Mohammad Elshinawy – Divine Doses #01 Access is Granted

Mohammad Elshinawy
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us Muslims all know In fact, like the back of our hand, or do all praise be to Allah, Lord of the worlds, the Most Merciful, the grantor of mercy, Master of the Day of Judgment. Only him do we worship, and only him do we turn to for strength, right? Not quite. Have you ever noticed how in fact he had, we begin by speaking about a law, and then suddenly there's an empty fat, there's a grammatical shift, where we start speaking to Allah. So we praise Him, we glorify Him, but then we say, It is You we worship, and it's only you we seek strength from you see, it's only after the greatness of Allah is acknowledged by you do the curtains get lifted, and you get permitted to enter

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into His presence? And that's when you address him directly. We sometimes wonder, why do we feel distant from a lot of times? Well, we can ask ourselves through this lesson from an Fatiha, do we really mean it in those moments when we are uttering His praise? Or do we respect God's boundaries, like someone who glorifies him from the depths of their heart. And so every time you recite Al Fatiha, and you find yourself suddenly transitioning from speaking about him and his greatness, to suddenly speaking to him, remember that and ask yourself that? Do I speak about God in a way that is mindful, that reflects my glorification of him?

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Do I submit to His rules without hesitation in a way that reflects that I believe he is perfectly praise worthy, so majestic. If we want to get close to the king in a very special way, then first, our tongues and our conduct, have to recognize him and glorify Him consistently in a very genuine way. So I welcome everyone. We hope you enjoy this content as much as we enjoy putting it together for you. Due to the current circumstances with the fact that we're all virtual. It's extremely important and vital that you support our funding. You can find the the actual places that you would need to donate in our description here. If you look at all the different platforms that you're

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watching us on, and we appreciate your support as I come along.

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