Mohamad Baajour – While Busy making Money We lose what Money Cant Buy

Mohamad Baajour
AI: Summary © The segment discusses the rights of Islam, including the rights of women, children, and children on the planet. The segment also talks about the importance of protecting children from evil and the need for balance in the world. The segment ends with a call to action and a statement about protecting people from evil.
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Just a very simple quick reminder

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Salamandre the Hola, Juan Salman Pharisee, he visited his brother in Islam.

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And when he visited him

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the wife complained, to Salman

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that Salman is constantly in a Baghdad and he's neglecting himself and he's neglecting

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his family.

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So on Salman, so after that, he said,

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In lira beaker I like

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we're in leisure Siddiqa. alayka Huck, we're in the zone Chicka Chicka Huck, the tea cooler the Hampton haka. Your Rob has a hack upon you.

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Your body has a hack upon you and your wife, your spouse has a hug upon you. So give everyone that has right upon you there Right.

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And there's so much esalaam When he heard this, he said sadaqa Salman, Salman has told the truth.

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in these days, we are not busy with a Baghdad to tell the brothers

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your wife has a right upon you and your body. We are so busy with dunya matters, that we forget the hack of Allah

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hola that was exaggerating the hack of Allah which is not right. When When, when the people came to Asia, where the Allah Allah, and they asked about the Ibadah for Salah Salem. And they they kind of belittle the bad of Rasulullah one of them said it fast all the time that I said I pray all night and others that I stay away from women Rasulullah sallallahu said no, I'm the best of you. I fast I break my fast I sleep and I pray for him and I marry a woman

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so exaggerating in the bed that does not make you a better Muslim. Okay, so now we are giving the dunya

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more than it deserves.

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And by doing that we are neglecting the rights of Allah, the rights of our spouse, the rights of our children and the rights of our body. And this whole talk was inspired by a phone call from a sister that said that my husband works 15 hours a day, seven days a week. I do not see him. He's a great provider. He provides and he gives us everything but we do not see him. I do not want that much money. I want to spend some time with my husband.

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I want to be with my husband for just to sit down and talk he comes exhausted he wakes up he goes to work. And this has been going on for five years. For five years. My brothers and sisters

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literally when we say the word Huck, right.

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Your spouse whether you are a wife or your husband, your spouse have a right upon you have a right upon you.

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Your children that you are I don't want to say the word neglecting but you think that you are doing a huge favor by collecting and accumulating money for them. Wallah he asked them they would say you Barbas just sit down with me for a few minutes. They made the survey in New York Post of 2000 parents 1000 of the 2000 their children told them please Baba put the phone down when you're sitting with me.

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1,050% they pretend that they're sitting with the children and they're giving time to the children quality time but while they are with their children, they are on the phone, please my brothers please my sisters, put your phone down when you're sitting with your wife. Put your phone down when you're sitting with your parents. Put your phone away when you're sitting with the children, give them direct attention, listen to whatever they have to say. This is so important to them. You do not know how important this time is for them.

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Listen to the statement. Sometimes why we are so busy

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making money

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in the process. We neglect many things that money cannot buy.

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Ask anybody whose kids graduated.

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They will love for one minute with a little five year old daughter to play with her. It's gone. There are certain things that money cannot buy. You are missing out on things

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things and times that no matter what you do, they will never come back. That first time your child walked, it's not gonna come back that night that kept you up because he was teething or she was teething, it will never come back that day they started riding the bike or they, those moments, spend time with the children Wallah, he has a father whose kids graduated, I'm telling you, you are going to miss this, these times so much that you would give anything you have to have one moment with your children, and we fool ourselves by saying we are doing this for them.

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We are doing this for them. It is excellent to protect your your your children, it is excellent to save some money for them. But at the same time, have a balance.

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Protect them from from evil, and also protect them from the jahannam. You know, like I always repeat, we mentioned I am doing this to protect the future of my children. The future of our children is either agenda or not.

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Now we ask ourselves, I want everybody to ask themselves the plan that I'm going through right now. Is it really to protect them from gender or not? Or to make it a doctor and engineer and this and that? What is the plan? What are we doing for the future of our children? How much time we are dedicating with our children to teach them their Deen to teach them manners to teach them our beautiful culture.

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Spend time my sister spend time with your husband, my brother, the husband, communicate with your wife. This is someone's daughter that somebody's entrusted to you,

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entrusted to you. And keep in mind what goes around comes around the way you treat your wife. Someone will come and treat your daughter the same.

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Give them their time. Give everybody there Right. And keep in mind I'm gonna repeat that statement.

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Sometimes we concentrate so much on money and we lose many things that money cannot buy. Zach unlocker Baraka Luffy calm Slammer equinoctial I gotta get Gotti Afla Hello, meno.

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Alevtina woovina sala de he fosse your own. Well, levena umani love we weren't born well. levena only Zeca defer to Wallasey. Now who's only 4g him have you hone in

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as Why do you

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get a man? In now homeboy umezu me

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