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AI: Summary © The importance of good manners in Islam is highlighted, including being aware of one's actions and body language to avoid embarrassment and avoiding harms. The speakers stress the value of protecting one's manners and gains in worship, particularly in the context of the Prophet Alayhi wa sallam's message. The importance of forgiveness and building relationships with people who do not want to be forgiven is also emphasized. The segment concludes with a discussion of the history of manners and crime in the aftermath of the Prophet Alayhi wa sallam's message and the importance of prioritizing manners above everything.
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Hola Tabata, Kota Allah says

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Flm es zero fill out of the fertile Hakuna LA home polu Bonilla RT Luna Bihar don't these people the majority of humanity walk this earth and have hearts by which they may reason with

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Oh then oh yes marijuana be her or ears with which they are actually listening in a way that would benefit them that actually receptive for inner Hala Tamela bizarro alike in Daemul Paulo Boulet if you saw dude or bus says, but in reality, what's happening is that it's not the eyes that are going blind, but rather it is the hearts that are going blind those hearts within the chests.

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And so the seat of intuition is the heart and the seat of intelligence is the guidance that ALLAH turns you to in terms of how you use your intelligence. And this is all what we discussed last week. This was the very reason why, when our beloved animal badhak Rahim Allah Allah was asked by a heavy budget lab, what is the greatest gift God can give a person? He said the studies are too often in eighth instinctual, intuitive intelligence.

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We spoke about this in light of people that may disbelieve in God or question is existence altogether or defy him in the sense of rebell into disbelief. But it's important to note for today's Hova that while that is true, and it applies, and we had to prioritize it for our context, this is probably not the primary audience, even though Mobarak was talking about when he said if at ESA RP, for you, oh, primarily Muslim audience, right, to have innate intelligence, he was not speaking about you not being that person that is totally blind, that you reject God? No, there's another layer to this, that even within Islam, there are different levels of spiritual intelligence, right?

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Some people that have their priorities straight better than others, some people that are more able to have clarity than others. Some people feel the greatness of God more than others, though we all admit it and accept it. Some people decide better when choosing making decisions in terms of the Hereafter versus this world. They're just better at it. They're intuitively driven in the intelligent direction.

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And so he was speaking primarily to Muslims, the best thing you can have within Islam also is to have the guidance to be intuitively driven to do the right the best thing at all places in all times.

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And have even in Gillette didn't stop there. He said to him for inland yakun. What if I'm not that a plus Muslim? What if I, what if it is not? So, what if I am not someone with sharp insight, sharp intuition?

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Then what like what is second best? And so he said to him, has to know Adam, to have excellent manners.

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And you know, the, the importance and the value, the centrality, the must have manners in Islam should be known to every Muslim and we should constantly recall it. You know, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam.

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He said to us that

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Ecumenical Movement ina Imana Hasina, Houma, Flocka the believers that have the most perfect faith are those that are most complete in their manners. And when he was asked about the weightiest things in the scale of good deeds, the best deeds, the best qualities to weigh a person's scale in their favor, he said, taqwa, Allah to be cognizant of God, which is part of innate intelligence, of course, right? We're hosting in Holyoke and good manners. He said, I know he's salatu salam.

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And he also said to us, and this hadith on its own is just always enough. He said, in a Habakkuk Illa Allah the Most Beloved of you to Allah, the One Allah loves the most. What acaba Kamini image, listen, and the one who will get to sit closest to me, amongst you, Yeoman Kiama, on that day of judgment, has seen Okuma Flocka are those that have the best manners?

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And so, we know we know what good manners are on some level. But how do you get driven to have good manners? This is what our Dean came to do. You know, the concept of the strongest believer has the most perfect manners. That's actually what gives you the most perfect manner.

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Now that you are not just dealing with people anymore, you're actually dealing with Allah who put these people in front of you put these people in your life. And so you're not reacting to them. They become like a third party. You're reacting to Allah who's testing you with them. This is how great Eman gives you great manners and great manners means you have great, amen. That's the connection.

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But in simplest terms, the definition of manners we all know, you know, as some scholars said, careful other were best Lunada to you to refrain from harming people just don't hurt people. What Beth Lunetta means to extend small acts of kindness just to be charitable in your acts in your personality. A smile here a kind word there a helping hand here some money there Beth Luna de nada is that tiny bit of water the morning do that shows up on the plants in the morning, very tiny, but it's a refreshing beer refreshing person, that's all and another good you know, high level definition of good manners after touching its great importance. Ilima Muhammad Rahim Allah has a

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good staple definition for it. He says a letter of Bob for you to not be easily provoked to anger. That's like a central column for good manners. If you don't have that in place, you're never going to be able to pull this off. He says so let's have love well at TED and to not be like sharp with people to not be abrasive is a good word, you know, to not be rough around the edges

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to not be contentious? Well, letterhead then he says female Yeah. Kuno Mina nurse, in what you will run into from people. You know, in English, we say people are people, people are going to be people. Right? Meaning you just have to accept that this is the way they are. Some people are different than other people. And we can't expect everyone to be like us. They have their temperaments. They have their upbringings, they have their personalities, they have their opinions, right? People will be people. And so you need to make sure that you do not reciprocate when they become sharp, and then you become also hostile and sharp and you know, irritable.

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And that is a huge part of having good manners as well not becoming easily provoked to anger, but also refraining from harming people.

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When they harm you. Keep that in mind. As one of the scholars said good manners is not just that you don't harm people, but it is also that you tolerate harm from people.

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That because you can bear it, if you dig deep down inside you can do it. Tell yourself that what we cannot bear is the fire of gender. Right? And the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said to us and this is like ordinarily unexpected. How can manners right? We think it's just manners be good, be nice. No, it's not that it's way more than that. But the idea is if you have it correctly identified and you push yourself to hold up to it, manners are so valuable. They can insulate you, protect you from the fire of Johanna, with all of its horrors and all of its tournament. He said sallallahu alayhi wa sallam in Allah ha Rama Allah Nury Kula hayan inlaying encircling Caribbean Mina nurse.

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ALLAH has forbid the fire from touching every person that is high in hay and is someone who's liked you just easygoing, just, you know, like, move you this way. Move you that way. You know, he said, sallallahu alayhi wa sallam about the Salah lino VAD Atlantic will be flexible in your brother's hands. You know, don't be too resistant. He pulls you over close the gap. He moves you forward or back, you know, be flexible. So he said, Hey, Yin, light, lay in flexible, certain easygoing. He just it's just comfortable to be around you comfortable to be open with you comfortable to trust you. It just it's your agreeable set and easygoing, it carried meanness close to people, it's easy

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to have a relationship with you. Also, Caribbean A nurse will include you keeping the gaps close, not just in the prayer lines. When people move away, you come close, they move away you come close. I don't mean that in the prayer lines don't keep chasing people around the prayer robes. When people drift away from you, you try to come close. And when people are absent, you go to them who's sick, who's troubled, you try your best to pull as much of that off as possible and put up with it if it's bothersome because we cannot put up with the fire and this is our insulation. This is our barrier to protect us from that fire of Gehenna.

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The next thing I want you to think about to help bring this point home have you know, manners being such a must

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is that it's the bare minimum. You see appreciate the wisdom of women robotic here like the sequence the wisdom and his order.

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I have this advice. He said, You have innate intelligence as a Muslim, you're going on all cylinders. If you're having, you know, the purest form of that intelligence, right? If you cannot, then have the best of manners, because it's so valuable. In fact, one last Hadith, he said, in our modular lab, Lu, who will be hosting the whole of the data saw him we'll call him, a person can actually reach with his good manners, the level of the person who's fasting the days and praying the nights.

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But also, if you can't have good sharp intelligence have good manners. Another reason why, because it doesn't take so much intelligence to know what good manners are, we know it, right? You just treat people the way you want to be treated. Why didn't the Prophet alayhi salatu salam, give us an all complete list of everything good manners is about. He said, treat people as you would like to be treated, far wiser. You just need to look it within yourself. You don't need to study a book. Sure, there are rights and responsibilities, just the Justice has it intersections and all of that. But at the bare minimum, consider others when you are acting in your conduct. And the last reason, I'll

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introduce it here and concluded after the break, is if you can't have innate intelligence, that is too often, that means you're not going to be doing your level best in other acts of worship, right? You're not prioritizing as well as you could be, and you should be. And so what you need to do if you're just doing somewhat of the bare minimums, you need to protect your bare minimums, protect your gains in your data, right. And there's hardly anything more important

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in protecting your gains from your good deeds in your acts of worship your rituals, then good manners. Like when the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, you know who the bankrupt person is, how did he describe him, someone who's doing all of these good deeds, but he's, he's backed by to this person, he struck that person, He has cheated that person. And so each of them takes from his good deeds, and he winds up in a negative at a deficit and goes to the fire.

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And so if you're not intelligent enough to maximize your collection of good deeds, then at the very least own Muslim, protect your few good deeds, by caring about the rights of others, your justice and your manner fullness with everyone around you. A full of Holyhead stuff over who ultimately will.

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And hamdu Lillahi wa Salatu was Salam ala Nabi Avada, Chateau La ilaha illallah wa doko, la sharika were shadow Anna, Mohammed Abdullah, who whenever you hold a solo, so if you're not gonna be spiritually sharp,

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then protect your gains.

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You know, the bare minimum theme is very interesting how often it shows up in the words of the Prophet alayhi salatu salam, you have like in one incident, he says, The woman who prays her five faster month protects her body

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and respects the leadership of her husband. As part of good manners, right? The rights of others, she will be said to on the Day of Judgment, enter from any of the doors of gender you wish.

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And the Sahaba on another occasion, they said yeah, Rasul Allah, there's this woman like she has, She's confusing, like she has like two faces two lives. She's they said, this woman. She prays so much, and she fast so much whatever she does so many like good things, virtuous acts, what a sadef and she's so charitable. What the Gianna Habilis Ania and she harms at the same time others with her tongue, she spits her she's sharp, she's offensive, she's abusive, she's gossipy. She's harming others with her tongue. He said sallallahu alayhi wa sallam love fire Rafi ha here for now. There's no good in this woman she's in the fire.

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When I think about all that she did is good. But he's explained to the Sahaba that this consumed that and so she winds up in total the net total is what a deficit there is no more good and this woman in that same Hadith they wanted to like double check this era so Allah there's another woman. Neither of them are mentioned by name of the Hadith. There is another woman who prays her five Notice again the bare minimums and she fast her month. What are some that we as well and she gives sadaqa with as well as what are basically these little tiny nuggets of dried milk there curdled cheese basically aged milk. So all she can afford these tiny little cubes of cheese that she shares

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with people. But she does the bare minimums. But then they said when I took the I hadn't but she doesn't harm anybody. Carla

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The effing agenda. He said this is a woman of paradise she goes to paradise. And this is why to conclude our mother Aisha Radi Allahu anha. She said very eloquently,

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that there are three crimes in the sight of Allah subhanho wa taala. Like and these are there is a Hadith about each of these categories, right? She said there is a crime that Allah will never forgive. And that is schicke. To set up rivals with Allah who set up equals with Allah in Allah Allah, Allah new Shaka be the Quran is clear, ALLAH does not forgive those who set equals to Him meaning and die upon that. For a new home, I usually can be life of a harem Allahu Allahu Jana, whoever sets equals to God, Allah has forbidden paradise for that person. That's one category, Allah will never forgive it. She said, then there is a category of the crimes, being originally when I've

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seen between like a man and individual and himself, the private things that don't affect anyone. And people may not even know about, she said, and these are the most hopeful of being forgiven. It is hoped that this will be forgiven one day, somehow, some way you're going to work around those.

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She said, and this is the third category I want to point out regarding matter, it manners being such a must the rights of people being so huge, she said, and then there is the oppression of a person not of his own soul, but the oppression of others. And this is the killer, you know, because others where did they get their rights from? Allah gave them their rights, meaning he left it to them whether they want to forgive or not

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understood, and people are not as forgiving as Allah subhanho wa taala.

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And so these debts even if you are a martyr, right, you may not be forgiven for unless these people forgive you. And that is the critical importance. And coming back to ignoring MOBOTIX words, the huge value of if you're not going to, you know, be a super Muslim, a perfect Muslim or close to it, then at the very least, focus on manners above all, so that the bare minimums that you do, don't go to waste. And that is the beauty of our deen. You know that it not just teaches us something to protect our gains for the hereafter. But if you do this at the same time, you will gain so much with good manners in this world. It will build the relationships for you create warmth for you

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emotionally fulfill you at the same time. So may Allah azza wa jal help us and you perfect our manners by his permission. No one can guide us to that with him and to turn away from us to purify us of the worst of manners none can do that but him Allah Who Medina the accent luck luck layer ideally I certainly have learned what sort of Anessa yeah hilariously for unnecessary Yeah, he learned. Hola Hola. Felina has Lennar legit Donna ohata Anna well I'm Donna Okuu Delica indena

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Allah Masha Allah minakari nurse you are committed nurses duben mock out of Ghana Oh ma healthy Korea EDA ad hoc Allahumma Felina the new bene Wellsley that Amina Wadena, Salah Salem and Egina Mina Photomath Isla Nora SallAllahu Sallam Avada Karna b&m Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi Adrain