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AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the importance of shay blood in shaping human behavior and personality. They explain that shay blood is not impossible, but something that is possible. Shay blood is used to build on success and achieve goals, and it is crucial to achieve these goals. The segment also touches on sh matter and how it can help us achieve our goals.
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As I welcome my brothers and sisters in the house of Allah azza wa jal reminding myself and you with the Taqwa of Allah to live consciously of him and dutifully to him, Subhana Allah to Allah let alone in the month of Taqwa in the month of Ramadan. There is a common question that many people pose and has circled back to me recently.

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If shaytaan is really gone in the month of Ramadan, then why do people still commit evil deeds? Why does that happen if Shavon is gone?

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And so, the answer to this question actually is a huge opportunity for us to understand so much about ourselves and also the path forward and what remains of Ramadan.

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So first of all, is shaytaan gone. It's not very clear, you say but the Hadith says the Hadith doesn't say shaitan is gone. The hadith says in Ramadan shaitan is chained up, there could be a difference there. This could mean that che THON is being restrained from doing as much as he could normally do. Right? It says to sit at the shell theme. If you want to project and insist that is totally gone. You may not find as much evidence for this as you think. All right, but regardless of what the Hadith means, we all know even without the Hadith, we feel it that che thorns influence on us is reduced in Ramadan, we feel less hesitating towards good. We find ourselves you know less

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pushed towards evil is something every Muslim that fast and praise and Ramadan can experience.

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So this is the first thing. The second thing is even if shaitan is fully gone, if chained up means chained up and thrown in another dimension in another universe. That does not mean that shaytans in print does not remain on the world and on people in his absence, right. The Quran tells us in so many places mean Elgin nutty oneness amongst humanity and Jin kind or whispers right? The Quran tells us that there are certain people so far gone that shaitan has them on autopilot. He doesn't even need to be around anymore. What can valleca Jalna Nikolina been shayateen and Ginny will NCU Hey Baba home Isla Baldon Zulu Falcone hoorah.

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And we have destined Allah says that every prophet is going to have to face Shayateen devils from Jin kind and from humankind, human Sheltie that inspire one another fancy language and words of delusion by which they employ for their plots for their schemes. And so even if shaitan is not fully gone, his imprint is fully they're uncertain people. And let us also say some of his imprint will remain on all people, even if not fully, but it has to remain that at the end of the day, we are stained by shaitan he has put a dent in our somehow we are not prophets, we are not monsoon, we are not immune to shaitan.

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And so the stains of shaitan exist on us no matter what, and all year round. And we just now need to understand what those things mean, how to understand them, and what shaytaan intends by them.

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Now that he's gone to restraint, because shaitan ultimately, let me answer the second question. What he wants is to pile on these things, until they become, you know, a huge part of the fabric of your neffs of your personality of your psyche. He wants that until you will not only just become like a an automatic human Shavon he wants for humanity to be worse than him worse than shayateen.

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And so there's a spectrum and that's where he wants to get you to the end of the spectrum and we are all somewhere on the spectrum. You see the scholars of Ischia, the scholars of spiritual refinement, they said you know these things put you in certain categories based on what qualities shaitan has been able to activate evil qualities and has been able to turn on or fuel inside of you. He said because first, there are the qualities that they call a SIFAT. Will Bahai media, the qualities of cattle what to cancel do think of like cows and cattle, this livestock what do they do? Their entire day is all about eat, drink, sleep, meet, repeat. That's what they do. They've given into, you know,

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their hunger and their thirst and their lust and their laziness. And that's all they're there for. Right?

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It is natural for us to care about these things. But shaytaan trice

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To accentuate it to really emphasize it, to grow that in you until you become animalistic. The animal within you starts dominating. Right? They said, then there's another level, if you can carry you a little bit further shaytaan can stain you a bit further, then you get transformed into the asleep attitude. seborrhea, which are the predator qualities, you know, like cattle, they're not really, you know, fight animals, right? They're not predatorial they don't hunt, they don't attack much, right. But if you give into all of this greed inside you, I want more and more like cattle, just consumers, then you will become aggressive, you'll become transgressive, you'll start to want

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to hurt others, just so you can have a little more. Because at the end of the day, the world is very limited. And our greed, if you don't control it, it becomes unlimited. So they won't be enough for everybody. And so that's why people get aggressive. That's why people get nasty, people get feisty, these are the predator qualities shaitan is able to reach in some people. Then they said there's a third level here, or should I work downwards, a third, Pitts, a person can plummets even lower to a place of asleep fat to shaytani. Yeah. These are the satanic qualities, the qualities of shaitan himself, which are what? Envy, right? He has sued. He's very envious. He's very malicious. Like he,

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you know, they call it the premeditated murder. You're planning ahead of time, you didn't just like get into a scuffle with someone who insulted you and oh, no, I killed him, right? Because predatory animals may kill, but they don't sit there and scheme and plot and envy and deceive, those are Satanic qualities, even the predator animals don't do this right. So this is a lower level. Now, when a person has such evil will such real such malice, such high acid in them, that they begin to plot and scheme and deceive and manipulate against others.

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shaitan doesn't stop there.

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Once a person is pulled into that,

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there is a level beneath this beneath the level of shaitan and the scholars call this ously Fatone Molokhia. Or Rob Baniya. These are the godlike qualities and of course for a human being to ever try to claim he has godlike qualities. This makes you worse than Shavon. Because if you notice, this is basically kibin Right arrogance and to be pompous, and otherwise shaitan had some kibra in him for sure. But shaitan was never vulgar with God. Like he wasn't confrontational. Like Shaitan says, Why didn't you prostrate? He didn't say I don't have to listen to you. No, no. He said, No, no, but he's not better than me. Like he was constantly changing the subject. He wasn't face to face with God. He

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wasn't confronting God directly. He was trying to defy God indirectly. But why but he's not better on fire. He's mad, and I'm gonna mislead them and all of this, whereas certain human beings actually openly express godlike qualities, don't they? There's something shaitan himself never did. And it's not just for our own you know, Pharaoh who said another book on Malala I'm your lord the most high it's not just for our

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you know, one of my my teachers who's a physician, he said, I heard a plastic surgeon say I'm just fixing his mistakes, fixing the mistakes of God in the face of the human being or the body of the human being. This is the lowest level now that's what shaytaan lives for to get you there well, you have to be loved. Because he knows he fell and so he wants you will not be satisfied until you have fallen farther than him when you have to be loved that's why it has elbow three your Hema hula they said to him a&m Who Iblees the shaytaan sleep Carla even legit Chanel Raha if he slept we will find found some risks, but there's no rest. Right? There is rest in Ramadan. Right but normally speaking,

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he's working round the clock night and day studying you, you know seeking to use your strengths against you. He does all of this.

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Even if Nick Ethier Rahim Allah, he said you think of you know, what shaitan did to your parents. He didn't get them evicted from their house. He got them thrown out of Jannah after swearing to them in Nila Kuma. Now second, I mean, I'm a sincere advisor to you he gets them thrown out of Jannah. He said it in the cafeteria. So what do you think he plans on doing to you when he has not promised you that is a sincere advisor He has sworn to misguide every last one of you familiar exotica La Jolla know how much remain I swear by your mind. I'm going to mislead every one of history.

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Children he's hell bent on it. When you have to be law, so much so that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, Ma'am in mo looting Illa is the hill Lusardi Ha, even the newborn before the child knows what you know life is before the child knows their own name. There is no newborn except that upon their birthday are screaming, Carla was Ali Kelly Lexi Shavon iya because shaytaan pokes them shaytaan is like asserting declaring from moment one, you are my sworn enemy, even the infants amongst you.

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And so this is the trajectory He wants everyone to go.

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And then now you take all of that you say, Allah sends you Ramadan and restrains him or removes him, so that we can reverse the process, we can get as much of that stain rinse and cleanse as possible. And we can now exercise purity. And you know, exercise takes time. People usually by the way, that are like hungry and so they're angry in the first days of Ramadan. This is usually in the first days of Ramadan, then you start developing more self control and more spiritual exercise and you have more of you know, self restraint and a command on yourself. That is the point of Ramadan, exercise takes time. And so over the third those 30 days, you're trying to reverse the imprint and the stain

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that shaitan has been working on

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is let loose again, he sees so so much of his work have crumbled in front of him, and then it becomes our job to retain as much as possible of that until the next Ramadan and you build on it each and every year. May Allah azza wa jal help us make that possible. A full of Holyhead that was stuck for Allah Allah Allah Allah

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Alhamdulillah wa Salatu was Salam ala Milena Viva Chateau La ilaha illallah wa the hula sharika lahu eyeshadow Anna, Mohammed and Abu whenever you who are solo.

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And of course and finally the Quran tells us that our neffs goes through stages and this also is an airman to understand this that our neffs quality your ego or your psyche or your personality, your inner self, it goes through stages, there are times when it is a matter of is Su when it is suggesting to you the evil shaitan doesn't need to be there. This is Quranic we established what the scholars are talking about. And then there is a neffs Allah worm, then there is the uneasy self. Like you do a good deed and say, Oh, why did I do that I should have donated half as much or something right? I didn't have to do this much. I didn't have to do that too much. Right? And then

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they do evil and say why did you do that evil you promised you would make Toba, you promised. So they're torn, right? That's the one in the middle. And then there is the neffs that Allah azza wa jal speaks of in Surah Al Fajr and Neff sukma. In the neffs. That is content at ease. It is at ease because it has found certainty in Allah azza wa jal, and so it becomes immune to shaitan such certainty that shaytaan does not come near it even after Ramadan didn't the Prophet alayhi salatu salam saying the hadith of sad Radi Allahu Anza Buhari en la cabina hubub like you're so amazing. Oh even love or Omar, Malacca yakka shaitan ofI fed Jin Illa, Salah Kapha Gemini Rogic shaitan doesn't

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see you on any road, except that he takes a different road other than your road. So this is not just a Ramadan thing. There are people that can grow to be so content in their faith, having exercise the spirituality that is authentic, that is only possible in Islam, having exerted that sincere effort. With Allah's guidance, you can't find this outside of Islam outside of Allah's revelation, that they actually become someone that shaitan is afraid to come near, that shaitan does not want to take steps towards shaitan, who the Prophet alayhi salatu salam said Yejide Livni, add them imagine them who flows through Ignite and the son of Adam the same way blood throat flows through their veins.

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That is his norm, unless you capitalize on the near term of Islam. So all praise and thanks be to Allah for this new form of Islam, for the seasons of worship, that help us to undo these habits and help us to realize that we've been lied to by shaitan about what we can and cannot actually do, and we have greater potential than we think. And we are stronger than we actually think. I mean, Allah azza wa jal allow us to enjoy Ramadan year in and year out and make us of those that are among those who want his greatest share of pleasure and the highest

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ranks of his paradise Allahumma Amin before I stepped down off of this member, I want to just remind you number one to keep in your DUA, the daughter of our Sheikh Mohammed Zayn, who has been absent for the past week almost now, due to his daughter being very ill and she was hospitalized in Philadelphia and the children's hospital there and hamdulillah she seems to be recovering as of yesterday, so continue to keep her in your prayers and her family in your prayers. May Allah azza wa jal make this a means of expiation for all of their sins and a raising of the ranks. And right for her both a full recovery and a full reward Allahumma Amin, her and all those who are emotionally

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troubled by this Allahumma Amin and secondly many of you have heard you know with the expansion of the Lehigh Valley in general, the Islamic school now and hamdulillah Menara which is in Whitehall part of the mouth community, they are in hamdulillah on a pivotal turn now trying to fill their foundations and be of Nila very soon scale to what many people have been waiting for, to be a full K through 12 school very soon in sha Allah. And so a big part of that is us to be there however we can whenever we can. Tomorrow is a big opportunity to put our hands together at their annual fundraiser at 6pm at Menara. So try your best to come and encourage others to come May Allah make it heavy in

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your skills. Allahumma Filon Ohana if Alana Padam Noma hernangomez Island island will be him in

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now with a big bend and we'll be letting Phaeton now to become a Jedi LaBella Yoda rocky Chaka he was so ill cada yoshimatsu Lada now I will become an Zilina emetic, or the How will you are theoretic with booja Tina phonetic, which I mean a psychotic Allahu mattina full Sen qua the Kia antihero, Monza Cara, and so Allah you have a mala now oh the BKR have been I mean or anything Diantha are called Binda Yahshua when I've seen that dish back in the Eustacia Bula not only will be automatically La ilaha illa intend to Liliana and tell her you will pay you Mala de la moot, while genuine interior mucho en el thriller homonyms remain on musubi mouth or solid la Houma and Ebina or

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other early he was sabe what type you're in our tablets