Islam’s Unique Liberation Theology #01 Intro

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The speaker discusses the unique value of Islam, which offers meaningful, comprehensive liberation for human beings. They explain that Islam has been a buzzword for a long time, and that it is a buzzword for providing people with meaningful, long lasting liberation. The speaker also talks about the importance of providing people with meaningful, long lasting liberation, citing the example of theipping of a bus and the belief that humans are a result of their actions.

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Although salam ala Rasulillah neosurf veterinarian begin the name of Allah All Praise and Glory be to Allah and these find his peace and blessings be upon His messenger Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and his family and his companions and all those that treacherous path. May Allah azza wa jal grant us and He will life upon his path, and the death upon his religion and our union and within around him alone, I mean,

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how Islam offers meaningful, comprehensive liberation to human beings in society.

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They say that one time, the famous artists, the Picasso once drew

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a very impressive sketch to one of his admirers. But when she took it, he said to her, that'll be $10,000 or pounds or liras or whatnot. So she was shocked, he said, but it took you five minutes to make that work of art. And he said to her, it's true. It took me five minutes to make it. But it took me 30 years to make that in five minutes. Why do I start with this? The idea of Islam being pro freedom, pro liberation, who isn't? That's not something unique to Islam, at least in concept. It's a buzzword nowadays, everybody's with it, but how to actually provide that to the world.

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The devils in the details, that's what we want to speak about the unique value of Islam in offering people in actuality, meaningful, long lasting, comprehensive liberation.

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Let's at least start by saying that we know that Allah revealed the Quran and revealed this religion and wanted its adherence to the degree that they adhere to be a liberating force for humanity, literally Janessa so that you may remove people I'm gonna follow Mattila know from darkness to light, contemplado, Medina, collegiately, nurse, you are the best model community for the sake of humanity, even by the way, the quote unquote offensive jihad, like why did Muslims early Muslims go on expeditions? Why didn't they just mind their own business? The Quran speaks about the fact that they were not given the luxury to mind their business. Allah subhanho wa Taala said, when I let them

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let's party, Luna visa vie the law. Why don't you go forth and fight in the path of Allah one mustafina And for the pat and for the sake of the press, of men, women and children who say, Oh our Lord, remove us from this town of oppressive people. And grant for us a victor. Allah is saying, You need to be the dua of that people, you need to be the answer to that derive.

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So the Quran is clear on this. The Sunnah is clear on this, the Muslims in their earliest best generations were crystal clear on this, but how did they get it done?

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I want to borrow or begin with the statement of Arabia and that which is very well known, who was one of the companions of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, a commander of a Muslim army who said to them, a commander of the Persians when he told him Listen, man, just go away Mind your business. You don't want to fight us. We are an empire, none of your business what we do to our people and how we subjugate them. So in a very, he said to him, and I wish for this to be the skeleton of my talk, three statements he said to him in to Athan, Allah, Allah sent us forward to the world. Lino Khadija, a bird when a bird that's very badly in Arabia that you have believed that

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to remove people liberates them from being enslaved to slaves into being enslaved, serving the Lord of the slaves, woman God at the end either ugly Islam and to remove them from the injustice of other systems to the justice of Islam.

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Women laity duniya Illa, CRT dunya will ask you and from the limitations the tightness of this world to the vastness, the opportunities, the breadth of this world and the next