Emotional attraction in marriage

Haleh Banani


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The speaker discusses how clients will complain about their spouse not spending much time with them, and how clients will complain about their spouse not being appreciated or appreciative of their relationship. The speaker suggests making clients feel more attractive by making them feel like they are appreciated and interested in them.

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So many clients will complain about the fact that they will complain that, you know, my spouse doesn't spend much time with me. They're always either at work, they're either on their phone, they're with their friends or at the mosque. And I asked them, How do you make them feel when they are with you? So when they are sitting with you, when you are finally going out together, what do you talk about? How do you make them feel? Do you make them feel appreciated? Do you make them feel like you're interested in them? And it's how you make a person feel that will make them be attracted to you so that attraction is so on so many different levels. So tell me, what do you feel is the

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best way that what you can do? What can you do to be more attractive?