything small. And so Abdullah have normal explains, he says to him,

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in Abba, Heather Can I would then live Omar, this man No, not this man. This man's father used to be very dear to Omar my father.

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My father used to really love his dead.

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Were in me and me. I personally heard the messenger of allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam saying in a bell in about role very similar to Rajamouli Allah would there be one of the greatest forms of kindness meaning to your parents beautiful validation, one of the greatest forms of kindness is for you to maintain the relationship with those whom your father held dear.

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And so this incident has really so much that we can draw from it infer and learn from it, of it is that you know, for those that are regretful that they haven't really felt the weight, realize the weight and importance of kindness to parents, till maybe that window closed in your life. This is one of the great things you can do to compensate for it after the fact.

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But even before the fact though, this hadith symbolizes a very Quranic concept. And that is the concept of kindness to parents being lifelong work. And by lifelong work, we don't even mean the length of the life of the parents know, even if they're gone, or don't want to do whatever the time of this incident is no longer alive, but the length of the life of the person himself. Regardless of whether their parents are currently on the face of this earth, or they're tucked beneath it, they're in their graves

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and you know,

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In our times, this needs so much dusting because that radical shift, you know, to individualism and this excessive understanding of selfhood or autonomy and all of this. Yes, we are in no way saying that it is endless work and absolutely without bounds your parents you are to be there, you're the slave of Allah, right? And everyone that may have authority in your life or rights in your life. They're set by Allah, and they're limited right there. But it is consistent, lifelong work to be good to your parents that is never over in that sense. So long as you're alive. How is this a Quranic concept? Well, for one, there is the famous most famous passage on parents and honoring our

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parents in Surah Al Israa. It is a theme actually throughout the Quran, but the most famous one when Allah azza wa jal said another Surah Wakaba rabuka Adela to Abu isla. Yeah, who were Bill Whalley Dany Sana, and your Lord has decreed that you worship none but Him. Were being widely there in the center and that you show excellence to your parents.

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This is a common theme throughout the Quran, you always find or almost always find the constructions to be great with your parents tied with the instructions to worship Allah alone. Why is that? A part of it is for you to understand that you haven't really been devoted to Allah. If you're not exerting undue effort with your parents. They're inseparable they're interlocked. But some scholars add it to the theme of lifelong work, that it is Allah azza wa jal wanting us to understand that just as he has rights that can never be fulfilled, yes, our duty our purposes devote our life to Allah while knowing we never fully can, how can an imperfect, you know, short lifespan being ever fulfilled the

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right of a perfect infinite, eternal Creator can write just as the creator is someone who you can never fulfill his rights, that pairing of rights of Allah and rights of the parents reminds us that there's also among Allah's creation, those that no matter how hard you try, always keep that in mind, you will never be able to fulfill their rights as they deserve.

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And so it is lifelong work, it is consistent work. And even if it is not absolute, you become a punching bag or the dust under the feet of your parents type thing. But it is absolutely true that you must continue to try while recognizing you never fully can.

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You know, you even just look at the rights of the mother in particular, and not just the rights of the Mother, the rights of the mother, just in the first two years when Allah says, you know, how am I let who, what, when and Allah when that she carried him, you know, his mother, in weakness upon weakness, right, the fragile nature of the woman on top of that the fragile period of pregnancy of carrying what you saw Luffy I mean, and then she fed him nursed him weaned him over the span of two years, and it surely will invalidate make sure you shall do thanks to me and to your parents the pairing again.

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That is why we will be Rahim Allah said why do you think the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said in that hadith you all know your mother, your mother, your mother, because those three match up with the fact that the carrying and the delivery and those two years of nursing and weaning she did those all by herself right before the Father puts up partook in the hands on for the most part.

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And that is why when a man came to Abdullah Hypno model, or not the Allahu Anhu my the son of Irwin ricotta, but again, he said that I carried my mother from Flora San present day I ran Hora San until I finished with her them and Asik finished with her the all of the rights finished had you with her, carried her

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like a backpack throughout all of this. Have I fulfilled her right?

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And if not, Allah said to him while at the pearl cotton mill Paula Katya, you haven't even repaid her for one of the contractions, a subset of the delivery, you haven't even done that yet.

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And in a beautiful narration that explains sort of why Walmart himself or the Allahu Ron Eman once came to him and said, My mother has gotten so old

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that she cannot relieve herself except on my back. I mean, I have to carry her behind the mountain where she can comfortably you know, relieve herself answer the call of nature use the bathroom and then bring her back

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If it were it not for me, she would do it in front of everybody you would have no choice. The house would smell it.

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Have I repaid her? And so Omar Radi Allahu and says you have not repaid her.

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Because she did that with you. Well, he had told you about back when she was cleaning after you when she was carrying you around, changing your diaper, if you will. She was wishing for you to have a long successful life. Now you're repaying the favor outwardly, we're entitled up raka but you are wishing to go separate ways with her. You're just telling yourself even if you're a great kid that's doing that for your parents in your head. It's like okay, let me just do this because Allah wants me to do this in sha Allah, it'll be a short test. However, I've just got to get it over with right. The sentiment behind the action is very different. So how could you ever repay her?

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And you know, the question that was posed to her Ahmad have I repaid her or him to his son, or even it is not posed, sometimes it is assumed I have repaid my parents. This could be of the great wisdom why the ISS will be 20 Dany Santa, and show sand to your parents. We know that sand is excellence. But when the Prophet SAW Selim was talking about what's excellent Islam what's being excellent in your Islam all about? He said, and tabooed Allah haka, and Naka Tara, for you to worship Allah as though you see him. Let's stop looking at your parents and saying, Let me size it up. Have I done enough yet? Have I done enough yet? Ignore it, you will not be able to the same way these men who

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ask questions Have I done it, have I done it, they think they've done it, you're going to trick yourself, you're going to lie to yourself and say I've done enough. So don't focus on your parents. Worship Allah as though you see him. Consider yourself a third party. Allah has placed a parent in my life that I have a duty towards. That's lifelong work. And then the IEA continues to say immeasurable, Luhan nurturing, they can keep up if one of them if either of them were to reach old age while they're with you.

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And you know, the word while they're with you,

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has a reference to the fact that you cannot drift too far. Unless it's really not in your power. You have to make sure service for them is available. You have to make sure you can please them when it is never at the expense of Allah's rights, or the rights of another one of his creation. Yes, your own family has rights. Yes, you have your own individual rights. But yeah, blue Havana in Dec being with you.

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That doesn't mean also that if you're incapable of giving them work to you seek the help of an institution if they were available in old age, but they're still with you though, right? You have not garaged them there for a year or two or five or otherwise they're still with you. Even if circumstances may have separated you physically, you're not totally removed from the picture.

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You don't stop visiting you don't stop calling you don't stop checking up. You don't stop serving. You don't stop appointing people that can serve.

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Well like when the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was told by the man I came to sort of serve you in jihad. I'm ready to show Allah my commitment even if that means risking my life. He said Are your parents a week our life? He said yes I left them they were even weeping that I left he said go back and smile make them smile the way you made them laugh. The other Hadith he says fell assemblage lay her stay by her feet that means in her surface feminine feminine Jana there is paradise meaning in that surface is paradise. You have to be with them in my Oblivion or in the Kalki bar in old age and he said in old age, because Allah knows in old age we regress we become more irritable we become

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more dependent we become more needy.

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And so tolerating the aging process is its own jihad in the Cal Keba a hetero male killer Houma fella Tapachula Houma of don't show the slightest frustration to them.

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Can you imagine a man said Jihad and the Prophet SAW Selim said go serve your parents. The man said I want to sacrifice and he said you want to sacrifice sacrifice and making them smile. This means that if you were to serve your parents while making them feel like a burden. That's what what Allahumma often means don't say. That's expressions of frustration. When you do that, then you have not done you have not upheld their right even if you were to obey them in that but you made them feel like they were cumbersome. made them feel like they were annoying and annoyance. Make them feel like you know they're intrusive.

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Fela Takala Huma ofin Walton haha and don't you dare scold them? The final part of the ISS Walco Lahoma, Poland Karima and say to them, words that honor them, you know, that also offsets the

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idea of, I'm not going to deal with my parents because I don't want to lose my temper. I'm not gonna deal with my parents because I don't want to show my frustration a trick from shaitan. You isolating yourself is not an option. Allah saying don't show frustration. But he also said and say good words to them be around to say good words to them, make them feel good, even if those phone calls are sort of pointless, the same old how's everything you'll well I'm well, thank you. Yes, the kids are fine. So I'm on a call, right? Even that it makes them happy that you remember them that we remember them. Even when you hide from them. You have this physical pain or this kid is struggling with that or me

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and my siblings are not on good terms. Hiding that from them is part of honoring them with your speech of go to Holly has our stuff from Mahalia Murray welcome.

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Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam, O Allah, Allah, Allah be about that shadow Allah ilaha illallah wa Hola, Shadow, Shadow shadow and Mohammed Abdullah, who whenever you who are sort of

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we've spoken in previous hotspots about Jurij, the man who was afflicted with the prayer of his mother against him because he refused to stop praying voluntary prayers, right.

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And so we said that this means that even if you're praying a prayer that is not followed, that is not obligatory, you're to interrupt that prayer and respond to your parents. Go communicate with them if they're prompting communication.

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That is the general rule across scholars from all different modalities. They understood this. Compare that now for instance, with the busyness of modern life, or the staring at your screens, even if you're speaking to them without giving them eye contact, because you're too stuck on your laptop or your phone. That is not part of colon Karina.

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And I will leave with you leave you with two a hadith to always keep in mind. The first of them is that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, there are no sins in this world that are more likely to get you punished immediately. The confusion in your life, the stressors in your life, the depression in your life, the bad decisions in your life immediately.

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That are more likely to get you punished immediately in this world because most things happen in the hereafter the rewards and the punishments. He said oh pressing people wonder of goop and being cruel meaning to parents and relatives.

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And the other hadith of if not best, and another one more fraud. Al Bukhari mentioned that that a man came to, if not best, so regretful of his decisions in life. He said, I fell in love with a girl and she refused to marry me. And I could not restrain my anger and so I killed her. Can I ever be forgiven?

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He said

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to him, Is your mother still alive?

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And then he explained why. He said, Man, I Lambo I'm Alan acabo it Allah Azza wa Jalla min Bidwell leader. I don't know of any action that can bring someone back closer to Allah the mighty and majestic than kindness to them others.

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May Allah azza wa jal help us understand that they are Uncrowned royalty. Help us understand their rights during their lives and after their death. Help them see help us see them as the treasure and resource and means of blessing and means of pleasure of Allah azza wa jal that cannot be matched. May Allah azza wa jal allow us to live live by his code, to honor our parents in this world and be honored by our honoring of the parents in the next Allah whom I mean, I just wish to remind everyone, quickly that the sister and Angela, the wife of

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our brother Mustafa use of Ebrahimi is is suffering from an illness of severe illness. And they're asking to respect the non visitation requests but please remember her and your DUA. We ask Allah azza wa jal to cure her and give her her family patience and to give her endurance and make this a means of purification and polishing in this world before the next Allahumma Amin and also the uncle of our brother Hakeem and Hani, who has passed away yesterday Rahima hello to Alan Holland. We ask Allah to forgive him and all the deceased among the Muslims and to allow us by virtue of our faith in Allah and our gathering in his house to intercede for him and wipe out all of his sins and all of

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the deceased Muslims Allahumma Amin May these be the greatest of their nights May these be a means for them to draw closer to Allah and his messenger in the hereafter. Allahumma Amin SallAllahu Salah Baba kinda you know Mohammed to Allah Allah He also have a drain