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Process Stop, don't be scared coming. And he was walking NACA snail.

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And I was he yelling and shouting. And when he came here said, these are listening sides, ladies.

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He sat down, he's all want to say to you is this one thing? Thank you very much. I don't know what you did. But last night, this is what like a statement. For the last three years I could not sleep properly. Last night, I had the most comfortable sleep in my life.

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I got 100 a day. And that person after that was interested, I haven't seen him since but was interested in Islam was nobody slim.

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But this is the reality brothers. This is the reality. Magic is effect. position is effect. It can happen to anyone. And the only way you can kill it is by the Quran, and not by those devils are used by my teaching blood or whatever.

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And the last verse of all follow up is, woman Sheree has a dean either has an end from the evil of the NVR when he envies and I'm pretty sure everyone knows what and what jealousy is, and what envy is. But believe me, brothers and sisters, envy and jealousy are among the most destructive emotions and feelings a person can have. Because it causes the person to wish what evil on others he wished for others on in our evil and when misfortune happens to them, how does he become sad? He becomes happy. Scholars have said envious or jealous person he can reach to a certain degree of comfort. Why? Because he thinks that Allah has not been fair on him. And he deserves more than what he's been

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given in Why has this person got such an I haven't got this.

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But we've got to understand, brothers and sisters, that Allah Allah deliberately gives people more than others. Whether it is beauty, knowledge, intelligence, children, assets, wealth, life, any blessing, he gives people more than others will Allahu Allah Baba Kumara Louboutins risk, Allah has favored others over others in provision in sustenance. At the same time he commanded us not to want that which you haven't got others have. While at the time man, no man football Allahu be he bought the comb Allah bought and did not wish for that which he has favored, others wave But why?

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Because these lessons are nothing but tests exams. The more blessings that you receive from the almighty Lord, the more exams you will encounter, and do the materials of this life.

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materials of this life does that make one superior to another?

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Absolutely not.

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materials of this life does not make us superior to another. True superiority lies in what brothers and sisters lies in nothing but faith in Allah to Hannah, as he clearly says explicitly, in our karma, common in the law here at koco. Indeed, the most noble, the most honorable view and the sword of Allah is the one that is most pious, righteous. And in order to discourage envy, and jealousy, Mohammed Hassan taught us this to do not look to those who are above you, but look to those who are below you. And that will be easy way to remind yourself of Allah's blessings upon you. And if we knew the evil that is in jealousy and envy, you would never do it. As Solomon if known ash as a

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Buddha would would would mentioned in an authentic narration

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that Mohammed Salah aloha Lee he was Sallam said, he Komal has said for in a hacer de Koolhaas an ad Can I call home? And now beware of jealousy and envy. For indeed, jealousy destroys good deeds just as fire destroys wood. say we've got to understand brothers and sisters, even though your brother or your sisters got more than you do not desire it. Do not want it isn't materials of this life. The only time that you should desire something from your brother is when

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faith when you see this person doing more Islam performing more righteousness than you. You desire that you don't desire it in the sense where you want to. I doubt him. Strike him What? Kill him which is dying No.

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But you desire what he's got so you can be like Him and better

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because the evil eyes effect and it's reality will lie

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So be very very careful whenever you like something, whenever you feel something is beautiful, you say

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you say Alhamdulillah hungry all the time what do you say Subhana Allah

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when you say something that you like what do you say? Mashallah Tibet bad aka la notte Masha Allah like and say it's a common thing, but it is tobacco law because that is what came to us for authentic narrations and measure Allah. There is no base for that. It is tobacco law. Every time you see something you like you desire, whether on your sofa or in your sofa, in your belongings, on your assets or with other people. You always say Tibet, Allah

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Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil aalameen Sharla will live in now for any questions.