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Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam ala rasulillah are very big In the name of Allah all praise and glory be to Allah. amaze, finest peace and blessings be upon His messenger Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and his family and his companions. And all those who tried his path we ask Allah azza wa jal to guide us with his book and guide us closer to his book. And to make his book a means of Shiva means of intercession for every single one of us from going astray in this life and from being punished in the next alone. I mean, may Allah illuminate for us our minds with this book, and brighten and illuminate for us our graves with this book and help us by virtue our relationship with

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this book on the day when our worlds go dark on the day that

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everyone is blanketed in darkness except those whom are lost, oh, God grants a light to on that day of judgment alone. I mean, we welcome everyone back. And this is the Friday night talk. I'm offering it Sunday night

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due to scheduling conflicts. This insha Allah will be our second to last session on sort of use of the study of the best of stories, or our laws telling of sort of use of in the most perfect and best way

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or the chapter or the story of Prophet Joseph in the most best fashion.

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And the story in and of itself has closed, use of La Salaam has been reunited and they prostrate to him in veneration and respect and he turns us to his father and speaks and then turns away to Allah subhanho wa Taala and he makes that beautiful, beautiful, beautiful dog that we covered or reflected on a little bit last week, then Allah azza wa jal is addressing in the first person here now in these verses you just heard the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and his contemporaries closing out

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the discussion on sort of the use of in the most perfect fashion.

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And so in the first verse here, Allah zoa jen says velyka that story we just finished.

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mean umbelliferae is from the news of the unseen

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No, he like that we reveal it to you. Oh, Mohamed Salah. lohani Oh, salaam wa quintella de him is a Jamal and Morocco and you are not present with them when they plotted when they agreed on their evil plot?

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Well, holmium karoun.

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Imagine Marilyn Monroe whom is that when they came to an agreement

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with holmium Kuru and and they agreed on a on that plan that's in it's their plan. And so first of all Lazo gel is reiterating as he did in the beginning of the surah. Notice like the symmetry here and the balance here in the beginning of the surah.

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Allah says, Nana, Hassan a gas and costs we will reveal to you the best of stories in what we enter through this core and we inspire to you, when content publicly available are filled in and before we reveal that to you, you are like everyone else of those unaware of this story. And now the story has been told a lie zoologist says this is the unseen, that we reveal to you, that you are not present. There at those moments to know it, there is no way you could have known it. So of the proofs of the prophethood of Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is him disclosing aspects of the light, bright aspects of the unseen.

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And many times when people speak about what the prophet sallallaahu Allison spoke about, that no one could have known had Allah not communicate with them. We speak about the future, like foretelling future events. But you know, it could be argued that foretelling past events is actually more emphatic and more powerful, more miraculous, than foretelling the future. Why? Because in the future, someone could act to actualize the statement of the Prophet Muhammad right could be said, if someone were to say in the future, they will be a king named Francisco. And then, you know, a person comes across this Hadith, it's not a hottie as this Hadith, and names their child, Francisco as a

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Oh, so in other words, it was after the fact.

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They decided this, and they did this to match what was foretold. But with the past, when you're foretelling the past, you have to be even more accurate because you're talking about something that already happened. You can't, you know, customize it to match your statements. And so speaking about the task is, quote unquote trickier, more difficult

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from one angle, at least

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And so a love revealed to him this lost knowledge about the past. And that is why, you know, people were so blown away by the fact that the prophet SAW Selim knew so much,

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knew what was impossible to know.

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For someone in his place in his time in his background, but also an advisor just says, you know, this of the, the news of the unseen, it could be even beyond lost knowledge, like it's not just necessarily knowledge of previous scriptures that Allah also revealed to the Prophet Mohammed the way he revealed it to previous prophets. No, it could also be speaking about the fact that there were

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elements in this story that were never discussed anywhere, you know, facts that were not events, they were emotions, as we discussed so much emotion in the story, a loss of Hannah without a told the Prophet Mohammed in this surah you know, the whispers and the thoughts of people in this story.

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Nobody could offer those. But allow me to call you right the knower of everything unseen soprano, Madonna.

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And, and then there's another beautiful lesson here. longside, the proofs of prophethood Allah says these are from the events of the unseen, we revealed them to you. And then of all those events in the story of use of one event, a single doubt, right? Why am I quintella de him, you are not present with them, oh, Mohammed, when they came to an agreement, while holmium karoun.

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And they put together this plot, why that event of all events? You know, perhaps the reason is because,

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you know, this surah, as we said, came down when the prophet SAW Selim was about to be driven into exile, basically forced to leave Mecca, because they were plotting against him so much. Remember, we said so many times this sort of foretells having to leave being taken away from his family, his tribe, his homeland, having to leave Mecca.

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Why did they have to leave my gut, because poor Rajesh was young karoun. Porsche was convening at that moment. And so it's like, it's extremely powerful. You know, it's almost like a lot zoa. Jen, is speaking to Quraysh, also in this ayah, right. And the next verse proves this even more that this is really intended, clearly intended. So when Allah saying, you know, you didn't know this story, but we told you about it the story of use of and you weren't present with them, when they were plotting, but I told you, they were plotting or they plotted, it's almost as if Allah azza wa jal is saying,

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oh, courage, and he's not there with you as you guys are making that plot against him. But I have it covered. I hear you, I see you convening and plotting against my prophet muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and that is a powerful, indirect or direct message to flourish. And of the proofs for this is the very next verse. So the very next verse says, What? One axon so you will have heard us the people meaning, but most people, no matter how hard you try, no matter how keen you are, wellhouse no matter how eager you are, meaning to get them to be guided, be meaning they are not meaning they will not be believers. And so connect those two verses you are not with them,

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or Mohammed, when they plotted. Yes, it applies to the brothers of use of when they plotted, but why that singled out because it also applies Now again, it's happening again, with polish, and Allah saying about polish. Most people no matter how hard you try will never be believers. Imagine being a rebel Karachi hearing this and the conflict that must cause inside you, you're bent on rejecting Mohammed Salah levada, your Salah, but Allah is telling you about what you're doing behind closed doors, and the fact that he's calling you out your help, you're a hopeless case, or nearly so.

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And so the relationship between this verse and the verse before it, actually, for some context is that koresh and a group of the Jews also that told them ask him about you, Joseph, he will never know about Joseph Muhammad is has no biblical background. So they the Quraysh, and a group of Jews had demanded from the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam to relate to them the story of use of the story of Joseph and then so this question was there to stump the Prophet Mohammed. But the Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam said, of knowing this and then receiving so accuser from Allah Subhana, Allah to Allah. He presumed that I'm about to do the impossible, what they think is

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impossible, which is know the story of Joseph. So he presumed that they would believe in him once he recited it to them, but sadly, they only persist this

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in disbelief after it had been revealed after sort of use of came down, that's why these verses are there versus concluding sort of use of right.

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And you know, it is very similar to when a law is set to the prophet SAW Salem, to console him in Nicoletta demon Abdullah like in Allah Demacia.

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All along with Mota Dean, you don't guide whom you love, or Mohammed, right, you don't guide whom you love. But Allah guides whom He wishes, and he knows best he is most knowing of unlimited in those who will be guided or those who are rightly guided.

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And so, this is clearly a message to polish most people no matter how hard you try, no matter how many proofs you bring them, no matter you know what you do, they will not believe. And so that was a message to polish another lesson we can, you know, extrapolate from this phrase, most people no matter how hard you try will not be believers is that the majority is not a proof, nor should the majority going astray dishearten you.

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You know, shaitan said, for example, lacks and he can adrianza. Who in a Pollyanna, I will surely destroy his descendants, the descendants of Adam,

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except for a few. And after the story of each of the prophets and sort of the sharara which is one of the most extensive

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stories of the prophets in the Quran. Allah says, in a theological II, when I can I mean, we know baccala hula Aziz or him, indeed in these people who are destroyed right for, for rejecting the messengers is a sign for whoever will take heed as a sign. And most of them were not found to be believers. And your Lord is allowed these over him He is the mighty and the merciful.

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Mighty against those who consider insist on rejecting and merciful to save those who were believers, the minority that were believers with those messengers in each of those stories. And Allah Subhana Allah says this time and time again throughout the Quran, went to the extra man fell out of the loop and Sevilla, if you obey most people on earth, they will swerve you or, you know, divert you from the path of Allah subhanho wa Taala. And, you know, the majority of humanity is devoid of faith. And the believers are almost always few in proportion to others. And so, one might throw natural hostile, you don't mean coming back sort of useless. Most people no matter how hard you try, it will

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not be believers. So what does that mean? Does that mean don't try? No, it means try. But it didn't means don't become overly grievous, overly distressed.

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When they don't believe and at the same time, don't ever be of the people who looks to the majority as proof of correctness. And in correctness, the majority usually leans away from the truth like majority of the masses.

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And then how long it says, you know, when the axon is most people, no matter how hard you try, who's you use the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, meaning most people will not reach the shores of faith. Even if Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam himself, the best inviter ever to the path of Allah is the one who invited them. And so you as a caller must call to Allah no matter what, regardless of you know, results or lack of results, regardless of you know, how disappointed you are in the emotional letdowns. That means you're keen, that's a beautiful thing to feel disappointed, because you want good for everyone.

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And also, don't lose hope because don't do you know, these people from Croatia, Croatia, so many of them in the end did become Muslim right on the left for years and then came back they ultimately did. And so it also means they will not become believers, most of them and those of them that do not necessarily become believers immediately. And so just leave the results to a large village and you continue to exert your all perfect gear in them and then with that, get less Valley in being cited then Allah say that and so that was last year. So just remind to remind them all Mohammed and of course all of your followers that applies to us as well keep reminding in them and you are but a

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reminder, that's your job. Now Marlene and Bella are there versus

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knowlegable Evelyn and herself, it's on you to convey an asterisk in this verse as your butter reminder. That's what you do. You are someone that reminds less the lamb Messiter, you are not someone that is a controller over them. It's not your job. It's not what it's for.

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And then the next verse says to the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam one mother said OMalley human enduring in her illogical in Ireland mean and how dare they basically not believe the versus what matters to him and you don't ask them for any wage for it.

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Meaning they have no reason to be rejecting your system, your belief system, you come with news from the unseen, right? You are so keen on their guidance. You're not asking them for any wage. So how could they assume there's an ulterior motive or conflict of interest or otherwise?

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In what illogical I mean, it is nothing but a reminder for all of mankind, you give it to everybody, not just those who pay.

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And so that is a chastising of Russia, like what the excuse can you possibly have? Why can't you see this? What is wrong with you? Why are you being so stubborn? And as for you know, the believer? He is take a lesson from this as well that, you know, the prophets never took payment for their call. And likewise for the pious caller, if you want to be a pious caller, someone a God fearing, you know, God driven color to the faith, not that you never accept payment. But yeah, at least you don't stipulate it. Maybe we should talk about that for a second. Is it permissible, you know, to, to accept payment, so that you can serve the dean. Yep. Because you're not accepting payment for your

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act of worship your devotion to God, lots of call to him, you're accepting payments, so that you can be able to write, but you're not stipulating it, meaning if it's in your ability to serve our laws, then you will serve him even if you're not getting paid. But if you so happen to be getting paid.

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And it's enabling you to serve a lesbian more than that's fine. One example to explain this a bit further, is the the mother of musala his salon, imagine her right? This is just like an analogy that I believe in, it's a miracle law strikes. She was brought her baby back and offered money. Because they didn't know she was the mother and he drank from her and didn't drink from any other woman, right? cycled from her breasts and no one else's.

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They said, We'll pay you to breastfeed him. So she would have breastfed him for free.

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But because she loves to do so, the fact that she was getting payments for it is you know, a bonus on top, it just makes her life easier. And that is fine. Likewise,

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if a person can give, you know, an hour of or an teaching a day for free,

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but someone's telling him, you know, give me more because I don't have more to give, I have responsibilities, I have family, I have expenses, we say what if we take care of all of that for you, so that you can serve a limousine better serve our laws book better, what if we pay you, for you for trapping you in the service right for you, not being able to compensate you for your time, or take care of your expenses maybe is a clearer wording for it so that you can give us 12 hours of Quran a day, 10 hours of Quran a day,

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he would have done that anyway, it's still for Allah, even if he is being accommodated financially for it. So let's just so that the verse doesn't make you feel like it is haram for someone to make income, while or in the same, you know,

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framework or occupation as Islamic work? No, that would be fine. And

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the examples of this really are many you know, I remember actually I will book this will definitely levana beautiful example, that he was not taking money to be the halifa he was not taking a salary as the honeymoon he became halifa on the prophet SAW Selim died. And then Omar caught him in the market and he told them what are you doing in the market. He said to him, I'm doing what every man must do, which is take care of my family, I have to make money like buy, sell and take care of my family. So Omar said to him, the the sealaska like leading, you know, state office, the oma and the market cannot coexist, meaning you're gonna fumble something you cannot lead the Muslims and take

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care of their affairs. And at the same time, you know, lead your own private business and have trade hours, you can't take money forced to take money from, you know, the state, a small salary, so that he can give his undivided attention to the needs of the hill after that, that position. And that will work to actually the end of his life dedicated and entrusted property of his in a state of his to go off into charity after fear that maybe he didn't take the bare minimum maybe he took too much, may Allah be pleased with him, such a, you know, incredible souls, such incredible hearts, but that's the idea. The idea is that taking money but not stipulating it for the dour is is fine but

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stipulating it for the dour. I am your leaders will give me or I will not you know.

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You know volunteer my time unless I'm paid. That's a different scenario and so also pan out with that

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selling them here, you know, selling the province also number four is to consider. You're not asking them for any money. So what is the issue here, you're not accepting any payments for this. And of course, that is from the grip the great wisdom of this Dean, that if they were in exchange for money,

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we will be giving the wealthy thou the people with money that one you wouldn't give, you know, the poor and he dour, but the Dow was far reaching and all inclusive and available for who for whoever wants it. That's why the verse says in who eats nothing, but Vikram Delilah mean a reminder for all of the world's so everyone who wants it, not just for Muslims, not just for non Muslim humans, Muslims or non Muslims, humans engine, whoever is listening, we're making it available. That is the path of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. And you know, just to come back to the issue of it could be helpful for you to get a salary. That is true. But at the same time, the fact that Allah

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Subhana, without us telling them he's not asking you for money, reminds us of the fact that sometimes even if things were Hillel, the person who calls to the path may want to make sure he does not fall in people's eyes due to a misunderstanding they have they think it's hot on rugby, fitting or otherwise.

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And we should be careful of that. Like, for example, financial independence is very important for the respectability of Islamic preachers, right? That's just

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and, you know, the the good service of Islamic preachers, also the reputation management, this is not like some celebrity thing. This is important, you know, different people have different sizes, more public figure than others, but caring, caring about reputation, you know, is extremely important. The province also, you know, was not doing something hot on when he was walking a woman home.

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Because she was his wife, you know, in the middle of the night. But when he saw two men,

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he stopped them and said, By the way, this is Sophie, this is my wife. They said, Yeah, so Allah, you know, we would never think of anything and never suspect anything of you. He said, I feared the chat bundled cast that whisper into your hearts and cause you to be destroyed due to your misunderstanding, even though it was highlighted. And so being careful with how people perceive you, even in your parallel behavior is also important. Because they can miss out on you know, the treasure you carry the devil you call to because of that. So the problem is Los Alamos purified from all of this and that's why Allah says to them, he's not even asking you for any money. He doesn't

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make a penny off of this. What is with you? The next verse says, moving on, what do you mean I emphasize, it will be almost ruined. I have a home on home already alone.

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Which means how many signs how many signs are there? Like they don't, nothing is bringing them to their senses. But then he says, but and how many signs are there already in the heavens and the earth like forget the poor and forget the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and his you know, his message, his integrity. How many signs are there already in the heavens and the earth and that they pass by people pass by? Well hold on him or loon while ignoring them, paying no attention to them.

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So it's almost as if Allah azza wa jal is saying, There's no surprise Oh Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam if they don't consider the proofs of your Prophethood because the universe is filled with proofs of Allah is one nice and his ability and his wisdom. And they pass over it all the time, and they're not paying attention. So not a surprise.

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Most people are like this. And then of the lessons of this verse is that the universe is jam packed with signs, there's so many signs. But so little people stop at them. You see the signs of Allah don't help when you pass by them. You need to become a thoughtful person, you need to be a careful person. You know, you need to be a mindful person. The signs of Allah only help not when you pass by them, they help when you stop at them.

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Or else you will never avail yourself the chance to be, you know,

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forgive me, you will never give yourself the chance to be guided by them. You know, whoever closes their eyes during the daytime will not enjoy the sunlight.

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And so who ever does not give due thought and due consideration to the signs of a loss zoa gel will miss out on you know, enlightening

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his life and his afterlife.

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And so, and as we said a few sessions earlier about miracles. It is not the absence of miracles. It is the presence of arrogance, the presence of heedlessness that causes us to be deprived of

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recognizing what these matters.

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pools tell us what they show us. And then that the last verse we will cover is a lot so just saying what do you mean axolotl home Villa, he left our home mushy deikun. And most of them most of humanity, they do not believe in God, except or unless they associate others meaning as partners with him.

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first of all, what does that mean? I mean, if not best, so their loved one whom

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he says, you know?

00:25:36--> 00:26:02

What does it mean that they believe in God, but they are still there, they still associate partners, he says, of their belief in God, if not best says is that when you ask them about the Creator, who created the skies, who created their Earth, who created the mountains, they say a lot. But then when it comes to their worship, they you know, they ascribe associate others with him in worship, they worship others as well.

00:26:04--> 00:26:10

They believe that others have, you know, powers, maybe not equal to a less power but contending with a less power.

00:26:12--> 00:26:28

Many Gods right or co gods or all of that. And so that's part of what it means like what makes you a believer is not that you believe in God, that you believe in none but God right as as the god right as the only one worthy of worship. That's what it means.

00:26:29--> 00:27:17

But it also has a a lesser meaning, a lesser meaning, because the same way, what home was shikun and they are machinic. They associate partners with God, there is a major form that is contrary to being Muslim, but there is also a minor form of sheer like a subtle form of shear. That is contrary to being pure in your Islam pure in your toe heat. And that's why I push ad Rahim Allah, He said there's open * like blatant, blatant association with Allah. And that's a take another besides Allah as your boot as your your object of worship, right? He says, but there is subtle ship, hidden ship. And that is when your heart seeks other than a love for its needs. As it's not sold as its

00:27:17--> 00:27:58

aim, right. So the marble would you worship rather than a lot, that's open, clear, major shift. But there is minor hidden subtle shadow because when you're mock sold, what you're seeking from your actions is other than Allah subhanho wa Taala. And so an example of that is when you're seeking their praise, right? you're seeking their validation through your worship, worshiping other than Allah removes you from Islam, mostly from Belgrade, worshipping Allah, but also like seeking others His praise from that. That is a problem. That is a compromise of your toe hate. It was uprooted altogether, but it can bring you very close. And once you're there, there's no guarantee that you

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won't slip off the cliff right? And so to seek them, they are muscled

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and has an basilea Rahim Allah, He said about this, he recited the ayah that most people don't believe in God purely. So he spoke about also the lesser form. And he said that's like the hypocrite. He says, when he acts he acts to show people making him a mushrik. And associated in that action of his he's nothing wish to take at heart, meaning entirely, I'm wishing it could be on the fold of Islam. There. There's, you know, nffo among the you know, he's a mushrik. He associates with Allah in that particular action. And so it's like a minor form of Schick, another example, not just seeking their praise, to seek blessings from other than a law without justification. That could be a

00:28:45--> 00:28:46

form of shift as well.

00:28:48--> 00:28:50

Like blessings or like support

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without justification, because like if our laws xojo told us that Zamzam you know the well of Zamzam, his blessing. He endowed it with blessings

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than to seek that from Zamzam. You know, for sure, right. If Allah told us that the Quran is blessing and sort of the words of the Quran, you're trying to seek the blessings of the recitation on your sick person, that's, of course, a lot endowed them with blessings or they are blessed, inherently,

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but to seek blessings from things without a justification. That is, you know, in conflict with Allah being your your soul, your aim for your needs. And an example of that is like amulets, you know, people seek the blessings of amulets, talismans whatever it is right and the province also limps Edmond Allah to Allah to advocate Ashok whomever hangs in amulet right seeking the blessings or the protection or whatever Alvin amulet he has committed chick. And you know the scholars comment that is a minor form of schicke not the type that automatically removes you beyond the pale of Islam because you don't believe that it has

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Like the ability to, you know, contend with a loss, you know, is not equal to Allah. But to believe that it's independently bless it without a lot that could lead to *can. So it's like a minor form.

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it blurs the lines and that is why it is so wrong. And so they are the Allah on the Companion of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam,

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he entered upon a sick person once

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and he found an amulet fastened on his upper arm. You know how they hang it on necklaces as they hang it on their arms as well. You may see this at times right like an arm band very high up the arm. And so he ripped it or he snatched it off his arm. And then he said to him what he recited This is sort of the use of he said, Womack, Federal Home when I'm in Oklahoma, hello home, we should be cool. And most people do not put the refuse to believe that law alone. They don't believe in Allah except while associating others with him soprano Madonna.

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And Dr. Alan Fifi, and I'll end here. He says, it is very scary to to realize that sometimes a bit of faith

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can make you a worse disbeliever

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What is it what's the versus saying some people believe in God while and wish deikun wild polytheists while disbelievers so he's saying sometimes you get this false sense of security, meaning you think you have enough faith. So you don't bother to check or to refine your faith. And if you did, you would realize that you don't even have the minimum amount. That little bit is not even enough to get you in the door.

00:31:45--> 00:32:03

And, you know, the example of that is that I believe in God, that's all that matters. I know there's a higher power I don't bother with religion is you know, very serious deal. Or people that say God is the Creator and they think that's it or it's not exactly important to which which God it is and are people that

00:32:05--> 00:32:24

you know, believe in lesser Gods like pagan worshipers. They assume that just because they you know, time and time again recognize that Allah, Almighty God, the Supreme is the supreme, that it's okay to at times seek out the lesser gods

00:32:25--> 00:32:43

and appease the lesser gods and otherwise, so that that, you know, foundational faith blurry foundational faith, actually is what keeps them from checking, is my faith good enough? Is my faith appeal or is my faith acceptable in the sight of Allah as one of the faithful

00:32:46--> 00:33:00

and so be aware of being you know, pacified by your like theoretical faith? Just Yeah, there is one. Yeah, he is number one, but that doesn't translate into a way that validates it qualifies it

00:33:02--> 00:33:12

to the point that it would benefit you in the sight of the one that you say you believe is the most important and the ultimate and the supreme and the Almighty.

00:33:14--> 00:33:20

So panic, Allahu Allah, you know, antenna stuff, it'll kind of do like is like hello. Hi, everyone. We'll see you next week. We have not said I want to come