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Kamil Ahmad
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses various topics, including the upping module on Autumn, study abroad at disappointed institutions, and the etiquette of seeking knowledge. They then announce a course on the topic of the etiquette of seeking knowledge starting on Thursday.
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The upping module How can in the Hanifa? Wait on Autumn long in Latin a thought on Xiling?

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A sedang Halochem? Do you have a burning passion a burning desire to study the deme to become a student of knowledge? Perhaps you want to go study abroad perhaps to Medina University, or perhaps you just want to study the deen at home. Either way, there are certain things that every student of knowledge must learn must be aware of as a prerequisite before embarking on this noble journey. And so there are certain addabbo, there are certain etiquette, there is also a certain way a certain methodology of approaching the Islamic sciences. Unfortunately, there are many use out there many people out there who are trying to study the deen, but they don't have a guide. They don't have

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anyone to direct them and guide them on the correct way of seeking knowledge and so many of them end up wasting many years that if they had someone to guide them, they could have benefited in that time. And so, having said this, I would like to

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announce and invite all of you to a course that has been dedicated to this topic, entitled the etiquette of seeking knowledge. I will be teaching it in sha Allah hota Allah. It will be starting on July the 20th. Mark your calendars this coming Thursday, every Thursday from five to 6pm. Eastern Standard Time. So Register today at the link that is available below. I hope to see all of you building into heeta Isla was Salam Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh

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