Reflections on the situation in Palestine

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I wanted to take out a little bit of time today to obviously, address and to discuss and to talk about

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the tragedy and the atrocities that are unfolding right now. It's something that is very obviously painful and very tragic. And it's something that's on everyone's minds and on everyone's in everyone's hearts. So we thought it would be beneficial just to take a couple of moments to kind of discuss and reflect. I'll start with the

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question that kind of arises in this situation is the question about all the pain and the suffering

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of innocent people.

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And Allah subhanaw taala talks about this and sort of Tally Emraan in the aftermath of the Battle of God, in which there was a lot of suffering.

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Right. The hadith of Makati mentions there was crying coming from every home in Medina.

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There were a lot of broken hearts after the battle.

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And Allah subhanaw taala said, em siscon Quran for the muscle Omaka Hiromitsu

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that if you are feeling pain today than others have felt similar pain before.

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What tickle a Yamanaka will have been a nurse, that that's the nature of the life of this world.

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Ups and downs highs and lows, happiness and sadness and pain, suffering. That's the nature of this world. This world is not paradise. It's not free from pain and suffering.

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Will Yalom Allahu Lilina Amman Waitaki them in come Shuhada

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but a lot of times as human beings we kind of need

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that silver lining. Right? We need that glimmer of hope.

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Even though our faith in Allah is unquestioned.

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And we have absolute faith and trust in Allah.

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But as human beings, we kind of have a need to at least see the little ray of light, the glimmer of hope, the silver lining, as we call it. So Allah says that this is so that this makes a parent, these moments of difficulty, these moments of adversity, these tragedies, they make a parent who actually has faith and who doesn't.

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It's an opportunity for people with faith to shine

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and weigh them in come Shahada.

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And the people who have suffered in this world,

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they're suffering just like the nature of this world is very temporary.

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But they suffer this very temporary

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suffering, they go through it.

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But then they have the peace and tranquility and the bliss and the happiness

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have all of eternity in the life of the hereafter. The second thing is to again talk about something very obvious but a reminder and that is about our obligation in this moment. In the how the heat on vertical mutton Wahida. We are one oma

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in a moment manana Aicha. We are one family, I'll Muslim who are called Muslim. This is a tragedy

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happening within our family. If I had an actual like, blood relative, a family member going through

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anything that was even a fraction of what this is, think about how that would affect me.

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This has to affect me at some level.

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And I have to be concerned and I have to be moved and I have to be inconvenienced some way somehow. Some of us might already be there. hamdulillah some of us might not be there. Well, that's okay. But I'm going to find a way to get there.

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I need to find a way to get there. That's my responsibility. That's my obligation. That's that's comes with the privilege of being in the home of the prophets. Allah determine is that when situations are difficult, we all have to come together. Thirdly is while we have that concern, and we feel the pain,

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then again, we are people of action

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that we have to take some kind of action

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Raising awareness, donating and contributing.

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That's why the topic of sadaqa is such a prominent topic throughout the Quran. That's why Allah talks about it all throughout the Quran. We didn't feel too when we met Rosa Khanna whom you and for your own. So foundation of the practice of our deen. So this is particularly a moment where we can exercise that we can practice that.

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And then last but not least at all,

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is that this is a time where we need to increase our prayers, increase our devotion to Allah and increase our house and pray and make dua for Allah's help and Allah's aid and Allah says assistance and Allah's protection

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in this situation, so wake up in the middle of the night, inconvenience yourself

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and invest time and energy and effort into pleading and begging Allah subhanaw taala for the alleviation of the suffering of our brothers and sisters in Philistine and Gaza, and all throughout the world.

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But may Allah subhanaw taala grant them

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safety and dignity and may Allah subhanaw taala remove from them the oppression and the oppressors that they are suffering under. And may Allah subhanaw taala allow us to do our part as brothers and sisters and sisters and as members of the ummah of the prophets Allah listen, I mean Arabella mean